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Purple and gray are some of the softest and most restful nursery colors, so it’s no wonder you chose them for yours! They’re both calming colors, which makes them excellent for a place where your baby needs to sleep. We found some ideas for using the right tones, combinations, decorations, and furniture to make the perfect Purple and Gray Nursery Ideas.

1) Classy

Just because you’re designing a nursery doesn’t mean you have to make it bright and cutesy. You can create a tasteful and classy nursery that’s still stimulating enough and restful enough for your baby. Try using the advice and pictures in this article to get inspiration and design an attractive and calming space that doesn’t feel cartoony. This will also keep the nursery from feeling artificial the way it might if it’s full of too many bright colors and story characters.

2) Ballerina

Many little girls love ballerinas or even want to be one when they grow up, making these tiny dancers wonderful choices for nursery decorations. You can get pieces like this artwork from Amazon that has a little girl ballerina, along with some inspirational words for your baby. The purple and gray decorations are pretty and inspiring at the same time, with Bible verses that you can teach your baby as they grow older and learn about God.

3) DIY Abstract Nursery Art

Nursery art doesn’t have to be photoreal or something that you’d expect to see in an art gallery. It just has to be colorful and stimulating for your baby, so if you don’t plan to spend a lot of money on artwork, you can make your own. You don’t need to be an expert since it’s not a big deal if each piece doesn’t turn out like a professional piece. The abstract art in this tutorial is perfect for a color-based theme since you can use it to place bits of color in the exact places you need them. 

4) This Pattern

Patterns are healthy decorations for nurseries since they’ll visually stimulate your baby by giving them something interesting to look at. The patterns on the gray parts of this purple and gray bedding set are intricate and have an organic design that’ll make them less intense. This means they’ll be exciting at times but won’t interfere with sleep, and the combination of gray and lavender will only add to the soothing effect. These shades are also ideal since you won’t want bright purples right next to where your baby sleeps.

5) Purple Background with Light Decorations

In most cases, we’re used to seeing dark colors on light backgrounds, but with gray and purple, you can do the opposite. You can see in this nursery that the giraffe decoration has a dark purple background, while the giraffe section is left blank. This creates a lot of contrast with white, but if you paint your walls gray, you can create a toned-down version of this that has the perfect balance of excitement and stimulation versus subtle and calming.

6) Medallion Crib Bedding Set

This bedding set from Amazon is neat because it has a calming pattern with stripes and medallions, but the more you look at the medallions, the more interesting they become. They’re each made from a pattern of smaller circles and stars that becomes fascinating as you gaze at it, but the blankets and sheets as a whole have a soothing lavender and gray look that’s perfect for when your baby is trying to get to sleep.

7) Purple on Gray

One way to combine your colors choices is to paint the walls gray and get gray furniture pieces and decorations. For example, you could buy or make a purple name sign like the one on this wall or get purple curtains, blankets, and sheets like the ones in this nursery. You can see how the two colors combine to create a darker, more sleep-inducing environment while the purple adds a splash of color. You’ll want to ensure that the purple is the right shade and tone to go with your chosen gray.

8) Gray and Purple on White

If you’re not planning permanent changes because this room won’t stay the same forever, you’re probably not painting the entire room purple or gray or adding patterns and murals to the wall. In truth, you don’t really need that much of either color. Try starting with a white or neutral base and getting purple and grey decals like these elephants. You can also include colorful furniture, depending on how much you want to invest in this temporary color scheme.

9) DIY Wall Art

If you’ve decided on a white or neutral base and are just looking for purple and gray decorations, bedding, and such, making your own wall art can be an excellent way to match your theme. We thought this DIY wall art piece could be neat since it’s a little different from most homemade abstract pieces. Try using this video to make this colorful piece, but replace the colors in the video with silver, gray, and purple. That way, you’ll still have some sparkle to jazz everything up.

10) Butterfly Baby Rug

It’s comfortable for babies to have some sort of rug to roll around on when they’re old enough for things like tummy time, so you’ll want some kind of baby rug that also looks good in your nursery. This adorable butterfly rug has purple and gray in it and the butterfly extends past the edges of the rug, giving it a unique 3D look. This would be a comfy place for your infant to roll around and the design will match perfectly with your nursery colors.

11) Watercolor

Gray and purple are both calming colors that’d look good in washed-out watercolor decorations. These kinds of decorations are pretty, but won’t be too bright or overwhelming for your little one, making them ideal wall decals for a white room. Try getting these wall stickers from Amazon with watercolor purple and gray flowers. They even have matching accessories like lamp shades, sheets, and hampers that you can use to create a coordinated floral watercolor theme.

12) Gray and Gold Art

Gold and purple are both regal colors that are exciting when combined. If you can find or make gold and gray decorations, they’ll blend perfectly with some purple decor. The gold will be stimulating and intense, while the gray works to tone the piece down, making these types of decorations perfectly balanced. You can use these directions to make a gold and gray butterfly or other wall art piece that’d look lovely in a room full of purple. Try experimenting with the colors and using gold, purple, and gray in the same butterfly.

13) Intense Purple, Gray Background

If you love really vibrant purples that stand out, you can make that the base for your room. Choose a few intense purple decorations and furniture pieces like this blanket. These can be your primary purple items, then put them against a light gray backdrop or in a gray-painted crib. You can even do things like getting gray sheets for a purple blanket, but you’ll probably want to use similar shades of gray so that you don’t take away from the effect of the bright purple decorations. 

14) Sweet Dreams Unicorn

You want your baby to have sweet dreams, of course, so decorations that depict sleep and other restful images are a good idea for a nursery. We found this purple blanket with a sleeping unicorn that’d make a lovely nursery decoration. The cute little unicorn is even sleeping on a moon! The lavender color mixed with light grayish purple is also a soothing color combination that’s ideal for anything that you want to be calming.

Have you found anything in your searches that belongs on this list? We’d love to hear how you’re decorating your nursery! Please, tell us all about it in the comments below.

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