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It’s been a long day, whether you’ve been working tirelessly to bring home a paycheck or living life to its fullest, and you’re ready to lay your mind to rest. You step into your bedroom and feel the world become calmer as the cool tones of the room soothe you. Gray and white are great colors for making this soothing atmosphere, so here are some Gray and White Master Bedroom Ideas to help create your personal bubble of calm.

1) Silver Silk

While silver isn’t strictly the same as gray, you can add silver to a gray and white bedroom to add a little more dimension and make it feel more luxurious, which is an excellent touch for a master bedroom. A silver silk pillow like this is perfect because silk is amazingly soft. This way, you’ll have the luxurious silver color to complement your theme, and the silky texture will enhance the soothing feeling created by the gray and white.

2) Distressed White Wall Panel

Distressed white is a neat addition to a gray and white room because it falls on a line somewhere between looking gray and looking white. Distressed furniture and decorations are also great for a master bedroom because they give the impression that the bedroom has been around a long time, making it seem more like a traditional room that’s been passed down from parent to child for generations. This is great if you find tradition comforting like a lot of people do.

3) DIY Whitewash

A master bedroom is usually a bit nicer than the other bedrooms. While fireplaces have gone away in almost every home, the master bedroom is one of the few places you might still see one. If you have a brick fireplace, you’re probably struggling to figure out how you’re going to make it match a gray and white theme. One solution is whitewashing. Whitewashing brick and any other stonework using the directions in this video by Ben Tardif will create a dull white look that matches a gray and white bedroom pretty well.

4) White Crown Moulding

Crown molding is a bit ornate for most bedrooms, but for a medium- or large-sized master bedroom, you can use it to create a grander space as befits a master bedroom. If you like the idea, get crown molding like this and paint it white with gray walls. White trim on gray walls will create a striking look, and the crown moulding will make your bedroom look more ornate and timeless. The darker the gray is, the bolder the room will look.

5) DIY White Floor Paint

If you like traditional bedrooms and want to give your master bedroom a timeless feel, as if generations before you had used it, then this idea might be for you. A lot of people hesitate to use floor paint, but if you paint the floor the way Liz Marie described in this article, you’ll get a farmhouse look that’ll make your gray and white master bedroom seem more traditional. A traditional room can also feel more comforting, like the colors gray and white.

6) Splash of Color

Gray and white are great colors for a lovely room, but when you use them, you run the risk of creating a space that’s dull and lifeless if you do it wrong. One way to add a little life to your room without making it too energetic is to get art pieces like this that are primarily gray and white, but have a splash of vibrant color. This makes the art piece more dramatic and exciting while breaking up the monotony of the room in a way that doesn’t overpower the soothing theme you have.

7) Faux Sheepskin

If you want your bedroom to be soothing, gray and white are a great color choice. To complement those colors, you’ll want furnishings that are also calming. In a bedroom, this means lots of fluff and warmth, and in a master bedroom, it means luxury. A faux sheepskin or real sheepskin rug like this is a great way to add warmth, softness, and luxury to your master bedroom, and since it’s white, it matches the theme well. You can also look for a gray one.

8) DIY Board and Batten

Board and batten trim is a useful tool when you have a two-color theme because it’s a natural way to divide each wall in half. You can see here how Melanie from Find It Make It Love It used board and batten trim as an accent for a beige and white room. Now, picture a gray and white room with the same trim. Just paint the wall gray instead of beige, and paint the board and batten white. If the white is too harsh of a contrast, try an off-white that’s slightly gray.

9) 3D Geometric Panels

Gray and white is a great color combination for a calming master bedroom, but it can become boring and dull if you’re not careful. A good way to keep it interesting and make the master bedroom feel like your own is to add wall panels with interesting designs. For example, you can add these white panels from Amazon and paint the other walls gray. This is an incredible look for a modern bedroom, and it’ll make your master bedroom look different from any other.

10) Old is New Again

You don’t need to buy all-new furniture if you’re just changing your color scheme. Instead, look at some of the furniture you’ve got. If it’s made of wood, it’s easy enough to repaint it. While that might not be news, you can watch this video by Jami Ray Vintage to learn how to paint things in a vintage white to make your master bedroom look timeless while matching your gray and white theme. This vintage look adds to the soothing feeling of gray and white decor.

11) Textured Throw Blankets

Your theme is based on the colors you chose, but that doesn’t mean that color is the only thing you should focus on. Gray and white have the potential to create a flat look if you don’t do it right, so adding textures to the room will keep that from happening. They’ll also make it look and feel rich and three-dimensional. As a master bedroom, you want it to have a richer and more luxurious feeling, and textured gray blankets like this’ll help make that happen.

12) Antique Finish

Master bedrooms are often passed down through generations, and that feeling of timelessness that comes with a master bedroom can be a big part of what makes it comforting, even if you’re the first member of your family to sleep there. To get that timeless look, you can use the instructions in this article to paint an antique white finish on your furniture so that it’ll look antique and still match your theme. Even if you’re not going for a timeless feeling, antique white is an attractive way to paint furniture.

13) Mix Dark and Light Shades

We love gray and white, and so do you, or you wouldn’t be using that color combination in your master bedroom. That said, if it doesn’t look right, it might be because you don’t have enough variety. Instead of creating variety with multiple colors, though, you can use several shades of gray from the very darkest to the lightest, including white and possibly black. You can see how this black, gray, and white bed set looks more interesting than a single-colored one might, and the same can go for other bedroom decorations.

14) Farmhouse Theme

Sometimes, a color scheme isn’t enough to create a cohesive theme for a master bedroom. If you want a theme other than gray and white, then a farmhouse theme is a good one since it can have gray and white in it. Unlike a vintage theme, it can be either modern or old-fashioned, so if you prefer a modern theme, you can use this article from Just the Woods to learn how to make farmhouse furniture that isn’t worn-looking like a lot of vintage furniture. This way, your master bedroom looks new and nice instead of worn and stuffy.

How are you keeping your gray and white master bedroom interesting and calming at the same time? Did any of these ideas give you inspiration or help you find new furniture for your room? Let us know in the comments below.

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