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Many nurseries lean towards a more modern aesthetic or incorporate a few antique-looking items matching a farmhouse style, for example. But vintage-style nurseries have a nostalgic charm to them unmatched by many other styles. If you’re set on this style for your little one’s nursery, you might be struggling to find enough vintage-style items to fully decorate it. Don’t worry, though — today, I’ll be digging into some vintage nursery ideas to give you a perfect starting point.

1) Vintage Radio Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth speakers are great if you prefer playing white noise or music from your phone. It’s easy to connect whatever sounds you’d like rather than having to stick to pre-sets. While most Bluetooth speakers look modern, this allows you to have the modern technology you want in a vintage-style shell. You can buy this speaker from Amazon

2) Blue and Gold Vintage Jewelry Box

One of the best things about vintage nurseries is that you’re able to embrace ornate items and have them feel right at home, which is generally rare. This vintage-style jewelry box looks super glam and is great for decorating a dresser or shelf. It’s a functional piece as well since you can store little sentimental items like a baby bracelet. You can buy this jewelry box from Amazon.

3) Vintage Jar DIY

Have a jar that doesn’t work with your vintage nursery? Worry no longer. With this DIY, you can turn an ordinary jar into a vintage-looking one, fit with faux cracks, a floral design, and patina-finish metal elements.

4) Vintage Picture Frame

Picture frames are perfect when you’re itching to display cute family or baby photos to make the nursery feel more personalized. They’re great for versatility as well since you can easily use vintage picture frames like this one as both wall decor and table decor, depending on your vision for the nursery. You can even combine multiple frames together and create an impressive gallery wall. You can buy this picture frame from Amazon.

5) Vintage Phone Music Box

An actual vintage phone won’t have much use in a nursery, but you can still replicate the look with this vintage phone music box. Along with being vintage-looking, it’s also glamorous and would look beautiful with other glitzy vintage-style items like the jewelry box I mentioned earlier. You can buy this music box from Amazon.

6) Wooden Duck Lamp

If you’re looking for a truly unique nursery idea, then what’s better than actual vintage items? This duck lamp is perfect for adding some ambient light at night. You can buy this lamp from Etsy.

7) Vintage Camera Piggy Bank

Much like vintage phones, you probably won’t get much use out of a vintage camera in a nursery. This vintage camera piggy bank replicates the relic of history and turns it into both a decorative and functional item. That way, you can have an aesthetic nursery and save money at the same time! You can buy this piggy bank from Amazon.

8) Vintage Telephone Wall Clock

This looks like a stunningly antiquated telephone, but it’s really a perfectly functional wall clock that’s sure to be a focal point of your nursery’s decor. You can buy this wall clock from Amazon.

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9) Vintage Rabbit Wall Switch Cover

Rabbit-themed items like this one often have a nostalgic feel to them, especially with the enduring popularity of the Peter Rabbit stories. They can also make a nursery feel cute and inviting. You can buy this light switch cover from Etsy.

10) Vintage Bird Cage Candle Holders

While candles generally aren’t recommended in nurseries, you can still use candle holders like these to house LED candles or decorative items like fake flowers. LED candles give off ambient light, making them great to use as nightlights. You can buy these candle holders from Amazon.

11) Vintage Car Model

Vintage car models are another great way to echo the technology of a previous era and decorate your nursery in the process. They make great decor items for shelves, bookcases, and dressers. You can buy this car model from Amazon.

12) Vintage Sheep Drawing

Vintage drawings can often be hard to find, but digital art makes that dream a reality. The great thing about digital prints is that you can print them in whatever size you’d like, from a large, eye-catching piece to a small accent piece. You can buy this print from Etsy.

13) Vintage Ice Cream Truck

While ice cream trucks are falling out of use, their memory remains. Incorporating them into your vintage nursery can add a cute and colorful touch, like this vintage ice cream truck. You can buy this sign from Etsy.

14) Vintage Gumball Machine

This vintage gumball machine is great for adding a vibrant and colorful spin to your nursery decor. Since you can fill it with many kinds of items, you can effectively customize it to get the exact look you want. Plus, it’s great for parents who want a quick treat — you deserve it! You can buy this gumball machine from Amazon.

15) Vintage Decoupage DIYs

If you aren’t familiar with decoupage, it’s the art of using paper cut-outs on furniture and decor items. This is a great technique to create a vintage look since there are endless vintage patterns out there you can choose from to create a look that’s uniquely yours. Using these DIYs, you can transform everything from wood panels to end tables into a vintage-looking decoupage masterpiece.

16) Vintage Teddy Bear Book Rack

If you don’t have enough space or don’t want a bookcase in your nursery but still want to read to your little one, a small book rack like this one is a great compromise. Sliding book racks are particularly great since you can keep all the books held up even as your baby’s book collection grows. You can buy this book rack from Etsy.

17) Vintage Dollar Store DIYs

Yes, that’s right, you can create vintage-looking items using things at your local dollar store! Stunning wall hook racks, photo frames, and small glass jars are waiting for you in these DIYs.

Summary and Top Picks

From vintage-style conveniences to DIYs to true vintage items, there are many possibilities when it comes to vintage nurseries. I hope these ideas gave you some inspiration so you can create a nursery you’ll be proud of for your little one to grow up in. 

While I enjoyed covering all these ideas, I’d have to say these three stood out to me:

  • #1 Vintage Radio Bluetooth Speaker: Bluetooth speakers aren’t normally thought of as a nursery item, but they’re great for parents who want to play white noise or music from a device. You can choose anything and change it whenever you want, whether you’re looking for energetic daytime tunes your baby will enjoy or peaceful nighttime noise for your baby to fall asleep to. 
  • #2 Blue and Gold Vintage Jewelry Box: This gorgeous jewelry box not only makes for a great piece of decor, but it also is a great place to hold trinkets and sentimental items in one place, so they don’t get lost. 
  • #10 Vintage Bird Cage Candle Holders: Candle holders are a surprisingly versatile piece of decor. You can use them with LED candles to create a stylish nightlight or add in some fake flowers for a pop of color. 

Now it’s your turn. Which of these vintage decor items would you choose for your little one’s nursery and why? Let me know in the comments!

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