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Giraffes are a fun and unique animal to put in a nursery, and you like the quirky-looking animals enough to make it a theme, but now you need an equally novel way to add them to your nursery, too! How can you make a fun and exciting nursery with the cutest Giraffe Nursery Ideas that you and your baby will love equally? See if any of these options spark your imagination!

1) Giraffe 3D Tummy Time Mat

Tummy time is going to be very important coming up if your baby hasn’t reached that stage yet. When your little one is old enough, you’ll want a comfortable place for them to lie die, so we found this tummy time mat that looks like a giraffe. It’s plush and adorable, and it even has a cuddly three-dimensional head to make it more interesting for your baby. When your baby gets a little older, the mat’s soft enough to become a stuffed animal or toy to cuddle.

2) Giant Giraffe Stuffed Animal

This decoration is one of the cutest giraffe decorations we’ve come across, and it’ll impress other parents as much as it’ll entertain your child. It’ll start as a decoration, but as your baby grows up, it can become a treasured and unusual toy. This giraffe stuffed animal is more than four feet tall, making it an impressive toy that can be played with like a stuffed animal or toy horse, and it’ll make a neat showpiece in the meantime while reinforcing your giraffe theme. The best thing is that your kid can play with it for years to come.

3) Yellow and Gray

You’ll have to decide on the best color scheme when you design your giraffe nursery, and since giraffes are yellow, it makes sense to have some yellow in the background, as well. Yellow is a happy color, but it’s also a warm and energetic color, so it may be a good idea to combine it with something that’ll be more calming and help your child sleep. Gray and yellow is a sunny and soothing combination that’s ideal for either a boy or girl, so you can design a yellow and gray nursery like this one, then add giraffe decorations. 

4) Giraffe Lamp

Lamps are wonderful inventions, and they’re really useful in a nursery where you need to check on a sleeping baby sometimes. If you have a finicky little one, you don’t want to have to turn on overhead lights to check on them, so sometimes soft lamplight is the best option. This way, you can check on them, feed them, soothe them, or do anything else you need to do without waking either your or your baby all the way. You can get a giraffe-themed lamp like this and use soft, warm light bulbs to avoid harsh lighting.

5) DIY Giraffe Bookcase

This DIY project is perfect for a giraffe nursery, and it’s a fairly simple and cheap project. All you have to do is follow the directions on this site to create a sturdy cardboard giraffe bookcase. While this probably doesn’t sound like the sturdiest material, if you follow the tutorial, you should find that it comes out sturdier than you’d think. The bookcase serves a few functions that you can read about in the article. For example, it can also be a growth chart and matching game!

6) Giraffe Hanging Wall Organizer

Hanging storage can be a godsend when you’re caring for an infant. It’s easily accessible and you don’t generally have to root around to find what you need. We found a hanging organizer on Amazon that has an image of a giraffe in front of the pockets. The giraffe has an adorable expression that’s perfect for a nursery image, and the small pockets in the organizer are ideal for all the tiny things that you need to care for a baby.

7) Wild World Modern Giraffe Nursery

Just because you like giraffes doesn’t mean you need to have a cluttered woodland or grassland nursery. You can create an uncluttered and calming modern nursery that still fits your theme to create a harmonious environment for both you and your baby. Try starting with a modern base and adding one or two giraffe decorations like this family did. Modern-style giraffe or wilderness decor like the “OH BABY IT’S A WILD WORLD” wall hanging are great ways to improve your theme without losing the soothing contemporary touch.

8) Giraffe Wall Decal

Wall decals can be some of the most fun and cute decorations in nurseries because they embody the personality you want for the room. For instance, you can get a fun giraffe wall decal like this that’d be perfect right next to a shelf. If you position it right, it’ll look like the giraffe is peeking up over the shelf with its head angled down at a funny angle. This decal works best if you want to take advantage of that strange design instead of having the giraffe stand straight.

9) Vintage Boho

Before you start placing giraffe decor, you’ll need to pick the right furniture, colors, and patterns to use as a base. We found this video of a vintage boho nursery with the perfect color and texture combination for a giraffe-themed room. The light-color stained wood crib and flooring make it feel like a grassland, and the yellow pieces will match any yellow giraffes you add. This way, you can match your theme without adding a dozen different giraffes to the room, which could be overwhelming. Try finding vintage giraffe toys and decor for a space like this!

10) Giraffe Mobile

A mobile is a vital part of a nursery, so we found one on Amazon that matches a giraffe theme. This one takes advantage of a giraffe’s unique properties…that is to say, its long neck! The mobile looks like a giraffe’s neck is extending from the edge of the crib to hold up the mobile in its mouth. It also projects patterns of light and plays music to help your baby sleep, all by remote control.

11) Gold or Yellow Dots

Since giraffes are mostly yellow, you can use that to blend the giraffe decorations into the rest of the room. You don’t want to have too many thematic decorations, because they can be overwhelming, so instead, try getting yellow or gold dots like the ones in this nursery. You can get yellow polka dot wall stickers or paint the dots, and if you want a more interesting metallic touch, gold will work as well if not better.

12) Cartoon Giraffe Rug

Kids typically love cartoons, and a lot of parents love adding cute cartoon-like characters to their babies’ rooms. You can add cartoon giraffes like the one on this rug to create a cute, childish look for the room and surround your baby with figures that’ll amuse them. The rug is advertised as kid and pet friendly, and works with underfloor heating, making it a comfortable and safe place for your little one to crawl and play as they grow. 

13) Wicker

If you want to create a grassland look since giraffes live in grasslands, you can choose base textures and colors that fit that. One of the best options is wicker furniture and woven textures, as you can see in this nursery. The nursery in this home has a brown textures rug and wicker crib that make the area feel much more natural than most nurseries. You may want to borrow some ideas from it to form the base of your giraffe-themed room.

14) Custom Name Night Light

Night lights are nice because they give you the option to check on your baby without turning on lights and waking them or risking tripping over things. This giraffe-shaped custom night light would be a delightful table decoration and practical light source, and you can have them put your baby’s name on it! Even after they outgrow the nursery and giraffe theme, your kid will probably love having a night light with their name on it.

15) Rope Textures With Yellow

Rope and knit textures are excellent ways to create a natural look, so if you want to show some of a giraffe’s natural habitat to make a wildland reserve in your baby’s room, they’re a good option. If you combine rope art, knit textures, and yellow decorations, you can create the perfect base for a giraffe nursery, just as this family did. Then, add decorations and toys like the giant giraffe watching over this baby’s crib.

16) Pink and Gray Giraffe Mobile

If you like giraffes but aren’t a fan of the color yellow, you don’t have to stick with nature’s color scheme. The neat thing about a nursery is that it can be anything from a natural-looking space to a complete fantasy, and it’ll still fuel your infant’s imagination! Pink and gray are common nursery colors for little girls since pink is a traditionally feminine color and pink and gray are a soothing combination. Try getting something like this pink and gray giraffe mobile if you’re expecting a little girl.

17) Giraffe Neck Cartoon Wall Stickers

We all know that a giraffe’s neck is its most distinguishable and well-known feature, though their markings are quite interesting, too! As cartoons are wont to do, this next idea focuses on this creature’s most prominent feature; its neck. You can get these fun and cartoonish wall stickers that just show two giraffes with friendly expressions looking out at the nursery. All you see is their incredibly long necks and heads, but that’s the most important part, right? These would be ideal for placing above a changing table or dresser so that their bodies seem to be behind it.

How’s your giraffe nursery coming along? Have you found any decorations that you think go perfectly with this theme? We can’t wait to hear all about it in the comments below!

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