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We don’t care what anybody else says; gray is a color. It’s beautiful if used correctly, and it can make a great color scheme for a room. Since it’s a soothing color, it can be great for bedrooms, so much so that you’re thinking of using it for your master bedroom. Maybe you have some gray things, but it just looks...flat. Try some of these Gray Master Bedroom Ideas to make your room calming without being boring.

1) Silver Pillow

While it’s technically not a shade of gray, silver fits into a gray master bedroom well. It adds a more glamorous look if you use a lot or just subtly makes the room a bit less flat if you just use a couple things. Try tossing a few decorative silver pillows like these around to make your master bedroom a little more exciting. If you don’t have any chairs around to put throw pillows on, you can use these right on your bed to make it look fancier, too.

2) Slate Gray

Lighter tones of gray are the most at risk for looking dull, particularly if you don’t have a lot of white or some other colors with them. Try looking for some darker tones to add variety and keep the room calming without making it look dull. Slate gray is one of the best and most popular colors for this, so think about getting a bedding set like this with slate gray and a couple other shades of gray for variety.

3) 3D Walls

If your heart is set on using gray and only gray, you’ll need to add some variety in another way besides using multiple colors. One excellent way to add variety is to use textured or create three-dimensional patterns. Since this is a master bedroom and you can put in a little extra effort, think about creating an accent wall with a three-dimensional design or image. You can even use this Hill House video to learn how to make a three-dimensional geometric accent wall yourself.

4) Gray Wood Look

Gray isn’t just one thing. It’s a multitude of different shades, textures, and tones. One way to make a gray bedroom that’s soothing and interesting at the same time is to get furniture like this that has a graywashed wood look, whether it’s actually made of wood or not. This way, it’ll have a wood-like texture instead of a flat paint texture, but it’ll still match your color scheme. For a master bedroom, we suggest getting a large piece like this TV stand to make it stand out more.

5) Industrial

There are a lot of styles that include a lot of gray, so if you want a thematic master bedroom, you’ll have to pick one. Industrial styles use a lot of gray, making them a great choice for a gray master bedroom. Try using this advice to look for some furniture or building your own industrial bedroom furniture. A pipe shelf will give your master bedroom a unique look, and the gray will only complement the utilitarian look

6) DIY Rustic Grey Accent Wall In A Box

Accent walls are great to add a touch of a particular color, texture, or style to any space without being overwhelming. In this case, we’re suggesting you add a different texture to your gray room since gray can often feel flat if you don’t use it right. You can use this accent wall in a box from Amazon to install a gray wood accent wall easily, and it has a mix of gray and brown to add some different colors without taking away from the overall color scheme. Try putting it behind the master bed.

7) Purple Art

We know that you’re trying to create a gray room, but that doesn’t mean every single piece of furniture is gray. Colors like purple are similar to gray and tend to match it well, making them an ideal choice for pieces of art like this or accent walls and other small touches. This piece has a flower on it, which can be a great way to provide contrast if that’s what you want since gray is rarely seen amongst living things like flowers.

8) DIY Graywash

If you’re having trouble finding gray furniture that looks like it’ll work in your room, you might have to make it yourself, but don’t worry. We’ve got a tutorial here to help you create graywashed furniture. The neat thing about graywash is that it leaves behind some natural texture so that you don’t get the flat look that you would with most paints. This keeps the room from seeming dull, which is most important in a large room or one with sitting areas rather than just a sleeping place.

9) Room Darkening Curtains

Gray is a soothing color, so if you have a gray master bedroom, it’s either your favorite color or you’re focused on getting more high-quality sleep. If you’re designing your first master bedroom, and particularly if you’re new to sleeping with a partner, you’ll want to add other things to your room to get better sleep, like room darkening curtains. These room darkening curtains from Amazon even match the gray color scheme to help create a perfect atmosphere for restful sleep.

10) DIY Stone Veneer

A master bedroom deserved more ornate and amazing features than most bedrooms, so don’t think you’re limited to buying gray furnishings and painting things in your preferred color. Gray stone may sound like something you put out on a patio, but a gray stone accent wall will make your bedroom come alive while still giving off soothing vibes for sound sleep. The deep textures will keep the room from feeling dull, and you can make one yourself to save money using this tutorial video.

11) Gray Shag Rug

Gray things can look flat, and that’s only going to get worse if you buy flat things. Area rugs can add variety to a room if they have designs on them or if you get one in a different shade of gray than the rest of the room. They can also change up the textures of the room if you get a shag rug like this one instead of a flat one. A shag rug will also be more comfortable and look more luxurious, which is exactly what you want in a master bedroom.

12) Smoke Color Chandelier

A bright white light fixture might look too bright if you’re trying to create a soothing atmosphere, and if you have an old off-white one, it’s probably not going to match a gray room. Since this is a master bedroom, you can have a bit of luxury, so if your room is big enough, we suggest getting a smoke gray chandelier like this one. It’ll go with the gray you already have in the room, and the shade of gray is beautiful.

13) Farmhouse

One neat thing about a farmhouse theme for a gray room is that you don’t have to make everything gray. A lot of farmhouse furniture is washed out so that it won’t clash with gray furnishings, even if the piece itself is light brown. You can even get light gray farmhouse furniture. In this article, you can see how Sarah from Must Have Mom designed a master bedroom using a farmhouse style with a lot of gray. You can use her bedroom as a guide or create something entirely new!

14) Light Blue

There are many different shades and tones of most colors, but to the human eye, gray has less variety than most colors. Even in a colorful bedroom, you don’t have to limit yourself to the primary color you chose; you’ll include purple or green in a blue bedroom to some extent. In a gray bedroom, you can’t have secondary colors with gray in them, but you can match tones and choose colors that mesh well with gray. Try getting a light blue textured blanket or bedding set like this one.

15) Dark Gray Fireplace

Fireplaces are rare and beautiful things nowadays. If you have one in your master bedroom, you’ve achieved a level of comfort and luxury that most people don’t have. Now, you have a problem, though. Most fireplaces don’t have a gray theme, so you might have to paint or redesign it. Take a look at this article by Tanya from Dans le Lakehouse to learn how she upgraded her fireplace and created a TV bump-out in dark gray. While she did it in a living and dining room, you could do the same thing in your master bedroom.

16) Textured Comforter

If you’re worried about gray furnishings looking dull and still haven’t found the solution, try getting blankets like these that are heavily textured. The texture of the comforter will help make the room seem less flat, and if you build a geometric accent wall for the same reason, it’ll match the wall and create a modern geometric theme. The dark gray color of this comforter is also a good way to keep things from seeming dull since darker grays can make rooms feel more restful and less boring.

17) Faux Sheepskin

If you’re not a fan of geometric patterns, you can still add texture to a gray room. One excellent way to do that is to get a sheepskin or faux sheepskin rug like this one. If you have floors that get cold, it’s perfect for placing beside the bed so that your feet don’t freeze when you get up at night, and the sheepskin or faux sheepskin adds texture to the room. A white sheepskin would also look okay in a gray master bedroom.

18) Mix Neutrals

Gray creates a calming and airy feeling in a room if you do it right. If you do it wrong, it’s dark and dingy. While white is one way to make a gray room feel more open, not everyone likes a gray and white color scheme. If you don’t want to rely on white, you can mix light grays with other light neutrals to create a light and airy effect like the one in this article from Honey We’re Home.

19) Electric Fireplace

Fireplaces are a luxury that a few living rooms and almost no bedrooms have anymore, but they’re a fantastic addition for a master bedroom in particular. They make the room cozy and comfortable in a way that other heating sources don’t. If you don’t have a fireplace in your master bedroom already, you can install a built-in electric fireplace like this gray one from Amazon. Since the bricks are gray, they’ll match your color scheme.

20) DIY Board and Batten Feature Wall

Gray can look dull if not done correctly, so you’ll probably want to add different patterns and textures. One way to do this is with a board and batten feature or accent wall. This type of wall will look right in an industrial or minimalist room, and you can paint the trim a different shade of gray than the rest of the walls to create more variety. You can use this article from Simply Beautiful by Angela to learn how to make a board and batten feature wall behind your bed for a more dramatic look, too.

21) Fluffy Area Rugs

Fluff is comfortable and adds texture to a room, making it an excellent choice for a gray master bedroom. A fluffy rug or decoration like this one from Amazon will keep the gray from seeming monotonous, and it’s just luxurious enough for a master bedroom. Like the color gray, soft rugs are soothing and help create a soft texture that’ll help you and your partner sleep. This one, in particular, has a texture that’ll help create variety and keep the gray from being too monotonous.

22) Complete Grayscale

If you like gray a lot and want nothing but gray in your bedroom, you can definitely do that. After all, it’s your master bedroom, and you should be able to do what you want in it! To make a completely gray bedroom that doesn’t get boring, you can make the whole room using a wide grayscale like the one in this video from Living to DIY with Rachel Metz. A dark color will create a calming environment that’ll help you sleep without being boring, and you’ll want to have a scale from the darkest to the lightest grays, too.

23) Patterns

Gray is already a soothing color, which is ideal for a bedroom, but if you do something other than sleep in your master bedroom, like using it as a home office, you’ll want something to make it slightly more interesting. One thing you can choose is to buy patterned bedding like this. The pattern will be interesting, and if you have a lot of dark gray, it’ll keep the room from feeling dim and gloomy. We suggest picking a classic design like this set from Amazon since it’s a master bedroom.

24) Coral and Gray

One of the best ways to do a gray master bedroom is to choose a second color and mix the two colors so that about half of the room is gray and the other half is that color. People often choose neutral colors or white and black to go with gray if they’re not sure what to do, but you can get creative. Try designing a coral and gray room like this tasteful one by JSD. You can look at their room for pointers and design an attractive and tasteful master bedroom.

25) Gray Art with Bright Spots

If most of your room is gray and it feels dull and lifeless, you don’t have to do a lot to break up the room’s monotony. In fact, you can just add a little splash of color by getting an art piece like this one from Amazon. It’s mostly gray with just a few colored spots in bright turquoise. The bright spots will make your whole room less monotonous without interfering with sleep, and the artwork has the word “love” written in it, making it the perfect art for a couple’s bedroom.

26) White Fireplace

While fireplaces are less and less common, a lot of master bedrooms still have them, and you might be struggling to figure out what to do with this unique feature in a gray master bedroom. One option is to paint the fireplace white using these directions from girl in the garage. A white fireplace in a room with dark gray walls will add some contrast and break up the dark colors so that the room doesn’t look too dim. This way, it still has the calm look of a gray room but doesn’t become depressing.

27) Romantic Gray Wood Signs

If you share your master bedroom with a partner, you’ll have to decorate it differently than you would any other bedroom. We suggest you get some romantic decorations like this one from Amazon that says, “together is my favorite place to be.” After all, you and your partner are together in this master bedroom and in your home together. These signs are gray wood to match the rest of the bedroom, making them ideal for a gray master bedroom that you share with a partner.

28) Romantic Grayscale Art

If you like the idea of romantic art but don’t like word art, there are other ways to add romance to your shared gray master bedroom. Grayscale art is often romantic, and it matches perfectly in a gray room. Since this is a private bedroom, you can find romantic images like this grayscale framed poster of a couple kissing. The image is romantic to set the mood or make it so that the room’s main theme is “togetherness.”

29) Sparkle It Up

Gray doesn’t have to be dull and lifeless; you can create an exciting and energetic or even glamorous room with it. If you have gray walls or like gray, but can’t figure out how to make a gray room look right, you might need to add a little excitement by adding sparkles and reflective pieces. Gray can absorb light, so this will also help keep the room from feeling gloomy. A master bedroom is a glamorous place, and you can make inexpensive DIY glam decorations that fit a gray color scheme using this DIY video.

30) Blackout Curtains

Gray is a calming color, so matching the gray color scheme isn’t just about getting other things in gray. A master bedroom should have great decor, but you need to feel happy and be able to sleep in it, particularly if you’re sharing one with a partner. One way to create a restful gray bedroom is to get blackout curtains. The gray color scheme will dim the room at night, and gray blackout curtains like these will ensure that you have a dark place to sleep. These ones also have a pattern to keep the room from looking monotonous.

31) Textured Throw Blanket

If your room is looking flat and dull, there are numerous things you can do about it. Make sure you don’t stay focused on the bed and decor only. Check out your other furniture and decide which specific areas need to be more interesting. You can add textured gray furnishings to each area. For example, if your sitting area looks boring or doesn’t have enough gray in it, drape a throw blanket like this over the back of a chair or couch to create a large textured backdrop.

How're you making your gray master bedroom more interesting? Are you working on making it glamorous or creating a cool and calm space? Let us know what you did in the comments below!

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