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It doesn’t matter what the occasion is, getting someone an amazing gift for their man cave is all you need to do to be truly appreciated.  If you’re here, you’re looking for the perfect gift for an individual who has dedicated an entire room of their house to creating their own personal lair and we’re here to help.  The beauty of a man cave is that it’s a reflection of the person who owns it.  So, whether your friend or loved one is a whiskey drinker, handyman, sports enthusiast, or you need some other ideas, this article has a ton of the best man cave gift ideas on the planet.  

1) Whiskey Stones

A home bar is the staple of a man cave. Most man caves will have them, whether it is a full bar set with billiard tables or a single drink cabinet that folds down into a tabletop. If the recipient likes whiskey these granite whiskey stones and crystal glasses are an excellent gift to add to his man cave bar. The set comes in a nice case, so he can store them easily no matter what his setup is.

2) DIY Vinyl Records

If you have some old records that do not play anymore, turn them into decorative gifts. Gifts made from vinyl records are great for people who love music or history. Make sure to use the scratched or damaged ones only. This video shows how to create a bowl, notebook, or wall art decoration. Find out what interests the recipient has and make a wall art piece they will love, or make a notebook using an album with a title they will recognize.

3) Wine Holder

If they are looking for a gift for somebody who likes wine, a bottle holder is a solid option. Do not just get a simple holder, though, This wine holder is actually a skeleton holding the bottle. The angle of the bottle and the skeleton’s open mouth make it look like the skeleton is drinking the wine. If the recipient likes wine and skulls, this gift will amuse them and add some humor to their decor.

4) Barbeque Light

If you are buying for a backyard man cave, they are going to want a grill. While the grill itself is an unlikely gift, these barbeque lights may help them see what they are doing. This is great if they spend time in their outdoor man cave after dark and will need to see what they are doing. The lights can attach to a circular or square bar, so they should work for most grills.

5) DIY Beer Brand Coasters

Since almost every man cave will have a bar, they will need coasters. While many people do not use coasters regularly, bars are an exception. If the bar is designed to look professional, or if they recently remade their bar to fit a theme, they will want to keep the surface protected. Coasters also serve as a way to show their interests. If you know their favorite brand of beer, you can use these instructions to make coasters for that beer brand.

6) ​Custom Sign

If the recipient has a lot of tools or has a workshop man cave, they are used to people wanting to borrow them. The man cave is their territory, though, so it is natural that they will feel possessive of any tools in their garage or workshop man cave. This sign can be customized with their name and tells people not to borrow their tools. If you are the one stealing their tools, I do not recommend getting them this sign.

7) ​​Sword Bookends

Almost everyone likes swords. That said, gamers and fantasy story readers are some of the people who are most likely to want sword decorations. If the recipient’s man cave has a library, these sword bookends will be a perfect gift. The swords are suspended so it looks like they stab through the books when the bookends are in place. This leads to an interesting effect, and will appeal to people who play fantasy video games or tabletop RPGs, in particular. They are also cheaper than buying a real sword.

8) ​​​​DIY Baseball Hat Rack

If you know somebody who likes baseball, they will like decor that includes their favorite players or teams. If you are not sure which teams and players they like, generic baseball art will be a good choice. Baseballs are ideal for do-it-yourself projects like this baseball hat rack. Since baseball fans tend to wear baseball hats, they will need a place to store their hats. This rack has baseballs as hooks, which is the right shape for hanging a hat. If you know their team, look for balls with team names on them, but never damage a signed ball.

9) ​​​​Patriotic Gifts

If you are buying for somebody who is patriotic, a gift with a USA flag on it is a good choice. They can likely find any wall space to hang it. While many people do not think to put a flag anywhere, it is not a bad thing to have more than one flag in a man cave. This means you do not have to worry about buying them something they already have; they will love it anyway.

10) ​​This is Probably Jack

If somebody has a favorite drink or brand, they are not likely to be quiet about it. For those who drink whiskey, Jack Daniels is a common drink of choice. This gift idea is a mug that says “This is probably Jack.” The mug is perfect for somebody who drinks too much and knows it, or for somebody who would enjoy the irony of drinking from a coffee mug while pretending it is alcohol. It can become a mug of choice for their man cave, particularly in the winter when they may want hot drinks.

11) Sports Bookends

Bookends are good gifts for man caves since many people will house their private library in their man cave. If you know somebody likes sports, a sports-themed bookend is a good idea. This do-it-yourself craft lets you turn any small balls into a bookend. For most balls, you will need to glue them in place. Baseballs and tennis balls can be screwed in place for extra security, as in the craft description. If you know they like multiple sports, you can mix and match the balls or equipment used to make these bookends.

12) ​What Happens Here Stays Here

Man caves can be humorous and unapologetic places. Part of the enjoyment behind a man cave is that the owner does not have to answer to anybody else, or worry about the opinions of others. This sign that advertises “What happens here stays here” captures that sentiment perfectly. It is a great gift from a friend who will be spending time there. Coming from a family member, it shows an understanding that the owner will do whatever makes him happy in his man cave.

13) ​​Game Console Accessories

If you are buying for a gamer, they always need more games and accessories. Unfortunately, it can be hard to know what video games they already have. Accessories like this PlayStation 4 camera are usually a good choice, if you know which gaming system the person uses. Unlike extra copies of the same video game, duplicate accessories such as extra controllers are likely to be useful. This camera is great if they do not have one already. A camera like this allows them to use facial recognition, so their game console will recognize them and log them in automatically.

14) ​DIY Sports Number Coasters

Any sports lover with a man cave will have either a keg refrigerator or a bar. If they have a bar, they will need coasters to keep condensation off their sports-themed bar. Otherwise, they will need them to keep other furniture nice. This do-it-yourself project shows you how to make coasters from sports player numbers. This is best if you know which players they like, but you can also make a set that includes the numbers for the whole team.

15) ​​​Vintage Style Shots Menu

Many man caves have home bars that rival professional setups. If they do not, they likely want their bar to become more professional. One way to help them with that is to give them a menu to use. This menu has images of each drink, and descriptions of how to make it. This makes a cool interactive bar experience for the man cave owner and their friends, and may teach them about a drink or two they did not know how to make.

16) ​​DIY Airbrush Jack Daniels

Jack Daniels is a common theme in bars and antiques. Even for those who do not drink Jack, there is a wealth of history to the brand. Many people who visit Tennessee go to the distillery and learn about Old No. 7 in their tour. This stencil for the Jack Daniels Old No. 7 can be used to spray paint or airbrush a sign, barstool, or other item to give to the man cave owner.

17) ​DIY Skateboard Light

If the gift recipient likes skateboarding, this do-it-yourself project will make a good gift for them. The article tells you how to turn a skateboard into a light that they can use in their man cave. This project is best if you have some amount of electrical experience. Do not buy a brand new skateboard for a skateboarder’s man cave. If the recipient likes skateboarding, they would rather be using the nicer skateboard than lighting their man cave with it. Instead, get an older, generic skateboard that is not vintage, then decorate it as needed.

18) ​​​​Dart Holder

Darts are as common in man caves as bars. In some ways, they are the same thing. Since the man cave owner likely has a dartboard already, dartboard accessories are probably a better gift choice. This dart holder lets them holster four sets of darts on the wall beside their dartboard. If they like to have a lot of friends over, this will be useful, since most dartboards come with enough space to hold only two sets, if any.

19) DIY Tabletop Gaming Table

If you are making a gift for somebody who likes tabletop RPGs like Dungeons and Dragons and Pathfinder, try this gaming table build. The table is perfect for four or more RPG players, and also makes a perfect puzzle table. If the recipient hosts any type of game night, this table will help them stay organized and keep game clutter out of the way when they are not playing. Make sure they have room for four people to sit around the table with the drawers pulled out before making this for them.

20) ​Sports Art

If you are buying for somebody who likes sports, the simplest thing to do is find out what sports they like. If you can find out their favorite players or team, that gives you more options for gifts. People love signed photographs of their favorite players, signed balls, and other signed memorabilia. If that is not possible, find pictures of members of their favorite teams, or generic sports images like this snowboarder picture. You can also frame photos of sports equipment if the art is well made.

21) Dartboard Bottlecap Game

Darts can be found in almost any man cave, as can bottle caps; however, they are rarely combined into one activity. If the man cave owner does not drink from bottles with metal caps, the game comes with some bottle caps to get them started. If they do drink from bottles with metal caps, the dartboard becomes a fun drinking game. They can try to hit the dartboard each time they remove a metal bottle cap.

22) ​​​​DIY State or Team Themed Cup

If the gift recipient has a favorite team, or enjoys the state they live in, any customized items related to their state or team are great gifts. This do-it-yourself project shows how to cut vinyl images to customize a yeti cup. This project does require some vinyl working equipment, but it is great if the recipient supports a team that is not popular in your area. This cup gift will look good in their sports man cave and serves a practical purpose, too.

23) ​​​​Glow in the Dark Lawn Darts

If you are buying for an outdoor man cave, lawn darts is a great game. Unlike many lawn darts games, a dart game started in a man cave could go on past dark. These glow-in-the-dark lawn darts let the man cave owner play lawn darts as long as he wants to, and adds a new dimension to the game. They are also a more unique gift, even if the man cave owner already has lawn darts.

24) ​​Baseball Board Game

Baseball fans are unashamed of their sport. They love playing it and watching it in every form, and wearing jerseys to games. This baseball board game will let them play baseball any time they want, even during the cold weather. This is great if they have a small yard, or if they live in a rainy or snowy area. It also combines a love of boards games with a favorite sport, if they like playing boards games.

25) ​​​Dartboard Cabinet

Darts are a common game in most man caves and bars. If you have been to somebody’s man cave, you know if they have a dart set. This makes it easy to know if you should buy this gift, or if they already have it. This dartboard cabinet has boards to keep track of the score built in, and you can pick from several styles to find one you think the recipient will like. When in doubt, choose a classic style like this one.

26) DIY Painted Sports Clock

As a general rule, most rooms in the house should have a clock. A man cave is no exception, but it is common for man cave owners to forget to get one. If the recipient’s sports man cave does not have a clock, you can make them one. This do-it-yourself project shows how to make a baseball clock, but it can be done with any sports ball. It works best with round balls, but if you are willing to experiment, you could try footballs or even football helmets.

27) Gas Station Signs

Many man caves center around workshops or garages. If you are buying for somebody with such a man cave, gas station signs are a good choice. Many people who are interested in American history or mechanics will like these gas station signs. Antique-lovers may like them, but  they are likely to prefer antique signs they find at garage sales. This sign pack has all the basic signs, such as Shell, Texaco, and Castrol Motor Oil. It is best for a new man cave, or if you have seen the man cave and know they do not already have these signs.

28) ​Gas Pump Liquor Dispenser

For a mechanic’s man cave, look for vintage garage items or neat items that remind you of vehicles or garage tools. This gas pump liquor dispenser resembles a working old-fashioned gas pump. You can fill it with a liquor of choice and when you press the trigger on the gas pump handle, it fills a glass with the liquor. This is an interesting way of dispensing the drink, and it is likely that they do not already have one.

29) ​Drunk Confidence

When people drink too much, they often get overconfident. If you are buying for a young man cave owner who likes to invite friends over, this Drunk Confidence board game will likely appeal to them. It is best for people who like to party or hang out with large groups of friends, since it is a group game. It is also similar to many games that are popular with younger groups. Do not get this for somebody who does not drink.

30) DIY Easy Board Game

If you are trying to find a gift for somebody who likes board games, try taking a few of their favorite games and making a custom board game set. This easy DIY project lets you make a tic tac toe board, chess, checkers, and more. You can add any game the recipient likes to make it a unique gift that fits them. If you are not sure which games work, try the games suggested in the DIY article.

31) ​​​Mini Tabletop Bowling

Tabletop games are common in private spaces like a library, man cave, or family room. If the recipient spends a lot of time alone in their man cave, this tabletop bowling game will keep them entertained. Since it is a game of skill, they do not need to be a fan of real bowling to enjoy it. They can also turn it into a game with friends, and it will be an excellent gift for a bowling man cave.

32) ​​​Custom Bottle Opener

Since many man caves will have beer or vintage sodas, they are likely to need bottle openers. If they do not need a bottle opener, the opener will still make a neat decoration, and give any bar or grill area the feel of an old-fashioned restaurant. This wall mounted bottle opener is magnetic, so it catches bottle caps as they fall, and you can customize it with the recipient’s name and initials. Monogrammed custom items are always great gifts.

33) ​​Toolbox Fridge

If you are buying for a mechanic or somebody with a garage man cave, garage themes items are a great idea. This mini fridge looks like a toolbox, so it fits a garage theme. Make sure they have electricity in their man cave before getting it. Also check to see if they have a mini fridge they like. This fridge doubles as a decoration, and keeps drinks cold so they do not have to trek to and from the house for drinks.

34) ​DIY Tap Handle

Many man caves have small bars, but it is also common to have a large bar with a full beer tap system. Some people who drink beer will have a kegerator with beer taps attached. If the recipient has beer taps, or plan to, you can make them a custom beer tap using these instructions. If they do not have a beer tap, a  decorative tap handle will still be a nice decoration. You can get creative and carve the handle, or use a simpler technique like the man in the video.

35) ​Sports Lamp Sign

Many sports man caves are dedicated to watching sports, though some focus more on playing the sport. They will have team color themes and signed balls and photographs. Since sports fans will be watching sports in the dark most of the time, subtle lights sources are useful for navigating a room. Lit-up decorations are also more visible. This lamp is a free-standing sign that depicts either a football, baseball, or basketball player. Pick a lamp for their sport of choice to add to their decor.

36) ​Vintage Billiard Prints

Billiards are a common staple of man caves. Most large man caves will have them. Even owners of small man caves want them if they can have them. If you know the recipient has a billiards area, these patent wall prints will be a cool decoration. Most decorations near a pool table will be wall hangings, and these are large enough to be a centerpiece. They show billiard patents, creating a vintage look and showing some interesting history for billiard fans.

37) Smudging Kit

Smudging is a Native American tradition of cleansing an area. If you are buying a gift for somebody of Native American descent, they will appreciate this smudging kit. It shows an interest in their spiritual health and respect for their traditions. This is great for a new man cave, particularly if it is in a new house that has not been smudged. Find out if they already have a smudging kit before buying this. If they already have an abalone shell or smudging kit, get them some sage instead.

38) DIY Handmade Soccer Kit

If you are buying for a soccer fan, a tabletop soccer game will keep them entertained. While a foosball table would be an obvious choice, this do-it-yourself cardboard project lets you customize the game with the recipient’s favorite teams and colors. It is also less expensive, and the game is more unique than a foosball table. If somebody loves soccer, they will already own any common soccer-related table games, so this game will surprise them.

39) 50 Caliber Shot Glass

If you know somebody who likes shooting or collects guns, there are many gift choices for a gun man cave. Their man cave may not have a gun theme, but they will likely have some novelty art made from shell casings around. This 50 caliber shot glass is unique. It takes into account the interests of the gun-lover you buy it for, and it will be a practical addition to their man cave home bar.

40) Window to Anywhere

Basement and garage man caves can often feel claustrophobic, even if they have small windows. If you are buying for somebody whose man cave has few windows, consider these peel and stick windows. You can choose from many images to find one they will like. Then, they can stick the poster right on the wall and give the illusion of a window opening onto a beach or into a forest. This is also great for people who love traveling and would like to imagine they are somewhere else when they are in their man cave.

41) Thor’s Hammer

Comic book, sci-fi, fantasy, and mythology fans alike love the legend of Thor and his hammer. If you are looking for a gift for somebody who has any of those interests, this may be the right gift for them. This Thor’s Hammer Bottle Opener can be stuck to a fridge in a way that mimics the mythology and movie portrayal of Thor’s Hammer. Each time they pick up the hammer to use it, they will feel a little bit like their favorite god, since Thor is traditionally the only one who can use his hammer.

42) DIY Comic Book Coasters

Coasters are always a good gift if you know what interests somebody has. This DIY project shows you how to turn comic book pages into coasters. Make sure to use copies or computer printouts, because you do not want to damage original comic books. These are good for any older gamers or tabletop RPG players. Most older people who watch superhero movies will appreciate them, as will anybody with a favorite superhero. If you can, find out which comic books they read, or which characters they like.

43) ​Sword

If somebody is interested in medieval replicas, fantasy stories, or fantasy art, they will like this crusader style sword. With this gift, you do not need to worry that they already have it because most people love to collect many different swords. The blade is not sharpened, so you do not need to worry about safety if the recipient uses it for cosplay, or worry that somebody could accidentally cut themselves.

44) Dreamcatcher

If you know somebody who takes naps in their man cave, or is prone to falling asleep in a recliner, a dreamcatcher can ensure that they have good dreams. This handmade dreamcatcher from Amazon comes on several styles, so you can pick one that fits the person you are getting it for. Dreamcatchers are a Native American tradition, but a Native American man cave owner will already have one. Many people are fascinated by the mythology behind the dreamcatcher, and it makes a beautiful decoration.

45) Vintage Soda Signs

Vintage soda signs are an important part of American antiquing and collecting. While these are not original advertisements, they are a nice item to display for somebody who does not have a lot of vintage soda decor. Get this classic style Coca Cola Art to help the recipient fill out their bar area with all the appropriate signs. Even people who do not drink Coca Cola are generally interested in the historical Coca Cola brand, and will appreciate this art.

46) Globe Bar

While geography is a less common man cave style, many man caves owners love the idea of travel. More so, many man caves center around vintage items. This globe bar has a vintage look with a globe top. Unlike a normal globe, it opens up into a bar cabinet. This is a fun item to show off to somebody for the first time, and feels better than opening a plain cabinet. If you know somebody who likes old inventions and vintage looks, they will enjoy this globe bar.

47) DIY State Map Puzzle Art

While some man cave owners are dedicated to a single state because of an alma mater, favorite sports team, or family history, others have an interest in traveling. If you are trying to find a gift for somebody who loves travel, or who wants to travel but cannot afford it, this map puzzle is a great choice. It can be used to mark where somebody has been or show where they want to go. A patriotic owner may be happy to display the country they are proud of. You can make this with basic tools and some free pallet wood.

48) Nostalgic Video Games

Most people who have a man cave play at least some video games. Most people under the age of 60 will recall a favorite game from their childhood or young teens. If you know what games somebody grew up with, nostalgic video games can make excellent gifts. For people in their 20s, try this Spyro Reignited game for PlayStation 4. You may need to check which console they own and whether they already have this gift. Spyro was one of the most popular games during the 90s, and has recently become popular again as the old game has been remade for new systems.

49) Dog Playing Poker

Dogs playing poker is one of the most iconic images for gambling, poker, or masculine spaces. If you know somebody who enjoys poker, likes dogs, or is easily amused, this is the perfect gift. Make sure they do not already have the painting. This is a holographic image, so it will look less traditional, but will appeal to many people. If somebody is not familiar with the painting it depicts, they will likely still be amused by the image of dogs at a poker table. 

50) Engraved Game Set

To make a gift feel personal, look for something that is engraved or monogrammed. This games set has ten games in one, so anybody who likes table games such as dominoes will find some things they like to play. You can customize the set to have the recipient’s initials, or other letters that seem right. This shows that you put some thought into the gift, and the high quality set is worth keeping in the man cave for a long time.

​Did one of these gifts catch your eye? Who would you get it for? Let us know in the comments!

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