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You’ve got a guest bedroom set up for visitors, but there’s one problem; it needs a closet. Maybe you use it for something else when it’s not a guest room, and only need the extra space sometimes, or perhaps the existing closet is filled with other junk. Either way, you need a portable closet for one of your rooms. These are some of the Best Portable Closet Ideas for your home.

1) ​DIY Pipe Rack

If you need a portable closet, there’s nothing simpler than a rolling rack. Racks like this have a single bar to hang clothes on, and sometimes a shoe rack underneath. In this article, Tabitha Blue from Fresh Mommy Blog explains how she took pipe fittings and made them into a homemade rolling garment rack. This pipe rack is a neat project because it had a unique look that store-bought rolling closets won’t have. If you want clothes to be covered, you can buy or make cloth covers designed for similar racks

2) ​Shower Curtain Rings

​When you’re making a moving closet, you have to make considerations for the fact that movement could cause things to slide, shift, and fall. This neat closet hack will help keep your closet in good condition when you need to move it. If you have small items to hang, try using shower curtain rings as the storage geek did in this post. They make great storage for small items, and the closed design means things won’t slide or fall. You can even build small hooks for the rings instead of hanging them on a hanger.

3) ​DIY Homemade Wood

If you can’t find the perfect closet to buy, try building one. In this video, Glen from DIY Creators shows how he made a wood portable closet. The wood closet is nicer-looking than a metal rack, and the wooden sides make it feel more like a real closet. Since it has a frame, you can add any cubbies, hangers, and other closet features you like. Glen also shows a motion-activated light that you can attach to your closet, which is a neat idea for a guest closet, since your guests may be walking around an unfamiliar room in the dark.

4) ​Cloth Garment Organizer

​Cloth organizers are common and easy ways to create a portable closet space. This closet organizer from Amazon is compact so that it won’t take up a lot of space, and you can store it when it’s not in use. It’s zippered to keep your clothes covered and give you easy access to them, and the see-through window lets you look inside to see if that shirt you’re looking for is in it without opening it It’s heavy-duty, but doesn’t come with wheels, so it’s best for temporary storage.

5) ​Cloth Hanging Organizers

It’s easy to organize a closet with shelves, drawers, and hangers, but a portable closet may not have shelves. If your closet has a bar but no shelves, get a hanging closet organizer like the one in this picture. It provides plenty of storage room and can hang from any closet bar. Make sure to check that it’s the right height for your closet. Some hanging storage may have a small lip or zippered cover on each shelf to keep things from falling, but these can be hard to find.

6) ​Full-Sized Cloth Closet

Just because your closet is portable doesn’t mean it can’t be spacious. If you need a portable closet because the existing wardrobe is in use, or because the room doesn’t have a closet, you can still have a full-sized space to store clothes in. This closet organizer from Amazon is designed to be easy to assemble, and the cloth cover rolls up when you need to open it. The covers are convenient because the flaps don’t get in the way like they would if they opened sideways, and you don’t need to leave space for a door to open.

7) ​Crates

You probably don’t just want to store things in crates. If nothing else, it’d take a while to move crates individually when you or your guests finish using the closet. Containers like these do make a great DIY craft material, though. Jay Munee DIY took some crates from Dollar Tree and used them to build a cheap portable closet. While it could take a couple of days to make, it’s a relatively easy do-it-yourself project that leaves you with a nice portable closet. You can even add a cloth cover to keep dust off clothes.

8) ​Wheels

If something is portable, it should be on wheels. That doesn’t mean you can only buy closets with wheels, but it’d be a good idea to add wheels like these from Amazon when you build or buy your closet. Wheels make everything easier to move, and you can add them to anything. Add wheels like these to a dresser to make it portable, or add them to a bookshelf and build a closet door to make a closet on wheels.

9) Bins

Bins like the ones in this picture are a great way to keep any closet organized, but they’re particularly valuable in a portable closet. If you’re moving the organizer with clothes and other items in it, you want everything to be secure so nothing will fall. Place bins on any shelf you have, so things won’t fall off. The containers themselves are bulkier and less likely to fall, and you can build a small lip on each shelf to keep them from falling. You can also look for hanging bins if you don’t have shelves in your portable closet.

10) ​Two-Tiered

Many portable closets are mere wire or pipe racks that you can hang clothes from. It’s not uncommon to find them with shoe racks below or hat racks above, but the general structure is a single bar to hang clothes hangers on. This rack, on the other hand, has two bars to hang from, as well as a shelf underneath. This doubles your storage space. After all, why should closet racks be short because they’re portable? They’re still short enough to fit through a doorway, but with added storage space.

11) ​Simple Rolling Wire Rack

A simple wire rack is probably the easiest portable closet to get. It’s cheap and takes little to no installation, making it a good choice for something you’ll seldom use, or something you’re not fussy about. You can always buy a rack like this one from The Home Depot and add hanging closet organizers to make it work better for your needs. You can adjust the closet’s size to fit even a small room, and the wheels lock to keep it stable once you adjust it.

12) ​Closet Safe

If you or your guests want somewhere safe to hide valuables, a closet safe like this could help. This safe doesn’t lock, but the little pouch can be hidden amongst clothes to keep anybody from finding it if there’s a robbery. It’s also a convenient place to store small items in general, and the zipper means that your stuff won’t fall out if the portable closet is moved around. This DIY project from Sew Very Crafty is for people with some sewing experience, so you’ll have to decide if it’s right for you.

13) Large Adjustable Rolling Wire Rack

Adjustable is a great word to hear when it comes to a portable closet or storage rack. Since every room and guest will have different needs, an adjustable closet makes it easier to make it work for your space. This rack has two bars to hang things from, and you can adjust the height to account for garment length or hanging closet organizers. The rack is heavy-duty to handle two racks of clothes, and the wheels make it easy to move around to wherever you need it.

14) Storage Cubes

Storage cubes are the go-to for simple and easy organization, and they can work for a portable closet, too. You can put these storage cubes from Amazon together in whatever arrangement works for you, whether you want a horizontal or vertical closet. You can make cubbies in different sizes and shapes due to the flexible design, so your storage space is fully customized. You can add wheels to it to make it even more versatile, or simply take it apart and put it away when a guest is done using it.

15) DIY Pallets

Pallet projects are always good do-it-yourself choices for woodworkers because you can get pallets for free or cheap. It’s only right, then, to show you how to make a portable closet from pallet wood. The closet will look beautiful, like a closet made from high-quality wood, but the cost will be much lower. Use this video tutorial by TJ Creations to disassemble a pallet and make your own pallet wood closet. You can add wheels to the project to create a more portable version, though this rack should be easy to move in and out of a room.

What’re your portable closet needs? Did we miss any ideas in the article? Please let us know in the comments below.

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