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You’re a big fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers. You watch all their games and make sure anybody who cares to ask knows that you are the #1 Steelers fan. Your spouse, however, is not a fan of football jerseys hanging in the living room. These Pittsburgh Steelers Man Cave Ideas will help you set up a Pittsburgh Steelers Man Cave on any budget.

1) Steelers Pool Table Cover

Any sports man cave is likely to have a gaming area. This could be for touch football, foosball, cards, or many other games. If pool is your game of choice, or a favorite among your friends, you may need a pool table cover when you are not playing. This pool table cover lets you show pride in your favorite team with the Pittsburgh Steelers logo, while keeping the table in good condition as you wait for game day.

2) DIY Tabletop Football Game

Your man cave is a place to relax and watch the game, but it is also a place to play, party, and otherwise hang out in the off season. This do-it-yourself video shows you how to make your own tabletop football game. It is a great party game, and can entertain your friends and guests during commercials. It takes up little room and does not risk your furniture the way tossing a pigskin indoors might.

3) Steelers Beer Glass Set

During games or parties, you are going to need two things more than anything else: beer and snacks. These craft beer glasses come in a rack of four for convenient storage. Each glass has the Pittsburgh Steelers logo on it, as does the rack itself.

It is set up as a tasting rack with spaces to put beer bottle caps and a chalkboard to label the beer in each glass. You can instead decorate it how you like. The spaces for bottle caps are the perfect shape to paint a Steelers logo, and you can write anything on the chalkboard.

4) Custom Team Jersey

Jerseys are one of the most common football decorations and memorabilia, if not the most common. Any football fan may have a jersey displayed in their man cave or another room. You may not have the jersey your favorite team member played in, but you can get a realistic jersey with the player’s name on it. This jersey can be customized for any team member, or you can choose your own number and name for it.

5) ​Football Table Lamp

The game or party starts at 6 p.m. It is bright enough that you do not think to turn on a light when you sit down to watch. As the game goes on, however, the light through the windows gets dimmer and dimmer. Now that there is a commercial break, you stumble around in the dark trying to grab another beer.

This table lamp gives your man cave a convenient light without a bright glare on the TV. It is also shaped like a football, so it will fit your decor.

6) ​​​Steelers Hover Football Decoration

Footballs spend a lot of time in the air. They are hurled across the field or punted through goalposts. Yet, when we display them, they are always on stands or resting in cases. Show the game as it is really played with this hover football decoration.

Strong magnets keep this football in the air above the miniature field, and an LED light illuminates the whole decoration for all your friends to see. The field and football have the Pittsburgh Steelers colors, name, and logo, to show your guests who to root for. It also has a bluetooth speaker.

7) Steelers Bottle Opener

You have your drinks ready for game day, but you forgot one thing. You or your buddy likes this one brand of beer that only comes in pop-top bottles. Maybe you do not drink beer, but a bottle opener used to be a standard in any place that served food. Add the touch of nostalgia and cladd with this wall-mounted bottle opener.

It is painted with the Pittsburgh Steelers logo and colors, so it will fit right in with the rest of your decor.

8) ​DIY Jersey Frame

You have spent a lot of money on your customized Pittsburgh Steelers decorations and memorabilia. That 4k TV is now costing you as you are trying to find the cheapest way to display your real prize, your favorite player’s jersey. This do-it-yourself tutorial has step-by-step instructions on how to make your own shadowbox. WIth the method in this video, you can hang your Pittsburgh Steelers jersey for as little as $21, plus tax.

This jersey frame looks good, despite the low cost, and the money you save can go to a better quality TV or fantasy gaming experience.

9) ​Team Logo Wall Clock

If your friends are as excited about the game as you are, they are going to arrive early. You can play football video games or just hang out, waiting for the game to start. This wall clock will make sure you know when it is time to turn on the game.

The clock has the Pittsburgh Steelers logo, name, and colors to go with all your other Steelers decor. It is a fitting decoration when its purpose is to tell you when it is game time.

10) Steelers Pool Cue Rack

Football is your game. You love watching it, playing it, and rooting for your favorite team. Your man cave is not all about watching and playing the game, though. Sometimes you are having a drink at the bar, reading a book or magazine, or playing another game. This billiard cue rack brings the football theme into your billiards area with a black finish and the Steelers logo.

When your team is on a winning streak, borrow a bit of their luck by hanging your pool cue in this rack. If not, maybe they can borrow a bit of your luck.

11) Steelers Picture Frame

At the last game, you had a lot of fun. Your friend got a great picture of you in your team’s jersey with the jumbotron in the background. You want everyone who enters your house to see that picture with your favorite player running across the screen behind you.

You may not have the epic picture described here, but you probably have at least one good picture you would like to frame. This Steelers-themed art glass picture frame is the perfect frame for a Steelers fan.

12) ​Thematic Tiki Totem Light

Not all man caves have four walls. Some man caves are outdoors, such as a shed man cave. With a shed man cave, you can place the TV on the back wall of the shed and have the double doors open so everyone outside can watch the game. Meanwhile, you are grilling or playing touch football on the lawn and need some light.

This tiki totem light is battery powered and gives off LED light so the party can go on into the night. It is shaped like a football, with the Steelers colors and name to extend your theme into the yard.

13) Team Runner Rug

Your man cave is your field, whether it is inside or outside. You play there, winning ground in online or video game console games. You watch others play there, and pretend that you are in a stadium with a roaring crowd or playing beside your favorite player.

This football field rug will turn your Pittsburgh Steelers man cave, or part of it, into a football field. At the edges of the runner is the team’s name, to show who owns the field.

14) Beer Opener

You have a nice set of beer glasses to show off your tastes, and your bar has a football hovering behind it to show everybody the spirit of the game. You will need this Pittsburgh Steelers bottle opener to open those bottles of beer.

15) Pittsburgh Steelers TV Frame

Since many game-related activities, or man cave activities in general, revolve around the TV, you made sure you had a good one. Your 40-50 inch TV has 4k or HD and is on a swivel mount so you can watch the game from anywhere in the cave. This Steelers-themed frame fits 40-50 inch TVs so your team is always there, even during the commercial breaks.

The frame goes on and off easily, so you can use it on game night, or leave it on all the time.

16) Team Spirit Gaming Chair

Football is not just about watching the game. Sometimes it is about playing the game, either online, on a game console, or outside in the yard. When you sit down to win as your favorite Pittsburgh Steelers player, do so in this comfortable oversized gaming chair from Amazon.

The chair is comfortable, with padding and wheels like any good gaming chair. It also has the Pittsburgh Steelers colors and logo to show which team you are playing for.

17) Gold Paint

The look of your Pittsburgh Steelers man cave will be determined by the big choices you make. The TV frame, Steelers-themed desk chair, and other items add to the effect, but the color is what will tell people without a doubt that these are your colors and this is your team.

You have a lot of gold and black decorations and this gold paint will tie them together. This way, areas with fewer colorful decorations will still feel like a part of the whole.

18) ​DIY Touch Football

Your man cave is your sanctuary. The household rules do not apply here, so you can get away with almost anything. That said, a few household rules are there for a reason. You tried playing football in the house, but lamps were broken, ornaments were knocked down, and a couple of stools now wobble a little more than they should.

This simple project turns common household items into a football. While it may not be exactly like the real thing, it is soft and light, so you can play catch without breaking the furniture your wife spent so much time collecting.

19) Portable Grill

It is time to cook out. You are playing football in your outdoor man cave, or watching the game in your garage man cave. You need more sustenance than chips and microwave burritos can provide.

This portable grill is great for an outdoor setting. It comes with the Steelers logo, and is a convenient way to get grilled food for your football party. This one is collapsible and stows away easily in the smallest space.

20) ​​Neon Sign

Your man cave has a comfortable chair. It has a cooler full of beer, and a set of beer glasses on the bar. The carpet is a football field and a magnetic football hovers over your table.

Unfortunately, your walls are bare. This Pittsburgh Steelers sign looks like any professional bar sign, and the lighted letters will be visible even when you have the lights off to watch the game or play an NFL video game.

21) Football Display Case

Memorabilia is essential to a football man cave. While it may take time to amass your collection, you may already have some items. A signed or collectible football is a good addition to a man cave, and shows your dedication to the sport and your team.

This display case is the right size for a football. You can store a collectible football in here, or a football signed by your team. It has the Pittsburgh Steelers logo, so people will know what team signed the ball.

Are you a Pittsburgh Steelers Fan? What activities and decorations do you have in your man cave?

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