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Are you planning to turn all or part of your garage into a man cave? Before you do, you might want to consider what you want to do with your garage floor.  Perhaps your floor is oil stained, or the cement is cracking. Maybe you’re just getting tired of that drab gray color. Whatever the reason, take a look at our Man Cave Garage Floor Ideas and turn those drab floors into something special.

1) Concrete Cleaner

Unless you have already renovated your man cave garage floor, most likely your floor is concrete. While durable, concrete’s porous nature means that it stains easily.  If you’ve ever spilled oil on your garage floor, you know what I’m talking about. If you are not looking for a costly renovation, you can always use a concrete cleaner to spruce up that dirty man cave garage floor.

2) Paint It

Painting your man cave garage floor is not the same as painting other areas inside your house.  First, concrete requires different preparation for paint to hold up when applied to it. Second, your garage floor will get more wear and tear. When choosing a paint, you’ll want to choose exterior paint, and something that works well with concrete. This article will give you more information if you decide to go this route.

3) Epoxy Coating

Epoxy is different than paint but the principle is the same. What makes epoxy coating different is that it is made with two separate materials, a hardener and an epoxy resin. Before applying, these two chemicals must be properly mixed. Once applied, epoxy will cure and the floor will become hard, durable, and highly resistant to stains, abrasions and hard impacts. Here’s a quick video on how to properly epoxy your garage floor.

4) Exercise Mats

If part of your garage man cave is a work out area, then you know how hard concrete can be on your joints when working out. Not only that, but if you fall, there is a greater chance for severe injury. The solution? Exercise mats like these puzzle locking mats made by BalanceFrom. They are simple to assemble, and allow complete flexibility in just how big you want your workout area to be.

5) Roll Out Flooring

Made out of vinyl, roll out flooring is a durable, waterproof, and slip resistant surface that is easy to install. All you have to do is roll it out over your garage floor and use a utility knife to make any cuts. Once installed, it is very easy to clean. IncStores makes roll out flooring that comes in several colors and designs. Best of all, it’s a less expensive alternative to other types of flooring.

6) Interlocking Tiles

Interlocking copolymer tiles are another flooring option for your garage man cave. They are similar in principle to roll out flooring but totally different in execution. Tiles, for example, are squares, a foot long on each side, that are designed to lock together and lay on your garage floor. They are a breeze to install, and unlike roll out flooring, you can purchase tiles in different colors and make patterns on your garage floor.

7) ​​​​​Polished Concrete

Polishing the concrete floor in your garage is a terrific way to bring out the character of your concrete before applying stain, paint, or epoxy.  Polishing concrete is a very intensive project and is one that you will likely hire a contractor to do. To learn more about polishing a concrete floor and the different ways it can be done, check out the video.

8) Porcelain Tile

Believe it or not, porcelain tile works quite well for garage flooring. The secret to its durability is the thinset coating that is used to install the tile. Thinset sets up a barrier between the concrete and the tile that is waterproof, and resistant to cold, as well as impact damage.  Another key is to make sure that the tiles are perfectly level. For tips on installing porcelain tile, check out this article and video.

9) Threshold Seal

Now that your plans for your man cave garage floor are coming together, what’s the best way to keep leaves, water, and other debris off your beautiful new floor? A threshold seal placed along the concrete under your garage door will go a long way toward keeping your garage debris (and rodent!) free. The Weather Defender threshold seal is easy to install and can be purchased here.

10) Wet/Dry Vac

So, you’ve renovated your man cave garage floors, and you’ve installed your threshold seal. How do you plan to keep those floors clean should you drop or spill anything on them? The best thing to clean messes off your garage floor is a wet/dry vac. This is especially essential if your plans for your man cave garage include a workshop of some kind. They don’t get the nickname “shop vac” for nothing!

As you can see, turning your drab floors into something that will make your garage man cave look stunning can be accomplished quite easily, and can be done inexpensively, or excessively, depending on how much you have or want to pay. Most of our 10 Garage Man Cave Floor Ideas can be taken on yourself with little to no hassle. So, what are you waiting for? Get out there make your man cave garage dreams a reality!

Did we leave any ideas out? Any ideas that you want to expand? Leave a comment and let us know.

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