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You love the beach, and you want a beach theme for your bathroom, or maybe you're looking for a housewarming present for a beach-loving friend. Either way, you need some original Beach Bathroom Decor Ideas to get the bathroom stocked. This article covers a variety of beach bathroom decor, and hopefully, your next bathroom decoration or beach-themed furniture piece is in here.

1) Shell Toothbrush Holder

Shells are a big part of the beach and beach decor. As a beach lover, you've probably spent countless hours combing the beach for beautiful shells or admired them when you found them. They're an iconic part of beaches, so you'll want some decorations that have shells on them. One thing you could try is this shell-themed toothbrush holder that'll be visible on your countertop and save you the trouble of collecting real shells yourself.

2) Bring in the Sea

If you love to swim and love the ocean, then you'll want some of your beach decor to have a watery theme instead of sand and seashells. One neat way to do this is to buy or make vanity sets like this one from Amazon that has blue liquid inside. The liquid in each piece makes it look like you've brought a part of the ocean into your vanity set, but it's contained so that it won't spill on anything, and you can even shake them to see what effect it has.

3) DIY Stencil Art

If you want beachy art, but you don't want to pay a lot for it at a hobby store, you can make your own. Find beach-themed stencils like shells and mermaids, and use the directions in this video to make wood art pieces with those stencils on them. This will create a simple look that's great for a beach theme. Look for teal and other pastel colors that'll look good with your other beach decorations.

4) Unfinished Wood Mirror

If you've spent time along the coast, you know that the saltwater breezes off the ocean wear down wood in a unique way, stripping paint from houses and leaving bare gray wood on many of them. To recreate this look, you can get unfinished wood furnishings with a gray cast to them like this mirror from Amazon. The unfinished gray wood mimics the wind-stripped wood you see on a lot of old beach houses, making it feel like your bathroom is in one of those homes.

5) Sea Pearl Mosaic Accessories

Mosaics are beautiful designs for a beach bathroom, but what mosaic do you want? For something unique, think about getting bathroom accessories with a sea pearl mosaic design like this pump bottle. The white pearl look is different from standard sea glass, and white accessories like this will create an open and airy look for your beach bathroom. This is a set of two, so you can use one for soap and another for lotion, or use one in the kitchen and one in the bathroom if your whole house is beach-themed.

6) DIY Beach Glass Mosaic Countertop

While we're on the topic of mosaics, there are a few beautiful mosaics you can use in a beach bathroom. Sea glass is the more typical mosaic because it's one of the most beautiful things that comes from the sea. If you want a gorgeous and unique countertop, you can use these directions to make a sea glass mosaic countertop or a mosaic with blue and green glass to mimic the look of the ocean. Try using a sandy grout color to complete the beach theme.

7) White Cabinets

A beach bathroom should have a light, airy feel to it, which means plenty of light colors. While you'll want sandy and sunny yellows, ocean blues, and sea greens, you'll also want airy whites to give the room a lighter and more relaxed feeling. You'll want a lot of the bigger furniture pieces to be white, so look for white cabinets and bathroom organizers like these. You'll probably want your toilet, shower, and bathtub to be white, too.

8) Lighthouse Shower Curtain

Lighthouses are a big part of the beach, so you'll want to consider adding some to your beach bathroom. One way to add lighthouses if you're a big fan of them is to get a shower curtain like this with a model lighthouse on it. The lighthouse image has an incredible sandy look, with shells, starfish, and a nautical net design with it. The model lighthouse also gives the area a crafty look, so if you like homemade decorations, this is about as close as you'll get with a shower curtain short of making one yourself.

9) DIY Seashell Countertop

Seashells are a major part of beach decorating, but where should you put them? A bowl on the countertop would make a pretty decoration, but what if you don't have room? Instead, think about embedding the seashells into the countertop so that they're a part of the furniture. You can use the directions from this article at to learn how to make a seashell countertop or hire somebody to make one for you.

10) Ombre Bath Curtain

Ombre is a beautiful choice for a lot of rooms, and in a beach bathroom, it gives the impression of ocean waves without actually including a picture of them. This is a nice change from obvious imagery and things that come directly from the sea like seashells, though you'll want plenty of those, too. You can get an ombre blue bath curtain like this to give an ocean beach impression but keep the room from becoming monotonous.

11) White Mirror

A beach is a great place to catch a cool breeze and bask in the warm sunlight. To capture this feeling in your bathroom, you'll want plenty of light and airy colors, and white should be the predominant color. Try getting a white bathroom mirror since the mirror is one of the things you spend the most time looking at, and because you might not want bright colors framing your face when you or your partner are doing makeup or shaving.

12) Blue and Gray Distressed Wood Wallpaper

While the beach might be your favorite part of the ocean, it also has plenty of sea waves and ocean imagery, so you'll want to include those in your beach bathroom. The beach is sandy, white, and sunny yellow, but it's also cool blues and weathered grays. You can get blue and gray weathered wood look wallpaper like this from Amazon to create a blue ocean vibe along with the weathered gray look that's so common along the shore. Use it as wallpaper, or if you prefer something waterproof, use it for DIY crafts and decorations.

13) DIY Bottle Soap Dish

If you've wandered along the beach and found some old glass or new plastic bottles, you've probably reacted in one of two ways. Either you've been disgusted, and wished people would stop littering, or you've been amazed by the lovely vintage bottles you found. You can take an old bottle, from the beach or otherwise, and make it into a soap dish using these directions by Mandy from Nifty Thrifty Nest to either make an environmental statement or add a sea-washed treasure to your decor.

14) DIY Seashell Mirror

Seashells are the pride of the beach bathroom, as countless people comb the beaches for them. They're an iconic part of the beach that's easy to take home with you, and as a beach-lover, you've probably got a collection of them that you might not know what to do with. One of the best ways to display seashells is to make them into decorations, like a pretty and practical seashell mirror. You can use these instructions by Ann from Ann's Entitled Life to make a bathroom mirror with your shell collection.

15) Wicker

Wicker probably isn't your first thought when looking at beach decor, but if you find faded gray wicked or loosely woven wicker pieces like this trash can from Amazon, they should complement your beach decor well. This particular piece will match a sunny beach look and create a bit of an old-fashioned impression to make it feel like you're in a beach house that's been in the family a long time. The loose, grassy look makes one think of the tall grasses that you'll often find swaying in the breeze not far from the beach.

16) Cream or Beige

If you love the sand and want to feel like you're on a sunny, sandy beach even in the dead of winter, you've probably looked for sandy paint colors and seashell decorations, but there are smaller accessories that are a big part of your decor. Towels are big, and people leave them hung up in a bathroom for a long time. If nothing else, you'll have a towel for drying your hands available at all times, which means that it's as much a part of your decor as anything. Try cream towels like these to match sandy beach decor.

17) DIY Blue Ombre Wall

Blue ombre is one of the best designs if you love to watch the ocean or lake waves from your favorite beach. The deeper blue at the bottom of an ombre design creates the vague illusion of a wave, while the white or light blue at the top feels like the bright summer sky. Think about whether you have a place for an accent wall in your bathroom. If you have one free wall, like a lot of bathrooms do, you can use the directions in this video by Sherwin-Williams to learn how to make a blue ombre wall.

18) Flip-Flops

Flip-flops and the beach go hand in hand, so if you're looking for an upcycle project from old flip-flops and beachwear, they could be a great choice. If you want a cleaner-looking project, though, you could buy a sign like this one from Amazon that looks like it's made from flip-flops or make a sign from new, cheap flip-flops. This adds a human element and gives the bathroom an impression of a beach community rather than just an empty beach.

19) Colorful Privacy Film

While the beach itself doesn't look like a mosaic, mosaics are a great way to showcase the incredible things you find on the beach and in the ocean beside it. Sea glass mosaics are some of the prettiest, and you can imitate them even in places where you don't have real sea glass. If your bathroom has windows, you'll need privacy film, etching, or something to make it so people can't see inside. One option is this neat privacy film with a mosaic pattern that resembles sea glass somewhat.

20) DIY Soap Dough

If you have kids, you might not want to look only at the most elegant options. You need something a little bit fun for them and for you, and you can create a fun decoration alone or with your kids using these directions from Natural Beach Living. Use the instructions to make soap dough that looks like colorful beach sand. You can use this as your everyday soap and form it into different shapes or use it as a natural bathroom-themed beach decoration.

21) Seashell Tealight Holder

Bathrooms are great places for candles and small lights like tealights. If you like to soak in the tub, a tealight can set the mood, and if you have scented candles or tealights, they'll help combat any bathroom smells. You always have the option of buying a jar candle with an ocean scent, but why not make the candle a visual and scented decoration? You can get a seashell tealight holder like this and place ocean-scented tealights in it to create a lovely atmosphere for your beach bathroom.

22) Rope Toilet Paper Holder

If you like the nautical aspects of the beach and love the idea of seeing shipwrecks or finding an old piece of a ship on shore, this idea might be a good one for your bathroom. You can get a rope toilet paper holder like this from Amazon. The rope resembles something nautical or the ropes used in some places to mark the edges of safe swimming areas. It also works as a towel holder, and it comes in a set of two, so you could use one for toilet paper and the other for a hand towel.

23) DIY Ombre Stripes

Beaches have a lot of gradients, though you might not have thought of them that way. The sun is brightest in one part of the sky, and the light changes as it moves away from the sun. The waves change color as they move away from shore. Gradients are a big part of beaches, and you'll want to use them in your bathroom. Try painting one wall or the whole room with ombre stripes like the ones in this HGTV tutorial. We suggest yellow or pale blue.

24) Seaglass-Style Mosaic Soap Pump

Mosaics are big in beach themes, but what's the best way to use one? Sometimes you want a mix of mosaic beauty and smooth elegance, and this soap dispenser from Amazon has both of those things with a turquoise mosaic pattern and seashells on top and smooth white on the bottom. This would be great if you want a more elegant beach bathroom design with a lot of pearl white. It's part of a collection, too, so if you like it, you can get more bathroom accessories that are designed to match.

25) Rope Towel Holder

If you're a fan of the nautical part of beach things, then one of the big things you'll want to have is some rope. Rope adds a slight nautical twist to your decor without getting rid of the beach look since ropes are used both on boats and at the beach. You can get things like this rope towel holder that has a rustic or nautical look to add some variety to your beach bathroom. This will bring to mind ships and harbors rather than just seashells and sandy beaches.

26) DIY Beach Soap Bars

Your decor isn't just semi-permanent items like wall art, furniture, and paint. For a complete beach bathroom, you can make or buy soaps and other little things in beach colors. Try using this tutorial from Just the Woods to learn how to make beach-themed soap that you can use or just put out as a decoration when guests are around. You can also look for store-bought soaps, but we thought this one was unique with its layered look.

27) Waves

Waves are a huge part of beaches, though beaches on small ponds might not have many. If you love to watch the ocean waves when you're relaxing on the beach, you'll want to include that imagery in your bathroom decor. While you could get prints and photographs of them, we suggest you do something creative like getting this sink bowl from Amazon that looks like an ocean wave. The glass has a beautiful swirl to it, and you can set it in a sandy-colored or seashell-embedded countertop for an enhanced effect.

28) Turquoise Glass Mosaic Bathroom Set

Your bathroom doesn't have to look like a beach wonderland just because it's beach-themed or in a beach house. You can have white appliances and a white vanity top with only subtle hints of the beach to create an elegant look that still feels beach-like. This turquoise mosaic bathroom vanity set is light-colored, making it subtle, but the mosaic glass makes one think of sea glass, and the turquoise color resembles the ocean, giving subtle hints towards the beach theme you want.

29) Shell-Shaped Sink

Shells are a big part of a beach bathroom, and if you're looking for a way to include them besides putting a lot of actual shells in your bathroom, you can find places to put shell-shaped things. Look for a shell-shaped sink bowl like this, for example. You can also find shell-shaped soap dishes or try to find or make shell toilet lids. There's no limit to how creative you can get with this idea!

30) Blue Fades to White

One trick to remember about a beach or ocean-themed bathroom is that blue fading into white almost always creates an ocean look that makes people think of waves. Your other decorations will determine whether people think of white clouds and blue waves or bright sun and blue and white waves, so if you want people to imagine they're on a beach, combine any decorations that fade from blue to white with seashells or other beach decorations. This vanity set from Amazon is a great example of this kind of decorating.

31) Blue Window Curtains

Blue is the color of the ocean, and while you might be focused on the sandy beach, you can create a complete beach theme by adding touches of blue to represent the ocean and clear sunny skies, along with some sandy colors, seashells, and other flotsam of the beach. Tan looks unique and creates beach vibes when you use it for a countertop or something unusual, but as a curtain, it just looks like a standard neutral household furnishing, so you'll probably want to use blue curtains like these for the windows.

32) White Painted Sink

If you want beach decor that's unique and doesn't come straight from an expensive hobby store, you'll have to go on the hunt, and that means bringing home old and possibly dingy garage sale finds, then making them beautiful. One way to deal with that is to paint them white; we even found this tutorial on painting a sink white for you. White is an excellent color for creating an airy and open impression, and beach living should be all about freedom and fun.

33) Seashell and Starfish Hooks

Seashells are a big part of beach decor, but they can't be your only decoration. After all, every beach bathroom will probably have some, so you need something with a bit more variety. Starfish are a good way to stick with the classics but add a bit of variety, so look for decorations that combine seashells with starfish, like these bathroom hooks from Amazon. This way, you have a variety of shapes, colors, and textures that all match your theme.

34) Teal Towel Set

Teal is a great ocean and beach color, and you'll want plenty of it in a beach bathroom, but you don't have to paint the walls a bright teal. In fact, it can look a lot better if you only use smaller touches of teal, like a towel set. This way, your decor will be more focused on the beach and less on the ocean and water. You can also get various shades of blue bathroom accessories to go with teal hand towels like these since different shades of blue mix well.

35) DIY Dollar Tree Lighthouse

Believe it or not, dollar tree decor can be some of the best you'll find for a beach theme. A lot of dollar tree craft items have sandy colors, and you can find rope by the bundle and glass beads and shells by the bag there. Try making some dollar tree decorations like the dollar tree lighthouse you can make using the directions in this video by DIYs with Indira. This'll make a great countertop decoration, and you can invent your own unique decorations using materials from the dollar store.

36) Seashell Toilet Paper Holder

Yes, this is another seashell idea, but part of what we're trying to do is create a bathroom with a popular theme in a unique way. Seashells are big in a beach bathroom, but there are all different ways you can include them. If you want an old-fashioned look, you can get something like this toilet paper holder with an old-fashioned-style metal frame. It's painted white with seashells to improve and match an airy beach theme.

37) Gray and Glass

Glass has reflective properties that are similar to water, making it an excellent way of making a bathroom feel more like a beach, so you'll want to have plenty of glass, and we recommend blue and gray with it. Gray may not be your first thought when it comes to a beach bathroom, but if you think about it, a lot of what you see reflecting on the water is gray clouds. For a calmer beach bathroom with more focus on the ocean and water, try combining gray and light blues with plenty of glass, like this bathroom's designer did.

38) Beach Bath Curtain

One way to create a beach bathroom is to include actual images of the beach, and we're not talking about photographs. Make it feel like you're at the beach by totally immersing yourself in the look and texture of the sand while heated water pours over you by getting a shower curtain like this with a beach picture on it. The curtain is machine washable and no-fade, so it should create a vibrant beach look for a long time.

39) DIY Rope Mirror

Ropes are one way to bring the beach and the ocean into your room. They're used a lot for ships, lifeguard towers, and to rope off sections of beaches to keep people from swimming out too far. You can take ropes and add them to your decor just like you can with any other flotsam, and one neat way to do that is to make a bathroom mirror with a rope border. H. Camille Smith even has a tutorial here for making a rope-bordered mirror.

40) Ocean Water and Seashell Bath Mat

One way to make your bathroom feel like you just stepped off the beach is to add photoreal pictures of beaches, but put them in places that are realistic based on what the image is. For instance, you can get a bath mat like this one that looks like the beach floor. This mat has an image of sand and shells with clear water over it, as if you're standing right where sand meets water on a beach instead of at the edge of your shower or bathtub.

41) Silver Foil

Beaches have a mottled texture created by a littering of seashells, heavily textured sand, seaweed, and more. If you look closely, you can see reflective pieces in the sand and watch how to sun sparkles off them. To imitate this, you can design a white and blue bathroom with plenty of glass and use silver foil decor like this toilet seat to add texture to the reflective surfaces. This way, you have both the glitter and texture of sand.

42) DIY Nautical Rope Candle Holder

Ropes are usually nautical decor, but they're excellent beach decor, too. People use ropes on beaches for a variety of purposes, and if you like boats or go to a beach that has a dock, you'll want some decor that reflects that. Rope decor is nice because you don't have to spend a lot of money at a hobby store for it since it's fairly easy to make yourself. We'd suggest you try your hand at this rope candle holder so you can have an attractive decoration that also sets the mood for a bath or simply smells pleasant.

43) Shell and Seahorse Vanity Set

This bathroom set is unique because it has different shapes than most shell decorations. A lot of shell decorations have the same fan or ark shape to them, but there are so many different shell types that can make your bathroom a wondrous place and better reflect the way a real beach looks. This bathroom vanity set has seahorse images, a starfish image, and two different shell shapes to add some variety to your bathroom vanity.

44) Shell As Soap Dish

You can make a beach bathroom look like you walked along the beach and collected the materials for it if you want. This can create a lovely authentic impression, whether you bought the items in the store or actually picked them off the beach. Beachcombing is such a big part of beach culture that you almost have to have some decorations of this type in a beach-themed room. Try using a shell as a soap dish or buying a soap dish that's designed to look like one big shell that you grabbed straight from the beach.

45) DIY Rope Toilet Paper Holder

If you want a more authentic vibe for your beach bathroom, you might need to do some DIY crafts to make your decorations. This way, you can take materials that look like they came right off the beach or actually get materials that wash up on a nearby beach, then turn them into your bathroom decor. For example, if you find some jute rope or buy some in a craft or home improvement store, you can use this video from The Heathered Nest to make a toilet paper holder with it.

46) Sunny Yellow

The beach is the place for sand and sun, and you'll want plenty of sand and sun for your beach bathroom. One way to bring in the sun is to paint the bathroom a sunny yellow color like this. Yellow is a happy color that can help lift your mood, and the bright choice will make it feel more like you're on the beach, even in wintertime. You can paint the whole bathroom yellow, or paint the wall half white and half yellow.

47) Teal Glass Sink Bowl

Teal is an incredible beach color because ocean waves tend to look teal with the sun shining on them. It brings to mind the endless expanse of water you see from a beach, but also gives the impression of that water on a bright, sunny day. Your bathroom might look nice with a teal glass bowl like this for a sink. This way, the water pooling in it will look like ocean water on a sunny day.

48) DIY Twig Soap Dish

Beaches have all kinds of natural debris on them, and that's part of what gives them character. You step away from them by a bit, and you're usually either in a quaint seaside town or in a historical forest of some sort. Twigs and branches wash up a lot on beaches, but don't get a lot of notice like faded sea-washed driftwood, so they're one way to add an unusual twist to your beach bathroom. Try using these instructions from Sew Historically to make a one-of-a-kind soap dish from twigs.

49) Blue, Green, and Gray

Blue, green, and gray are iconic beach colors, particularly if you like to focus on the ocean waves and the cool sea breezes. Gray is the color of faded sea-worn driftwood. Blue is the color of deep ocean waves and the bright, clear sky. Green is the color of the waves when the sun hits them just right. You can use these three colors to create a calming atmosphere for your oceanic beach bathroom. Try getting something like this bath mat set that has a little of each color in every piece so that no one color is overwhelming.

50) Nets

Nets are a popular beach image. They're used on boats and in lifeguard towers and occasionally wash up on shore, making them a popular decoration, but how can you use them in your decor? While hanging them up as wall decor is always a possibility, our favorite method is to decorate soap dispensers and dishes with them. The neat thing is that you can also buy soap dishes like this one from Amazon that look like they have a net on them, and you won't have to worry about whether they're waterproof or easy to clean.

51) DIY Popsicle Stick Soap Dish

Popsicle sticks or craft sticks are probably the simplest and most versatile craft material out there. If you want a simple theme, then they're one of the best ways to imitate wood. Instead of trying to build a driftwood decoration using odd-shaped pieces, you can use popsicle sticks to make an easy and uniform piece that still looks like it was made from small bits of wood. The best thing about this idea is that you can always use these directions to make one, and if it doesn't look right to you, the sticks only cost a dollar or two.

52) Seafoam Blue

There's a reason that seafoam blue is called...well, seafoam. It's a unique shade of blue that makes one think of the sea when looking at it. Depending on your preferences, you might have a sandy beach theme with some hints of blue to make people think of the water, or you might have a blue ocean bathroom with hints of sandy color to make people think of the beach. Use seafoam blue to make any blue accessories, such as this seafoam wastebasket, seem more reflective of the beach and ocean.

53) DIY Resin

Resin is a versatile material. You can use it for artwork, tables, countertops, or any number of other things. If you have a unique idea in mind for a countertop, but you've searched endlessly without finding it, you might be able to create it with resin. Even if you don't have a solid idea, you can take almost anything, like driftwood and other objects you find along the beach, and put them in resin to create a great design. Resin countertops are a bit different from other materials, though, so we suggest using these maintenance tips to keep it nice.

54) Turtles

Don't forget about one of the most lovely and innocent creatures on the beach: the turtles. While you might have had a bad encounter with a snapping turtle, most people would probably agree that turtles are adorable and that seeing a few lined up on a log out in a lake or finding their tracks on the beach feels incredible. You may want to create a turtle-focused beach bathroom with a bath set like this from Amazon.

55) Beach Light Switch

Your bathroom decor should match a beach theme, right down to the smallest thing. This includes light switches, though we're guessing that you just have standard white ones or maybe colored ones that match the current paint color. We'd encourage you to try something different and get light switches like this one with an image of a beach on it instead of a single paint color. You can add a little extra energy to the room with little details like this to make a better beach bathroom.

What have you found for your beach bathroom so far? Have you tried any of our ideas, and did they suit you? Tell us all about your beach bathroom journey in the comments below.

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