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Your master bedroom is small, which isn’t ideal. It feels cramped, but you and your partner need your space, and you want a king-sized bed. Don’t worry; you can still have your comfort in a small bedroom. You might need a few hacks. Check out these Small Master Bedroom Ideas with King Size Bed to learn how you can make it work.

1) DIY TV Bump-Out

The words “bump-out” probably don’t sound like something that’ll help in a space-saving room, but a bump out with this design will actually take up less room than a typical TV stand and look better, too. You can read this article by Tanya from Dans le Lakehouse to learn how she built a bump-out over her fireplace for her TV to save space. If you only put a TV in one bedroom, the master bedroom should be it; don’t think you can’t just because the room is small.

2) Vintage

There were times when large bedrooms, even master bedrooms, weren’t typical, so if you want your master bedroom’s size to seem deliberate, try decorating in a vintage style. A small vintage bedroom will look better than a small modern bedroom, and if you’re not sure what to do, you can model it after other bedrooms like the one Tera Janelle describes in this article from Remodelaholic. In this bedroom, she used unusual things like old suitcases to decorate the room, but you can hunt through garage sales and find what works for you.

3) This Particular Headboard

Your master bedroom should look fancier than most bedrooms, no matter how small it is, and since you have a large bed that takes up most of the space, that bed makes an excellent focal point. To make the bed stand out, you can build a headboard like this headboard that Matt from Modern Artisan made and described in this video. It’s thin enough that it shouldn’t take up too much space, and you can have luxuries like built-in lights in it since it isn’t completely flat.

4) Bed Drawers

One of the hardest things about having a small bedroom is finding storage space. Unless you have a walk-in closet that’s not part of your main bedroom, you’re probably struggling with limited space to store clothes. If you need a king-sized bed to accommodate a partner, you probably need a bigger closet, and that’s hard to manage with a king-sized bed. In a sense, your king bed can be the solution. Think about getting a bed frame like this that has built-in drawers underneath.

5) Ceiling-Mount TV

A lot of master bedrooms have a TV nowadays, but you might be thinking that you don’t have room for one. While you might not have the floor space, you can get creative and find a place to mount a TV. One solution is a ceiling-mount TV like this since you probably don’t have a lot of things stored on your ceiling. If you get a ceiling TV mount like this, you can adjust it so that it’s not right near the ceiling in case you have low-hanging lights.

6) Fold-Down Table

One thing a lot of people don’t think about in a bedroom is surface space. Yes, you need drawers and storage space, but you also need a place to set down the things you need to get ready for the day, whether it’s a change of clothes or a wallet, cellphone, and keys. You might even need desk space to pay the bills every month. While you’ll need some permanent table space, a lot of these things only require a temporary space like this fold-down table that won’t take up space when not in use.

7) Make It Bigger

If your bedroom is too small, the solution might be to make it bigger by taking out a wall. If you’ve got two small bedrooms, but only you and maybe a partner live there, you can take out the wall between the two bedrooms and make the entire room bigger. If you can’t afford a contractor, you can take out even a load-bearing wall using the instructions in this video. This works best if you have two bedrooms beside each other, but you can hire a contractor to do it in almost any house.

8) DIY Hidden Door

If you have an attic space or another room next to your bedroom that you’re not using, you don’t have to remove the whole wall to get full use of it. You can use this article and video from Popular Mechanics to make any room into a closet for your master bedroom by installing a hidden door that’s also a shelf. This way, you get more closet space behind the door, and you’ll have extra shelves in the door itself.

9) DIY Recessed Bookshelf

Recessed furniture is always great for a small room. If you love books, you might think you don’t have space for a bookshelf, and the loss probably hurts quite a bit. Don’t give up so soon! You can build a recessed bookshelf using these directions by Megan from Adventure and Home to build a recessed bookshelf that won’t take up any space in your room. It’s your master bedroom, and you shouldn’t have to compromise when it comes to having your favorite books, Blu Rays, or video games in a convenient spot.

10) DIY Built-Ins

If you don’t have the skill to make recessed furniture or don’t want to tear up your walls, built-ins are probably the next best thing. With most furniture, you’ll waste a little bit of space because they can’t sit perfectly flush to the wall. BuIlt-ins are perfectly flush to the wall, and you can make almost anything into a built-in. Check out this article by Taryn Whiteaker to see some of the different built-ins you can make for a master bedroom in particular.

Inspiration comes from many places; did you find yours here? What ideas did you borrow from us, and do you have some of your own? Please, tell us about them in the comments below!

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