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Many people wouldn’t see the merit in a boho nursery, but adults love this theme and feel calmer in a boho nursery. Boho style has pretty decorations that still introduce some color, but add a lot of stimulating texture that’s good for your baby’s mental development. That said, boho decorations aren’t always meant for nurseries, so what are the best Boho Nursery Ideas? We’ve listed a few below.

1) Boho Rainbow Wall Decals

Rainbows probably aren’t the first thing you think of when it comes to boho style, but you can use them to add color to the nursery in a tasteful way that’s different from a typical cutesy nursery. You can get these rainbow decals that are designed to fit a boho color scheme with toned-down colors. Since they’re toned-down, they’re calming enough for your baby to sleep around, though they’re still interesting enough to make the nursery pretty and stimulating.

2) Wood Bead Curtain Tie-Back

Curtains will probably be a very important part of the nursery since your baby will be taking daytime naps, but will need natural light to help stimulate their brain the rest of the time. This makes solid or blackout curtains with tie-backs ideal since you can black all light or let light in. We found these wood bead tie-backs that are perfect for a boho or bohemian farmhouse nursery, adding more natural materials to improve the natural look.

3) DIY Beaded Pom Pom Garland

For a bohemian-style room, you want something colorful, eclectic, and natural, and this pom pom garland is a great way to accent your room with that type of decor. You can use this video to make a garland from colorful pom poms and wood beads, adding natural materials along with bright or natural colors. The pom poms create a soft and eclectic look, as they have a different texture from most decorations, but that’s ideal for a nursery since textures are stimulating for babies!

4) Leaves and Vines Closet Organizers

Since a lot of boho decorations have natural materials or textures that mimic items in nature, we thought these closet organizers might fit the bill. They’re great for somebody who likes to keep things in order, and even better if you have multiple children and want to keep their clothes organized. This set is wooden and decorated with leaves and vines surrounding the writing on each one. This way, they’ll help keep you organized as your baby moves up through the clothing sizes, and they’ll add a natural boho element to the closet.

5) Wooden Baby Gym

Eclectic and natural materials are ideal for boho nurseries, so we found this wooden baby gym to add to yours. It’s made from natural materials, which tend to be better for young children and babies’ development than fake-looking bright plastic. It has both soft and hard things dangling down for your baby, making it entertaining and helpful no matter what sensation your baby wants at a given time. The different textured materials also add to the eclectic impression.

6) DIY Boho Wall Hanging

When designing a boho room, some people remember to make it eclectic but forget that it’s supposed to be colorful, too. We found this tutorial for making a boho-style wall hanging with natural textures and vibrant colors. The color choices and texture combine to make it perfect for an eclectic room, with both blue and pink so that there’s no clear gender preference to the decoration. This would be an excellent way to stimulate your little one’s mind and create amazing decor. 

7) Textured Walls

Textures are important in a bohemian nursery since this theme is all about the eclectic, the international, the colorful, and more. Adding a variety of textures is an important part of a boho nursery since it creates an eclectic look, and Tory Stender shows how you can use textured walls in a boho nursery. You can use textures like the beadboard wallpaper she used, but board and batten trim like hers is also good because it adds texture and protects the lower parts of the walls.

8) Wood Beaded Chandelier

Wood beads are common in boho decorating, and in boho farmhouse decorating in particular. They add a natural element since they’re made from natural materials, and they add texture. Hanging beads are interesting for little kids and babies, in particular, so a wood beaded chandelier like this would be a good way to make the room look nice to adults and interesting for a baby. This beaded chandelier from Amazon is even dimmable so that you can create the exact lighting you need for play or nap time.

9) DIY Rainbow Garland

Rainbows are the perfect decorations for a boho room because they’re unusual ways to add a lot of color to a room and boho style is all about being unusual and using plenty of colors. You can use these directions to make a rainbow garland out of tassels, pom poms, and beads. The tassels, pom poms, and beads give it a unique look that also adds a lot of texture to the room, and the colors and texture combine to make it interesting for your baby. Try this nursey idea out, and you won’t be disappointed.

10) Textured Door Hanger

Macrame is common in boho decoration. It’s an unusual choice and creates a natural and eclectic look that’s perfect for a bohemian space. You can get a macrame door hanger like this that’s the perfect size for baby clothes or diapers and changing table accessories if your changing table is nearby. The macrame has a lot of texture and looks natural, creating a natural and stimulating environment that’s essential to your baby’s development. It even has subtle pockets for bottles of lotion and any other bottles you need to store.

11) Burnt Orange Suns

Burnt orange is a good choice for a boho nursery because it’s natural-looking but colorful, which are some of the primary points of bohemian decorating. You can get stickers like these that have burnt orange suns on them to create a sunny nursery with both happiness and nature as a theme. You can even mix these half suns with boho-style rainbow stickers to create a weather theme with a variety of different colors. Bohemian-style rainbows are easy to find, making them an ideal complement.

12) DIY Striped Wall Hanging

This wall hanging is a great choice for a bohemian room, even though it doesn’t have much color. The striped pattern is stimulating for newborns and older infants alike and it creates a bold and unique look. The beads add an element of texture and turn the simple two-color decoration into something with a hint of bright and more complicated metallic color. You can also replace metallic beads with more natural-looking wooden beads if that’s your preference for this room.

13) Chevron and Soft Textures

Chevron is a good choice for a bohemian nursery because it doesn’t look quite like other patterns. It’s more stimulating than stripes, and stimulation is essential when your baby might spend most of their time in this room. Chevron is also a mild enough design that you can use it in small amounts without making the room too energetic for a baby to sleep in. You can combine chevron with soft textures as Christina Dennis did in this nursery to create a soft and calming space that’s also stimulating enough to be a playroom.

14) Macrame Counter Storage

Macrame is a great choice for a boho room because it’s unique, adds a lot of texture, and looks natural. We found these storage containers that are designed for bathroom counters or other shelves and have decorative macrame on the outside. They’d be perfect for the top of a changing table since they’re just the right size for diapers and other changing table items. You can add other macrame decorations but if you want to keep up an eclectic look, you might make sure the other macrame looks a bit different.

15) DIY Tasseled Garland

Tassels are an excellent decorative choice for a bohemian room since they’re heavily textured and can be colorful without losing their natural cotton look. You can use this tutorial to make a garland with white farmhouse beads and colorful tassels, mixing the farmhouse and boho styles for an unusual decoration. You can use the video to make one and hang it on the wall behind the crib using pegs or large nails. Since you’re making it, you can use different colors based on what you like as long as there are plenty of different colors.

16) Macrame Fringe Mirror

Macrame can look amazing in a boho room since it’s heavily textured, natural, and uncommon. It’s great for an eclectic space with a lot of natural or textured decorations, both of which are essential in a nursery. Elements of nature and a variety of textures are important for developing infant minds. You can get decorations like this cute macrame mirror that looks like a sun, adding more natural light to the space by reflecting sunlight from the window.

17) Tasseled Toy Hammock

Toy hammocks aren’t exactly popular, but they’re a neat idea that helps you store toys out of your infant or toddler’s reach. When your little one gets older, it’ll be a unique feature that their friends probably won’t have, giving them a sense of having something special and fun. You can get a toy hammock like this one with colorful tassels on it to help it match a boho theme more. Even if you get a net without tassels, it’ll help create an eclectic but tasteful look.

18) Textured Floral Mobile or Chandelier Cover

Textures are important in a nursery, and also in boho decorating, so you’ll probably want to get heavily textured decorations. Since boho decorating is also about a certain type of eclectic look, you can use multiple different textures to help create that appearance. For example, you can make a mobile or chandelier cover like this one with multiple different textures, such as the lace and various yarns used in these instructions. To add to the colorful and textured look, you can add flowers to the mobile.

19) Baskets

Baskets are an amazing tool for decorating a boho room because they’re practical ways to store things and you can choose from so many designs. You can get a rectangular basket with handles like this one that’s perfect for putting into a cubby so that you can use it like a drawer, or you can use a round basket on a table to store odd-shaped decorations. Look for the right size and shape basket to use for diapers on the changing table, then find more baskets for toys and even clothing and laundry.

20) Tasseled Picture Garland

People love to display pictures in nurseries, whether they’re family photos, ultrasounds, or pictures of your infant. You can use a tasseled picture garland like this one to display those pictures in an unusual way that fits an eclectic bohemian style. The tassels will also add color and the way the photos are hung will make it interesting for you and your baby. This particular garland has natural colors and would look wonderful over a crib.

21) DIY Rattan Knobs

Rattan is a lovely material to add to a bohemian room. It’s unusual and looks nice, and it has a natural appearance and heavy texture that’s perfect for a boho nursery. You can replace the knobs on your dresser using these directions to radically change the way the piece looks without much effort. Rattan knobs would certainly fit a boho theme better than metal knobs and would look nicer than typical wood knobs for little extra effort or cost.

22) Polka Dot Rainbow

Polka dots are almost always a fun thing to add to a nursery because they add both color and pattern, and babies benefit from being exposed to various patterns and stimulating colors. We found this polka dot rainbow sticker set that you can use to create a rainbow out of colored polka dot stickers. The patterned rainbow will have a unique look that fits a boho style more than a solid rainbow would while adding the signature colorful aspect of a boho room.

23) Pink Tasseled Picture Garland

A picture garland is a neat way to display pictures in a nursery. Parents and families love to put up family pictures, pictures of their babies, and even ultrasound images, so a picture garland like this would be an interesting way to display them. You can get a pink one like this to add the colorful aspects that are so essential to bohemian decorating. The different shades of pink and the texture of the tassels will make the garland more interesting for your baby, too.

24) Woodland

If you love nature and want to incorporate it into your decorating. You could create a boho woodland nursery like this one. In this nursery, the designer used real or realistic plants instead of just images of them, creating a more natural look. You can try getting houseplants, faux plants, and small trees to make the room feel more like woodland. Try adding real or realistic flowers like the ones on the wall of this nursery, too.

25) Rainbow Tassel Wall Hanging

This rainbow decoration is perfect for an old-fashioned bohemian nursery because it’s more toned-down and looks like it’s made of natural materials with natural colors. It’d fit in a room with other rainbow decorations or toned-down but colorful decor. You can add decals with yellow and orange suns, or other colorful but natural decorations such as flowers, to fit the more old-fashioned and natural style of this decoration. The tassels at the end of the rainbow help make it look more homemade and add texture.

26) DIY Boho Dreamcatcher

Dreamcatchers are wonderful nursery decorations because they catch bad dreams and will help your baby sleep better. You can buy or make a boho-style dreamcatcher like the one from this tutorial with minimal special skills. This dreamcatcher has a lot of lace and some flowers, giving it an old-fashioned look that fits an eclectic room with a hint of natural materials. The nice thing is that it doesn’t really require any special skills since you can get a premade doily to make it with.

27) Moon Phase Wall Hanging

Moon phases can create a beautiful decoration since they teach you and your baby things about the natural world. We found this wooden moon phase hanging that’d be interesting for your baby since it hangs, which is an unusual way to display wall art. The wooden texture helps create a more natural look that adds to the nature-themed and eclectic look. This moon phase wall hanging even has farmhouse-style wood beads and a tassel to add more textures.

What bohemian decorations and practical items would you have added to our list? Did we miss anything that you think we should have told people about? Please let us know in the comments below.

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