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Days on the farm are long and one of the best ways to handle the lifestyle is to have a place to unwind and relax.  Problem is, your house is already fully decorated and there doesn’t seem to be a good space just for you.  You look in the yard and realize….the answer has been right in front of you the entire time.  While it’s a bit unconventional, the barn is the place that can easily be your getaway.  Granted, you’ll probably want an old barn that’s no longer being used, but even if not, here are a list of barn man cave ideas to help you make your dream into a reality.  

1) Bar and Grill

You probably love to grill out during good weather. This may be during the summer when it is warm and the snow has cleared from the ground, or during the cooler weather when it is no longer too hot and humid to breathe. No matter where you live, there are probably times when you choose to cook in rather than grill out because of weather. Turn your pole barn man cave into a bar and grill with this indoor-safe grill and bar counter.

2) DIY Wagon Wheel Chandelier

You may choose a barn man cave because you want a rustic feel. You may want the large space of a pole barn, or the privacy it offers. This video shows how to turn an old wagon wheel into a chandelier. The large size makes it great for a big barn or pole barn space, and the wheel gives it a rustic antique look. This is great if you enjoy a rustic theme, or if you want to recycle items you have around. This could be done with other, similar items from your yard for different looks.

3) DIY Add Interior Walls

Your barn is likely a large empty space right now, but it will not stay that way. While a 20×20 or larger man cave is appealing, it is a bit much for one space. Click on this link for step-by-step directions on how to build interior walls. The great thing about adding walls after the building is done is that you know none of them will be load-bearing, unless you build on top of them.

You can use these walls to create separate rooms or to create partitions between designated spaces. You can use a similar technique to build a short wall or closets.

4) Sliding Barn Door

If you are building in a pole or existing barn, you will already have an exterior door; however, you may have a closet or separated room that needs a door. This sliding door mounting kit from WalMart will let you install sliding doors anywhere, though you need to buy or make a door for it. They work great for barn doors if you want to extend a farmhouse theme into the man cave. They can also be used for other door designs that you purchase or make, and the sliding construction makes them simple to install and use.

5) Barn Birdhouse

Your barn man cave is not just an interior space. You can extend it outwards during good weather by opening the doors, just like you might with a shed man cave. During cold weather, you can still extend it beyond its four walls without stepping outside. Place this barn birdhouse outside where it can be seen from a window. Hang out in your barn and watch the birds hang out in theirs. You can even place it so it is visible from both the house and your barn man cave.

6) DIY Build Your Barn Door

While some pole barns bear little resemblance to a traditional barn, others will be as close to a traditional barn as you can make them. For a rustic barn look, use this barn door construction. This can be made for a sliding door like the one described earlier in this article or for a set of barn doors that swing open. Making the door yourself means you can choose any size, color, or additional patterns you want.

7) Pool

While an indoor pool is not beyond possibility in a large pole barn, you will most likely have a pool table in your man cave. If your sense of humor is a bit ironic, you have likely commented on the dual meaning of the word “pool.” Now you can use this sign to amuse your guests. The sign says that the pool is closed due to a shark sighting. While a pool is shown in the picture, it is a great play on words for a billiard area.

8) ​Pest Control

Since you are setting up an outdoor building for uses that are typically in interior spaces, you will want to make sure it is fit for electronics, furniture, and any other things you will have inside. If you are not spending the night there, you will likely have to worry about pests coming in when you are not present. To keep pests away, start preparing your man cave with this pest control fabric kit. Use the fabric with some caulk to seal any holes pests may come through. A brand new pole barn may have fewer issues.

9) ​Theater and Snack Bar

If you are a movie buff, you will want a good place to watch movies. Whether you like to watch movies alone or with friends, you will need snacks. While you may not have a professional theater, you can give the feel of a real theater with this theater and snack bar sign. The sign can also be added to a casual television setup to advertise for your friends. Even if your setup is simple, it is still your “theater.”

10) Concrete Floor Paint

Most pole barns and barns are on concrete or dirt. If you plan to set up a man cave, you will want a concrete slab underneath. This means that your floor is hard concrete. While this is great for a workshop, it is less than ideal for a man cave. You will want to install floors in some portion of the man cave. This concrete floor paint seals your concrete floor so you can add flooring on top of it.

11) Bowling

In many man caves, space is a big issue. A pole barn will be bigger than most man caves. Some man caves are not big enough for a tennis table, but the right barn can be big enough for a bowling alley. While a few barns can fit a bowling lane, many more can fit large arcane games. If you like bowling, you may even have bowling video games. No matter which you have, this neon bowling sign will show others you love the sport, and is attractive for you to look at.

12) DIY Water Valve Light Switch

Since you are setting up shop in a barn or pole barn, you may want to maintain a rustic look. This do-it-yourself video shows you how to take a water valve and turn it into a switch for a lamp. The lamp will have a rustic look and will impress anybody who uses it. It will also provide light to read by. Lamp lighting also creates more natural shadows than a harsh overhead light, and can create a nicer feeling for the cave.

13) Security Bar

If you watch Western movies, you have seen the scene where they run into the barn and bar the door with a big, clunky, wooden bar. If you liked that scene, this is your chance to live it. Your barn may already have a similar lock, but if not, you can get these security bar brackets from Amazon for your door. It adds a layer of security while you are inside, and keeps you from being interrupted, since it can only be opened from the inside. You can put the brackets wherever you want to bar any width door.

14) DIY Pole Barn Kit

If you want to buy a new pole barn, this 24×30 pole barn kit may work for you. You can hire a contractor to build it or assemble it yourself. It comes with detailed instructions. Since it does not come with a floor, you will need to pour a concrete slab underneath. Do not forget to check your local building codes to ensure that it will withstand the wind and snow loads in your area.

15) Indoor/Outdoor Barn Light

If you do not install new windows for your barn or pole barn, you likely have little to no lighting. Even with new windows, you will need lighting at night, as well as security lighting. This indoor/outdoor barn light serves all those functions. It can be left on outside so you can find your way to the cave or to make sure you can see if you are hanging out outside or bringing in firewood on a cold night. It can also be used for indoor lighting, and fits a barn theme inside or out.

16) Rustic Battery Clock

You will likely have electricity in your barn man cave; however, if it is not used every day, you may turn the electricity off at times or have a generator. This means that clocks that rely on electricity may need to be reset, This battery powered wall clock is great for areas with intermittent electricity, or if the power goes out while you are in the man cave. It also has a rustic look and analog style, so it will fit any rustic decor you may have.

17) Install Insulation

You will need to insulate your barn if it is not already. If you use the area in winter, it will likely be heated; however, if you do not heat it, use unfaced insulation. This Owens Corning R-19 insulation from Home Depot is best for 2×6 walls. If you have larger or smaller walls, you will need a higher or lower R-value insulation. The R value for this insulation should be based on whether the wall is made with 2×4, 2×6, or other sized studs.

18) ​Tractor Decor

Pole barns and barn man caves are great for mechanical work. You can set them up with a lift to work on farm equipment and cars in one area, and a lounge area and TV in another. If you are doing mechanical work, this caterpillar metal sign will be a great addition to the decor. It keeps with the farm and mechanic theme, and the metal material will hold up if you often have your workshop doors open.

19) Install Drywall

Your barn most likely had metal or wood siding and plywood interior. If you bought it new, it may not have any insulation or interior walls. Some of the first interior work you need to do is installing drywall. This is the same material you use for your house walls and will make it feel like an interior space. Since any walls you add are not load-bearing, you can drywall the interior before or after adding extra walls, then add the walls without removing any drywall.

20) Solid Poker Table

If you like to play cards or gamble, you will want to build a poker area in your man cave. While folding card tables are common, you have a large space dedicated to anything you want. Instead of a cheap folding card table, try this cherry game table from Amazon. The table has built-in drink holders and is designed for holding poker chips. The best feature is that when poker night is over, you do not need to fold up the table and store it!

21) Self-Stick Barnwood Wall

Your barn man cave now has walls that are in need of decoration, whether they are interior walls or exterior only. Rather than monotonous paint, use these self-stick barn wood decorative pieces to make a wall or two look like barn wood. This is great for low or short walls as an accent piece. Use blue or gray interior paint to complement the accent.

You can install these yourself by snapping a line to ensure they are level, then placing them along that line. They stick on their own, but you can add glue for a better bond.

22) ​Library

Sometimes when you come out to your man cave, you are not looking for noisy entertainments and a drink. Sometimes you just want some peace and quiet. Set up a library space for yourself with this rustic chair, some end tables, and wall shelves. You can get the matching sofa to make this a gathering area for friends when you invite them, or make it a private space with only one seat available. If you get the matching ottoman, you can put your feet up in comfort while you read or watch TV.

23) ​Durable Floors

Your man cave could be a place for relaxation and luxury. That said, if you are building it in a barn, you will likely have a garage or workshop space of some sort. If you are doing a little of both, you do not want your man cave set up on concrete floors. At the same time, carpet may not be the best choice for a workshop. This epoxy comes in several colors so you can pick whichever works best for your cave. It is attractive, more comfortable to walk on than concrete, and tough enough to drive over.

24) ​Live Edge Shelf

This do-it-yourself project is a live edge shelf. A live edge shelf begins with a piece of wood that is not cut into lumber yet. You may have such a piece lying around, or you may need to buy one. Since these pieces are common around barns and homesteads, it will add to the remodeled farm appearance of your man cave. The shelf will also be useful for memorabilia, liquors, or other items, and may use up material you have lying around the yard.

25) Coat and Hat Hooks

Since your barn man cave is its own building, you will be coming in from outside. You will need a floor mat for muddy or dirty shoes, and a place to hang your hat. If you are a cowboy, these hat hooks are perfect. If not, they are spaced widely so you can place two smaller hats or coats on each one. These four hooks will be plenty for you and any friends who come over.

26) Pellet Stove

Your barn man cave will need a reliable heat source. A pellet stove is a great choice because it will heat up faster than radiant floors. This is good if you only turn on the heat while you are present. It does not require ductwork like a forced air furnace. You just install it and fire it up. If you are inexperienced, you may want to consult a professional to find the best place to position the stove and stove vent. This pellet stove from Home Depot should heat up most barns.

27) Rustic Sign

Your man cave is your personal space, and it should be designated as such. Your relatives need to know that the space is yours and they can only enter with permission. This man cave sign tells them just that. You can use it outside the door or inside as a decoration. It is designed to look like antlers attached to a piece of rough wood, so it fits a hunter’s barn or  rustic man cave theme.

28) Vinyl Floor

If you are looking for cheap and easy flooring choices for your man cave, you cannot go wrong with vinyl. While epoxy is easier and ceramic tile is durable, both make for hard floors. If you want a comfortable yet durable floor that is easy and cheap to install, vinyl meets all your criteria. If you prefer hardwood or tile but cannot afford it, you can get vinyl that looks like hardwood or tile, like this vinyl flooring that is designed to mimic walnut. The best thing is you can install it over concrete with minimal preparations.

29) Workshop

Your barn man cave has some comfortable spaces, but it is also a great place for hobbies. You can do woodworking or carpentry here, or work on cars, bikes, and heavy equipment. To do so, you will need a good workbench. This 4-foot wide workbench has a heavy duty frame for your projects, as well as a pegboard and drawer for storing any type of tools. A light strip ensures that you have enough light for small projects or for looking for a tool you need.

30) Weathered Route 66 Sign

Old Route 66 is famous amongst mechanics, farmers, and vintage collectors. If you go to an auto swap meet in many areas of the country, you will find vintage Route 66 memorabilia. This rusty Route 66 sign will add to your collection of vintage signs, highway decor, or other miscellany. It even has a bullet hole in it to add to the old, beaten-up, and abandoned look that is iconic for the mostly abandoned highway route.

31) Area Rug

At the least, your barn man cave will have a concrete floor. Many of the simpler flooring options are hard floors, such as hardwood, vinyl, or epoxy. If you want soft spaces but do not want to pay for carpet, place area rugs in key spots around your man cave. This area rug has a neat red, gray, and black look that fits with a technology, gaming, or billiard room. The bold red color also fits with any barn red paint you may have used on the interior.

32) Refinish Exterior

Your barn may have been neglected for years by the time you convert it into a man cave, or you may have a new pole barn that was not designed to house a man cave. Either way, look over the exterior to make sure it is sufficiently ventilated and is waterproof. If it is not painted or the paint is old, use exterior paint to seal it. This oil paint from Home Depot is good for old, dried-out wood or brand new metal siding. While this paint is green, like many Western barns, you might choose barn red or another color.

33) Arcade Games

Many people dream of having an arcade in their house. They see a favorite arcade game and wish they owned one. Make that dream a reality by designing an arcade corner for your barn man cave. This skeeball game is a classic arcade game that many people grew up with. It lets you test your skills against your friends. Unlike real arcade games, you do not have to stop when you run out of balls or money.

34) Hardwood

Your man cave might be a rustic farm cave. It could be a classy arcade or billiard room. Either way, hardwood is one of the nicest and most durable floor choices you can make. This maple hardwood has some bounce to it, so it is perfect for indoor sports areas such as a home bowling alley. It is also durable enough for everyday use, though you should not drive a tractor over it; try epoxy or concrete for the workshop area.

35) Mason Jar Shot Glasses

Many man caves will have a bar or refreshment area. Even if you do not drink, you may like to have decorative shot glasses. These shot glasses look like miniature mason jars. Mason jars are a common symbol of the old fashioned, redneck, or do-it-yourself style. As such, they are a fitting addition to a man cave made from a barn or pole barn. These glasses have handles and even come with lids. This means you can use them for storing small candies or other things rather than only as drinking glasses.

Do you have an old barn, or are you interested in a pole barn man cave? Tell us your pole barn ideas, or let us know if you liked ours!

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