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Your baby is coming, and you need to figure out how to decorate their room. You’ve thought of everything from the crib to the carpet type, and bought or built every organizer you might need. Now, you’ve realized that you’re not sure what curtains to put up. Should they be bold and stimulating or a calming pastel? Should they block light or let it in? Check out these baby room curtains ideas to help you figure it out.

1) Pink and Blue

The most standard way to decorate a baby’s room is blue or pink, of course. If you know the gender of the baby, you can get curtains like these from Amazon, and either choose colors that match your decor or get the color that matches your baby’s gender. These curtains are thermal insulated to keep the room temperature from fluctuating, and they’re room darkening to keep light out when the baby is down for a nap. Since these come in many colors, you can also pick a neutral yellow or green, if you don’t know what gender the baby is.

2) Nature

If you value natural intelligence and want the baby to be close to nature, you’ll probably want some natural designs in the bedroom. These curtains from Amazon have tree designs on them, which is great for adding some things from nature. Since they’re bold black and white tree patterns, they’ll also be stimulating to the baby. Newborns don’t see color right away, so even a newborn will be able to see the design in these curtains.

3) DIY Blackout Curtains

Babies nap a lot during the daytime, and some of them can be sensitive to light. Instead of waiting to see if the light bothers your baby, make blackout curtains to keep the light out even during the brightest hours of the day. If you’re crafty, you’ll love the tutorial from this eHow video; otherwise, you could try buying blackout curtains. Look for patterned cloth that will be stimulating for the baby, and make sure the patterns have contrasting dark and light colors, so newborns can see them.

4) Animals

Animals and baby rooms often go together because most children love animals. It’s also a great idea to foster a love for animals and other living things at a young age. Consider putting curtains with animals on them in your baby’s room. You can get Owl curtains like these from Amazon, or search for your favorite animal. Try finding ones in stimulating designs and with bold colors that your newborn will be able to see more easily. These particular curtains are blackout and noise reducing, so your baby will have a sound sleep with them, too.

5) Room Darkening

Some babies are sensitive to light when they sleep, and since babies sleep a lot during the day, you’ll want something to block light coming into their room, just in case. This will generally mean blackout or room darkening curtains. Blackout curtains will block almost all light, which is great for sleeping, but if you don’t want your baby in a nearly pitch-dark room, you can get room darkening curtains like these ones from Walmart instead.

6) Buttons

When you make your baby’s curtains, you want them to look fun and exciting, but you want to avoid long strings and things that dangle. Instead of avoiding frills altogether, try making curtains with buttons or other ornaments that won’t stick out for the baby to grab. You can use this article by Brittany with Little Inspirations to learn how to make curtains, then add buttons where it attaches to the curtain rod. Think about other ways to add adornments that won’t stick out or dangle where your baby could grab them.

7) Patterns

When children are young, their eyesight isn’t very good, so it’s a good idea to show them patterns that they can see. For newborns, you’ll want black and white designs, or ones with one very dark color and one light one, but for other children, any bold pattern will work. While the curtains in this picture aren’t in a nursery, you can see that the design is bold, with clearly defined lines that your baby will be able to see. Try to find a similar pattern.

8) Tie Up

When you pick your baby room curtains, make sure you don’t get anything frilly, with pieces that dangle down for your baby to grab. You definitely don’t want anything the baby can put in their mouth, such as beads. If you like the look of these things, though, you can still have frilly pieces; just tie them up so that the baby can’t get to them. These curtains from Amazon come with ties to pull them up and leave them tied, and they’re blackout curtains, so you can roll them down to make the room darker during the day.

9) DIY No-Sew

If you want to make your own curtains, but you’re not a very crafty person, try no-sew curtains. You can use these instructions from Still Being Molly to create your own curtains using a pattern and colors you like without knowing how to sew. Since you’ll be making them yourself, you can pick from a much greater variety of colors and patterns, and ensure that your baby has a stimulating curtain that you enjoy seeing in their room.

10) DIY Budget

If you don’t have a lot of money, you’ll need to know how to make curtains on a budget. Since some newborns and babies are sensitive to light while they sleep, you’ll want blackout curtains, which can be expensive. Use this article by Sherry Petersik from Young House Love to learn how to make blackout curtains for a low cost. This way, your baby sleeps soundly, and you should be able to pick a pattern or color that will be stimulating for the baby.

11) Moon and Stars

The moon and stars are common in baby mobiles and other baby room themes, and many children grow up loving astronomy. These themes are great for spiritual and existential intelligence as children grow older, but they serve another purpose in a baby’s bedroom. Moon and star patterns are often black and white, or navy and white, making them great for newborns since they can’t see color. Get curtains like these from Amazon so that your child can appreciate the stars from the moment they’re brought home.

12) Be Safe

When you pick your curtains, you can look at patterns, whether you want the curtains to hold in heat, and how much light you want to be blocked, but the most important thing to consider is safety. What makes curtains safe or unsafe for babies? This article by Quick Fit Blinds and Curtains has information on the dangers and common mistakes parents make when buying curtains. One of the most valuable safety guidelines is to avoid cords and chains.

13) Black and White

Newborns don’t see color, so a newborn’s curtains should be black and white like the ones in this picture. It’s a good idea to have a pattern, as shown in the image, because they’ll be able to see the lines where black meets white. This way, the whole bedroom won’t just look like blurry nothingness to them. The curtains, along with other black and white patterned stuff, provide stimulation to keep the baby from getting bored and to keep their mind working.

14) Cute Tiebacks

Since you don’t want dangling chains and pull cords, tiebacks can be the best way to keep curtains up when you want to let light in. You’ll wish to have dim light while the baby sleeps, but the rest of the time, natural lighting is healthy for your baby. These tiebacks from Walmart are made to look like cute animals, and your baby can safely play with them, unlike a thin cord that could be dangerous.

15) Proper Installation

Do you know how to install curtains correctly, or are you just figuring it out as you go? You don’t want your baby to pull on long curtains and have them fall on them, or fall on the floor and make a loud noise. To avoid issues, use the instructions in this video to measure your curtains accurately. This way, you can make sure the curtains fall precisely where you want them to, and make sure the curtains are secure.

What type of curtains do you want in your baby’s room? Did we miss any baby room curtains ideas? Let us know in the comments below.

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