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You were called out to a fire earlier today and it was a rough one.  Or, maybe you got had a long day teaching some kids about fire safety at a local school.  Either way, you’re tired, but also proud to have helped others.  Firefighters are hero’s in every community they reside in and every firefighter deserves a hero’s welcome in their home.  These Firefighter Man Cave Ideas will help you make a comfortable place to come back to after those long days when you need to relax.

1) History of Firefighters Poster

Firefighting has a long and fascinating history. Over the years, firefighters have gone from glass bulbs to metal canisters with pressure gauges. They have gone from wooden carts that they often pulled themselves to fast, decked-out fire trucks.

This post shows a snapshot of firefighters and their gear at several points in history, from 1740 to the present day. It includes the way they dressed on duty, and the dates they began using various common items of equipment. Add this to your cave to show how far firefighting has come.

2) DIY Diamond Plate Pattern

Diamond plating is something people instantly recognize from firehouses, workshops, and garages. It gives a masculine feel and makes an area look a little more like a firefighter or mechanic’s space. This do-it-yourself video shows how to airbrush that pattern anywhere you want. This works great on many surfaces, such as shelves and tables. If you have not airbrushed before, you could make a similar effect with the same stencil and some spray paint or brush-on paint.

3) Maltese Cross Globe Decanter

If you drink on occasion or more often, your man cave will likely have a bar. Since every bar needs a decanter, consider this globe-shaped one. This decanter has an iconic Maltese cross, and a map on it. When it is filled, you can clearly see the continents etched into the glass. It settles on an axis, just like a regular tabletop globe. With the geography theme, the decanter makes a perfect gift or decoration for a geography buff or somebody who is interested in traveling.

4) DIY Fire Hose Koozie

What happens to a fire hose when it is no longer usable? People make coasters, belts, oven mitts, and more out of them. This video shows you how to turn an old fire hose into a firefighter themed koozie. You can make it look however you like, and the durable material will insulate your drinks.

These hoses need to be repurposed somehow, so this project prevents waste while making a unique item for you and your friends.

5) Office Chair

Your man cave is a place to rest, party, or do your favorite activities. It can also be a place to read a book or do some quiet research or studying, away from the rest of the house. This office chair ensures that you are comfortable enough to work, read, or play a computer game at your desk. You can roll it from one place to another easily, whether you are fetching a drink, grabbing a book from a shelf, or switching between two desks.

6) Firefighter Beer Tap

Customized beer taps are one of the best ways to create a unique look for your home bar. Businesses use them to show off their sports theme or give the area a classic look. For your man cave, show guests that a firefighter lives here with this fireman beer tap handle.

If you do not have a beer tap, this can be used as a decoration. Many people display beer taps on walls and tables, even if they do not have a bar.

7) ​Puppy Wall Art

Dalmatians and dogs have long been associated with firefighters. This 16×20 print shows two young puppies playing in firefighter gear. It is an adorable picture for somebody who loves dogs, and shows something that could likely happen at a fire station. Puppies get into everything, after all. This wall art focuses on the lighter moments and gives a break from the rougher aspects of being a firefighter. Get this print off, and these puppies will be happy to greet you when you get home from a tiring day.

8) Bookshelf

Since your man cave may also be your office or library, a bookshelf is a needed addition. You can put your video games, movies, manuals, novels, paperwork and more on this versatile shelf. It has cubbies in the bottom that fit cloth containers or textbook-sized books. At the top, you can store books, vintage decorations, antiques, video games, and more.

While larger entertainments such as bars, gaming systems, and pool tables make a man cave fun, the things you store on this shelf will make it your own.

9) Bottle Opener and Corkscrew

You may not have a home bar, but in most cases you will want to be able to crack open a beer, open a wine bottle, or open an old-fashioned soda bottle. This corkscrew and bottle opener set is designed to look like a set of irons and a pike axe. This makes it a practical gift for anyone, and a thematic addition to a firefighter’s man cave.

Even if you do not drink, these make great décor items. Many soda companies are also bringing back pop-top bottles for some sodas, so a bottle opener is a must.

10) DIY Brick Wall Facing

Red is the theme of the day. You are the thin red line, with red trucks, red lights, and often red gear. You will likely have a lot of red decor from friend and family gifts, so your man cave color theme should match. This video shows how to install brick wall facing. Unlike glaring red paint, it gives the feel of an older building. You can lay it out in any pattern you like, as shown in the video, and it will be highlighted by red posters, furniture, or such items around the room.

11) Vintage Fire Hose Lamp

It is easy to neglect lighting when thinking about a man cave. You know exactly which furniture and decor you like when you see it. Lighting can be a bit more complicated. While overhead lamps give off a lot of light, lamps can be healthier light. Placing several lamps or sconces around a room simulates natural light. This vintage table lamp made from a fire hose nozzle adds to your historic and antique decor. It also creates more natural lighting, and can be set next to a chair or on a desk for reading.

12) Be Safe Sign

Funny signs are a staple of man caves, bars, and recreation areas. They even get a little risqué sometimes. If you have this sense of humor, this cheeky sign is perfect for the wall of your man cave. It tells people to “be safe, sleep with a firefighter.” After all, firefighters’ job is to keep folks safe, right?

This sign could be a joke for when guests come over or a private joke with your spouse. If you are buying for a husband or wife who is a firefighter, this is sure to make them laugh.

13) Exit Sign

When there is a fire, we all head for the exits. While your man cave likely has only one exit, exit signs can be seen in every type of commercial establishment. Like some types of lighting and bar signs, this exit sign will make your man cave look like a professional bar or firefighter hangout. With features like a professional-looking exit sign, your man cave will be a favorite spot for you and your buddies.

14) Interlocking Diamond Flooring

This interlocking diamond flooring looks just like the diamond pattern on a fire truck or truck box. It helps create a firefighter theme without making everything red, or using the same methods you could do anywhere else. This flooring can be installed anywhere, including over existing floors, with nothing but a pair of scissors. This makes it perfect for garage and shed man caves. It is durable, stain-resistant, and slip-resistant, so you can do all sorts of projects in your man cave without worrying about damaging the floor.

15) Orange LED Lights

The color red has long been associated with fire trucks, fire hydrants, and firefighters. If you repurpose fire hoses or old extinguishers and gear, you will find that you have a lot of red and yellow in your man cave. To highlight this color scheme, use these orange light bulbs. They can be used in any normal light fixture to tint light in the area orange. Amazon has this same brand in red, as well.

16) ​Card Table

There is an old stereotype that says firefighters play cards a lot at the fire station. While this may still be true in some places, many fire stations are too busy for that sort of thing. Instead, play cards at home with your friends or family. This folding table is perfect for playing cards on.

You will also need a place to put snacks and drinks for yourself or your friends. A card table is the best option for an easy to set up table that does not break the bank.

17) ​DIY Fire Extinguisher Mini Fridge

Every man cave needs a mini fridge, or even a full-sized refrigerator. When we select them, we look at whether they have a freezer, whether they are the right size, and other practical factors. A man cave can be practical, but it is also your place to express yourself. This do-it-yourself project converts an old empty fire extinguisher into a mini fridge. This is a useful way to repurpose old extinguishers, and adds to your firehouse décor.

18) Remote-Controlled Bias Lighting

A common entertainment in a man cave is a TV. Your man cave will likely have one or four, depending on the size and budget you are working with. While television is a great source of entertainment, it also causes eye strain. These remote controlled lights provide bias lighting to backlight your TV and reduce eye strain.

These lights can change color, so you can pick a color theme for the area and achieve a cool effect. You can also pick a favorite color, or change it when the mood strikes.

19) Fire-extinguishing Grenade Patent Poster

If you are a fan of vintage firefighter equipment or antiques, you have likely heard of fire-extinguishing grenades. These glass bulbs would be thrown or set up above trash cans so they fell when the metal bracket they were in got too hot. When the glass broke, the chemicals inside put out the fire.

This set of posters includes a diagram of the grenade and the patent for it. They can be hung separately or together to display a piece of firefighter history.

20) ​Billiard Lights

Every man cave needs games. These could be puzzles, video games, or bar games. If you are a fan of billiard games, you will need these billiard lights. Each light features the familiar Maltese cross and the words “fire fighter.” These serve the practical purpose of lighting your billiard table, card table, or bar, while fitting a firefighter theme.

Think about adding something to your pool table or bar to complement this. You can add in the orange light bulbs mentioned in this article, and have backlighting for a TV over the bar to create a smooth bar look.

21) Thin Red Line Flag

Like other first responders, firefighters are the thin line between everyday people and harmful elements of life. In this case, they protect from fire, medical emergencies, and many other things. This handcrafted thin red line flag by SWFL Rustic Flags shows that you are a proud first responder. As a gift, it shows that you support your first responder in a day and age when that support is not always forthcoming. You can buy the flag on

22) ​DIY Floating Shelves

This do-it-yourself project shows a quick and simple way to make floating shelves. You can use these to store personal photographs, antiques, and more. Since you are making them from scratch, you can choose any stain, paint, or covering you like. This could be the diamond plate paint or plastic from this article, a quality wood stain, or your favorite color paint.

You can customize the shelf more, if you like. If you want to cover an item, try making a groove around the inside lip of the shelf and adding plastic panels to make sliding doors.

23) ​Diamond Plate Plastic

If you like the diamond plate design that you see on fire trucks and in garages, try these plastic sheets. Unlike paint, they are textured to mimic real diamond plating. They are also durable and stain-resistant. Use these on walls, support poles, and other surfaces. They do not come with adhesive, but pressure sensitive strips or contact cement works well. You can use scissors to cut them into any shape, so they can go on any surface or furniture you want.

24) Vintage Photograph

This museum-quality vintage photo shows the classic image of firefighters on a New York fire truck. The archival quality means the ink will likely outlive you. You can hang this up anywhere in your man cave to add to your historic firefighting collection. You could also put it next to your own company photograph to show the contrast and similarities between the two photographs. Each time you look at this, you will see the connection between yourself and your predecessors.

25) Wall-Mounted Bottle Opener

Any man cave will have drinks and snacks. If your theme is vintage, or if you like historic items, you may have stocked some old-fashioned pop-top sodas, as well. You may not have pop-top sodas, but instead drink beer from a bottle. While you could use your keychain opener or fish one out of a drawer, this wall-mounted bottle opener saves you and your guests the trouble. It is also reminiscent of a time when bottle openers were standard rather than a luxury.

26) DIY Fire Hydrant Decoration

This fire hydrant decoration was made for a kids’ party, but that does not mean an adult cannot make one. There is a reason kids like firefighters; firefighters are pretty cool. Recycle a couple things from your house to make this neat decoration, and maybe add a few of your own modifications. Instead of gluing bottle caps, try gluing on the threading from a bottle. Then, screw the cap on. You now have a container or snack dispenser.

27) Pool and Ping Pong Table

Pool and ping pong are two of the more common indoor games. Unfortunately, they also take up more room than almost any other game. In many cases, you will barely have space around your table to fit a pool cue. With this 2-in-1 pool table and ping pong table, you can have pool and ping pong with limited space. When the pool table is exposed, it fits with the red firefighter theme. The rest of the time, the ping pong table is there waiting to entertain you.

28) Maltese Cross Stencil

The Maltese cross has been worn by firefighters for a long time, with variations dating back thousands of years. It is a symbol of the protection firefighters offer the people, and the honor they serve with. As an important symbol of your profession, it will likely feature in your man cave in several places. This Maltese cross stencil from Amazon lets you paint the maltese cross on anything you want. This could be a wall, desk, bar top, or more.

29) Wall Clock

There is a reason we say somebody is off the clock when they are not at work. They do not need to look about, think about, or judge their productivity based on a clock anymore. Firefighters in some areas, on the other hand, are rarely free of the clock. If you live in a rural area or need to be on call 24/7, this wall clock is essential. The clock lights up so you can see it even if your man cave has a dim theme.

30) Dartboard with Red Felt

This dartboard will fill out your bar or gaming area. It has doors to store darts in and keep the area looking clean. When opened, it reveals attractive and bright red felt. This is a good-looking and functional piece in its own right, and a good addition to a red themed cave. The felt fits well with brick walls and red decorations, and gives the look of an old factory or warehouse. This classic look and red color is perfect for a man cave with vintage and fire truck art.

31) ​Bar Stools

If you decide to have a bar, you will need a comfortable place to sit. A simple bar stool will work for this, but this swivel bar stool with a high back will work for much more. You are in your man cave to relax, but also to spend time with your buddies. With this stool, you can spin your seat around to chat with anybody in the room, or watch the dart tournament that is going on. The high back means you can move it anywhere in the room and still be comfortable without a bar to lean on.

Are there any ideas and DIYs missing? What DIYs have you done with old equipment? Let us know in the comments below.

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