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Today was a stressful day at work. You came home, but the house was noisy. Despite all efforts, you could not find a moment to yourself. Gazing at the empty storage room in the basement, you consider locking yourself in there just for some peace and quiet. Instead of locking yourself in the storage room, you’re thinking its time to turn it into a man cave and we want to help. If you have an unused space that seems too small for a man cave, think again.  Check out all of these man cave ideas for small rooms.

1) The Right TV

One of the most common fixtures in a man cave is the TV. Whether you are a sports fan, a video game lover, or a movie buff, you will want a good television to watch your shows and TV programs on. Depending on how small the room is, you will likely want at least a 32-inch TV. For gaming, you will want an even bigger one. The television should be wall-mounted to avoid using up counter space, like this 32-inch Samsung SMART TV.

2) DIY Floating Shelf With Remote Compartment

To make the most of a man cave in a small room, you will need to use every inch of space. This do-it-yourself project shows you how to do exactly that. In this video, you can learn to make a floating shelf with a remote drawer in the side. This drawer is a convenient storage space that lets you store things both inside and on top of the shelf. The project does take some skill or experience with woodworking, as the drawer barely fits in the needed space.

See some other floating shelf ideas below!

3) DIY Fold-Up Workspace

If you do not have space for a desk but like to browse on your laptop, or even do the occasional woodworking project, this do-it-yourself workspace may be just right for you. This video shows three types of workbenches you can make, including one that folds down from the wall. This will take up no floor space until you are actively using it, and should be sturdy enough for most uses. This works great in a small garage or any small space.

4) Mini Arcade Games

An arcade seems like something that would go in a large, luxurious basement man cave. While a full-sized pool table is not feasible, some arcade games are still possible in small spaces. This mini arcade game set from Amazon lets you play mini versions of pool, air hockey, table tennis, or foosball. While the table may need to be a centerpiece of the room, it can fit in a fairly small space. Four games in one means you only need to find the space for a single table.

5) Space-Saving Hanger and Compartment

If your man cave is a small bonus room in your house, you may have less need for storage. Your boots, coats, and hats are hung up by the front door. If your small man cave is a shed or cold basement, you may want some coat hooks. This coat hanger from Amazon has hooks that fold down. That way the hooks are not in the way when not in use. This is small enough to mount to the back of a door, and can also hold keys, gloves, and more.

6) TV Stand With Sliding Door

A television is likely a dominant piece in your man cave, but it does not have to take up the whole space. It is always difficult to manage all the wires, game consoles, DVD players, cable boxes, and more that come with a TV. This TV stand has places for components and hides the wires. The adjustable shelves let you use every bit of space, shortening some shelves to allow for larger objects on others. The sliding doors mean that floor space will not be taken up by swinging cabinet doors.

7) ​​Card Table

Your man cave will likely have some entertainment besides TV. It will also have snacks and drinks. This folding card table gives you an all-purpose space to entertain and serve yourself or a couple of close friends. You can sit around it and play cards, pour drinks, work on a laptop, or do any number of entertainments. When you no longer need the surface, the table and included chairs fold up to free up the space. This makes it a versatile must-have for any small man cave.

8) DIY Floating Desk

Floating shelves are good storage ideas for small rooms because they do not have supports that take up a lot of space. This simple do-it-yourself video shows you how to turn a door into a cheap floating shelf. You can also turn a floating shelf into a usable surface such as a desk by using 2x4s and plywood instead of a premade door, and either adding two legs or attaching it to three walls. This works well if your small room has a nook you are trying to fill.

9) ​Folding Air Hockey

Your man cave is your space. Do not let the size deter you from the activities you want to do. This air hockey table has all the regular air hockey features, including forced air, pucks, pushers, and a scorekeeper. When you are finished playing, the table folds up so it does not take up permanent space in your man cave.

This works well if you cannot afford to take up space with a multi-use table, such as the one mentioned earlier in the article.

10) Lighting a Small Space

You may be tempted to think that lamps and window lighting will be enough for your man cave; however, this would be a mistake. Lamps take up a lot of room in a cave that is already short on space. Instead, use overhead lighting that can be adjusted as needed. These overhead lights are adjustable and dimmable, so you can aim them away from the TV to prevent glare. This is important when they are likely to be close to the television in such a small space.

11) ​DIY Recessed Shelf

When furnishing your small room man cave, you will have to look for options that optimize the space you already have; however, there is another solution. Rather than only optimizing the existing space, you can create more space. This article describes a do-it-yourself project in which you can create shelves that recess into the wall. The easiest way to do that is to place them between the studs, rather than cutting studs and making the project more difficult. This must be done on an interior wall.

12) ​Adjustable Folding Table

A surface to work on, place snacks, or pour drinks on is an important part of any man cave. Unlike a standard folding card table, this foldable table has an adjustable height. This means that you can use it as a coffee table or a surface to use while sitting in a floor gaming chair. Then you can use the same table to stand and pour a drink at. You can use more than one, and if they get in the way of a particular activity, just fold them up and lean them against a wall.

13) Over Door Hat or Coat Rack

Floor space is optimal in a small room man cave, but wall space can also become limited. Many methods of reducing floor space usage involve hanging things on walls, but you can also hang things on doors. This is useful because the space behind a door is almost always wasted. This over-door hat or coat rack is great to hang your hat, police gear, or anything else that needs to be stored and can be hung up.

14) Storage Ottoman

Your man cave is a refuge, and you do not want to leave it just to grab a drink. Similarly, you do not want to have to run out and grab a throw blanket, or get the table games you had stored in a hall closet. This ottoman is both a comfortable seat and storage. You can sit in comfort, but when you need a table game or throw blanket, it is right underneath you. There is no need to go out.

15) Warm and Responsive Light

The light bulb you use is as important as the light fixture. For an inviting and relaxing space, you want soft and warm light. This light bulb from The Home Depot gives off a soft, warm light. It is also dimmable so you can decide exactly how much light you need. Since your television will be close to your lights, you may be worried about glare. This lightbulb is designed to prevent glare on television screens, making it perfect for a smaller space.

16) ​​Temporary Exercise Area

You may be thinking that you do not have enough room for exercise. While your small man cave may not be big enough for a weight bench, you can include smaller or portable exercise equipment. This may be an all-in-one piece of equipment, a small stair-stepper, or free weights that take up almost no room. Either way, you will want a mat that covers your exercise area. This portable exercise mat is large enough for any activity, but can easily be folded up if you are finished exercising and want to use the space for something else.

17) ​​Combine Spaces

One way to make the most of your space is to design one area for multiple uses. This coffee table has a top that lifts up, making it a functional desk if you need a workspace. It can then be lowered  to be a regular coffee table if you just want to watch TV. Unlike folding tables, you do not need to clear everything off, fold it, and find a storage spot. You can simply lift the table top or slide it down without moving anything off it. It also has a lot of storage space.

18) Wheeled Reclining Chair

Almost everybody wants a recliner in their man cave. They are comfortable and let us relax in any position we like. One issue with recliners is that they need to be positioned away from a wall so that they can recline. This takes a lot of space. Unlike traditional recliners, this reclining chair has wheels so you can store it against a wall, then roll it to the center of the room when you want to recline. It also functions as a computer chair, and can roll between multiple areas, so you only need one chair.

19) Stack Things

No matter how small your man cave is, you will want to be able to display trophies, collectibles, and personal memorabilia. Unfortunately, that takes a lot of space. A good solution to this is to stack the items. You may wonder how you can stack things like framed pictures, Navajo pottery, and other odd-shaped items.

Use this countertop display from WalMart to display your decorations and memorabilia. The three shelves mean you can store three times as much without using any extra counter space.

20) ​​Folding Foosball Table

If you like foosball, you may want a foosball in your small man cave . It is not an easy task, but this folding foosball table makes it feasible. Foosball can be a difficult sport in small spaces because you need space around the table to play. With this folding table, you can pull it out any time you want to play, then stash it somewhere when you need the floor space for other activities and entertainments.

21) ​Clean Air

Your man cave is a bit crowded, but it is cluttered with things you like. Since you are the only one who uses the space, it sometimes gets a bit dusty when you are busy. While you may have a window to freshen things up, you will not want windows open when it rains or snows. Use this air purifier to keep the air fresh. You should not have to worry about allergies, dust, or anything that makes it hard for you to breathe in your own man cave. That said, do not forget to dust also.

22) ​​Natural Light

While you will want ceiling lights for nighttime, it is also a good idea to have a source of natural light. Natural light is always healthy, but it is rarely enough to light up a room. Luckily for you, your man cave is small. A window may be enough to light the whole area for most tasks. This is not only a healthy alternative to electric lighting, but an energy-saving solution. Reduce your bills, help the environment, and help yourself relax with these windows.

23) ​​Corner Bar

If you want a home bar, but are not sure if you have enough space, try this corner bar. Corner spaces are difficult to utilize, so this corner bar will help you make use of this space. It takes up about 40 inches on each wall, and some of that space would have been wasted corner space anyway. The full height means that you are not wasting any floor space for bar storage, and you can include a small bar counter to serve drinks on.

24) Warm or Neutral Color

While a gaming man cave may have a dark color scheme, most man caves in small rooms will have neutral or warm colors, like this warm marshmallow paint from The Home Depot. As the name suggests, warm colors lend a warm, inviting feel to the area. This is perfect for a place to relax. Neutral or off-white colors are great for libraries or study areas. Neutral colors do not distract from what you are doing. Avoid pure whites in small spaces, because they become blinding and make it difficult to relax.

25) Use Every Space

The worst thing to have in a small man cave is wasted space. This means stacking things, creating compartments, and many other ideas. One of the most commonly wasted spaces is the corner of a room. This corner cabinet uses every inch of space. It is designed as a bar, but can be any type of server, table space, or desk. It is 25 by 35 inches out of the corner, so should fit in any man cave.

26) DIY Custom Bar

A bar is always a great addition to a man cave. These are not exclusive to people who drink; you can have a coffee bar, snack bar, or any other type of bar you like. This do-it-yourself project shows you how to make a bar from shelves. This project is ideal for man caves in small rooms because the shelves maximize storage room, rather than wasting storage space on embellishments. The countertop and paint choices will make up a lot of the decoration of this bar. You can choose how many shelves you want to make any size bar.

27) Wall Mount TV

Your man cave will almost definitely have a television. One issue with TVs is that they take up a lot of space. Even a thin television that sits on a table will take up the space used by that table. This wall mount ensures that your TV only takes up wall space. It sits close to the wall to take up little space, but it can also tilt. The tilt lets you angle it to account for how close you are sitting and to eliminate glare.

28) Small Minifridge

If you spend a lot of time in your man cave, you are going to need drinks. You could go to the kitchen for them, but the point of a man cave is to be in your own space. Constantly leaving on a beer run is not ideal. This minifridge is compact and has specs to include bottles or cans in the door. The adjustable shelves make it perfect for snacks, or for storing larger mixers for your minibar.

29) Gaming Floor Chair

A great use for a small man cave is a TV, library, or gaming room. No matter your use, this floor gaming chair is a comfortable addition to any space that is designed for relaxing and hanging out. It takes up minimal room when not in use, and it provides comfort and support. Since it is easy to move, you can place it in a corner and then move it where you need it when you pull out your favorite game or book. You can also store more than one of these in case a friend or two comes over.

30) Corner Computer Desk

Bars are a great use of corner space, but you may not want a bar. You also have four corners to fill and limited options to use that space efficiently. This computer desk sits perfectly in a corner, with ample storage space for your computer accessories. A desk is a great use of corner space because the inside of the corner can conceal wires, and gives plenty of legroom no matter how narrow the desk top is.

31) ​Rotating Liquor Dispenser

If you do not have a bar, but still want to have access to a favorite drink, this rotating liquor dispenser is a must. Pick your three favorite drinks, and always have them on hand. It takes up less room than a liquor cabinet, and the revolving feature means you can store it in a corner or small space, as long as you can access the front of it to grab a bottle.

How have you optimized a small space? Share some of your ideas with us below!

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