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Work is done for the day and it’s time to relax in the man cave.  As you enter and flick on the lights, you stumble, blinded by the neon colors the last homeowner chose.  It’s obviously time to change the ambiance of your man cave, but in order to do that, you need some different paint color ideas to make it happen.  We took the time to figure out different color ideas that’ll work perfectly just for you to make your man cave exactly how you want it.  

1) Brown with Red and Orange

Brown, red, and orange are common fall colors. Since brown is a dark color, it goes well on furniture. It is also warm, and goes well with both red and orange. This furniture paint is great for an orange or red room. Red works best for accents, while orange could be a wall color. Too much red creates an overly stimulating environment, so use it cautiously and in small doses. Brown can be used as much as you want for the furniture, trim, or walls. Light to medium brown is best for large areas.

2) DIY Three Shades of Blue Ombre

While picking out a paint color, you may be tempted to pick a single color, or color combo; however, there are so many more options out there. This do-it-yourself tutorial shows you how to make an ombre wall. The wall has two or more colors, and blends them together. In this case, try a blue wall that fades to white at the top. Always have the darker color at the bottom in case of dirt. This blue theme will give a beach feel, particularly if combined with a sandy colored carpet.

3) Red with Red Brick

If your man cave has a lot of brick, you will be looking for a color that complements red brick. It may seem odd, but red is a good complement. Red paints are rarely the same color as brick, so they do not match perfectly, Instead, they turn the brick into an accent for the room. Combined with brick, red tends to be more energetic than angry. Try this red paint if you have brick in your man cave area, such as a brick fireplace.

4) Gray, Brown, Cream, and Orange

Gray, brown, cream, and orange is a masculine color scheme that works well in a man cave or other male-dominated space. It may seem odd to include so many colors, but it can be done with flair. The lightest color, cream, goes on the ceiling. The walls should be a subtle orange, rather than a blaring one. Use gray for some walls and orange for others. Then paint the trim black. You can also use some of these colors on the walls and ceiling, then use the rest on furniture.

5) ​​Red Exterior Paint

Exterior paint may seem like an odd choice for a man cave, but outbuildings are common man cave locations. If you have a shed or barn man cave, you may want a traditional barn red color like this one. This paint is comparable to the excellent brand Sherwin-Williams, so it should cover well and keep your outdoor barn cave from being damaged by the weather for a long time. It also goes well with brick or brown exteriors, making it the ideal versatile exterior man cave color.

6) ​​​​Sandstone and Blue

Tan and blue is a common combination. It is often used in wallpapers and the two colors look nice together. This sandstone color, when combined with blue, makes the area feel like a beach. If you live near the shore, or like the beach or ocean, this is a good color combination to remind you of the things you love. Blue is a calming color and tan is neutral, leading to a generally calming combination. It works well with stripes, but can be done in many patterns.

7) Three Walls, Three Color

If you have three colors you like, this do-it-yourself tutorial will show you how to combine them in one room. Blue, gray, and tan are a common three-color theme and are good for a masculine space. For this combination, the ceiling should be gray or tan, with the main accent wall being blue or gray. The ceiling will be the lightest color, so whether you pick gray or tan will depend on how light your gray is. Blue or gray will be your darkest color, and will be used as trim or on an accent wall.

8) ​​Black and White

Black and White is a modern and masculine theme that can be tricky to do right. The main thing to remember is that black is hard to paint over, and it makes a room seem smaller. White makes a room seem larger. If you want the ceiling to look lower, make it black. To make the ceiling look higher, paint it white. This paint is a black countertop paint that will help turn an area with plain white walls into a modern, masculine, and stylish bar area.

9) ​​Brown Paint with Wood Trim

Brown paint is versatile. It can go on any rustic building or outbuilding. It does not get stained easily by dirt and is neutral or warm. This brown paint goes well with wood trim or designs. The wood acts as an accent for a mostly-brown room. Use this in a barn or rustic man cave. It is best used in a larger room because the dark paint will make the room look smaller. That said, it is not exceedingly dark, so it will be fine in a medium-sized room too.

10) Blue and Gold Stripes

Like blue and tan, blue and gold has been used for a long time. The gold gives the area a richer look, while the blue is calming and somewhat neutral. Thin stripes are a good way to combine these two colors. This painters tape is essential to getting stripes correct. Make sure your stripes are straight. Any imperfections will be noticable. Also use the tape to block any areas you do not want to get paint on, but be careful. Thick coatings of paint will bleed through, so do multiple, lighter coatings instead.

11) DIY Nautical Blue

Blue is a common color for a reason. Blue is calming. It gives the feeling of water, the beach, the sky, and many other things. It is also considered a male color. This do-it-yourself video shows you how to make blue even more nautical by adding flags or sails to it. Try combining this with the ombre effect described earlier to really make your beach man cave feel like something Jimmy Buffet would sing about.

12) ​​Black, White, and Pebble Gray

Shades of black and gray are always a good choice for a masculine, modern, or industrial look. Grays fit well in shop spaces and blacks are modern and bold. When you add this stone gray to a black and white scheme, you soften it and expand the possible uses. You can paint a wall that starts black and fades to gray, for example. You can use a white ceiling, gray walls, and black trim for a similar effect. Either way, it will be bold, like your man cave. You can purchased this paint on Amazon.

13) Textured White

Textured white is a common color. It hides imperfections, which is good for a man cave. Many man caves started as unfinished spaces. If you did your drywall yourself, there may be minor imperfections that textures can cover up. While white is a common choice, you can also paint textures any color you choose. Cream, tan, or gray works well because it makes textures look similar to a natural stone. Corals can have a similar effect, if they fit the rest of your theme.

14) Dirt-Resistant Beige

Sometimes you pick a paint color based on your color scheme. Sometimes you choose a scheme or theme based on your interests or a favorite color. Another way to pick a color is to consider the use of the room. If you have a workshop, a shed man cave, or other area that is likely to get dirty, this beige paint is a good choice. The paint is dirt-resistant and the beige color will hide dirt that gets on it, within reason. The eggshell texture also makes it easier to clean.

15) Gray

Like blue, gray is a versatile color. It is also masculine, and a common color for shop spaces. If you have a concrete floor, you already have the start of a grey color scheme. This paint is for furniture or small projects. It works well for cloud patterns or to match gray walls. You can do an ombre pattern or paint bar trim to match a workshop area. Most four-color themes will include gray. Instead of painting an accent wall, paint several pieces of furniture with this paint.

16) Black

While black is often a risky color choice, it has its place. It is hard to paint over, but that may not be your main concern. You want your man cave to look good now, not ten years from now when somebody else is turning it into a nursery and wants baby pink walls. Black and bright colors is in style now and makes a cool contrasting color scheme. If you are worried about painting over it, use black on the trim and a bright color for the walls. Make sure the trim paint is glossier than the walls.

17) Green With Red Brick

Since many man caves are outdoor spaces or outbuildings, it is not uncommon to have brick or concrete walls to match. For brick walls, you can match with red or create contrast with green. Contrasts are bright and cheerful, which explains why they are so popular now. Use this bright green to accent a brick space or turn a brick wall into an accent for a green-colored room. The red of the brick will be more subtle than red paint, but you will still get the effect of the contrasting colors.

18) ​​Flat White Ceiling

Flat white may not seem like the most adventurous color, but it is important to consider. Using colors from your theme on a ceiling can work, but should not be overdone. Flat ceiling white makes the ceiling seem higher, which is great if your basement or shed has a low ceiling. It does not interfere with an existing color scheme, so you can use it in a room with a lot of dark colors. It will make the room seem a little lighter without ruining the theme.

19) Black, Brown, Cream, and Red

Black, Brown, Cream, and Red is a masculine color scheme that is common in dens, man caves, or bachelors’ living rooms and bedrooms. It works best with bold colors of the same tone. Since there are many dark colors, you will want to use black on trim or furniture. This milk paint is ideal for that purpose. Cream is best for the ceiling, with red and brown walls. Use brown as the accent wall, and a dull red for the rest Include some cream upholstered furniture with the black wood and leather furniture, and add brown and red accents.

20) ​​​Forest Green

This forest green paint is great for hunter’s cabin themes, if you are not using wood or brown. It can give the feeling of being out in nature and is a masculine color. Green is calming, like blue, but the dark color can be depressing in small spaces. Use this in a medium or larger space to create a comforting space with an outdoorsy feel. This is good for outdoor man caves, but works just as well to bring the outdoors inside.

21) Grays and Blues

Grays and blues go well together. Both are calming colors, and both can be mixed with almost any variation of themselves. Combine grays and blues for a cloudy outdoor feel, or simply a calming, relaxing space. Both colors lend themselves to fading designs. Try using this gray paint with a light blue for a bolder effect, or a medium blue if you want them both to stand out equally. You can paint one wall blue and one gray, or do stripes with the two colors.

Are you painting your man cave? Which idea speaks to you, or do you have your own preference? Let us know in the comments!

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