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A well-decorated nursery is essential in the upbringing of a child. The nursery walls are the settings for sleep, book-reading, storytelling, and creating memories. Being a parent, you must have found yourself going to your kid’s room to clear your head and restore beautiful memories. Decorating the nursery MUST inescapably be at the top of your to-do list.

The challenge when decorating the nursery is what decors to use. Gallery walls are among the best sets to consider. Therefore, let’s discuss the best nursery gallery wall ideas to give the nursery a fascinating look.

1) Album Wall Art

What other best way to decorate a nursery than using your baby’s photos? Every parent feels like their baby is growing too fast. Preserve beautiful memories by selecting the best baby photos and framing them. The frames should be of different shapes and sizes to create diversity. The layout can either be classical and minimal, internal axis, eclectic, or an abstract grid.

The frame should be as appealing as the photo. Therefore, get the most durable and beautiful photo frames from Amazon today. Ensure the image is high resolution to maintain its quality when enlarged.

2) Flower Market Prints

You might have noticed that babies get attracted to colors and paintings, especially in their early years. Maintain a floral environment for your baby by hanging flower market prints. Unlike greenery, which needs watering to keep the flowers alive, a flower market print doesn’t require all that care.

The best flower market prints include the Amsterdam flower, Aliexpress, Copenhagen, Honolulu, and Tunis. Check out these and more flower market prints on Amazon for a beautiful floral experience.

3) Nursery Wall Paper Flowers

Are you a fan of flower art but can’t find your choice in flower market prints? Give the nursery a floral look by making your paper flowers, unlike buying flower market prints. Nursery wallpaper flowers are easier and cheaper to produce.

All you need is to buy some crepe papers with different colors, scissors, and hot glue, then follow this step-by-step tutorial on how to make paper flowers. The more colors you have, the more beautiful your wall will look.

4) Water Color Safari Animal Prints

Did you know youngsters like engaging with animals and inanimate things more than humans? If so, you should help your child develop this behavior. 

You should be aware that babies cannot perceive color until five months after birth, at which point you should start exposing them to safari animal prints.

These beautiful animal prints are crucial in growing the child’s imagination. Amazon has the best safari animal prints at affordable prices. Buy these safari animals print at Amazon.

5) Rainbow Wall Art

Rainbow art may stimulate your child’s interest in the arts. Benefits of this art in development include motor abilities, expressive language, decision-making, discovery perception, inventiveness, global diversity, and high academic achievement.

Parents can recognize the significance of these advantages in a child’s development and quality of life. Rainbow art is available on Amazon at a fair price. With your help, your kids can also paint a rainbow of their own, frame it, and hang it on the walls.

6) Vintage Canvas Art

Many parents love preserving history in their kids by hanging vintage wall art. Kids can learn about different cultures or practices from vintage art. That way, as they grow, they know the changes that have happened in the world. Vintage art to consider includes a painting of the Queen of England, art nouveau, posters, aesthetics, art deco, extinct animals, or a particular tribe.

Some parents find vintage art scary due to several reasons. But if vintage art is your thing visit Walmart to purchase them for your kid’s room.

7) Mirrors

If a baby becomes very fussy, mirrors can aid. While some infants adore it, others might sob throughout. It can be a distraction and divert their thoughts from tummy time if there is a vast mirror nearby where they can look at themselves and watch their arms and legs move.

Mirrors can stimulate your baby to roll over or attempt to scoot while also promoting newborns’ growth.
The mirror’s reflection will provide more light and give the impression that the space is brighter if positioned across from a window. You can get some of the best nursery mirrors on Amazon.

8) Woodland Educational Poster

65% of people worldwide believe that visual learning is more effective. Children’s learning is focused on and motivated by educational posters. It works effectively to grab young children’s interest and help them focus on a particular topic.

Both kids and parents/teachers like them because they enable faster knowledge assimilation. The permanent presence of posters in the nursery allows you to teach children new things. These posters include an educational alphabet and numbers. Buy these posters at Amazon.

9) Constriction Vehicle Prints

These vehicles, which assist us in transporting, dumping, delivering, disassembling, and creating daily, are fascinating to children. You could object when kids go through this stage. Kids may observe the perimeter of every construction site, eager to learn the graders’ names and handling equipment. 

It’s impossible not to be impressed by the construction industry’s depth and not seek opportunities to use its educational potential to help your kids expand their minds. Having construction vehicle prints on the nursery wall helps the kids develop an interest in them. These prints are available on Amazon.

10) Removable Wallpaper

The use of removable wallpapers is the easiest way to beautify a nursery. It keeps the room renewed all the time. Wallpapers could be floral or plain colors. Unlike paintings, which require a lot of labor and money, these wallpapers only require washing.

If you opt for plain colors, you can hang huts on the wall as decor. You may also suspend a mat. Don’t let the nursery get boring due to the same painting; redress the walls without having to tear them down. You can buy removable wallpaper Amazon.

11) Rustic Gallery Wall

You can set up a rustic gallery wall in the nursery because rustic décor usually brings a sense of coziness and tenderness to the room. A rustic gallery wall typically has a loose form since it contains many different objects and pieces, not only pictures or artwork.

Wooden decor items include arrows, hearts, signs of all kinds, potted plants in baskets, buckets, or wooden pots, and stained-wood frames for pictures and arrows. Wooden ampersands, metallic or wooden symbols, wooden letters and monograms, and even crosses are acceptable for a rustic appearance. You can purchase rustic gallery wall prints on Etsy.

12) 4 Seasons Wall Art

Seasonal paintings come with different vibes. You can change your wall painting decor to reflect the seasons as they change. With soft blue summer skies, toasty spring meadows, cool autumn leaves, and comfortable winter views, keep your space fresh throughout the year.

You can buy seasonal wall art here or engage your kid to paint seasonal art. Buy a seasonal tree printout at Amazon and paints on Amazon, then show them how to paint a 4 season wall art.

13) A Wooden Name Sign

Are you looking to grow your kid’s confidence and make them feel good about who they are? A name sign is your thing. When you go to the market or Amazon to buy a name sign, they design one for you as you like. You are at liberty to choose the font type, font size, and which name to appear first.

Wooden name signs look better when encircled with a wreath or flowers. A name will keep the kid’s spirit high every time they wake up and look at it.

14) Quote Prints

Quote prints shape a kid’s mentality to face life in its early stages. When you hang quotes on the nursery wall, the baby interacts with intelligence from great people like Martin Luther King. Quotes enlighten kids to think big and help them stay focused.

Buy your kid’s wise quotes prints that remind them to stay positive and not give up. The quotes should be simple to understand and short to read. You can buy these Winnie The Pooh quotes prints on Etsy.

15) Sun Wall Art Prints

The sun is the greatest hope in life. Whenever you wake up and see the sun shining on your face, it gives you gladness and hopes to keep trying. The baby needs the same. Don’t let the setting of the sun make the kid gloomy. Get a sun wall art print from Etsy and hang it in their room. 

To make it glow, you could connect a lighting system to it so it may give out rays at night. These rays are essential even in lighting up the room and the mood.

16) Botanical Print

Plants are symbols of life, but for busy parents, maintaining greenery is quite a task. Botanical prints grant you a greenery experience without having to tend the garden. Botanical prints help the kids appreciate the role of agriculture in society. Botanical prints come in many colors. 
Some parents buy neutral botanical prints with gray paint to give their kids a vintage experience. Buy this botanical print at Amazon.

17) Princess Wall Art Print

Since the emergence of the Snow White movie in 1937, kids have developed an urge to become princesses and enjoy the privileges that come with it throughout the years. This wall art is mainly for baby girls, but some boys want to have it in their nursery too. This lovely wall print of the princesses is a source of joy to many kids. It inspires them to seek the best life. 

It would be more effective if you bought princess movies too and watched them with the kids. Get some of the best princess art on Etsy.

18) Floral Hoop Wreaths

Wreaths are commonly associated with Christmas festivities. They give a warm welcome to visitors on doorsteps. Wreaths also look good at weddings, baby showers, and birthdays. Hanging a floral hoop wreath on the nursery wall makes the baby and any other person feel welcome.

The floral hoop wreath comes with unique designs. Wreaths are best when hung like a halo, but you can hang them around a name sign to give a better impression. Buy these floral hoop wreaths at Amazon.

19) Affirmations Print

A parent’s love is essential in the growth of the baby. They need to hear you say how much they mean to you often. You may not always be there to tell your baby how special they are to you, but affirmation prints will. 

You can get signs that say how much you love and adore your kid. Let the baby grow knowing that you care. Statistics have shown that affirmations reduce the risk of depression in young people. You can also type your declarations on the phone, save them as JPG files, and print them for your kid. Buy this daily affirmation print at Amazon.

20) Travel Prints, City Landmarks

Give your kids a tour worldwide before they get there by purchasing a travel print for city landmarks. When kids stare at the painting, you can quickly know where their passion is. This way, you know where to go for a family vacation.

Travel prints can be a source of motivation. Ask the baby where they want to visit and promise to take them there if they do well in school. Buy these travel prints of the most amazing city landmarks on Etsy.

21) Nursery Wall Shelves

Nursery wall shelves have several uses, such as displaying story books, storing teddy bears and other play items, hanging clothes, and placing photos, and they can make a great nursery idea. The frame can either be fixed on the wall or left hanging. They help you keep the nursery organized and make it easy to clean.

You can buy smaller shelves for a better layout. Big ones will occupy giant spaces and can hurt the kid as they move around. Keep the shelves high so the baby won’t throw down everything on them. Buy these wall shelves at Amazon.

TIP: Place the kid’s treasuries on the shelves.

22) Maps

The world is what we are preparing the kids to face. Therefore, it would help if you exposed them to the world early. Most nursery world maps come with wildlife so that every country has a picture of the animals found therein. These animals attract the kid’s attention and interest them in going out into the world.

You can teach your child about different people and their cultures with a map. Like travel prints, maps may be resourceful in choosing the next destination for a family vacation. Buy these world map canvas at Etsy.

23) Illuminated Artwork

Are you looking for a gallery wall idea that will decorate the space and brighten it up? Illuminated artwork is your best fit. They include painted or artificial moons, stars, galaxies, and painted mountains with sunsets. This art gives the room a colorful look, and it brightens the place when connected to some lighting. 

You can buy illuminated artwork on Amazon and hang it on the nursery wall to broaden the kid’s thinking capacity and enhance creativity.

Summary and Top Picks

The most widely used method of nursery wall decoration is painting. However, various alternative ways to spruce up plain nursery walls don’t involve painting. We have given you a sneak peek at some awesome nursery gallery wall ideas.

A baby’s room shouldn’t have bare walls. Nursery decorations provide color, depth, character, and texture to the room. Here are the top 3 nursery gallery wall ideas:

  • #1: Album Wall Art: This gallery idea is essential for memory preservation. It appreciates the beautiful moments spent together. It affirms family love and enhances unity.
  • #8: Woodland Educational Poster: Educational posters ensure that your kids begin the education journey early. Enhancing their knowledge about different things early on will help them prepare for when they go to school.
  • #10: Removable Wallpaper: This gallery idea saves you the time and money to repaint the walls whenever you want a new design. It is more convenient for people in rentals.

When I think about decorating the nursery, gallery walls come to mind first.What are your preferred decoration ideas for the nursery? Comment and let me know.

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