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Nursery letters are a standard decoration because they’re a fun and cute way to label your baby’s space. Your little one may not have developed a strong personality yet, or may not even have been born, so their name is the core of their identity for now. You can put up generic wall letters, or use these Nursery Letter Ideas to create something that stands out and that your and your little one will love.

1) Animal Alphabet

Babies and young children typically love animals, so letters with animals are a wonderful way to make them interesting and begin teaching them the letter sounds. You can get a customized name decal with animals here. Each letter will have an animal that represents it, giving your little one the chance to start learning the sounds each of the letters in their name make. The animals will also look cute and fun while adding color to the room.

2) Light-Up Pink

Light-up letters can be a neat way to create a night light so that you can check on your baby at night if the letters are bright enough. They’re also a pretty decoration and they should give off soft enough light that your baby can still sleep. For an interesting look, you can get pink light-up wall letters like these. While these pink ones are perfect for a baby girl’s room, you can get other colors for a boy’s room. 

3) DIY Framed

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on each letter, you can make wall letters on your own for a lower cost. One way to make letters that don’t cost much and aren’t difficult to make is to create framed wall letters like these. This is a fairly simple DIY project, and you’ll be able to customize it to fit what you want and to be the right colors for your girl or boy. You can use glitter like Alanna Foxx did in this tutorial or even add textures.

4) Captain America

If you’re a superhero fan, these letters would be perfect for your baby’s nursery. You can get comic book-themed letters like this Captain America one to spell your baby’s name. You can even make your own using some mod podge and some wooden letters from the craft store if your favorite superhero isn’t available. These may take some time to ship, so you’ll want to order these ahead of time. That said, it’s worth it to have an awesome nursery.

5) Scrabble Letter

One creative way to write your baby’s name on the wall is to use scrabble letters. This is a neat way to incorporate a toy into the nursery design, and the enlarged tiles will look fun to adults who are used to seeing the smaller version. You can get the exact letters you need from Amazon here and even get hearts or write a message with them since they have “&” symbols available. These are the five by six versions, but they also come in multiple sizes.

6) Vinyl

If you want something two-dimensional that won’t stick out from the wall and be easy to knock down, vinyl letters could be the best solution. They don’t stick out at all, unlike many letter choices, and you can pick a color that still creates contrast against the wall color. They should be easy to remove, so you don’t have to worry about residue when you take them off later. You can use these directions to stick vinyl lettering to the wall, but make sure to check the instructions on the ones you pick, too.

7) Vintage

If you’re an old-fashioned person or love old-fashioned designs, you can get nursery letters that match that preference. For example, these shabby chic nursery letters are teal and look old and worn out. They’re designed to look like the paint has worn off, and the teal color creates a soothing look that’s perfect for an old-fashioned beach cottage style. The worn look will fit in a farmhouse nursery and the teal is a blue shade that works for both boys and girls.

8) Flowers

If you’re having a little girl and love flowers, you can use them as decorations for your wall letters or decals. This might mean that you’ll get some wooden letters, paint them, and glue fake flowers to them, but you can also get premade decals like this one. These wall letters will spell your baby’s name and have the images of a ring of roses around them, making them beautiful decorations for a little girl’s nursery. 

9) DIY Gold Striped

If you like a glam style or metallic paint, you might enjoy this wall letter style. You can use these instructions to make gold-striped letters with a genuine metallic look. This will create a glamorous nursery for your baby girl or boy and show that you’re giving them only the best, even if the gold isn’t real. You can also make similar letters with silver metallic paint and different colored stripes since white won’t stand out against silver. 

10) Big Light-Up Letters

If you want to illuminate the nursery just a little bit, light-up letters might be a good choice since you can decorate with light and light up the room at the same time. You can get big letters like these that have built-in lights, but make sure that you choose a color that’ll stand out against your walls and look good when the room is lit up, too. These letters are nice because they’re battery-powered so you won’t have cords hanging all over the walls.

11) Distressed Whitewash

If you want a rustic, farmhouse, or even beach look, you can use distressed whitewashed letters. These would go wonderfully with any whitewashed distressed furniture, but also look good on their own. Add these to a plain white nursery to create an instant farmhouse look with minimal effort and without placing a lot of decorations that could be easy to trip over or would take a lot of effort to set up. There’s no reason to make having a baby any harder than it has to be!

12) DIY Colors and Patterns

If you want a lot of color in your nursery, you might have to make your own letters since a lot of store-bought letters have simple designs. For simple but colorful letters, you can use a tutorial like this. The letters in this tutorial have different patterns and colors that’ll be stimulating for your little one and also look fun and cute to you. Since you’ll be making your own letters, you can choose the colors and patterns that look best to you and fit the letter shapes you’re using.

13) Woodland Decal

There’s no reason that your letters need to be isolated and plain. You can get coordinated decals with all the letters you need, and even add images to them. For a simple, all-in-one design that saves you time and energy, you can get a custom woodland name decal like this. It not only comes with the letters you choose but also a decal of a cartoon forest and some cute woodland creatures to look after your little one.

14) Farmhouse Wood Tile Look

Wood tiles are one of the more unusual wall letter designs since most people opt for wall pieces that are shaped like letters. Normally, letter-shaped pieces would seem more creative, but in this case, these square blocks with letters look like wood tiles that fit a farmhouse look. They’re similar to scrabble tiles but have a worn, painted look that’ll lend a farmhouse look to any plain nursery. This is a quick way to alter your theme significantly.

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15) DIY Glitter

If you like glitter, there’s no reason you should have to pay a lot of money for glittery letters. It’s not hard to make your own nursery letters with a little assistance or guidance, and glittery letters can create a glamorous look that shows you’ll go all-out for your baby. You can use this tutorial to create three-dimensional glitter letters for a glam room. Try choosing colors that match your theme, such as adding glitter pink letters to a pink and gray nursery for a little extra pizazz.

16) Oversized

If you want to make a bold statement, oversized letters can be a neat way to do that. You can get large letters like this that are almost two feet tall and put them over your baby’s crib, either as a single monogram letter for their first name or spelling their full first name or initials. Since these ones come blank, you can paint them any way you want, from adding glitter paint to solid colors to stripes or polka dots. You can even use mod podge to add printed designs to them.

17) Dinosaur

If you’re thinking about creating a dinosaur-themed nursery or if you loved dinosaurs as a child and want your baby to have an awesome dinosaur-themed nursery, you can use dinosaur nursery letters to add to that theme. This decal from Amazon is a set of customized letters with dinosaur cutouts. You can choose the color you want when you click the customize button, along with the name of your child and the size of each letter. 

18) Window

This idea is more creative than the rest and would likely get attention from anybody who came to visit the nursery. Instead of drawing letters on the wall or wood signs, you could use a window as your sign. This article shows you how you can design a window with letters on it. All you have to do is write your baby’s name on it instead! Try using window decals and then hanging the window as if it were a sign. This is perfect for a rustic or farmhouse look.

19) Cursive

Cursive is becoming a rare skill, but it has a beautiful look that’s ideal for a feminine space. If you want the letters in your little one’s nursery to look elegant and feminine, cursive letters are a good start. You can even get a complete set of letters customized so that the letters will flow properly into each other. This way, the word won’t look choppy. You can choose from a variety of colors and a few different sizes if you get these.

20) DIY Hanging Wall Letters

If you’re looking for a great nursery idea and a unique way to present the letters, then making hanging letters could add a new dimension to the room without a lot of extra effort. You can use this article to decorate letters and hang them from a curtain rod on the wall. The unusual way that they’re hung up, along with bright colors and patterns, will catch your infant’s eye, along with the interest of any guests. Make sure to coordinate the colors and patterns with the rest of the room.

21) Initial Letter Background

The first letter of your baby’s name will almost definitely be the first one they learn, so it’s one of the most significant. One way to highlight this letter is to get letters with a monogram of the first letter behind the rest of the name. You can get this one from Amazon and have all the letters printed for you with the first letter behind the others in a different color. If you want to do it yourself, try painting the letter on the wall or using a decal, then hanging letters in front of it.

Is there anything you would’ve added to the list? There are so many different nursery themes; what are you looking for? Please tell us about it in the comments below.

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