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One of the best things about going with a broad theme is that you can mold it to fit your specific preferences. Nature nurseries are a good example of this. Everything from bright pink floral to bold jungle to soft woodland themes fall under the nature nursery umbrella.

This pro can also seem like a con, though — when you consider all the possibilities, it can get a little overwhelming. That’s why I’ve compiled some of the best nature nursery ideas to give you a jumping-off point. Let’s get into it!

1) Forest Animal Crib Sheet

These cute crib sheets are a great way to add a decorative touch to your baby’s crib while also making sure your baby is comfortable. You can buy this fitted sheet from Amazon.

2) Sleeping Bear Shelf Sitter

This sleeping bear has a lot of personality for a simple decor piece. It’s great for accenting wall shelves. You can buy this shelf sitter from Etsy.

3) Light-up Mushroom Terrarium DIY

This light-up mushroom terrarium is not only cute and whimsical, but it also functions as a nightlight.

4) Leaf Macrame

This beautiful macrame wall decor is perfect for adding a boho touch to your nursery. Thanks to the simple design, it can fit with a variety of different nature decor elements, such as jungle decor. You can buy this macrame from Amazon.

5) Geometric Animals Wall Decor

This geometric animal wall decor puts a modern twist on standard nature decor. Since these pieces are only outlines in natural colors, they have a minimal look to them to accent your walls without taking away from your favorite focal pieces. You can buy these geometric animals from Amazon.

6) Piper Family Canvas Art

This canvas art features a cute little piper family walking along the sand. It would be perfect for a nature nursery with some seaside influences or at least one with blue/green tones. You can buy this art from Home Depot.

7) Woodland Animal Mobile

While most nursery decor is appreciated more by adults than babies, mobiles are decor that babies love as well. I love this mobile since the animals on it are adorable, and the green and mostly neutral color palette can fit with most nurseries and cribs. You can buy this mobile from Amazon.

8) Macrame and Felt Lion DIY

I always love macrame wall decor projects since they’re great for adding a textured element to the room without being too dramatic. Macrame is used in a creative way in this DIY, being used as the lion’s mane. Due to the small space, it would work well on a narrow area on the wall, above a dresser, or even on the door.

9) Jungle Leaf Rug

You can give your nature nursery some tropical vibes with a jungle leaf rug like this one. Along with accenting your floors, it also adds a soft place for your baby to play on. You can buy this rug from Amazon.

10) Landscape Wall Shelves

I love these wall shelves since, even without anything on them, they function as wall decor with the beautiful metal landscape. They’re great for displaying small decor items, photo frames, and plants. You can buy these wall shelves from Amazon.

11) Pink Bear Rug

Often nature nurseries tend to have a lot of neutral and green colors in them. But if you want to switch things up, you can add a vibrant, bold color like pink to give it a unique look. You can accentuate the look by using this pink bear rug on dark hardwood floors or in a room with a lot of dark neutral elements. 

For a lighter, cuter look, you can also go for soft neutrals like light brown and gray. You can buy this pink bear rug from Etsy.

12) Panda Night Light

Night lights are a must-have for many parents since it makes it much easier to see when you’re checking up on your baby at night. While some nightlights aren’t super decorative, others, like this cute panda one, function as a decor piece during the day and a lifesaver at night. You can buy this panda nightlight from Amazon.

13) Mushroom Wall Hanging

Since mushrooms are often associated with fairies, adding them to your nature nursery can give it a whimsical, magical feel. Despite being a small piece of decor, it stands out all its own with the colorful mushrooms in varied sizes. I also appreciate the moss, flower, and leaf details at the bottom, which enhance the natural feel. You can buy this wall hanging from Etsy.

14) “Adventure Awaits” Bear and Mountain Sign

I love signs like this one since they have a rustic cabin-in-the-woods feel. It can work well with other rustic elements or simply add a touch of coziness to a nature nursery with a different aesthetic. You can buy this sign from Amazon.

15) Tree Branch Decor DIY

There are few things that fit better into nature nurseries than things from outside, and this tree branch decor is a good example of that. If you prefer to give it a more realistic look, I’d recommend using realistic-looking fake leaves over paper leaves. Keeping the paper leaves can give it a cuter, slightly cartoonish look, though, which may be appreciated depending on your specific nursery.

16) Branch Wall Hooks

These tree branch wall hooks are perfect for nursery organization. They’re great for storing little baby accessories like sun hats. If you have little clothes hangers, you can even hang baby outfits on them and have them ready to grab whenever you need them. You can buy these wall hooks from Amazon.

17) Riverstones

A bag of river stones is perfect as a clear vase filler, which can be used by themselves for a minimal look or to hold up fake flower arrangements. They also work well on top of plant soil to add an aesthetic touch to any potted plants you have in the nursery. You can buy these river stones from Amazon.

18) Personalized Sign With Leaves

Name signs are a great way to add a bit of personalization to your little one’s nursery and make it feel unique. I appreciate this sign’s simple design, which has a natural flair thanks to the wooden background and leaf details. You can buy this sign from Etsy.

19) Tree Stump Organizer

Since baby items are so small, they can be easy to lose. That’s where organizers like this one come in handy. You can keep many different items in it, from toys to clothes to diapers, and keep it out of the way. I also appreciate that it looks like a tree stump, adding a touch of realistic nature to your nature nursery. You can buy this organizer from Amazon

20) Floral Wall Mirror DIY

Using some dollar store items and miscellaneous craft items you might already have lying around (like a hot glue gun), you can make this gorgeous floral wall mirror. This is sure to be a focal point in your nature nursery between the large size and the gorgeous metallic leaves and glitter details.

21) Pressed Floral-Style Lamp

This lamp looks super cute and unique with the lampshade, which looks like it has pressed flowers on it. Along with being a beautiful decor piece, it’s also functional for giving a source of ambient light at night, which is especially great if you have bright overhead lights in the nursery. You can buy this lamp from Amazon.

22) Woodland and Mountain Garland

Garlands are practically a nursery decor staple. It’s common for parents to put them on the wall behind the crib, but they actually look good in other places too. You can use them as an accent below other wall decor or shelves, for example. You can buy this garland from Etsy.

23) Tree Wall Decals

Tree wall decals are great for their customizability. Most tree decals like this one have separate decals for each leaf, allowing you to put them wherever you want. You can keep it simple and put all the leaves on the branches or have them fly off the tree as though there’s a strong gust of wind. You can buy this tree decal set from Amazon.

24) Safari Animal Framed Wall Decor DIY

This is a super simple DIY that allows you to transform simple dollar store frames into golden frames. Pair them with some cute prints like these safari animals, and you have some wall decor ready to go at a discounted price compared to buying actual metallic frames.

25) Green Butterfly 3D Wall Decals

With their added depth, 3D wall decals add some visual interest to your nature nursery’s walls. While any color of butterflies works, green is likely to match, especially if you have a lot of leafy elements in the room. You can buy these decals from Amazon.

Summary and Top Picks

So, did you like looking at all these nature nursery ideas? I love how the nature theme can lean in so many different directions, from rustic and woodsy to upscale and floral. Feel free to take these ideas and make a nature nursery that’s truly unique for your baby. 

I loved all these ideas, but if I had to choose some favorites I’d have to go with: 

  • #11 Pink Bear Rug: This bear rug is precious, and I love the vibrant pink color. It’s sure to add a bold touch to any nature nursery. 
  • #15 Tree Branch Decor DIY: Since this DIY features actual elements of nature, it feels right at home in a nature nursery. 
  • #20 Floral Wall Mirror DIY: I love how this mirror uses some items from the dollar store, but it looks super luxurious. It’s definitely a standout piece for a nature-themed nursery. 

I’d love to know your thoughts, though. Which of these decor items would you put in your baby’s nature nursery? Let me know in the comments!

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