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A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, you decided to build a man cave. You love the movies, and took note of who said “I have a bad feeling about this” in each one. You know that R2D2 is the true hero, and…you really want your own R2 unit. You can have one! You can even have your own ship. These Star Wars Man Cave Ideas will transport you to a galaxy far, far away.

1) DIY Outer Space

If there’s one thing that the Star Wars franchise does well, it’s setting the scene. Each movie begins with a grand description with an outer space background, and then a scene that draws you into the setting. Make sure to set the scene for your man cave in true Star Wars fashion. This tutorial shows you how to paint your walls with a space scene of your choice. You can get an image right from the movies, and use the scene as the backdrop to all your decorations.

2) Death Star Decal

The Death Star is a classic Star Wars theme that appeared in each trilogy for a reason. It’s the ultimate death machine; a man-made machine that could destroy entire planets. Your Star Wars man cave will need a Death Star somewhere. Put this Death Star decal up on a wall alone, or as part of a larger space scene. You can put it against dark paint or a space mural to really make it feel like you’re in a galaxy far, far away.

3) DIY Mini Tie Fighter

Models and figurines have been a big part of the Star Wars franchise for a long time. Long before Lego Star Wars, people had replicas of the Millennium Falcon with scale Chewbacca and Han Solo figurines. Those replicas can be expensive, and it can be hard to find the right one. This video shows you how to make your own tie fighter replica. Unlike many do-it-yourself builds, this figure looks like a real Star Wars tie fighter, even though it’s made from cardboard. If you want to get more realistic, you can experiment with some paints, too!

4) Xbox Console and Controller Wraps

You already have a nice collection of Star Wars games, but they’re the only thing about your gaming setup that fits your theme. An Xbox One X is a neat piece of technology, but it doesn’t rival the technology in even the outer rim Star Wars planets. Add a little Star Wars decoration with these controller and console wraps. The wraps change the look of your Xbox One X console and controllers, so you can have a Star Wars-themed game system.

5) DIY Large Tie Fighter

Didn’t we just talk about a tie fighter? We showed you a video on making a tie fighter replica, but now it’s time to try out the real thing. This build shows you how to make a larger tie fighter that can be used as a furniture piece. This is an impressive decoration, and you can change the plans to make it a functional furniture piece. Since each wing is made with two pieces, you can add hinges and have them fold down into a table, desk, or bar top.

6) DIY Make It a Spaceship

Let’s start big. What are the biggest things in Star Wars, short of the planets themselves? The ships, of course! Whether you want your man cave to look like the inside of the Death Star, a cruiser, or a rebel base, crafts like the one in this video will help you make a man cave that looks as high tech as anything in the movie. The great thing is that all you need is some cardboard and some paint, and you can make anything you want from any Star Wars movie.

7) Original Series Glassware

While you may love the prequels or the newest movies, the originals will always have a place in Star Wars fans’ hearts. That means they should feature prominently in your man cave just as they do in the Star Wars franchise. After all, nothing beat that moment when Han Solo stepped on-screen in a new movie for the first time since 1983. Get some original movies’ artwork just for the man cave by adding these glasses to your man cave bar.

8) DIY Cantina Bands

If you want a bar in your man cave, then your first thought may be the famous cantina bands on Tatooine. If they don’t come to mind right away, you’ll recognize them the moment you see them here. If you want your man cave to be like a real Star Wars cantina, you need your own cantina band. Pick your band characters, and you can make your own cutouts or print and frame them to hang on the wall.

9) Playing Cards

Your Star Wars cantina, spaceship, or man cave isn’t complete without some classic gambling games. Star Wars certainly has its share of gambling, so if you imagine yourself spending time in a “wretched hive of scum and villainy,” as Old Ben so eloquently described Mos Eisley, you’ll want these Star Wars-themed playing cards for your games. Each card type has a different Star Wars character. The backs of the cards have Star Wars imagery woven together into a single pattern on them.

10) DIY Star Wars Flag

While anybody who watched the movies is familiar with a few of the common planets, such as Coruscant and Tatooine, there are a lot of planets in the Star Wars galaxy. Did you know that each one has a flag? While these are the interpretations of a flag-maker and passionate Star Wars fan, they’re based on the real Star Wars flags from movies, comics, and more. If any of these designs inspire you, pick your favorite place in the galaxy and copy its flag from this site to use in your man cave.

11) R2D2 App-Enabled Droid

Have you ever wanted your own droid? R2D2 saves the heroes more than once in the originals and prequels, and while no real robot can rival R2 yet, this mini R2D2 robot is a cool thing to have around. You can program it using simple app commands, so it can move around and explore. The droid also plays music and dances to it. If you want control of your own R2 unit, this is definitely the droid you’re looking for.

12) DIY Star Wars Light Switch

While many of your decorations will be decals, collectibles, and other cool Star Wars imagery, there are also little touches you can add to complete the Star Wars theme. Havalah from Sisters, What! shows you how to add Star Wars decorations to a normal switchplate cover. The cover design also conveniently labels the “dark side” and “light side” of the switch. This way, you know which direction to flick the switch, depending on whether you want the room to be dark or light. After all, there has to be at least one “dark side” reference in this man cave.

13) The Mandalorian

The Mandolorians have only recently made it to the screen in live-action, but the show “The Mandalorian” has quickly become popular. If you know one thing about a Mandalorian, it’s the value and prestige attached to their Beskar armor. The first episode shows several people taking note of the valuable armor, and we see how it sets the Mandalorian apart from others. Set your man cave aside by hanging up these patent prints of Mandalorian armor.

14) Arcade Games

Video games, movies, and shows are fun, but sometimes you want something more old-school. If you like arcade games, you’ll want them in your man cave. After all, if you can’t play games there, where can you? This set of arcade games comes with “Star Wars A New Hope,” “Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back,” and “Star Wars Return of the Jedi.” The outside is decorated with Star Wars imagery that’ll fit right in with the rest of your man cave

15) Aim Like a Jedi, Not Like a Stormtrooper

Stormtroopers appear in many Star Wars movies, along with the original clone army. They’re the butt of many jokes, as a dozen stormtroopers can fire at rebels for several minutes and not hit anyone. If you have a large enough man cave, you’ve likely thought to build in a bathroom at some point. Your man cave might even be in a spare room with an attached bathroom. If so, this bit of stormtrooper humor is perfect. This sticker for your toilet lid reminds you to “aim like a Jedi not like a stormtrooper.

16) Stormtrooper Helmet

If you’re a fan of stormtroopers, despite their terrible marksmanship, you probably noticed the many uniforms they wear. You may have a favorite one, and you’ve probably memorized the various uniforms for different stormtrooper ranks. If you like the many masks the stormtroopers wear, this Red stormtrooper helmet will make a great man cave decoration. You can also wear it for cosplaying, and return it to the man cave to put on display when you’re done.

17) Darth Vader Stool

How can you talk about Star Wars without mentioning Darth Vader? Darth Vader is a main character in the originals, and his iconic mask appears in each trilogy at least once. He’s even a main character in the prequels, if you count Anakin and Darth Vader as one person. If you’re looking for more Star Wars décor and furniture for your bar, these Darth Vader stools will keep up your theme and give you a comfortable place to sit.

18) Obi Wan Action Figure

Like with many sci-fi and fantasy games and shows, Star Wars has a lot of action figures. This particular action figure is of Obi Wan Kenobi from the prequels. Like many important figures, he spanned two trilogies, though he was played by a different actor in each. There’s even talk of an Obi Wan Kenobi series. The action figure can be displayed in the box with the Clone Wars image of Kenobi, or you can take the figure out and display it in whatever pose you want.

19) DIY Death Star Clock

The Death Star is an important Star Wars icon. It’s what destroyed Leia’s home on Alderaan and is by far the most destructive weapon in Star Wars. The planetlike ship’s round shape makes it easy to incorporate it into other projects, For example, this instructable shows you how to make a Death Star clock. The clock has depth to it, unlike a flat decal. While your version may have more or less detail than the original instructable, the foam pieces give it a 3D look that a decal just can’t match.

20) 3D Illusion

At some point in many Star Wars fans’ lives, there is a Star Wars marathon. Now that you have a private man cave, it’s the perfect time for that marathon. If you spend a lot of time watching movies and TV, and playing video games, you’ll have the lights off a lot. This means you need light-up decorations; otherwise, you might as well be sitting in an empty room. This lamp gives off any color light you choose, and you can pick from three 3D-looking images: a Death Star, R2 droid, or the Millennium Falcon.

21) X-wing

If you’re a fan of the rebel ships in the original trilogy, you’ll want some model ships for your man cave. X-wings are one of the classic Rebel Alliance ships. This collectible figure from Walmart is based on the X-wings in Rise of Skywalker. Like many parts of the new trilogy, they show homage to the original characters and technologies. This model comes painted in Rebel Alliance colors, and will make a great addition to your rebel fleet.

22) Yoda Shot Glass

Your Star Wars man cave needs a bar for snacks, if nothing else. That said, a wet bar is always a good addition to a man cave. This Yoda shot glass can be glassware for your bar, or you can display it on a shelf with some collectibles. If you’re a Yoda fan, a shot glass with his name is a neat item to display. If you use it as regular glassware, you can collect all your favorite Star Wars characters.

23) Han Solo in Carbonite

When Han Solo was encased in carbonite, it was a sad and scary scene. Many of us watched what could’ve been the death of our favorite hero. Then, when we first see Han Solo in Return of the Jedi, still frozen, our hearts skip a beat. This poster of Han Solo in Carbonite is almost life-sized at 5 feet tall, and can go on your door. When you close the door to your man cave, Han Solo will be there, still waiting to be unfrozen. This is a cool poster, and a great way to scare your friends.

24) Darth Vader Canvas

Darth Vader is one of the most important Star Wars characters. To many, he’s the villain that killed Anakin Skywalker, and he has a powerful redemption arc that could make him the most popular character in Star Wars. As an important figure, he should feature in your man cave. This 20-inch tall canvas shows Darth Vader with his arms crossed in an intimidating pose. Hang up this canvas to show off the loved and hated villain that is Darth Vader.

25) Abbey Rogue

This may seem off-topic, but do you like the Beatles? If you do, you’ll love this parody of the Beatles album “Abbey Road.” This print shows a stormtrooper, Boba Fett, the Emperor, and Darth Vader crossing the road, just like on the album cover. This funny art piece pokes fun at the Star Wars villains. It’s also an interesting change, since there’ve been many parodies of Star Wars. This time, Star Wars is the one doing the parody.

26) R2D2 Popcorn Popper

Like many Star Wars fans, you probably have a favorite villain and a favorite hero. You may even have a favorite villain and hero for each trilogy or time period. For many fans, R2D2 is one of their favorite heroes, showing up at just the right moment to save the heroes’ lives. This R2D2 popcorn popper is a great idea for your Star Wars man cave, since you can make a classic movie-watching snack with help from your favorite droid.

27) DIY Sith Wayfinder

If you haven’t watched Rise of Skywalker, this will be a spoiler. Feel free to skip to the next idea. If you have watched it, you know that the Sith Wayfinder was a terrifying and important clue in locating the Sith planet. This video shows you how to make your own Wayfinder for the man cave. This Wayfinder even lights up. If you don’t want to imitate the movie exactly, you can choose what color you want it to light up with.

28) R2D2 Trash Can

Your man cave will need a trash can, of course. You can look around online to find a Star Wars-themed trash can, but you’ll get a metal or mesh can with no lid. This is fine for an office, but if you like to eat in your man cave, it’s nice to have a trash can with a lid. This Geek Dad took a simple white trash can with a revolving lid and turned it into an R2D2 trash can with just a sharpie. This is a neat way to make a Star Wars themes trash can.

29) Baby Yoda

The Mandalorian is possibly the most popular of the new Star Wars movies and shows. If you’ve watched it, you know that Baby Yoda steals the shows more often than not. You also know that there’s a bounty on Baby Yoda’s head. This wanted poster shows “the child,” who is dubbed Baby Yoda by popular culture. This poster is a neat reminder that this adorable alien has a past we’ve only just begun to learn about, and of course you can never have enough character posters on your wall.

30) Death Star Ice Cubes

If you have a minifridge or full refrigerator with a freezer, these Death Star ice cubes are great. You can freeze water, margarita mix, or other drinks in the shape of mini Death Stars and have them in a drink later. If you have a wet bar, they’re essential. When your friends come over, you’ll love being able to serve realistic Death Stars in their drinks. This comes in a pack of six, which is plenty for one person. If you like to have friends over, you may want to buy a few packs.

31) Star Wars Image End Table

Your man cave will have a comfortable couch for watching TV or a comfortable gaming chair, or both. You probably already know how to buy a chair, or so we hope. That said, you now need your coffee table and end tables. You can get a nice wood end coffee table, or use a cheap TV tray for an end table, but that doesn’t fit the spirit of your man cave. This table has an incredible image of a stormtrooper mid-battle, and you almost hesitate to cover up with drinks and snacks.

32) Rebel Alliance Fleet Poster

Star Wars has a unique and seemingly endless plethora of spaceship models. During each era, each side of the war had very different styles of ships. You can tell what side somebody’s on from two solar systems over, just by the shape of their ship. This poster shows the different models of ships used by the Rebel Alliance, including the Millennium Falcon, X-wings, and more. If the rebel fleet isn’t your favorite, you can get a similar print on Amazon, but with Empire ships.

33) Jawa Action Figure

Actions figures are a big part of Star Wars. Many fans have collectibles from the first movies that they never took out of the box. Whether you take them out of the box or store them in their box to keep them in mint condition, you’ll want to increase the size of your collection. You do have a whole new room for them, after all. If you have the main characters, consider collecting figures like this Jawa. The figure has moveable arms, so you can pose it however you want.

34) Watercolor Prints

A lot of Star Wars décor is either a realistic image from a movie or show, or a caricature. These bright watercolor prints make an interesting change from the typical Star Wars color schemes. They follow the Star Wars theme, but they’re more subtle. They also show images that Star Wars pictures rarely focus on. For example, one image is of Yoda holding his hand out like he’s about to use the force in battle. That’s something we rarely see him do, but it’s always incredible to watch.

35) Light Up Death Star

A wall decal of a Death Star is a terrifying centerpiece to a Sith-themed Star Wars man cave, but it’s possible to go a step further. While many pictures show the ridges and grooves of the Death Star in detail, few show the lights that glow out into space from the colossal machine. This Star Wars lover shows you how to make a light-up Death Star with basic and cheap materials. This could be a centerpiece for one of your walls, and it’ll look more like a real ship with a few lights sprinkled in.

36) Character Magnets

You’ll spend a lot of time in your man cave watching movies, playing games, and generally hanging out This means you need a fridge, and you can use fridge magnets to decorate it. This set of 8 Star Wars magnets includes some important characters from all the trilogies, including Yoda, Darth Maul, Darth Vader, Chewbacca, and BB8. The magnets are made in a caricature style, so they’re easy to recognize, even in a dark room.

37) Storage Bin

Your man cave is going to need storage, whether it’s for games, throw blankets, or miscellaneous items. If you find yourself in need of storage, this Star Wars-themed bin will fit right in in your man cave. It’s collapsible, so you can use it for temporary storage during a movie marathon, or as permanent storage. You can also store games that you only bring out when friends come over, and fold it up to keep it out of the way when you have the games out.

Are we missing any ideas? What would you put in your Star Wars man cave? Let us know in the comments below.

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