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You're having a baby girl, or you just had one, and you need to find the perfect decor for her bedroom. Unfortunately, you're at a loss. Should you make everything pink? Should the colors be bold or pastel? Should you stencil letters? These Baby Girl Room Decor Ideas will help you create a bedroom that your girl will like for a long time.

1) Customized Unicorn Decal

A baby girl's bedroom should be customized for her, but it can be hard to know what a baby likes and dislikes when it comes to decoration. One way to customize the room is to add decor with their name on it, like this fun unicorn decal from Walmart. You can have it customized with her name, and the decal has a fun unicorn that will interest your little girl and break up the monotony of a single-color wall.

2) Floral Dreamcatcher

Flowers are a common decoration for little girls and baby girl bedrooms because they're pretty and feminine, so floral decorations are a good idea for a baby girl's room. Try getting a floral dreamcatcher like this one from Amazon for your little girl. The dreamcatcher will catch bad dreams to help your baby sleep better, and the floral look will be pretty and feminine. You can also look for dreamcatchers that are less floral if you want.

3) DIY Crayon Finish

Crayons are a typical fixture in a kids' room, and children start coloring with them from a young age. They have bright colors that kids love, and your baby will probably love to see crayon decor as they get older. You can watch this video by Matt Estlea to learn how you can use crayons to finish wood. Use this for decorations or for wood furniture in the room to make it feel more like a child's room. Try using a light wood to make it pink, and play with the different colors you can make.

4) DIY Dollhouse

Dollhouses are great things to have in a children's bedroom, but you can go further by making the dollhouse with your little girl. If your baby is old enough, have her help you by drawing or coloring on a cardboard dollhouse like the one in the picture. This is a cheap way to make a decoration that your baby will feel connected to, and it'll create bonding time for your family. While the cardboard won't be as durable as a wood dollhouse, it'll work great as a decoration and temporary dollhouse.

5) DIY Curtains

Choosing curtains for a little girl's room can be difficult if you have something specific in mind, and your idea doesn't fit any of the curtains for sale at the moment. To get the exact curtains you want, whether it's pink elephants or a more unusual animal that you like and that's not typical for baby room curtains, you can use these instructions to turn a fabric of choice into curtains for your baby's room. This will keep light out and let you match the curtains to other colors and patterns in the room.

6) Glowing Stars

Your room decor for a baby should have plenty of visual interest, which means lots of different textures, colors, and lights. One way to create an unusual effect that will fascinate your baby girl is to add glowing stars around the room. You can create patterns for her to look at as she gets older or simply give her pretty lights to view. These stars are also colored, so she'll have cute pastel colors to look at during the day, too.

7) DIY Baby Name Decor

Putting your baby's name in her room is a great way to customize it. As she grows older, she'll always have the letters of her name to help her learn it since a child's name is often the first thing they learn to spell. Instead of buying a generic decal, try making your own baby name decorations using this video by Cornelius Creations. You can paint it pink, or in a gender-neutral color, or even make it striped or polka-dotted to draw your little girl's attention.

8) Growth Chart

Growth charts are great ways to create a permanent link to your child's past, and they're best started when she's a baby. Once she's old enough to stand and measure, a growth chart will be a way for you and her to judge how she's growing older and taller. This chart has a cute pink floral design that will look beautiful and match any baby girl decor you have, so it can be used as decoration as well as a measuring tool.

9) DIY Floral Mobile

Mobiles are great ways to decorate babies' rooms because they're designed to capture and hold a baby's attention. This makes them noticeable pieces of decor that you and your baby will both enjoy. Try using these directions to make a floral mobile for your little girl, and hang it somewhere she'll get the most benefit from it, such as over her crib. This serves as a decoration but also stimulates her mind and generates curiosity for her.

10) Decorative Hooks

You'll need to hang and store things in your baby girl's room, but there's no reason the storage has to be plain and practical without decoration. Get decorative hooks and other attractive storage like the old fashioned white hook in this picture. This white hook has a feminine look to it, and it's useful for hanging her belongings and things you'll need to care for her. Hooks also help you store items out of reach so that your baby doesn't get into something she shouldn't.

11) Pink Rug

Pink is the traditional color for a young girl, so a pink rug is a great decor choice. Decide whether your baby is old enough for plush rugs like this or whether they should have a firmer mat, but overall this will be an excellent place for her to play, and it'll make the whole room look brighter, prettier, and more feminine. If the pink is too much, try getting a similar rug in purple, which may be more subtle but is still feminine.

12) DIY Magic Lamp

Young children are fascinated by magic, and to babies, everything is magic. They're still learning about the world, so adding decorations like resin lamps that light up and create unique and memorable effects is a great idea. Use the tutorial in this video by Diy Resin Art to learn how to make a lamp that will charm your little girl. It has the added benefit of being a nightlight that she can continue to use as she gets older.

13) Frozen Curtains

When we say frozen, we don't mean that the curtains have been stored in ice. These curtains are thematic, with imagery from the Disney movie Frozen, which is popular with young girls. Get curtains like these that are based on a popular children's movie or on a kids' show that your baby loves. These look nice and have the benefit of being room darkening curtains, so they'll block light when your baby girl is trying to nap during the day

14) DIY Tissue Paper Flowers

Flowers are a common and pretty girl room decoration, though you probably don't want real flowers in a baby girl's room. Instead, make tissue paper flowers like these using these instructions and use them to decorate the room. You can add them to existing decor and furniture or make new decorations that feature flowers like these. This craft is cheap and straightforward, and the texture and bright color of the flowers will fascinate your baby girl.

15) Frills

Frilly and cute things make a room look more feminine, and they just fit well in a baby girl's room. Try adding frills like the ruffles on the crib in this picture. You can do this by adding ruffles like these, getting ruffled curtains, or making decorative cloth covers for furniture and adding ruffles to the covers. The ruffles and frills will add textures to the room, and she can see how they move and sway differently from other items in the room, making them interesting to her.

16) DIY Edible Paints

You don't have to buy or DIY all the decorations yourself. Bring your baby girl in on the fun, if she's old enough. Even at six months old, she can help you make decorations or paint walls using edible finger paints. Read this tutorial by Janice Davis from Learning 4 Kids to learn how to make paints that are safe for a 6 month old to use, and have your little girl cover the room with adorable handprints and finger drawings. This will add many interesting organic patterns to the room and give her something to interest her.

17) Pink and Grey Elephants

Pink is a traditional girl's room color, and it looks good together with grey. Using both pink and grey will create a visual break from the pink so that it doesn't become overwhelming to you or the baby, and picking patterns or designs from nature will help your child learn about animals and nature. Children also tend to love animals, so try getting decorations and blankets with pink and grey elephants or other animals on them.

Did any of these ideas seem right for your room? Which ideas are you thinking about using? Please tell us about it in the comments below.

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