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You grew up with Disney and loved every minute of it, watching their shows and movies. Maybe you even went to Disneyworld or Disneyland. Now, you’ve got your own little princess on the way, and there’s only one option; make her world a Disney World. You can surround your girl with the beauty and wonder of Disney and give her a chance to be a Disney Princess using some of these Disney Princess Nursery Ideas!

1) Pink

While not all Disney princesses wear pink, many of them do, and it’s one of the easiest colors to find Disney decorations in. You can get pink curtains like these that let tiny pinpricks of light through to create the illusion of a starry sky. These are perfect if you want to focus on the magic that’s inherent in every Disney production, and the pink color will match many Disney princess decorations, from toy castles to Cinderella decals. 

2) Princess Lamp

Lamps are wonderful accessories for nurseries since they allow you to illuminate a small portion of the room to check on your baby without turning on overhead lights that might wake them up or make it harder for you and your infant to get back to sleep. Since this is a Disney princess nursery, we found this Disney princess lamp for you to decorate your little one’s nursery with. The lamp has pictures of different princesses on the lampshade and the base is pink and shaped like a crown.

3) DIY Disney Letters

Putting letters on a nursery wall to spell your child’s name is a common decorative choice since it’s one of the few ways that you can customize the room to fit your infant. If you want to spell your baby’s name on the wall, you can make wall letters using Disney stories by following the directions in this video. With these instructions, you can make letters for several different Disney princesses or choose a favorite princess to base every letter on.

4) Disney Princess Storage

Storage is important in any room, but nurseries in particular since you’ll need to have easy access to your baby’s diapers, clothes, soothing items, and more. You don’t want to be struggling to find something while juggling a baby, after all. We found these Disney princess storage bins that are the perfect size for infant clothes and toys and also fit young children’s clothing. This means you’ll be able to use them for a long time to come.

5) Choose a Favorite

Who’s your favorite Disney princess? You don’t have to make the nursery a general Disney princess theme with all the princesses receiving equal attention. If you have a favorite, you can get things like this Ariel-themed bedding set of a cinderella playset as a decoration. That way, your little one will grow up around the same princess you loved so much, and you’ll get to enjoy that princess since you probably don’t have many Disney princess decorations in your own room. 

6) Prints With Quotes

This Disney princess room is for older children, but many of the decorations can be borrowed for a nursery, and your little one might want to play with some of these same toys when they’re older. The thing about this bedroom that struck us the most was the picture wall with quotes from the princesses. Has anything about a particular movie or princess had a strong impact on you? If you can think of a few quotes that meant a lot, you might want to create a similar wall with pictures of the princesses next to their quotes.

7) Once Upon a Time

Since the Disney princesses are parts of modified fairytales, you might want to include that age-old phrase, “once upon a time.” That phrase begins almost every fairytale or storybook of tales, so we found some Disney princess-themed decorations that include that quote. This set from Amazon has a picture of a carriage, like Cinderella’s pumpkin carriage, along with two crowns for your princess. The main colors are pink, white, and gold because gold is the color of wealth and pink is feminine.

8) Cast of Characters

While you’re obviously a princess fan, each princess has side characters and friends that help them get where they are and become who we want them to be. One way to create some variety in this room is to include some of the cast of characters, particularly if you’re focusing on a single princess. You can include decals like these that have the princess and the seven dwarves. The next trick is to make sure that most of your decorations are still focused on the princess herself.

9) DIY Bird Canopy

If you’re a fan of Cinderella or any of the princesses who have nature-loving scenes with woodland animals, you can include those animals to help your baby grow up around nature. This is important for natural intelligence, and babies love animals, so it should make them happy, too. We found this idea by Jill from Make It & Love It and thought that it’d be perfect for a Cinderella nursery or one that focuses on some of the nature-loving princesses. Just follow the directions to make a canopy held up by birds over your little one’s crib.

10) Sparkle Doll Dresses

This idea is excellent for a nursery focused on a single princess or one that shows all the princesses equally. You
can find figurines of each of the princesses you want to include, then use the directions in this video to create a bejeweled dress for each one. This is perfect for creating a display on a shelf since your little one probably isn’t old enough to play with toys yet. The Play-Doh dresses might be too fragile for a child to play with them, but it’s an inexpensive way to dress up Disney princesses to make three-dimensional decorations.

11) Pink Castles and Carriages

Castles and carriages seem to be an overwhelming theme in many Disney princess stories, though not all Disney princesses are royalty. While the term Disney princess can include any female Disney main character, many of these characters live in or near medieval castles, and of course, Cinderella is famous for her carriage. This sheet set has castles and carriages, along with pink crowns, making it perfect if you want to focus on the princesses who were actually royalty. The pink color is feminine and should blend with other Disney decor.

12) DIY Enchanted Rose

If you love Beauty and the Beast, this next idea would be an incredible addition to your nursery. You can use these directions to make an enchanted rose just like the one in Beauty and the Beast. The rose sits in a glass dome with a sparkle of lights swirling around it like magic from the movies and would look beautiful with a faint glow from a bookshelf or table. It may not be bright enough to be a night light, but the faint glow will keep the room from being pitch dark.

13) Milestone Blanket

Milestone blankets are one of the best ways to measure your child’s growth. Unlike a growth chart, they allow you to see the changes in your baby’s size, shape, expressions, and more. By taking a picture on the same blanket every month, you can see the changes more easily and even create an album. We found this Disney-princess-themed milestone blanket to match your nursery and help you chart the first year of your pride and joy’s life.

14) Glow-In-The-Dark Tinkerbell

If you’re a Tinkerbell fan, you’ve got so many more possibilities than most. Tinkerbell is a uniquely magical creature who inspires children and if she inspired you, she deserves a place in your Disney princess nursery. We found this glow-in-the-dark Tinkerbell decal that’d create a magical effect and make it look like the nursery was alive with fairy dust! You can even get glitter paint and create a trail of fairy dust behind her to add to the effect.

15) DIY Princess Silhouette Nursery Art

Disney princesses are so famous that you can recognize them by their profiles, and you can take advantage of that when you decorate a Disney princess-themed nursery. We found some instructions for making silhouette art for whichever princesses you prefer. These framed princess silhouettes are easy to make and will look like something professionally done since they’ll match each princess so perfectly. These are neat things to keep around as your baby grows up. If your child’s a fan of Disney, he or she’ll pride in matching each profile to the princess.

16) Thematic Fitted Crib Sheet

The Disney princesses themselves are the most essential decorations in this nursery, and everything else is just extra, though the rest of the decorations will certainly help tie everything together. You’ll want to include the Disney princesses, and many of them are famously shown in a simple, straight pose with their unique, iconic colors. Because of this, one of your decorations should probably depict the princesses in this pose the way this fitted crib sheet does.

17) DIY Wood Sign with Cursive Letters

There are many Disney princesses, such as Cinderella and Snow White, who have an affinity for animals. For certain princesses, you almost couldn’t create a nursery around them without including their animal companions, so we wanted to give you a few ideas for woodland and nature-related decorations to pair with depictions of princesses. We found this tutorial for making a wooden sign with cursive letters. The wood material will add a bit of a woodland look while the cursive letters will make it seem more like something that befits a princess.

18) Something More Realistic

Disney princesses are typically shown as cartoons, but they don’t have to be. You can customize your nursery and make it more interesting by depicting princesses in a way that’s not usual for them. For example, this print from Amazon shows Disney princesses with a more realistic but still cartoonish look. This is a change from the standard Disney cartoon style and will add a new dimension to your nursery while still supporting a recognizable Disney princess theme.

19) Watercolor Style on Bedding

Disney has a unique way of drawing the princesses so that anybody can recognize Disney art at a glance, but it’s important to have variety in a nursery. If you want to make the room more stimulating for your baby, you can show the princesses in a slightly different style than usual. For example, these sheets have the princesses in a circle of plants with their outlines not filled in quite right. This makes them look similar to a watercolor painting and is different from the way they’re often drawn.

20) Resin Letters

Having letters spell your baby’s name is a common nursery practice, but every parent or guardian does it differently. Since this is a Disney princess nursery, you’ll want letters that allude to that theme, but that doesn’t mean they have to show any actual Disney princesses. For instance, the letters in this tutorial video are clear and sparkle, giving them a magical look. You can even tint these with a color that fits your favorite princess, such as yellow for beauty and the beast.

21) Pink Velour Crowns

Crowns are, of course, the perfect decoration to indicate that there’s Disney royalty in the room, and velour will create an even more luxurious look. We found this pink velour crown mobile that’d be excellent for a luxury nursery for your princess. The pink adds a feminine tone since it’s a Disney princess nursery and not a Disney prince bedroom, and the music will help soothe your little one to sleep. The gold embroidery and the shape of the crowns will also help stimulate your baby.

22) Colorful Chandelier

Chandeliers are the perfect light fixture for a princess-themed nursery since they’re luxurious light fixtures. Since this room has a Disney princess theme you’ll want to find a chandelier that has a cartoonish look or colors that fit a Disney color scheme. This chandelier from Amazon is a good example with colors and textures that look like they came directly from a Disney playset. If you want something more realistic, you can look for a different pink crystal chandelier.

23) DIY Teapot Lamp

If you want a more realistic look with some old-fashioned Disney and fewer cartoon drawings and toys, you can create a tasteful, old-fashioned Disney princess nursery with decorations like teapots and vintage furniture with Disney princesses painted on them. We even found this tutorial for creating a lamp out of real teapots reminiscent of Mrs. Potts from Beauty and the Beast. Try buying things at tag sales and copying pictures of Disney princesses onto them in acrylic paint, as well.

What kind of Disney princess nursery are you looking for? Do you want to go all-in with pink princesses or do you care more about designing something more unique? Please let us know in the comments below.

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