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Your porch is covered, and you've got it set up so you can comfortably hang out from spring through fall. You've built the shell and picked the perfect flooring, but you need to furnish it now. What are the best choices for your three-season porch? Do you need something waterproof, or can you use interior furniture? Here are some Three-Season Porch Furniture Ideas to help you find something that's right for your space.

1) Mini Greenhouse

A three-season porch might not be warm enough to be comfortable in winter, but you can take advantage of the shelter it provides for other things during that time. For example, your three-season porch should stay warm enough that you can use a tiny greenhouse like this one from Amazon to start growing plants when you're not using it. While it's probably not the first thing you thought of when furnishing your porch, it's a great thing to have, and you can use the shelves for other indoor plants or decorations during the rest of the year.

2) Feature Wall with Bench

Most furniture sits on the ground, so if you're looking for large furniture, you might not have thought about wall-mounted pieces, but wall-mounted furniture can be some of the most unique and beautiful. Try finding pieces with creative designs like this wall-mounted bench from BrePurposed. You can use the step-by-step directions in this article to learn how to make a wall-mounted bench with gorgeous backing. The backing has an unusual geometric pattern, and you can pick any pattern you like to build into it.

3) Mini Bar

A mini bar is an incredible and fancy addition to any room, but you might hesitate to add it to a porch because you'll only get to use it during warm months. In a three-season room, you'll get three seasons of use out of it, making it much more worthwhile. Try using this video to build a mini bar so that you can serve drinks, alcoholic or otherwise, during most of the year. With a small heater, you can even have drinks for New Years' and during parties in the winter.

4) Area Rug

Your porch probably has a hard floor since tile and other hard floors are more durable than soft carpets and hold up better to temperature changes and moisture that gets tracked inside. That said, it's supposed to be a comfortable space, so you'll want to add furniture to make it more comfortable. The best solution is probably to get an area rug like this from Amazon. If you don't have a mat to keep debris from getting tracked in, then you can get a washable outdoor rug instead.

5) Teak Look

You can put interior furniture in a three-season porch, but you probably still don't want fabric chairs and couches that will be hard to clean. This limits your options to vinyl and other materials that often look cheap, but you can get outdoor furniture that doesn't look like plastic. Think about getting a furniture set like this one from Amazon that looks like teak. Unlike a lot of outdoor furniture, it doesn't have the telltale shine that makes it seem manufactured.

6) Ocean Table

If you want a truly unique piece of furniture, you can always build epoxy pieces yourself. Epoxy is often used for floors in unheated spaces, and it's durable enough to be a common garage floor material. This makes it a good choice for furniture in a three-season porch since it's durable, waterproof, and won't be damaged by sitting over the winter. You can use epoxy and concrete to make a table using the instructions in this video. If you have a thematic porch, you can create neat ocean, river, or forest designs like the ocean design used in the video.

7) DIY Farmhouse Coffee Table

If you want to create an old fashioned look or farmhouse theme, a coffee table like the one described in this article is a great choice. You can create a living room style space in your three-season porch and build a coffee table for it using the instructions from this article. The table sides are rustic looking and also resemble the pattern of a barn door. This gives it a rustic or farmhouse look that will go well with a lot of seasonal decorations and porch furniture.

8) Faux Leather Daybed

Daybeds are comfortable places to nap, and so are porches and sunrooms. You can combine these two pleasures by putting a daybed in your three-season room to nap, read a book, or just lounge and play games on your cell phone. Leather or vinyl are great choices if there's a chance you'll be coming in from outside and have dirt or rain on you when you sit down since they're easy to clean. This daybed from Amazon is faux leather, so it looks nice and should be easy to lean, and the design makes it great for a narrow porch.

9) Hanging Macrame Chair

Macrame is a big DIY trend nowadays, but normally when you think of macrame, you think about small decorations and hanging. You can actually build a larger macrame craft using the instructions from this video. The neat macrame chair from this video hangs from the ceiling, so you can swing in it like a porch swing, and it'll be a comfortable place to sit. This will also give a modern and creative look to the area.

10) Hanging Wicker Chair

Porch swings are a common and old fashioned porch fixture. People like the comfort that comes with a swinging seat and porches are good places for these types of furniture. Instead of a porch swing, you can get a more unusual hanging seat like this hanging wicker chair from Amazon. It has a teardrop look that makes it feel modern, but the wicker design has a bit of an old fashioned look, too. If you have wicker furniture, it'll match well and be comfortable.

11) Outdoor TV

Part of the point of a three-season porch is that you can spend more time on it, but nowadays, people like to have comforts like electronics around them. If you want a more entertaining space, you can mount a TV on your porch easily. Since it's a covered porch, you can use a regular television, but if you're worried about the TV being out in the cold during the winter, you can get a TV like this that's designed for outdoors, including cold temperatures over the winter.

12) Macrame Hanging Shelves

Macrame is a neat craft that you can use to make old fashioned and rustic-looking porch decorations, but it also works for a variety of furniture. One macrame furniture option is hanging shelves. These are a neat way to hold decorations, and since your porch is enclosed, you don't have to worry about wind making the shelves sway and causing things to fall off them. Watch this video by Macrame School to learn how you can make macrame hanging shelves.

13) DIY Hanging Papasan Chair

Hanging seats are common porch fixtures, from teardrop chairs to the classic porch swing. They're comfortable places to sit, and people tend not to put them inside where they could bump into things or take up a lot of space. One hanging chair that you might not have seen or thought of is a Papasan chair. Papasan chairs have an unusual disk shape that looks good and fits either a modern or nature-themed porch. You can use the instructions from this article to learn how to build one.

What's your porch theme? Do any of these furniture ideas inspire you? Let us know in the comments below!

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