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You're redecorating, renovating, or designing your master bedroom, and it's time to find the right curtains for it. You need something grand, elegant, or otherwise fit for a master bedroom, but you'll also want something that matches your house's style and something that fits your sleeping needs. Check out these Master Bedroom Curtain Ideas to find which one's right for you.

1) Gradients

Master bedroom curtains should be decorative to fit the grand appearance of a master bedroom, but they still need to match your personal tastes. If you have one or two favorite colors you want to incorporate, try buying curtains like these with gradients. These curtains are purple and fade to white, so they'll look great in a purple or white bedroom. Purple is also a grand color, but these curtains are less rich than a deep purple that may be hard to sleep around.

2) Three Greys

If you have a modern or minimalistic bedroom, you probably have a lot of black, grey, and white in your room. To match this style, you'll want curtains that are black, grey, or white, but if your walls are each a single color, single-colored curtains will be too plain for a large room. Try buying curtains like these from Amazon that have three shades of grey. This way, they'll match the room but have some pattern that keeps the room from being monotonous.

3) DIY Ruffles

Decorative or ornate curtains don't have to be expensive. Instead of buying high-priced curtains, make your own ruffled curtains like the ones in this video. Watch the video to learn how to make ruffles, and get a fancy, decorative curtain set that looks professional but costs very little. You can also buy ruffled curtains for your room, but making your own will give you the option to customize them for unique window shapes and make them more or less fancy.

4) Tie-Ups

What theme does your bedroom have, if any? While you may know which patterns fit your theme or which patterns match your existing furniture, you probably don't know the best curtain style for your bedroom design. If you have a country- or farmhouse-themed house, you'll want your master bedroom to match that theme with tie-ups like these ones from Amazon. You can choose from a few patterns, such as these curtains' buffalo check pattern or another plaid or checkered design.

5) DIY Lengthen Them

If you already have curtains but want to make them look a little fancier to improve the master bedroom, think about making them longer. Long curtains work better in tall or wide rooms, and they look grander than short curtains will. Regardless of your windows' size, you can buy longer curtains or use this tutorial from Love Remodeled to lengthen your existing curtains. This way, you can have longer curtains no matter what your windows look like.

6) Geometric Pattern

While some master bedrooms will be thematic and grand, you can also design your room with eclectic or exciting furniture. While this is less coordinated, such a design will lead to furnishings you love and that interest you and your guests. Try buying curtains with a geometric pattern like these to peak your guests' interest, and make your bedroom fascinating to you. The colors work best for a neutral room, but you can look for curtains in a color that better matches your room.

7) Pinch Pleats

Curtain design isn't just about the color and visual pattern of the curtain. It can also include textures and how the curtain is made. Instead of just looking at fabric types, get or make curtains with folds and ruffles that create a grand and attractive look. Pinch pleats are one such option, with a traditional look that fits a master bedroom perfectly. Use this guide by Prestige Decor to figure out what you need and choose, measure, and hang your pinch pleats for an amazing look.

8) Tuxedo Pleats

Tuxedo pleats probably sounds like a formal and fancy design for a curtain, and the name is pretty accurate. Master bedrooms should feel good and allow for restful sleep, but you'll also want curtains that are fancy enough to impress guests during a grand tour or make you feel like the master of the house when you rest there. You can use this video by Supermom DIY to make tuxedo pleat curtains that don't cost a lot and use the fabric that best fits your color scheme.

9) Floral

Floral patterns are a traditional type of cloth that can be found in many older homes or pieces of furniture, and they work well in a master bedroom. While they can be considered old fashioned, that's not always a bad thing if you want a grand master bedroom. Try getting tall floral print curtains like these ones from Amazon. They look old fashioned, making your bedroom feel more traditional and elegant, and are designed to be energy efficient.

10) Wine

When you choose your curtain colors, you'll want to pick something that matches the rest of your room and gives a rich, full look to the room. Selecting a curtain like this wine-colored curtain from The Home Depot will highlight the fact that this is a master bedroom, not just any room. Make sure to pick a color that you can sleep with and that fits well in the room, so if wine is too intense, try a toned-down or patterned version of these same curtains.

11) Rings

If your bedroom has sliding doors or windows that look out on beautiful scenery, you'll want to be able to move the curtains out of the way easily and quickly. Since the view is your main concern, you don't need to worry about how the curtain rods look. Instead, get a pattern or color of cloth that you like, and hang it on rings like the ones in this picture. Consider making the curtain rod longer than the curtain is wide so that you can move the curtains entirely out of the way.

12) Sheer

Sheer curtains are often fun for children's bedrooms and for fun spaces, but how do they work in a master bedroom? Suppose your master bedroom is connected to the outside through exterior doors to a porch or many windows that make the bedroom feel connected to nature. In that case, you'll want curtains like these. Sheer curtains help add to the feeling that the area is connected to your backyard and give a more open feeling to your master bedroom.

13) Gather

Curtains aren't flat. They have ridges and folds that make them look attractive and make it easier to slide them to the side without looking strange. When you pick or make curtains, you'll need to think about the gather, or the full width of your curtains, since this will determine the number and appearance of the curtain folds. For a spacious master bedroom, you'll want wide folds that will look dramatic and elegant and fit the size of the room better.

14) Blackout

Blackout curtains are great for people working the night shift, but they're also suitable for bedrooms where you do anything other than sleep. If your master bedroom and office are one space, you'll need curtains that can dampen or completely black out light to give you control of your office environment. These also help keep the glare off your computer and your TV if you have one in the master bedroom or suite. Most blackout curtains will also be thermal insulated like these.

15) DIY Bishop Sleeve

Bishop sleeves are a type of ruffle that can look dramatic and old fashioned, making it ideal for many master bedrooms. If you want an old-style master bedroom, you can try your hand at making bishop sleeve curtains for your bedroom. Try using these instructions by Linda Erlam from Home Guides by SFGATE to design bishop sleeve curtains for your master bedroom. This way, you can design them to fit your windows and pick fabrics that work with your bedroom decor.

16) Lush Ivory

Master bedrooms are an old fashioned concept, and ivory is a fancy and old-fashioned color. Look for fancy, ruffled ivory designs to make your room look more ornate and fancy, whether it's old fashioned or merely fancy. Lush ivory curtains like these from Amazon will match a fancy master bedroom, and the curtains' length makes them fit nicely in an ornate and decorative room. Try getting or making curtains like these, or get less fancy ivory curtains if they match your space better.

17) Faux Silk

Silk is a beautiful, smooth-textured fabric that speaks of high quality. A smooth black or white silk curtain can make a modern master bedroom look high-class and sleek. To create such a sleek look, get a set of curtains like these black faux silk ones from The Home Depot. They have a shiny look that fits black and white rooms, but that same shine can make them fit poorly in some bedrooms, so make sure you use them in an area with new or shiny furniture or in another area where they'll look good.

18) Match Bedroom Colors

While some bedrooms may have an eclectic appearance, mismatched furniture and decorations don't always fit well in a master bedroom. Master bedrooms should be coordinated in both design and color, so instead of mixing and matching your decor, find curtains that match your pillows, bedspread, or other cloth decorations like the beautiful red curtains and pillows in this picture. You can also try to match solid furniture, but matching the curtains to cloth items will add consistency to the room's textures.

19) Blue

Blue is a soothing color that makes it easier to relax and sleep. This means it's excellent for almost any bedroom, but in a master bedroom, you might want bold colors that lend a rich texture and strong presence to the room. Try getting blue curtains like this that will help you sleep, but also have a solid color that makes them feel bold and powerful. Since shades of blue mix well, you don't have to worry about whether you have the same shade for your curtains as you do for a bedspread.

20) Floral Ruffled

Ruffles are luxurious, regal, and decorative. This makes them great for a master bedroom decoration. If you combine ruffles with floral patterns, like the ones in the curtains in this picture, it makes an old fashioned look that works well in a master bedroom. It's reminiscent of a farmhouse or country home and makes your master bedroom feel warm and comforting rather than making a sleek and bold feeling that some master rooms have. Think about using curtains like these for not only the windows but also for bed curtains.

21) DIY Rod Pocket Curtains With Ruffle

A rod pocket curtain is a type of curtain that has a pocket in the top that the curtain rod threads through. They can come with ruffles over the top, or you can get them with a smooth top. These work great for a master bedroom decoration because the pocket covers the rod, making it look nice. If you make one with a ruffle using these instructions, you'll create a fancier look than if you choose the sleeker design.

22) Texture

When you pick your curtains, make sure you consider every element of what makes curtains attractive and appropriate for a room. This is particularly important in a room that will be the showcase of your home, or that should be the most luxurious bedroom you have. Make sure to get curtains with attractive colors and designs, but also with textures that complement the rest of the room. Try getting curtains like the ones in this picture that add texture to a flat room or that are smooth in a heavily textured room. This creates visual interest.

23) Sheer With Blackout

Sheer curtains are great for a room with a view, and if one of your bedrooms has a great view, hopefully, it's the master bedroom. That said, sheer curtains don't block a lot of light, and this might be a problem for you if you have a TV that will be affected by glare or if you work on a computer in your room. Instead of debating between sheer curtains and regular ones, get a curtain set like this that has both sheer and blackout curtains. This way, you can cover the windows only as solidly as you want.

24) Vintage

If you want an old fashioned or traditional master bedroom, or if you like vintage decor but can't afford to design your whole house with it, try getting vintage or retro curtains like the ones in this image. If you're going with a vintage look like this, think about getting bed curtains as well as window curtains, since people used to have bed curtains more often. They're also ornate and fancier than most rooms will have, adding a unique aspect to your master bedroom.

25) DIY Swag and Cascades

Swag is a commonly used term, but what does it really mean when it comes to curtains? Swags and cascades are part of your curtain style, and they can make your curtains look fancier, which is great for a master bedroom. You can use this guide by Drapes made easy to make swags or cascades that fit your master bedroom and look nice. The article will also help you pick what to look for in store-bought curtains.

26) Chocolate

Your master bedroom can be bold, with rich and beautiful colors that stand out and make your room more attractive than the rest. One way to create a gorgeous and bold look for your room is to use curtains in colors like this rich chocolate curtain from The Home Depot. The curtain is also silk, giving it a shiny appearance that makes it look richer and more vibrant than the deep brown color does. This works best in a big room since it's a dark color.

27) DIY Pinch Pleats

Pinch pleats are an attractive way of gathering fabric to create a deep three-dimensional texture. This kind of pattern makes the room look more ornate, which can be better for a master bedroom since you want it to be a bit more well-done than other bedrooms. While you can buy pinch pleat curtains, you can also use these directions from Galaxy Design to make curtains. By doing so, you can choose any fabric that matches the room or your tastes.

28) Grey

A master bedroom is about the individuals in it, but it also matches the house's theme and is more luxurious than other bedrooms. Instead of focusing only on your room's appearance, design a neutral look for your bedroom and focus more on the luxury of the space than on how it looks. Get a grey or neutral curtain like the one in this photograph that still looks bold and attractive but allows people to focus more on how the room feels than how it appears.

29) Bohemian

Bohemian designs are popular in bedrooms and living rooms and give a bold and beautiful look to your bedroom. Since master bedrooms should be bold and attractive, a bohemian design will fit right in. Try getting a blue-on-white design like this that will fit with other bohemian designs or with any blue or white in your room. Blue is excellent for creating a soothing atmosphere, but the bold design makes a clean and fascinating look at the same time.

30) Scarf Valance

Valances make windows look a little fancier by decorating the existing curtains with a bit of extra ruffled cloth. Try adding a scarf valance to your master bedroom windows to spruce them up without adding a lot of additional expense. You can use this article to learn how to design, make, and drape a scarf valance on your windows. This will make the room look more unique and attractive, as befits a master bedroom or suite. If you don't have time, skills, or energy to make the valance, you can also buy one.

31) Tulle

Master bedrooms are often fancy, thematic, or old fashioned. If your room fits any of these descriptors, you'll want to pay close attention to the texture, along with the color. Tulle curtains or valances like these ones from Amazon have a unique texture that adds dimension to the room. The tulle fabric can dress up any existing curtains, or you can make curtains out of tulle fabric. If you have a thin material like this, make sure you have another curtain with more solid fabric behind it to add color and block light.

32) Hang Them Properly

The master bedroom is probably a dramatic room that attracts attention from anybody in it. You want it to look grand and awe-inspiring, and where and how you hang your curtains can have a powerful impact on the room's effect. Watch this video by Posh Pennies to learn about some mistakes people make when hanging curtains and get some tips on how to make your ceiling look taller, adding to the bold look of the area. Think about what you want for your room, and use this advice to hang the curtains in the right place.

33) Extend Horizontally

If you have a great view from your house, hopefully you can see it from your master bedroom. If that's the case, this will be your main concern when picking and hanging your curtains. To keep your view clear, extend your curtain rods so that they're a lot wider than the windows. This will make it so that when you open the curtains, they don't block the window at all and let you take full advantage of the view.

34) Bold Burgundy

Master bedrooms can be bold and regal rooms, and your curtains should have bold colors and designs to add to the look of the whole room. Burgundy is a regal and attractive color that will create a bold look that's appropriate for a master bedroom. Get deep burgundy curtains like these from Amazon to make your master bedroom pop, and match them to your bedsheets and other draperies to make the bedroom look coordinated. Think about getting a matching carpet to add to the luxury of the space.

35) DIY Tab-Top

Tab-top curtains are curtains with loops or tabs on top. The loops hang on the curtain rod, and the rod is visible between loops. This gives a country or farmhouse look to your room, so it works great if you're trying to match your home's country theme. Use this tutorial by Kate Miller-Wilson from lovetoknow to learn how to make tab-top curtains. It's cheaper to make the curtains than to buy them, and you can pick any fabric that fits your bedroom.

36) Sheer With Patterns

Hopefully, your master bedroom has the best view in the house. If so, you'll want sheer curtains that don't block light or obstruct your view as much as others. Instead of going with a simple sheer curtain, though, you can get fancier-looking ones that fit a master bedroom, like the ones in this picture. These curtains have a pattern woven into them to make them look nicer than a typical sheer curtain, but are mostly transparent and block little light.

37) Retro

Instead of buying new curtains, think about looking for old curtains or tablecloths at flea markets or tag sales, then turn them into vintage-style curtains. You can use this video to learn how to make your new curtains in a vintage style and give your bedroom an old fashioned look. Vintage furniture and decorations look great in many master bedrooms, and they make the room stand apart from any other room in the house. If your living room has a retro or vintage style, you can make curtains like this to match it, too.

38) Red and Gold Luxury

Red and gold is a regal and beautiful color combination that makes any room look fancy and bold. This makes it a fantastic and attractive idea for many master bedrooms. If you want an old fashioned, bold, or luxurious feeling for your master bedroom, gold and red curtains are an ideal way to transform the space. Get matching bed sheets and comforters, and use ornate curtains like these ones from Amazon to enhance this effect.

39) DIY Tulle Curtains

Tulle is an excellent material for making an area look fancy and old fashioned if you want your bedroom to be more ornate. It's also a great way to give privacy without blocking light from coming into the room. To save money or make sure the curtains are the exact size and style you want, you can use these instructions by Mary Love from SFGATE to design tulle curtains and learn how to work with the tulle material.

40) Distressed Velvet

Velvet is an unusual fabric that gives the impression of wealth, making it great for a grand and showy master bedroom. If you like retro furniture and decorations, think about getting a curtain like this from Amazon that looks like distressed velvet. The curtain is tab-top, giving it a country look, and the distressed appearance adds more texture than a typical curtain, adding a more three-dimensional look to the whole room and making it look unique.

What theme does your master bedroom have? Do you want something sleek or old fashioned? Let us know in the comments below.

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