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Your living room is beige, which can be kind of...blah. Maybe you like the color, but you certainly don't like the way it looks now. Or perhaps you like it in theory but aren't sure how to make it less dull. So, we found you these Beige Living Room Ideas to make the room stand out or simply look interesting and tasteful at the same time.

1) Farmhouse Beads

One way to make your decorations blend into the room is to choose things that naturally come in beige or beige-adjacent colors. They'll add texture and a slightly different color without taking over the room since they're a similar color. We thought farmhouse beads like these would look amazing in a beige living room. Beige would be an ideal choice for a farmhouse-style living room, particularly if you mixed it with some white and some natural textures.

2) Three Buttons

Buttons seem to be going by the wayside nowadays, but they're a beautiful decoration that adds texture, homeyness, and an old-fashioned look to a room. We loved these throw pillow covers with coconut shell buttons because the buttons added a natural texture that made them more interesting than plain beige pillows would be. Also, since they're easily removable and machine washable, you can take them off to wash, making them a convenient way to make the room look slightly different.

3) DIY Texture

Since beige often comes across as a boring and dull color, it's important to find some other way to make the room visually appealing. Beige isn't boring unless you use nothing but flat textures and monotones, so one of the best things to do is add texture. For example, you can build an accent wall using this video tutorial and paint it beige. The beige color is tasteful and creates a classic look, while the board and batten accent wall keeps it from being flat.

4) Vines

Ultimately, you'll probably want to add a few other colors, because beige typically doesn't look good on its own. This can be anything from deep reds to blues to whites or medium browns, as long as you do something to break up the color monotony. We liked the idea of introducing a new texture and color at the same time by getting something like this red vine decoration. Since beige is a natural earth tone, you can get something like this that looks like a vine with red flowers to break up any monotony without taking up all the attention.

5) Coral and Gray

Since beige is a neutral color, it goes well with other neutrals, but you'll need to choose a color palette. Without direction, even a neutral palette can look uncoordinated and tasteless. We found this article by Wike Woo in which they describe the creation of a room with just such a palette. In this room, they used a combination of coral and gray to accent the beige room and create a more exciting space than they'd have had with only a single color.

6) Shag Rug

One way to add texture to a beige room is to get textured decorations. We thought this shag rug could work well because it has a natural texture, and natural decorations typically look good in a beige room. The neat thing about a shag rug is that you can get one like this piece from Amazon that has patterns traced in it so that it adds two different textures and creates even more variety than a simple plush rug would.

7) Sunflowers

Beige is similar to yellow or brown, but it has a duller and more natural look. That means that natural browns and yellow are ideal for a beige room, so when we saw these sunflower decorations, we thought they'd be perfect for a beige living room. They aren't bright enough to take up all the attention, but they'll add some cheerful and natural yellow to the room and complement any beige paint or furniture beautifully.

8) Ombre Accent Wall

If you don't like the idea of adding a lot of other colors but still don't want your room to be plain and boring, ombre is one of the best ways to accomplish that. You can use a single color to paint an ombre accent wall, and it'll feel like several different colors because of the way it fades on one end. We found this tutorial to help you out so that you can paint an ombre accent wall if you want, though you can always hire a contractor to do it for you.

9) Tufts and Tassels

Tufts and tassels are another way to add texture to a beige living room, and they're another natural decoration, in a sense. Tassels and tufts mimic fur and bundles of grasses, twine, or other natural decorations, particularly when they're beige or another natural color. They add a lot of texture to a room, so you can transform the space just by adding them in a few key spots. For example, you can get a tufted and tasseled throw pillow like this one.

10) Glam

If you're stuck with a beige room because you don't want to repaint and make a lot of major changes, there are ways to accent it that'll make it look like an entirely different space. One way to do this is to add a few throw pillows and other cheap glam decorations like the ones in this StyledByShakira video. The video shows how she started with a beige base and added glamorous teal and silver decorations. You don't even need real silver; just get a can of spray paint or gray sequins.

11) Marble Swirl

Beige is a natural color, so if you're looking for things that complement it, try to find natural textures. One unique one we found is this marble swirl throw rug from Amazon. It's gray, but neutrals like gray and beige go together well, and it has a little bit of brownish color that should help it blend into your room more. At the same time, the gray tone will make it stand out and add some much-needed variety to the room.

12) Multiple Off-Whites

Beige combines well with almost any neutral or off-white, so one way to design a beige living room is to use several different off-white colors. For example, you can use off-white trim or paint furniture off-white, and even get off-white throw blankets. This Apartment Therapy article shows some off-white choices that might look good, but make sure to match them to your floors and other areas of the house so that the transition from one room to the next isn't overly jarring.

13) Animal Prints

Animal prints can look very good in a neutral room because they're typically neutral colors, just with a striking camouflage pattern. This is perfect for a beige living room because animal prints in a living room are traditional but also give a glamorous look if that's what you like. They add patterns and sometimes texture, and you can create anything from a glam living room to the hunting lodge feeling that an animal print rug like this one would give off.

14) Blue and Beige

Adding deep blue to a beige room creates a striking look that's difficult to achieve with other color combinations. In this article by werde, you can see that blue and beige go well together, but the combination of dark and light also creates a contrast that makes it more attractive. The addition of a darker color also gives a rich feel to the room and makes it feel more cozy and enclosed. This article by werde also has a lot of advice on how to successfully add blue to a beige room!

15) Sheer Brown Ombre

You can create some variety without really straying from your color scheme by adding brown to the room. After all, brown is similar to beige, essentially a darker version of it, so you can combine the two as much as you want. We thought a brown ombre would be a good way to add some darker color and create several shades of brown, from white to beige to dark brown. By choosing a sheer one like this, we also allowed more sunlight to filter through the curtain and make the colors shift just a bit during daytime.

16) Yellow Accents

Yellow is another excellent accent color for a beige room since it's a similar color. Unlike blue or brown, it's generally either lighter or more vibrant than beige. If you choose a light yellow, it'll create a bit of variety and make the room more attractive, while if you choose a more vibrant one, it'll brighten the room significantly. You can see in this image how yellow brightens a beige living room without interfering with the traditional look.

17) Grass

Grass sounds like an odd choice of decorations, but it's fairly common to use grains and flowers as decorations, and grass is no different. A long bundle of pampas grass like this one from Amazon would keep with your color scheme and be ideal in a farmhouse or rustic living room. Decorating with plants is traditional, making it perfect for an old-fashioned living room, and since you probably weren't planning to have plants and deal with water and soil on the floor in your living room, you might like the idea of faux grass like this.

18) DIY Pallet Wood Decorations

Pallets have a natural beige, tan, or gray look to them, making them beautiful decorations if you're willing to put in a little work to make your pieces. Pallet wood is excellent for bigger pieces like furniture, but you can also salvage small amounts from a pallet for painting and small decorations. This pallet wood wishing well project would be a lovely addition to a living room, and we found a tutorial so that you won't have to figure it out yourself! The neat thing about pallet projects is that they're already the right color.

19) DIY Plywood Accent Wall

We've never seen an accent wall quite like this one. In this project, you can use pieces of plywood to create a textured wall unlike any traditional wall or paint texture. This would be a fantastic way to set your beige living room apart. Imagine having a wall like this opposite your windows so that it was highlighted for anybody in your living room. The crevices would have slight shadows that'd make it seem like it was painted with various shades of beige instead of just one.

20) Embroidered Dot Voile Sheer

When we saw these embroidered dot voile drapes, we thought they just had to go in our list of beige living room ideas. They have a refined, sheer look to them, and we can only imagine how beautiful they'd look with golden sunlight filtering through the reflective pieces. The color fits a beige room perfectly and should add just a bit of brighter color, particularly during daytime. The brown dots will also create more color variety, giving your room most of the appeal it needs in a single decoration.

21) Peach

A lot of what makes a beige room appealing is the other colors that are combined with it, usually in the form of accent rugs, walls, and decorations. Peach and beige look good together, and peach is only a slightly different color from beige. The two colors go together well, but peach is always a tasteful and soothing color to look at. This peach and beige rug is good if you need to bridge the gap between your beige base, your gentle peach, and other slightly darker colors.

22) Jute Rug

There are many ways to add texture to a beige room, and since it's one of the essential things about decorating a neutral room, we found another beautiful and natural way to do it. Jute is a great craft material that people use for so many purposes, including jute rugs. Of course, you'll have some extra cleaning and care steps, but it's not like this is in a kitchen where it's likely to get wet and dirty, and we found you these care instructions. The most significant benefit of jute is that you can easily make jute decorations to match.

23) Collage

One underrated way of adding variety to a room without adding different colors is collages. You might not have seen these outside of art class, but a collage can tell a wonderful story, and if done right, they'll have a theme that makes them fit your room. For instance, this beige collage from Amazon tells the story of someone who is strong, classy, old-fashioned, and enjoying life. What story do you want to tell in your living room?

24) Landscapes

Unless you're trying to create contrast, you'll want a lot of neutrals in your room. Neutrals typically create a natural look, so landscapes are an excellent decoration for a neutral room like this. You can pick almost any landscape painting that has beige in it, and it'll match the rest of the room, while the other colors in the image will make the picture stand out. You can see how this would work with a painting like this one from Amazon that has beige, blue, and brown. The blue and brown would make the painting stand out.

25) Baskets

Natural decorations are one of the simplest ways to compliment a beige room, particularly if it's in a rustic or farmhouse style. We liked the way Lucy Jessica Carter used baskets to add a natural texture that wasn't wholly unusual for a living room. This made the room look tasteful, and since baskets are common enough decorations, they worked as accents rather than centerpieces. If you need some textured accents that won't take over the room, baskets could be a good starting place.

26) Jute Pouf

You can also add texture with jute since it's a natural fiber. We liked the idea of a jute rug, but, of course, jute rugs are difficult to maintain. If you don't want to worry as much about maintenance, you could get something like this jute pouf instead. Poufs generally don't get as dirty as rugs, so you can have the benefits of the natural fibers without worrying so much about maintenance. Like any natural fiber, jute will help make your beige room more textured and less dull.

27) Coffee Brown

If you're not trying to create an airy, beachy look, you'll need to mix in a little bit of some darker colors to balance the lighter beige. Brown is an excellent choice because it's similar to beige, and coffee brown, in particular, can create a rich look. We loved the idea of beige and coffee brown curtains like these ones from Amazon because they create a rich look, and the floral pattern makes them seem even more ornate and old-fashioned.

28) Hardwood Floor

You don't want to forget your floors when you design your room. If you're renovating the space and considering things like paint and accent walls, then you'll want to think about what floor is the best option. While carpet is tempting in a living room, it can be hard to maintain, whereas hardwood floor is healthier and easier to keep clean. Real hardwood can span a range of colors, but most color choices are neutral and will go well in a beige room.

29) Grain Imagery

Grains are almost as common as flowers when it comes to natural decorating. They create a homey, farmhouse, or rustic atmosphere, and they match a beige color scheme well because they're typically tan, white, or a similar color. If you're not trying to create a rustic or farmhouse look, you can get pictures of grains with interesting perspectives and inspirational quotes like these. These kinds of pictures naturally match your beige living room and add the illusion of texture.

30) Neutral-Toned Photos

Since beige is a neutral tone, you almost can't go wrong with adding more neutral tones to the room. Your basic furniture, walls, and floor don't have to be vibrant colors, but you'll want to get decorations that add a bit more intensity to the room to balance out the large quantities of neutrals. One way to do this is to get neutral-toned photographs like this horse photo from Amazon, but choose ones like this that have vibrant colors and textures.

Are you stuck with a beige room and working on it, or do you like beige but need some advice on implementing it? Did any of our ideas help? Show and tell your idea in the comments below! We'd love to see it.

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