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Your shift is over and you feel the need for a drink. You consider going to a local bar, but change your mind. Even your favorite bar doesn’t appeal to you every day and you hate having to worry about how you’re going to get home.  These man cave bar stool ideas will help you design a comfortable bar for yourself that will make you choose your man cave over any other bar.

1) ​Rustic Pub

Is your man cave sleek and modern, or is it rustic and European? This bar stool from Amazon is a tall, rustic-brown stool that looks like it could have come straight from a pub. It has a comfortable backrest that does not interfere with your ability to turn around and watch television or talk to somebody, since the stool swivels. It comes in several colors, so you can pick the right one to match your decor. You can even choose a shorter, counter-height version of the same stool

2) DIY Repurpose Items

If you have a favorite hobby, you likely have some old gear, equipment, or tools for the hobby. Often, such items can be repurposed into a bar stool. This stool can create an eclectic junkbox man cave, but it will often add to a theme. For example, if you have an old oil drum, it may be because you like mechanics, and have a garage man cave. The oil drum will become part of your theme. This video shows you how to turn an old keg into a stool.

3) ​College

If you have a college or sports team man cave theme, your stools should reflect that. While you can paint them team colors, you will likely have plenty of team colors around. Go a step further with these university-themed bar stools. While this stool is a Wichita State bar stool, you can pick from several universities to get a bar stool for your school. You can also paint the bar in your college colors to match.

4) ​Old Fashioned

Your bar stools should fit your theme. The curved metalwork on this stool makes it look like an old-fashioned metal chair. The metal and leather construction with a wood top makes it durable and it will look nice too. The curved back makes it comfortable, and it can spin 360 degrees. This means you can get on and off it comfortably and never need to shift the stool’s location. Put this in a classy man cave with a dark color scheme. The bar could have dark brown stained wood to match.

5) ​​DIY Simple Round Bar Stools

If you do not want to spend a lot of money on bar stools or if you like making things yourself, you can make your own stools. This article tells you how to make a simple round barstool. You can customize it for any bar by making the stool 10-12 inches lower than the bar. You can also choose any paint or stain color to fit the theme, and adjust the size of the seat. The stool does not have a back, so you do not have to add a swivel mechanism.

6) ​​​​​Footrest

If your bar stools are tall, you may not be able to rest your feet on the ground. This would be uncomfortable, so you should measure to see if you will be able to rest your feet on the ground while sitting on a given stool. If you need taller stools for your counter, get a stool like this one from Amazon. This stool has a footrest built in, so you will always have a comfortable place to rest your feet.

7) ​​Tractor Seat

If you have a rustic farmhouse or barn man cave, a farm- or tractor-themed bar stool may be a good idea. Rather than using any rustic or wood bar stool, get this tractor seat bar stool. The metal tractor seat is shaped for comfort, and it has a bar to rest your feet on while you sit. The height can be adjusted, and the four legs that branch out of the bottom make it sturdy. Unlike some stools, the base is almost as wide as the top. It also swivels 360 degrees.

8) ​​​​Modern Theme

Your modern man cave needs a bar like any other man cave. Instead of rustic wood and metal, you will want chrome with modern whites and blacks. This tall bar stool from Amazon has a curvy white design with a chrome base. You can also get it in a retro red, or a shiny blue, instead of white. They all have a chrome footrest and adjustable height, making them the perfect modern bar stool. The seat is foam injected to make it comfortable, and the stool swivels to make it easy to get up and down from any direction.

9) ​​​DIY Wood Carved

If you like a rustic look but do not want to pay for it, you can make your own wood bar stool with a comfortable carved seat. This video shows you how to make a stool with an indented seat that is comfortable to sit in, despite the hard wood material. This is good for a rustic-themed man cave bar, and you can paint or stain it any way you want. You can even paint designs on it.

10) ​​DIY Match Themes

While picking a new bar stool can be a challenge, it is not always necessary. If you have bar stools but they are not working for your theme, the simplest way to improve them is to paint them. You can pick a team color for a sports man cave, or choose a dark or light color to fit a theme. This milk paint is designed for painting furniture and similar projects. Find a color that appears often in the bar area of your man cave, and paint your bar stools in that color to match the existing theme.

11) Industrial

If you have a loft man cave with an industrial theme, you will want a bar and stools to match. This bar stool from Amazon has a creative pipe design that will fit an industrial man cave well. It is adjustable, and the top rotates freely around the center column. The top of the center column looks like a large bolt that screws into the base, and the wide base has a metal ring to rest your feet on while you sit.

12) ​​DIY Adjustable Height

One drawback of making your own stool is that you usually end up with a fairly simple wooden stool. With this project, you can learn to make an adjustable barstool for your man cave. This adds a level of comfort while letting you customize the stool to your needs. This stool design lets you adjust the barstools to nearly twice their original height, and the same technique could be used on end tables throughout the man cave.

13) ​​Comfort

Bar stools can be uncomfortable. In many cases, you need to lean against the bar to relieve back pain, or stand up and stretch your legs if you sit for too long. These bar stools have thick padding and a curved seat back for back support. Instead of focusing on the convenience of a swivel mechanism or adjustable height, the designer focused on making a seat you could sit in for a while. This stool is great if your man cave centers around the bar, and you expect to sit there for a long time.

14) Outdoor

Not all man cave bars are indoors. If you have a backyard or patio man cave, you will want a bar where you can serve drinks to friends or sit and eat a snack or meal. This barstool is made with a UV resistant and weatherproof wicker that will dry quickly after rain, and will not rot or mildew if left outside. With this barstool, you can go inside during a brief rain shower, then come back out and wipe the chair with a towel to sit down comfortably.

Did any of these ideas catch your eye? Tell us about your barstool choices in the comments below!

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