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This bedroom is missing something. You’ve got all of your favorite posters, prints, and decorations, but at night it’s just dull. We have a solution to help; LED lighting. The only thing is, you’re probably not sure how to go about it. There are many ways to light a room with LEDs, but which one is right for you? These LED lighting ideas for a bedroom will help you create beautiful lighting that you can stare at for hours.

1) ​​​Under Bed

Where should you put your LED lights? You probably have a central light or lamp to brighten the room, so your LEd lights will be accents. Since they shine best at night, you need to place them somewhere where the light will be visible but the bulbs won’t. This leads to a softer light, so you can sleep comfortably. Try placing the lights under your bed, like in this photo. This will create a softer glow around you as you sleep, cocooning you in warm light while you read before bed, or while you sleep.

2) Soft Light Wall

Your bedroom is a soft and warm space. You don’t want to be surrounded by bright LEDs while you read or sleep. Try creating a wall of soft light by twining the LEDs around photos, posters, and other wall hangings. This creates a backdrop while you or your children read or sleep, but the light isn’t harsh enough to interfere with sleep. The fairy lights for this project also create a fantasy effect that’s perfect if you or your child has a fantasy-themed bedroom.

3) ​​​DIY Night Light

Night lights are common for a reason. If you or your child sleeps better with a bit of light in the room, you can always pick up a cheap, generic night light, but that isn’t the idea you’re here for. In this video, MB Resin art makes a resin night lamp that looks like bright blue water cascading from a faucet. You can pick any container for the water to land in, though it needs to be solid so the resin doesn’t leak while it’s drying. Try creating a glowing fantasy waterfall in your or your child’s bedroom.

4) ​​Light Curtains

If you want your lights to be visible at night and less noticeable when it’s bright, try adding them to existing decorations. This curtain of fairy lights goes over your window, so the window produces light before and after nightfall. This creates a subtle fantasy effect that goes with a fantasy bedroom. It also adds a beautiful touch to a traditional bedroom as these lights twinkle in the breeze from an open window or fan.

5) ​​​​Dandelions

Not all LED lights cover large areas or have bold colors. You can use small touches of light to improve the look of your bedroom or fascinate your children with pretty decorations. Add two or three small LED decorations around the room as accents, including these LED dandelions. By placing them on opposite sides of the room, you can provide a little light to each part of the room, and tie the whole space together.

6) ​​DIY Saturn’s Rings

Why do you want LED lights? Do you have a space theme in your child’s bedroom? Are you a Star Wars or epic fantasy lover? Did you just think they look cool? If you’re a fan of outer space, or of a futuristic look, this project is for you. With the project in this video, you can build a light fixture that looks like the rings of Saturn. All you need are some tools, LEDs, and sheets of wood.

7) ​​DIY Picture Wall

LEDs can be the center of attention, but they can also highlight existing things in your room. If you or your child likes to hang pictures, photos, or postcards, consider stringing them up with some LEDs. This blogger shows you how to attach LED lights to string and create an awesome lit picture wall in your room. The LEDs will make it look nice while lighting your photos at night, and you can look at your pictures and reminisce or daydream.

8) ​​​​​​DIY Table Lamp Craft

A lamp is a good idea in any bedroom. This way you can read in bed or at a desk, and you won’t trip over a hundred things on your way to bed at night. That lamp doesn’t have to be a traditional one, though. Use resin and an old fashioned lamp to make your own lamp decoration. You can carry this to bed with you as they did in the old days, or leave it on the night table as a decoration and light source.

9) ​​​​​DIY Bottled Fairy Lights

If you like the twinkle of stars and fairy lights, you’ll be mesmerized by this next idea. Take smaller strings of fairy lights and put them in small glass containers. You can use craft bottles in shapes like stars, or even use old liquor bottles and leaf-shaped maple syrup bottles. These short string lights from Amazon are the perfect size for up to ten bottles. You can spread these around the room, but if you’re decorating a small bedroom, three to five lights will be plenty.

10) ​​DIY Infinity Mirror

If you wanted a cool effect that uses an LED as a centerpiece, you’ll want colored lights in unique patterns. This project is more complex, but with this video tutorial you can make an infinity mirror. Infinity mirrors use the power of LED lights to make a lightbox that seems to go on forever. While the box is thin enough to mount like a regular mirror, it contains the illusion of an endless tunnel of lights. Your children and their friends will be fascinated by the amazing illusion, and you can tell your friends you made it yourself.

11) ​DIY Mason Jar Lights

If you have a rustic bedroom, fairly lights might work, but futuristic infinity mirrors and colored LEDs probably won’t. Use this light kit to turn an ordinary mason jar into a rustic LED lamp. You can use this on your nightstand, but you may want a larger light to read by. Place a few mason jar lights around the room, or line them up on a shelf like you would with mason jars in your cellar.

12) ​​DIY Lamps

You can add LED lights as decorations, or incorporate them into your regular lighting. This means LED pendant lights and chandeliers, as well as LED lamps. If the lights aren’t customized with unique shapes and colors, consider where you’ll put them. This instructable has directions for making a liquor bottle into a lamp. You can use liquor bottles, but other bottles work just as well. Fill the bottle with decorative rocks, glass beads, or any other decorative pieces that fit your style.

13) ​​​​LED Tree

If you like music boxes, you’ll love this next LED lighting idea. This small table light is shaped like a tree, with LED lights twinkling from the branches. It’s battery-powered, so you won’t have to worry about a cord; just remember to change the battery when you need to. The light will sync to music or other sounds in the room, so you can watch the lights flicker and flash along with your favorite songs. Since it has 8 modes to sync to music, you can decide how you want it to look.

14) ​DIY LED Light Shelf

There are three main places your bedroom needs light: the desk, the night table, and a central light. You may be getting by with as little as one of these options, but this is the perfect time to add some more light options. If you don’t have a nightstand, or if you don’t want a lot of clutter, a light shelf will give you plenty of light near your bed. Watch this video to learn how to make your own LED light shelf above your bed or bedroom desk.

15) ​Floating Cloud Light

Does your child have a fantasy or nature-themed bedroom? If so, this light will transform their room. With this do-it-yourself project, you can create a cloud-shaped light that floats on your ceiling. The cloud itself glows from within while brightly lit snowflakes fall down from the ethereal cloud. The bedroom will look like a fantasy storm is raging through while the light’s on, and it is subtle enough that you should be able to leave it on at night.

16) RGB Strips

RGB strips are probably the most versatile LED light choice on the market. You can use them for countless craft projects or as their own decorations. Line trim, bed frames, or tables with them to make them glow in your favorite colors. These particular RGB LEDs can be controlled using Amazon Alexa, as well. Since the tape is easy to affix to any surface, there is no limit to what you can do. Try wrapping a strip around the edge of your whole ceiling to outline it.

17) ​​​​Ceiling Stars

If you love looking up at the stars, you can bring them into your bedroom or your child’s bedroom. Use this kit to make your entire ceiling look like outer space. It’s app-controlled, so you can switch between stark white and a variety of colors. You can also control how bright the stars are, and even how fast they twinkle! This kit can be used for a ceiling, but you can also make other artwork from it. Experiment with it to find what you like the most.

What are you looking for in your LED lights? Did we miss any ideas? Please let us know in the comments below.

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