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Usually, when you think of nursery decor, it ties in with a specific theme, right? Whether it’s minimalist, rustic, or bold, it’s meant to have a uniform look. 

There is one exception to that rule, however — eclectic style. Eclectic style is designed around both personal preference and contrast. It involves many different patterns, textures, and elements of different styles. 

It’s a very freeing style since you can choose items you like without worrying about them being “not minimalist enough.” At the same time, it still manages to look cohesive since the items are usually coordinated around a specific color palette. 

Eclectic rooms tend to look very fun, whimsical, and child-friendly, which is exactly what you want in a nursery. So, are you ready to get started on the nursery of your dreams? Let’s take a look at some eclectic nursery ideas.

1) Realistic Moon Lamp

A lot of eclectic rooms have a few of what I like to call showstopper pieces — ones that really make you stop in your tracks when you see them due to their unique look. While small, this piece has a level of detail not often found in lamps, making it mesmerizing to look at.  Buy this lamp from Amazon.

2) Boucle Rocker

The cute and colorful pattern on this rocket really drew me in, but I can’t neglect to mention the boucle texture of the rocker as well. Combined with some of the things you’ll see later, you can create a diverse room full of textural contrast, making it look super visually interesting. Buy this rocker from Home Depot.

3) Floral Moon Wall Hanging DIY

If you feel like your nursery needs a cute touch to it, this floral moon wreath is the perfect choice for sprucing things up. With just some cardboard, artificial flowers, velvet yarn, and hot glue, you can make this gorgeous nursery wall decor piece that you’ll want to treasure forever.

4) Multi-Patterned Curtains

Remember how I said that mixing patterns is a key part of eclectic style? Well, these curtains practically do all the work for you! I recommend putting them against neutral-colored walls for maximum impact, allowing all the colors to shine. Buy these curtains from Amazon.

5) Fruit Vase

“Fruit vase” is probably not a phrase you hear often, but here it is all the same. Along with being colorful and fun-looking, the great thing about this vase is that it’s rife with design possibilities. You could put some paper flowers inside, feathers, and so much more to give your eclectic nursery a bit more pizzazz. You can buy this vase from Amazon.

6) Mid-Century Modern Giraffe Art

Along with combining various interior decor styles, something eclectic rooms often do is combine different art styles. So someone might have a soft watercolor painting next to a pop art painting, and that’s totally allowed! 

Of course, this mid-century modern giraffe art from Home Depot really stands out, even if it’s the only piece of decor on your nursery’s walls. While clearly a giraffe, it toes the line between abstraction and realism in a captivating way. Buy this wall art from Home Depot.

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7) Fringe Table Lamp

With its bright pink and gold color scheme and unique fringe shade around the lightbulb, this table lamp is certainly a sight to see. Buy this lamp from Amazon.

8) Alice in Wonderland Wall Art

With its wacky cast of characters and vibrant fantasy world, Alice in Wonderland feels about as eclectic as you can get. This print is a beautiful choice for a nursery since it features two favorite characters from the series, Alice herself and the Cheshire Cat. 

The quote is also beautiful since it relates to the journey children go on to find their own identity and place in the world. You can buy this print from Amazon.

9) Textured Cheetah Pillowcase

Cozy throw pillows are often a must-have for nurseries since they make chairs or gliders more comfortable and they look super cute. But if you feel your pillows need a little extra flair, why not spice them up with these textured cheetah pillowcases from Amazon

The bright pink color and animal pattern make them impossible to miss. Plus, the textured look is perfect for creating some texture contrast with other parts of the nursery, a key part of the eclectic style.

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10) Rustic Rooster Sculpture

This rustic rooster is perfect for an eclectic nursery with the bold floral pattern and speckled, multicolored design. It’s great for adding a vintage twist to the overall look. Place it next to a table lamp or an empty-looking end table to make your nursery feel complete. Buy this sculpture from Home Depot.

11) Colorful Rug

I’ve covered a few areas of the nursery already, like table decor, curtains, and wall decor. But what about the floors? Don’t worry! There’s a perfectly eclectic solution there, too. Adding a colorful rug is one way to make your nursery pop. 

If you have hardwood floors, it can be a comfortable place to stand while checking in on your baby. Or instead of that, you could use it as a baby playmat so your baby can do tummy time or just roll around on something comfortable. Buy this rug from Amazon.

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12) Cow Ottoman

You can’t help but love this adorable little cow ottoman. If you’re looking for a unique piece to add to your eclectic nursery, this one is it! If you have a plain-looking rocking chair putting this ottoman in front of it can be a great way to spruce that area up. You can buy this ottoman from Amazon.

13) Minimalist Watercolor Wall Art

When you’re lost in all the bright colors and fun patterns, it can be easy to forget that eclectic style isn’t all about those things. Instead, it’s about combining different styles into one. To do this successfully requires some balance. 

If you plan to have a lot of wild-looking decor in your nursery so far, this minimalist watercolor wall art from Amazon is a great choice for softening up the look and keeping it from looking too busy.

14) Colorful Floral Wall Art

Between the bright, bold colors on the black background and the gorgeous floral print design, this is a stunning piece of eclectic artwork. You just can’t help staring at it! 

Since it’s so bold, I highly recommend it as a standalone piece of wall decor or pairing it with minimalistic items like simple shelves. Otherwise, the fun, eclectic style you were going for can start to look a little chaotic. You can buy this wall art from Walmart.

15) Macrame Toy Hammock

Whether it’s gifts from friends and family, items from a baby shower, or even things you bought, babies often collect a lot of toys in their first few years of life. Where do you put them all? 

While you could put them in a toy chest, I recommend this macrame toy hammock. The textured look of it is perfect for eclectic style, and it’s super-practical as a space-saving solution. You can buy this toy hammock from Amazon.

16) Blossom Fairy Lights

Fairy lights are a mainstay in nurseries for many reasons. Along with being ambient lighting, they make a great finishing touch to a room’s existing decor. I really love these blossom fairy lights from Amazon since they put a unique spin on standard fairy light designs. They also look super elegant if you’re looking to incorporate that style into your eclectic-looking nursery.

17) Leather Pouf

Besides some of the other textures I mentioned earlier, leather is also a great one to include. Depending on the specific item, it can make the room either have a rustic or modern aesthetic.
I love this leather pouf — if you don’t have or don’t want a full-size glider in the nursery, this can be a great place for you to sit down. It also makes a great footstool. You can buy this leather pouf from Amazon.

18) Dark-Colored Walls

If you plan to have a lot of colorful decor items in your eclectic nursery, one of the best ways to highlight them is with dark-colored walls. Navy blue, dark gray, and black walls are all great choices. The colors will pop out against them and create some dramatic contrast, making the nursery look eye-catching.

19) Dreamcatcher Ceiling Decor

If your nursery has high ceilings, this dreamcatcher might be the perfect choice. It has a lovely blend of textures with twine, feathers, beads, and cute little starlights. Put together, it’s perfect for an eclectic style. 
Plus, babies will love looking up at it from a playmat on the floor. Buy this dreamcatcher from Amazon.

20) Sun Mirror Stickers

These sun mirror stickers from Amazon are perfect for making a little one’s room cozy and inviting. If the nursery has other wall decors, it’s subtle enough so it doesn’t clash. It also works by itself as a nice accent to plain-looking neutral walls.

21) Duck Night Light

Being unique is all part of the fun when it comes to eclectic style, and few things fit the bill better than this cute little duck nightlight (no pun intended!). It’s a great accent to put on top of a bare-looking chest of drawers or an end table near a rocker. 
Plus, along with being a great accessory, it’s very practical. Parents can simply touch the light to feed their baby or change them at night without having to turn on the bright overhead lights. You can buy this night light from Amazon.

Summary and Top Picks

We just took a look at some eclectic nursery ideas. There are countless more out there to explore, especially since the eclectic style was specifically designed to be diverse. That said, I hope this gave you a place to start and made the world of eclectic nursery decor a little less overwhelming. 

I really love all of these picks, but if I had to choose a few favorites, I’d have to go with:

  • #5 Fruit Vase: This cute and colorful vase looks beautiful on its own, but I love the fact that you can double its eclectic potential by putting various items inside, like flowers. 
  • #12 Cow Ottoman: Normally, when I walk into a room, I don’t look at the ottoman first, but if it’s a cute cow like this one, I have no choice! Plus, rockers and nursery chairs tend to look a little plain, so this ottoman is also great for keeping the area nearby in with the eclectic theme. 
  • #21 Duck Nightlight: Nightlights are a must-have for parents (no more fumbling around in the dark or getting blinded by the lights!), but that doesn’t mean they need to be boring. This duck nightlight has so much personality and can add a little decorative touch anywhere in your nursery. 

I’d love to hear your thoughts, though. What decor items do you plan on putting in your eclectic nursery? Let me know in the comments!

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