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It may not be the 90s anymore, but the Dallas Cowboys are still a force to be reckoned with in the 21st century. While you’re waiting for your team to dominate again as they did in the 90s, you’re watching them kick butt and take names…from your living room. Let’s be honest, though; you’d rather be in your garage. Use these Dallas Cowboy Garage Ideas to make a Dallas Cowboys Garage you can enjoy the game from.

1) Cowboys License Plate

License plates are a common type of garage decor. People love to save them and put them up as decorations. Country diners use them as decor, and people buy thematic ones to celebrate special occasions. In keeping with both the garage and Dallas Cowboys themes, you can get this Dallas Cowboys #1 Fan license plate to hang up in your garage. It’ll only take up a little wall space, and the deep blue color will make it stand out among any clutter.

2) Reserved Parking

Your garage is reserved for fans of the greatest team in the country. Well, maybe it isn’t, but it’d be cool if it were. Tell people that the garage is cowboy territory with this Cowboys Fans Only No Parking sign. The No Parking sign makes sense in a garage, and you can decide whether to put it inside near a garage bay, or outside for people pulling into the driveway. If you keep it inside, you get to admire it, of course.

3) DIY Custom Metal Sign

If you use your garage for metalworking, you’re a step ahead of everybody else for this idea. Most likely, you’ll be hiring somebody to build it, though. Check out this video by Ramsey Customs – turbocobra to learn how to make a Dallas Cowboys metal flag. The flag is durable metal coated in automotive candy, so it’ll hold up in the garage, even with the doors open, without fading. The hardest thing will be finding a clear space to hang it, but if you want a Dallas Cowboys’ fan garage, sometimes you need to sacrifice tool storage space.

4) DIY Starred Floor

If you’re trying to outfit a Dallas Cowboys garage, the main issue you’ll run into is tool storage space. Wall racks, hooks, and magnets are convenient places to store tools, so you don’t want to take up too much wall space. Try decorating the floor instead of the walls. First, paint the concrete; this tutorial will help if you haven’t done so before. Then, trace and paint the Dallas Cowboys’ star on the floor. The paint will seal the garage floor, and it won’t take up any precious garage space.

5) DIY Dallas Cowboy Pegboard

Pegboards are a common storage item in a garage; if you don’t have one, they’re a great thing to have. You can use removable hooks to store all different shaped tools without fighting with them as you might while putting them in a toolbox. If you don’t have a pegboard already, this tutorial will help you build your own simply and quickly. Once you have a pegboard, paint it with Cowboys’ colors. You can even find a stencil and add the team logo.

6) DIY Cowboy Star Hanging

The Cowboys’ star is iconic. Even people who don’t watch sports recognize it when they see it. If you have a Dallas Cowboys garage, you need to put the star somewhere. In this video, DIY Builds shows you how to make a wooden Dallas Cowboy star. Since you’re making it yourself, you can choose a place in your garage, measure it, and design the star to fit. Paint it with outdoor paint if you’re going to have the garage doors open a lot.

7) DIY Carve a Sign

If you have a router, your options for DIY decorations increase a lot. Try making a Dallas Cowboys’ sign, like the one in this video. Notice how the router bit creates smooth edges, so you can paint it ahead of time and use the bit to remove color in the pattern you want. You probably want to trace out your plans so you don’t carve somewhere you shouldn’t, though. Since the parts you carve won’t be sealed, add a clear coat afterward so that you don’t have to worry about moisture damaging it.

8) Route Sign

Route signs are a fun thing to collect. You’ve probably seen imitation Route 66 signs, at least, but did you know that they make thematic ones? If you want your Dallas Cowboys decorations to have a garage theme, get this route sign-shaped sign from Amazon. The steel embossed sign has the team name, colors, and star, and the metal construction means it’ll hold up to any moisture that gets into your garage. What other types of team-themes road signs could you get?

9) Cowboys Doormat

Your main garage door obviously can’t have a doormat, but your side door should have one to keep things from getting tracked inside. It obviously won’t keep all the dirt out, but you won’t have to clean as often. This Dallas Cowboys doormat will help keep dirt out, and since it’s a practical garage item, you won’t take up any storage room or workspace. Think about other things that you need in your garage, and find Cowboy-themed versions of them.

10) DIY Star and Stripe

If your garage has concrete or finished walls, consider painting the walls in team colors or painting a stripe with the Dallas Star like the one in this video. It only takes one free wall or part of one. You can even do a stripe diagonally down a stairwell if that’s your only free space. Try painting the same stripe on the edge of each stair with non-slip concrete paint, or come up with creative places to put it. Do you have the tools to paint a toolbox? Try that!

11) DIY Custom License Plate

If you’re a fan of cars, you might’ve collected a few license plates over the years. Otherwise, you can probably get them at a local auto swap meet. If you have plates, you can use the instructions in this article to make a customized Dallas Cowboys sign. Write the team name or a favorite player’s name. Try to find plates with the Dallas Cowboys’ colors for a fully customized, automotive-themed Dallas Cowboys sign. There are many states with blue license plates, so the hardest part will be finding gray letters.

12) DIY Spool Storage Table

This DIY project relies a bit on finding the right materials. If you have any old wire spools around or know where to get them, they can make great catch-all tables for a garage. You can also use tables made from spools as end tables if you have a sitting area anywhere in your garage. They’re perfect for garage man caves, too. Try taking a material like a wire pool and painting it to make it Dallas-Cowboy themed.

13) Thematic Seat

Your garage probably has a rolling stool or other seats for when you’re working at a bench, or when you need a break. This seat from Amazon should be comfortable for a break and provides back support. If you have a seat already, you should be able to replace it with this seat by attaching the seat to a set of legs. This new chair top has the Dallas Cowboys logo and team colors that will stand out, and it should make your chairs more comfortable.

14) Outdoor Dallas Cowboy Skull Graphic

Skulls are cool. If you don’t think so, this might not be the idea for you. This skull graphic from The Home Depot has an artist skull that resembles Mexican artwork but has a Dallas Cowboys’ theme. The eyes each have the Cowboys’ star, and the word Cowboys is written across it. The great thing about this graphic is that it can go on rough surfaces like concrete, unlike some decals that have to go on perfectly smooth walls. This means you can stick it anywhere, and it’ll look like you have a Dallas Cowboy-themed skull painted on your wall.

15) Wall Bottle Opener

If you drink certain brands of beer or soda, you might carry a bottle opener with you. If not, bottle openers are probably a neat, old-fashioned thing that’s no longer necessary. Either way, they’re a great decoration that doesn’t take up a lot of room. This small metal bottle opened has the Dallas Cowboys’ star on it, and you can stick it on any small walk space with a stud to attach to. Try making and painting a wood piece to mount it to, if you’re feeling creative, or adding a bottle cap catcher below.

What’re you looking to outfit your garage with? Did we miss any ideas? Let us know in the comments below!

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