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It's time to glam it up! You want a luxurious and gorgeous living room with fancy bronze decorations and furniture, and you love the idea of coming home to sit on a plush fur couch or chair. Now you need some glam living room ideas to figure out how to add pizzazz to your dull living room. Try some of these ideas to glam up your entire living room!

1) DIY Faux Fur Rug

Fur decor is luxury at its finest, so, of course, you'll want some in your glam living room, but how do you add fur to your glam living room in a tasteful and elegant manner? One way to do it is to make a fur rug. By using these instructions from View Along The Way, you can make a fur rug that fits your color scheme and the size of your room. Since you're making the rug, you can modify the rug's size, color, and shape to match your room.

2) Glass Coffee Table

Glass furniture looks elegant because it tends to have sleek lines without bulky edges and gaudy decorations. The glass also adds a shine to the area without adding color that could interfere with the rest of your decorating. Use glass coffee tables with metallic edges like the one in this picture to make your living room look more brilliant, either with bronze, gold, or silver. This way, the only thing that has to match with the rest of the decor is the metal you choose.

3) Crystal Tealights

Tealights are a classic and elegant decoration, but what place do they have in a glam living room? A glam living room is a step away from a classic one, as it takes traditional decorating and adds glamorous elements like fur and metallic paint or furniture. You can use the instructions in this video by A Cozy Casita to make a crystal tealight holder that's elegant and glamorous to match your decor, no matter how much or how little glam furniture you get.

4) Fake Sheepskin

Furs are a traditional way to show off wealth, making them a major aspect of glam decor. That said, you might not want real fur, either for environmental reasons or simply because of the smell, so think about getting fake furs instead. Faux furs come in many different colors, like this blue faux fur rug from Amazon, giving you nearly infinite options when it comes to decorating your living room with fake furs and matching your other decor colors and patterns.

5) Oval Glass Coffee Table

Glam style isn't just about the materials you use. It's also about shapes, colors, lines, and other elements of design. Look at your sitting area. Is it roughly square, or is it an elongated rectangle, or an unusual shape? If your room is roughly square, a round coffee table is a great way to tie the seating area together with the rest of the room. This glass table from Walmart is oval and has glass edges instead of metal edges so that it'll add a sparkle to your room and tie it together without clashing.

6) DIY Gold Leaf

Gold is a great way to glam up anything, whether it's furniture, decorations, or comfort items like pillows. The good news is that you don't have to go out and buy a bunch of gold furniture. Instead, you can add gold leaf to things using these directions by Gina from The Shabby Creek Cottage. The gold leaf will make these decorations pop and match any gold furniture and add a glamorous metallic shine wherever you want it.

7) Hexagon Mirror Decoration

Mirrors are an essential part of glam decorating. They're reflective and make everything look shinier and more glamorous without changing your color scheme. An old fashioned boxed mirror with an ornate frame wouldn't fit in a glam living room, though. Instead, get a wall sticker like his that's both a decoration and a mirror. The mirror is made of hexagons arranged in a unique shape that will work as a decoration while brightening and adding a sparkle to your living room.

8) Nesting Coffee Table

Coffee tables are called nesting tables when one table is smaller than the other and is designed to fit underneath it. They're convenient if you want the look of a single coffee table with the ability to pull out a second one sometimes for extra space. This creates a compact look and keeps the room from looking clutter. Try building glass nesting coffee tables with gold edges like these IKEA hack coffee tables from Classy Clutter. They match the glam style, and you can pick whether you want bronze or gold edges.

9) Emerald

Gem tones are a valuable part of glam style, and while you'll want to pick colors that you like best, you'll also want to think about unique colors that others may not be using. Purple jewel tones are beautiful, but they're also common. You might want something more unique like this tufted emerald chair. The chair is certainly decadent with a tufted cushion and shiny gemlike finish, and the deep emerald color will make it stand out from other glam furniture.

10) Fur Blankets

You'll want to add furs to your glam living room to make it luxurious and comfortable, but it can be hard to incorporate fur with metallics and other classy styles. While a fur rug is an easy choice, you'll want more than one piece of fur in the living room. Try making or buying a fur blanket or faux fur blanket like the one in this picture to add comfort and incorporate fur in a less typical way.

11) Gold End Table

Gold is glam, and you'll want plenty of gold or bronze to spruce up your living room and make it everything it's meant to be. One way to do this is to get end tables with gold on them. These can be glass end tables with a gold frame, or you can go a step further with end tables like these ones from Amazon that are made or gold-colored mesh. The cylindrical shape and gold mesh combine to make them a great piece of glam furniture.

12) Brass Nesting Side Tables

Nesting tables are tables that fit one inside the other, making it so that they generally take up the space of one table, but you can pull one or more tables out from under the largest table if you need to. Nesting side tables are a good way to reduce clutter since only one side table will be visible at a time, and you can get bass ones like these from Walmart so that they'll match your other glam decorations. You can also spray paint the brass with different metallic paint if you prefer.

13) DIY Glass Bead Vase

Glass beads are a great way to make things look glamorous without spending the money to get real gemstones. You can attach glass beads to decorations to make them look like they're studded with gemstones and add that telltale sparkle that every glam living room needs. Read this post by Kristin Omdahl and watch the video in it to learn how you can make a glam glass bead vase and try making other kinds of decorations, too. You can make glass bead candle holders, vases, or even holders for colored glass beads.

14) Tan and Brown Patterned Rugs

While you'll probably have a lot of metallic furniture to add a shine to your room, you might not be able to find metallics for every furniture piece you want. If you're going to focus on bronze or brass, you can use patterned tan and brown cloth items to simulate the look of those metals. For example, the rug in this photograph is made with brown and tan cloth, but it'd match a metallic coffee table or end table.

15) DIY Faux Fur Coffee Table

Faux fur is glam at it's finest, though real fur is always a great option if you're comfortable with it. It can be hard to figure out where to put faux fur or fur, though. Instead of sticking with getting fur items like rugs that would naturally be soft, try mixing it up by covering surfaces that would typically be hard with fur. You can even use this tutorial by quantumlouie to learn how to make a simple faux fur-covered coffee table.

16) Crystal Chandelier

Crystals are a great way to add some bling to your living room without spending a lot of money. They're shiny and gemlike and make things sparkle, and they're easy to find! Try getting crystal items like this crystal chandelier from Amazon or other crystal decorations. A chandelier is an excellent choice since people are used to seeing glass light fixtures, and a crystal chandelier is a magnificent and unique way to light up a room.

17) DIY Tufted Ottoman

While it can be easy to look at some things and see how they fit your style, others are less obvious. Have you thought about tufts? Those little bunches of fabric can make a piece of furniture go from flat and plain to plush and luxurious, which is just what you want in this living room. Follow these instructions from M is for Mama to learn how to build a tufted ottoman. You can pick jewel-toned fabrics that will beautify your space when you make the ottoman.

18) Fuzzy Heart Rug

Fuzz and fur go hand-in-hand. If you want fur, but you prefer dyed or artificial furs that can be customized and don't look like they came right off a dead animal, you can get fuzzy or faux fur rugs like this from Amazon. These heart-shaped rugs are beautiful and luxurious, and they should feel soft under your feet, but they don't look like they just came off the back of a sheep, so to speak.

19) DIY Mirror Table

Mirrors are a great way to brighten a room by reflecting light, and the shiny mirror can even be decorations. Try doing unique things with mirrors, and even using them as part of your furniture and incorporating them into decorations. One way to do this is to make a mirror table, which you can do with the directions in this video by Lots of glitter And shiii. By creating a coffee table like this that's completely covered in mirrors, you can make your whole room brighter and more reflective and really show off your glam decor.

20) Crystal Lamps

Crystals are king when it comes to creating a gemstone-like appearance without spending incredible amounts of money, particularly when you want to use large quantities of them. Crystal lamps like these ones from Amazon are a great way to make your room more attractive since the light from the lamps will reflect on any metallic decor or other crystals, and the crystal will help make the room feel more open. Beyond that, crystals are just naturally gorgeous.

21) Large Silver Furniture

Silver is easy to overlook when it comes to glam furniture, but it's an excellent choice for any surface you wish were mirrored. You can use silver-colored upholstery for any soft surfaces that can't be mirrored, like the ottoman in this picture or an armchair or couch. If you get large pieces that are reflective, it’ll make the whole room feel lighter and airier since silver is a light color and reflects light well to make an area feel more open.

22) DIY Leopard Print Decor

What kinds of furs do you want? Do you want simple white furs or colored furs? Striped zebra print? Patterns are essential to glam style, but if you don't want to get patterned fur or can't find it, the next best thing is decorations in leopard print or other fur print patterns. You can read this article by Glitter Inc. to learn how to paint leopard print on anything and create decorations or wall art with it.

23) Sequins On Grey

Silver is great for a glam living room, but it can be hard to find actual metallic silver, particularly when it comes to fabrics. Instead of getting silver materials, get grey fabrics with sequins like the ones on these curtains. The sequins add a metallic reflection and simulate the look of actual metallic cloth. You can also add sequins to other cloth decorations and furniture to make them look silver, though you might want to think about comfort before you decide whether to put them on seats.

24) DIY Throne Chair

Your room should be classy and luxurious with touches of fur, gemstones, and other glam decorations. One way to be comfortable while also glamming up your furniture is to make a throne chair like the one yoduvh Essentials makes in this video. The project begins with only a cheap plastic chair, but you can see in the video that it becomes a gorgeous glam chair. You can make this chair and find ways to do similar upgrades to other cheap furniture.

25) Sequin Silver Curtains

Silver fabrics are a great way to make your living room glamorous, and silver curtains are an easy choice because they don't require you to upholster furniture or otherwise do crafts to get what you want. Just hang them up, and you've got glam. These sequined silver curtains are even better because the sequins will catch and reflect light from the windows to make the whole area sparkle and shine. Put sequined silver fabrics in other places, or add small touches or silver sequin to decorations around the room to help tie the room together.

26) Gold and Marble Coffee Table

Marble is a classy and attractive choice for a tabletop, and it matches glam decor well. Use marble with gold, brass, silver, or other metallic table frames to create a blend of traditional elegance and glamor. You can get a gold and marble coffee table like this one from The Home Depot, in which the gold and marble are balanced to form a bright and gorgeous furniture piece or get a table with a metal frame and marble top, though that will not stand out as much. Make sure your coffee table is something that stands out, like this one.

27) DIY Glam End Tables

While your couch and coffee table are the most noticeable furniture, you might want to keep them traditional while adding your glam touches to other furnishings. Try making glam end tables like the ones petalisbless makes in this video. The tables are mirrored with metallic accents, making them a great place to display glam decor since the mirror will reflect the decor and create twice the effect. The craft uses dollar store materials, so it's also a cheap way to get glam side tables.

28) Throw Pillow

A luxurious living room needs throw pillows, either for decorations, comfort, or both. That means you need to find glam throw pillows, which are most likely to be either fur pillows or metallic or sequined. If you're debating between the metallic sheen of pretty sequins and the comfortable softness of fur pillows, you can get these fur pillows with silver leaves. This way, you'll get the softness of fur with glamorous silver decoration, instead of having to choose between the two.

29) The Pets

If you have pets, you don't want to exclude them from your decorating scheme. Instead of hiding the pet furniture away in the other room or trying to keep pet toys under wraps to keep your decor looking nice, make the pet furniture part of your decor. Buy or make glam pet furniture like the patterned pet couch in this image to include your pets instead of trying to hide them. This might also keep them from damaging or getting fur on your other glam furniture.

30) Glass Decor Beads

Glass beads are an amazing crafting tool for a glam room since they resemble gemstones and have reflective properties like mirrors, gems, and crystals. Beads like these ones from Amazon are also cheaper than real stones. You can set them in bowls or use hot glue to make a new glam decoration, or fill any glass or clear container with them to make a decoration. If you need the container later, just empty them out. Glue a few to the inside of a container to make it look full without using as many beads.

31) Metallic Tables With White Tops

Many of your tables will probably be metallic since they're a great way to incorporate the metallic shine you want in a glam room. That said, the entire table doesn't have to be metal and glass. Since glam style begins with traditional furniture and items, then incorporates glam decor, a lot of your big furniture might be traditional or clean white. In that case, you can get a table like the one in this image with a white top to match the surrounding furniture. The white top will also look clean and won't interfere with any glam decorating.

32) Gold Oil Painting

Don't forget your glam art! You can put up metallic plate decorations and similar items, but you'll run the risk of looking too industrial, so make sure to get some variety of decorations. This gold oil painting from Amazon would be a good start since oil paints stay vibrant longer, and the gold paint will help tie the walls and decoration in with any gold furniture you have. You can also get silver and gold leaf decorations or make abstract paintings with metallic paints.

33) Bronze Gold Framed Glass Coffee Table

Glass, metal, fur, and mirrors are the prerequisites for glam style, and this simple round coffee table has both. Since the table is round, it'll go well in any roughly square or unusual-shaped room, and the metallic frame will tie into similar-colored decorations. Since the tabletop is removable, this is a great table for DIY projects, too. Simply remove the glass and repaint the table in a shinier metallic or in a different metallic color if you don't like the current color.

34) DIY Mirror Side Table

Glam decor has lots of mirrors, but it can be hard to figure out how to incorporate them into many aspects of your decor. One way you can add more mirrors is to design and build a mirrored side table. Check out this video post by My Crafts to learn one way to make a mirror side table with a drawer. Mirrored tables are one of the more practical glam decorations because you can build bulkier tables like these ones with storage space without losing the glam effect.

35) DIY Faux Fur Chair

Faux fur chairs are pretty amazing, but they can be expensive! How can you get a beautiful faux fur chair without spending too much? Build one yourself! Read this tutorial by Casa Watkins Living to learn how to turn an old chair into a gorgeous faux fur chair. This way, you're not wasting any money, and you don't have to throw away your old furniture if you're changing the style of an existing living room.

How else can you glam it up? Did we miss any ideas that you've tried in your living room? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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