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If you want your little one’s nursery to have an oceanic vibe, there are a few better themes than a whale nursery. With that in mind, it can sometimes be difficult to think of decor items to put in there. Are there really that many decor items out there that are specifically whale-themed? Well, you’re in luck because there are a ton of options out there. Check out this list of whale nursery ideas and get inspired.

1) Whale Changing Pad Cover

Changing pad covers allow you to keep your changing pad clean while also giving it a cute appearance. This whale changing pad cover is perfect for making every detail in your little one’s nursery coordinated. You can buy this changing pad cover from Amazon.

2) Whale Mobile

Mobiles allow you to decorate the area around your little one’s crib while also entertaining them. This whale mobile is a super cute addition to any whale-themed nursery. You can buy this mobile from Amazon.

3) Whale Sock Holder

Since baby socks are so small, they can be easy to lose. Enter this DIY, which is a sock holder specifically designed to keep socks in one place. And thanks to the whale theme, it also serves as a cute piece of wall decor.

4) Whale Crib Bedding Set

Besides getting a mobile, you can also coordinate your little one’s crib with the theme by getting some whale-themed crib bedding. You can buy this crib bedding set from Amazon.

5) Whale Wall Decals

These whale decals with the stars and moon make for a dreamy and imaginative bit of decor for your little one’s nursery. Thanks to the large size, it would work well on the wall behind a crib or to decorate an accent wall. You can buy these wall decals from Amazon.

6) Whale Lamp

This cute little whale lamp would make the perfect piece of decor for a dresser or shelf. Since it’s small, it would work well as a nightlight, so you don’t have to turn on the bright overhead lights when checking on your baby. You can buy this lamp from Amazon.

7) Whale Garland

Garlands are always a great piece of nursery decor since you can put them pretty much anywhere. On the wall behind the crib is one of the most popular options, but you can also accent the underside of wall shelves with them or use it to accent other pieces of wall decor. You can buy this garland from Etsy.

8) Whale Throw Pillow

Throw pillows are always great for making a nursery rocker or chair more comfortable for you while also serving as a piece of decor. Since the throw pillow already comes with the design on it, you won’t have to invest in separate throw pillow covers. You can buy this throw pillow from Amazon.

9) Whale Soother

Soothers are designed for — just as their name suggests — to soothe your baby. They come with all kinds of options for music and white noise to help your little one sleep at night. Plus, getting a super cute whale soother like this one makes it a decor piece as well as being functional. You can buy this whale soother from Amazon.

10) Whale Rug

If your floors are feeling a little bit bare or just generally plain, you can always get a whale rug to spruce things up. Along with being decorative, it also gives a soft surface for your baby to play on. You can buy this whale rug from Amazon.

11) Whale Night Light

If you need a little extra light without blinding yourself in the middle of the night, you may want a nightlight like this one. During the day, it looks like a cute piece of decor, but during the night, it’s a lifesaver. You can buy this nightlight from Amazon.

12) Whale Name Sign

If you want your little one’s nursery to feel a bit more personalized, getting a name sign like this one can do the trick. It functions as a cute piece of decor while also making your baby’s nursery unique. You can buy this name sign from Etsy.

13) Whale Laundry Basket

When life gets messy, laundry baskets are essential for keeping all your little one’s dirty clothes in one place. If you don’t need it for laundry, though, you can always use a laundry basket as a toy hamper or for storage of baby essentials like diapers. You can buy this laundry basket from Amazon.

14) Whale Throw Blanket

This cozy sherpa throw blanket is sure to add a cute and comfortable look to your nursery chair. You can buy this throw blanket from Walmart.

15) Whale Tail Wall Hook

Wall hooks like this are great since you can hang many different things on them depending on your needs. Baby outfits, accessories, and more can fit on these wall hooks for easy access. And with the whale tail design, it’ll also add a cute touch to your nursery walls. You can buy these wall hooks from Amazon.

16) Whale Curtains

You can add a bit of flair to your nursery’s windows with these cute whale curtains. You can buy these curtains from Amazon.

17) Personalized Whale Name Decal

Besides using name signs to give a personalized element to your little one’s whale nursery, you can also use custom name decals like this one. They would look beautiful over a crib. You can buy this name decal from Amazon.

18) Wooden Whale Decor

This wooden whale is super simple and easy for decorating pretty much any surface, from a shelf to a bookcase to a dresser. You can buy this wooden whale from Etsy.

19) Whale Milestone Blanket

Babies grow so quickly, but you can keep the memories forever by taking photos. One common way parents like taking photos of their babies is on milestone blankets like this one. With the consistent background and how old they are being clearly visible, you can track your baby’s growth over time. You can buy this milestone blanket from Amazon.

20) Whale Photo Blocks

These whale photo blocks are perfect for displaying all your favorite baby or family photos that you have. Since they’re held up rather than in a frame, a variety of different photo sizes work with them. You can buy these photo blocks from Amazon.

21) Geometric Whale Wall Decor

With just a few simple materials, you can make this gorgeous modern-looking geometric whale wall art decor.

22) Whale Plush

Along with being a fun toy for your little one to play with when they’re older, this whale plush can serve as a cute decor item for a toy net, a shelf, or for sprucing up your nursery chair. You can buy this plush from Walmart.

23) Colorful Glass Whale

While most whales come in blue, this glass whale defies expectations. It’s great for adding a vibrant and colorful flair to a shelf, dresser, or bookcase. You can buy this glass whale from Walmart.

Summary and Top Picks

How did you like looking at these whale nursery ideas? With the gorgeous blue color palette and the cute whale-themed items, a whale nursery is a great option. I hope this list gave you a good place to start decorating a nursery you’ll be proud of for your little one to grow up in. 

Out of all the items on this list, I’d have to say these were my top picks: 

  • #1 Whale Changing Pad Cover: Changing pads are essential for nurseries, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make them cute! This changing pad cover allows you to do just that. 
  • #9 Whale Soother: Baby sleep is often one of the most difficult things for parents to sort out, and anything you can get to potentially make it easier is a good thing. This soother, with white noise, lullabies, and other features, might just be what your baby needs. Plus, with the whale design, it looks super cute even when not in use. 
  • #23 Colorful Glass Whale: This glass whale stood out to me due to how colorful it is. If your nursery is feeling overwhelmingly blue and you want to spice things up, this may be the decor item for you. 

But I’d love to know what you think. Which of these decor items would you choose and why? Let me know in the comments!

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