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Your front porch needs a remodel. It's dull and dingy or just doesn't fit your style, but you're not ready to scrap it yet. Instead, you've decided that a new paint job is just what your porch needs. You're trying to figure out how to increase curb appeal and create a porch you love, but you need some Front Porch Paint Ideas.

1) Fence and Barn Paint

Your Front Porch isn't too different from a barn or fence in some ways. Paint designed for barns and fences is waterproof and will hold up to anything that it might have to endure on your porch. If you get a paint like this one from Amazon, you can even spray it on instead of having to brush every single rail post, which can take a long time. In addition, this black color would make a bold statement that would be visible from the road or to anyone approaching your home.

2) Two Colors

You're looking for paint ideas, but there's no reason you have to use a single color for the entire porch. You can try picking two colors that will go well together or two colors that will create a bold look like the one in this Edgewater Woodwork porch. Notice how they used a different color for the vertical and horizontal surfaces, regardless of whether or not it was a floor or railing. This would make your front porch stand out from others and make it more noticeable from the road, as well.

3) Copy Trim

If you're not sure what color to use, a tried-and-true method is copying the color used on your house's trim. If you look at this video, you'll see that the trim and the porch railings are the same color. This makes a dark-colored house with white trim or a light-colored house with dark trim look bolder, and no matter what color your house and porch are, matching the porch and trim colors will make the entire house look coordinated. This creates curb appeal and simply makes it look better.

4) Slate Gray Porch and Patio Paint

Slate gray is a bold color that matches a lot of stonework and other exterior paint colors. If you're looking for a bold look, then a slate gray porch and patio paint like this would be ideal. Porch and patio paint will work on almost any surface you might need to use it on, including concrete, pavers, or wood. Try using a dark color like this to hide dirt if you spend a lot of time outside, and if you like, you can even paint your walkway with this same paint.

5) Copy Stonework

If you have stonework like the work on these Exovations article pillars near your porch, either on the walkway or the porch floor or even for garden and lawn edging, you can always copy that stonework when choosing your paint. Build your porch color scheme based on your stone color, starting with the pillars, trim, and porch floor nearest the stonework. Pick things further away in a similar color to draw the eye to them and tie the two locations together, making the porch look better and more cohesive from further away.

6) Semi-Gloss

Your porch probably has to endure a lot of wear and tear, so you'll need paint that will handle that type of wear and still look good enough to be in the front of your house. After all, you don't want the face of your home to be scratched up and start looking worn and ugly again in just a couple years. To keep it looking clean, you can use semi-gloss paint like this since the glossier paint is easier to clean, and dirt doesn't stick to it as well as it does to flat paint.

7) Desert Sand Anti-Slip

If you have a lighter stone for the edging on your lawn or for stonework on or near your porch, you'll need something like this desert sand anti-slip paint. Having an anti-slip coating like this is essential because just painting your porch floor could create a slippery and hazardous surface for you and anybody visiting your home. This desert sand color from Amazon is also great if you have light-colored siding, particularly tan, brown, or yellow.

8) Stencil Tile

If you have a tile floor, you can paint it, but you'll need to make sure that you have the right product so that the paint will stick. To learn about this, we recommend watching this video in which Meg Cat shows the process of painting the tile on her porch. You want to make sure you have some sort of adhesion primer like she did. Then you can add your paint once you're sure it'll stick. You can use this video to learn how to stencil tile to change its pattern without having to buy new tiles.

9) Decorative Concrete Coating

If you have a concrete floor for your front porch, don't think that means that you have to have that ugly concrete showing for all the world to see. Instead of settling for ugly concrete, you can get a decorative concrete coating like this that'll make it look just like any painted floor. You can get it in a textured tan or gray to complement your house, then choose a color for your railings that will look good with it.

10) Contrast

Sometimes, you don't want things to match. Instead, you'll want to design something with strong contrast. This creates an amazing and bold look that people will notice from the curb and as they walk up to your porch. You can try painting your railings a color that contrasts with your house, even if it's just white railings for a building like this with dark siding. Then, match the floor to the house so that the contrast is even more noticeable as people enter.

11) Silver Porch and Patio Paint

Porch and patio paint is probably the best thing to use on your porch, and not just because it's called porch and patio paint. This porch and patio paint from Amazon can be used on wood, concrete, and walkways, so you should be able to use it for almost any surface on your porch. This way, if you want everything to be one color, you can paint everything a gorgeous silver color like this. This brighter and more reflective color will be more visible from the road and make your porch and home look better from a distance.

12) Black Shutters and White Trim

If you want to create a bold and even somewhat old-fashioned look, believe it or not, black shutters with white trim could be the perfect color combination for your porch. While black and white is typically a modern color choice, and you can certainly do this on a modern porch, you can see in this front porch remodel how this combination makes the brick building stand out from a distance. This color combination will increase the curb appeal of an old building significantly.

13) PermaWhite

PermaWhite is an amazing color designed just for this kind of situation. It's an exterior paint made by Rust-Oleum that creates a vibrant and pure white color. It's a self-priming paint that resists mold and mildew, and it should cover almost any other paint color. A satin Perma white paint like this is even better, because it's a glossier paint that'll resist dirt build-up more than a flatter paint. The other neat thing is that it's self-priming, so you don't need to sand or prime; just clean and paint.

14) Dark Door

Since the front porch is the face of your home, you'll want to create a bold look to draw people's eyes. To do so, we'd suggest a dark color for your door so that this portal into your home is the centerpiece of your front porch for your guests. Watch this video by Kat Craig to see the effect a dark-colored door can have, even if you don't have any decorations up just yet. A white trim like the one she used will help to accent this dark-colored door, as well.

15) Emerald Anti-Slip Coating

If you love the feeling of being out in your yard and in nature, you can reflect that in your porch paint choices. Naturally, since this is the front of your home, you'll want it to look beautiful, but you can create something beautiful that emulates nature with an emerald color like this. This emerald paint from Amazon is actually an anti-slip coating, so it may look similar to grass from a distance and should make your porch much safer to walk on.

 What're you looking for when it comes to your front porch? How can you create more curb appeal? Let us know if any of these ideas helped you create the ideal look for your home in the comments below.

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