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You almost have it! You love guitar, and you’ve almost finished learning that new song. Your transitions aren’t as smooth as they could be, and you still hear the twang of the strings more than you should, but that’s why you need to play that same song again. And Again….and again….and again…. You’re driving everybody nuts, and the acoustics in the dining room are terrible. Use these Guitar Man Cave Ideas to make your own practice space and guitar lounge.

1) ​​Soundproof It

You found the space for your guitar man cave, whether it’s a spare bedroom, bonus room, or temperature-controlled basement or attic. You now need to make sure it’s the best place in the house for playing guitar. Otherwise, what would be the point? First and foremost, it needs to be soundproof. This soundproofing product from Amazon will let you play guitar without the rest of the world encroaching, and without disturbing the rest of the neighborhood.

2) Vintage Guitar Clock

Your man cave should be a place outside of time and space, where it’s just you, your music, and whoever you choose to invite. Unfortunately, the outside world continues to call. Make sure to have a clock in your man cave, so you don’t have to keep checking your phone and worrying about the time.  This clock looks like a vintage guitar, so it can blend in perfectly with any guitar décor you have. This makes it a décor piece that happens to be a clock, unlike a square digital clock that doesn’t fit the theme.

3) ​​DIY Mini Guitar Decorations

You have a guitar man cave because you like guitars. You like playing them, you love their history, and you enjoy the look and feel of the instrument. That makes guitars your best decorations. Unfortunately, you probably can’t afford to buy extra guitars just to decorate. These mini guitar decorations are easy to make yourself, and they look like real guitars. You can make them in any style and use them as knick-knacks to display in your guitar man cave.

4) ​Custom Guitar Light

While you’re practicing, you’re going to want the light to see what you’re doing. If you’re able to play by feel, you probably still want to read the music sometimes. That said, you’ll do more in your cave than play music. You’ll listen to music, hang out with friends, and probably have a drink. This lit sign adds a bit of guitar décor that’s visible all the time. This way, you always have some thematic decorations visible. The sign can be customized with your name, and makes a great bar sign.

5) ​​​DIY Custom Guitar Pick

Have you ever seen a really cool guitar or pick online, but found out it was out of stock? Maybe you saw a collection of picks in the store, but none of them quite fit? This video shows you how to make your own guitar picks. Customize them with a cool design or your favorite quote, or even put your name on them. The picks come out looking like something you could get from the store, but with your own designs!

6) ​Area Rug

You always need another guitar, or a picture of one. In this case, the designer took Jimi Hendrix’s lead and set the guitar on fire. Luckily for you and your homeowners’ insurance policy, it’s not a real guitar or real fire. Instead, try this rug with an image of a flaming guitar on it. Not only is it a cool design and a neat rock reference, but the rug also helps soundproof the room by absorbing sound. This lets you play in peace, without the sound of your family member’s music or your neighbor’s lawnmower.

7) ​DIY Guitar Display

You may be making a guitar man cave with only one guitar to your name, or you may have a whole collection that leans dangerously against various walls and lives in various closets in your home. Either way, you need a good way to store your guitars that won’t result in damage to the delicate instruments. This video shows you how to make a bent lamination guitar hanger that looks like walnut. If you don’t want to go through this trouble for each and every guitar, pick a favorite and give it a hanger you can be proud of.

8) ​​​​​Jimi Hendrix

Did we hear you mention Jimi Hendrix earlier? No? It must have been us. While there are many greats to choose from, Jimi Hendrix’s name rises above the rest like a crowd surfer at a concert. If you want to pay homage to the greats and see reminders of the guitar legends that came before, get this print of Jimi Hendrix at Copenhagen. You can set up a wall dedicated to the greats, or to your personal idols. You could also mix this in with decorative items or use it as bar décor.

9) ​​​​DIY Vinyl Art

If you’re a fan of guitar history, and love to hear stories about the greats, you’ll want some tribute to the old days. One great tribute is the vinyl record, which is only recently becoming popular in stores again. Those who love them know that CDs are just no match. Whether you like to listen to vinyl or not, it makes a unique tribute to modern guitar history. This video shows you how to take the old and unplayable records in your garage and turn them into a vinyl clock with any image you like.

10) ​Cheap and Easy Guitar Display

If you have a guitar man cave, you have at least one guitar, or you’re working on finding a good one. It can be intimidating if you’re new at playing guitar, but you’ll get there. Either way, you need to hang the guitar in a way that’s safe and won’t damage it. If you don’t have the time and money for the earlier DIY guitar hangers, you can get these cheaper ones off Amazon. Later on, get nicer hangers if you want, or even get a full guitar rack.

11) Control the Environment

Guitars are delicate instruments, as you know. They need the right temperature, humidity, and case. You may have heard that a dry environment is best, but that’s not the whole story. This article describes the environment you want for your guitar and your man cave. If you’re setting up the man cave in a spare bedroom, you’re probably fine, but a basement man cave will need some work. The great thing about the man cave is that the guitars are in the same room most of the time, so you don’t need to retune them as often.

12) ​Man Cave Sign

This isn’t just any man cave, it’s a guitar man cave. Make sure any guests know that by posting this guitar man cave sign. It can go by the door or even outside on the door, so people know right away that they’re going into a guitar man cave. You can also use it as a bar sign. It should be in the center of a set of wall signs or prints, so people will notice it right away.

13) ​​​Guitar Lounge

Your guitar man cave is a place to hang around, play a bit, listen to music, and otherwise relax. While you may entertain yourself in many ways, it’s not an active area with jumping and shouting. After all, you don’t want to put your guitars at risk. Instead, you’re creating a more relaxed guitar lounge. To reflect the laid-back nature of the man cave, and subtly remind others that this is a relaxed space, get this Guitar Lounge sign.

14) DIY Repurposed Guitar

Have you ever had a guitar break beyond repair? Or perhaps you couldn’t afford to repair it. After all, guitars are precise instruments that take many days of careful craftsmanship to make. Instead of throwing away an old guitar, use it as part of your décor. With this do-it-yourself project, you can cut shelves into an old, broken guitar. This gives you a neat place to put decorations or store things, and keeps an old guitar going a bit longer.

15) Guitar Island

While there are many famous rock guitarists, you may prefer a more laid back style. If you’d rather be on a beach with Jimmy Buffet than on a stage with Jimmy Page, this island print is for you. The trees on the island form half a guitar shape, creating a beautiful and relaxing tropical look. This print will transport you to the beach every time you sit down to play, as surely as if you were listening to  “Margaritaville.”

16) DIY Guitar Lamp

If you have an old, beat-up guitar that’s just beyond repair, don’t throw it away! Make your man cave unique by turning it into a light-up decoration. In this article, do-it-yourselfer Mary Helen makes a space scene with an old guitar and some lights, but you can make anything you want. Just drill the holes in the pattern that you want, and make a guitar with your name in lights, trace the edges of the guitar for a guitar-shaped string of lights, or more.

17) ​​​Guitar-Shaped Wall Art

Every man cave likely has some staples, such as a comfy couch, a TV, and maybe a bar. Often, the wall art is the touch that makes your man cave your own. This wall art looks like an electric guitar.  The worn finish and attention to detail make the 3D sculptures the perfect thing to hang on your wall. You want some guitars hung around the room, but this way your actual guitar can be used as an instrument, not a wall hanging.

Is there something we missed? Every guitarist has their own style, and we’d love to hear what you’d put in your guitar man cave. Tell us about your ideas in the comments below!

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