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A lanai is a tropical Hawaiian paradise, and you want yours to be incredible. When you step out into it, you should feel like you've been transported to an island getaway. To make this happen, you'll need to choose furniture and decorations that create a relaxed and fun atmosphere. Check out some of these Lanai Ideas to Make Your Room Incredible.

1) Broken Seashell Catch-All and Decorations

When you're in a lanai, you want to feel like you're on a tropical getaway or lounging on a beach like a Hawaiian native. One way to give yourself and your guests that feeling is to make decorations using things like seashells that you find on the beach. Seashells are a classic beach decoration, and you can make all kinds of art with embedded seashells. If you're interested, try making beautiful seashell mason jar decorations using these directions by Crystal Owens from a Pumpkin and a Princess.

2) Tropical Fish

You're probably trying to keep up a tropical or Hawaiian theme for your lanai, so think about different tropical decorations you can add to make it beautiful while giving a laid back feeling. Tropical fish are a less obvious choice than palm trees and a sign that says tiki bar, though those are great ideas, too. They create a tropical atmosphere in a more subtle way than signs that say "Tiki Bar" or pictures of Hawaiian beaches.

3) DIY Tiki Bar

We don't want to make it sound like tiki bars aren't great. They're a fantastic way to make your lanai feel like a lanai instead of a patio, and they give you a comfortable place to gather, drink, and eat. You'll want a Tiki Bar if you're trying to create a Hawaiian look, and if you're not sure how to make one, you can use this youtube video to learn how to build one. You can even customize it to fit your space.

4) Faux Grass

Hawaii is a place where people often walk around barefoot, spending more time outdoors than inside whenever possible. Since they don't have harsh winters, it's usually possible. You can make your lanai feel like a true Hawaiian getaway by using fake grass like this to give the impression of a green Hawaiian getaway even in fall. It won't be as comfortable as real grass, but it'll stay fresh and green over time, even if there's not enough sun coming in.

5) DIY Firepit

Since they're enclosed, and people tend to use them in warmer climates, lanais are great places to spend time in the spring, fall, and summer, at least. That said, if your parties tend to draw out into nighttime, or if you like to listen to the crickets at night, you might need a little extra warmth to stay cozy. A firepit is a beautiful way to keep warm, and it creates an atmosphere that's unrivaled by electric or gas heaters. You can learn to make one using these instructions from Family Handyman.

6) Beach Bar Signs

If your lanai has a bar, you're going to need bar signs, or at least you'll probably want them. They're a cool bar decoration, and they tend to be humorous. Try getting some aquatic or beach bar signs like these from Amazon that say, "Caution Drunks at Play" and "Ship Faced Aquaholic." These ones are great for people who like puns, and since a lanai is typical in Hawaii, it only makes sense to have some island and aquatic decorations.

7) DIY Beer Tap Handles

Lanai's are about relaxing, and one way to do that is to kick back and have a drink in your home bar. You'll want an outdoor bar, but after that, things might start to feel a little plain. Instead of a bland metal bar, design a beautiful bar with a classy look. Sometimes it's nice to have nice things, and you can make the outdoor bar feel more comfortable by making an outdoor beer tap and crafting customized handles using these instructions.

8) Beach-Themed Lights

A lanai is a Hawaiian fixture, so you'll want Hawaiian and island decorations. You can get beach-themed decorations to make it feel like you're spending time in a true Hawaiian getaway, and if you're spending time there at night, you'll need some lights. Think about combining the two by getting a beach-themed light-up decoration like this one from Amazon. It'll be visible at night and create a subtle glow that won't be disturbing if you're trying to relax.

9) DIY Beach Signs and Decor

Sometimes if you want the perfect decorations, you've got to make your own. You'll want to create a friendly and welcoming atmosphere for your lanai so that you and your guests can relax and feel at home, and one of the best ways to do that is to post a welcome sign. Think about taking old beach items like sandals and creating a welcoming sign. You can even use these instructions from Reuse Grow Enjoy to make a sign from old flip flops.

10) Parrots

Parrots are a staple of island and ocean stories, so it's only natural to include them in a Hawaiian-style patio. There are a lot of ways to do that, but the easiest and most tasteful way is probably to add decorations like this jeweled wall art. The jeweled look makes it bright like a real parrot and makes it stand out amongst any duller decorations. Decorations like these can make your lanai feel like an island paradise even if you're not on an island.

11) Pineapple Coasters

Chances are good that whether you use your lanai for parties, casual get-togethers, or relaxing alone, you'll want to bring drinks out to it most of the time. Drinks, whether they're alcoholic or not, help people feel comfortable and give them something to enjoy while relaxing. While you've probably got outdoor furniture that won't stain from wet glasses being set on it, you can use coasters as decorations to make the lanai feel more tropical without wasting space. Try using a tropical coaster like these pineapple coasters from Amazon.

12) Stamp Drink Coasters

Do you have a favorite sports team of design? All you need to do is find a stamp for it, and you can use it as a decoration for your lanai. Coasters are a great way to decorate subtly without taking up a lot of space or placing decorations that’ll get in the way while you're eating, drinking, or playing games. You can use the directions in this article from A Little Craft in Your Day to make coasters with any stamp.

13) Fake Lighted Palm Tree

Palm trees and Hawaii go together well, so if you're trying to create a Hawaii-themed lanai, you'll want to put palm trees in there somewhere. If you live in the right place, you could put real palm trees in there, but in most places, that's far from practical. Instead, think about getting a fake lighted palm tree like this from Amazon. Since it flights up, you'll be able to see it at night or in the evenings, and it'll create a wonderful tropical vibe 24/7.

14) Coastal Rug

Since your lanai is protected from the elements, you can add all kinds of indoor comforts, though you don't want it to feel completely like an indoor room. After all, a lanai is a place where indoors meets outdoors. One of the best things you can do is design the lanai so that you can walk barefoot in it like a true Hawaiian. If you're unaccustomed to bare feet, don't worry! Add a rug like this with a coastal theme to make the ground soft and comfortable for your bare feet.

15) DIY Bamboo Furniture

One way you can make the lanai feel more Hawaiian, even if you're not from Hawaii, is to use native materials like bamboo. Bamboo makes great outdoor furniture, and you can use tutorials like this to make some of it yourself. While this video shows you how to make a bamboo table, you can make a full-sized tiki bar from bamboo to create an unmistakable Hawaiian theme. Think about buying or making bamboo bar stools or chairs for a matching set.

16) Another Day in Paradise Sign

Every day you spend in your lanai should be another day in paradise, but after a long day of work, you might need a reminder. Help remind yourself and your guests that this is a place to relax and feel good with this "Another Day in Paradise" sign. There are pictures of parrots on the sign to create a tropical paradise theme, and you can accent it with comfortable furniture and other decorations to make the lanai feel like a small sanctuary on a rough day.

17) Sea Turtles

While tiki decorations, bars, and parrots are great ways to create a tropical impression, you might want something more subtle that still gives off island vibes. Sea turtles are a beautiful decoration that’ll make the room soothing, and you can get vibrant-colored sea turtle decorations like these from Amazon to make it feel as if a bright group of sea turtles is swimming through your lounge. The bright green and blue should match other sea decor and tropical decorations like colorful parrots and grass skirt decorations.

18) Sports

If you're an extreme sports fan, you probably use the lanai as a base for playing sports in the yard. You might even watch the game on an outdoor television, but if you're having a small sports party or get-together during the game, you can go a little further by adding outdoor sports decorations. If it's hard to find decorations for your team, you can make your own sports sign using this sports sign generator.

19) Happy Hour Parrot Sign

It's time to relax and sit back in your lanai. Maybe you want to have a drink, or maybe you're waiting for your friends and family to arrive for a party. Either way, it's happy hour for you, with all your responsibilities set aside for the moment and a gorgeous day or evening ahead. You can get this happy hour sign with parrots on it to remind you not to limit happy hour. Instead, make every hour happy. This would make a great bar sign, or you can put it in the entranceway.

20) Outdoor Pineapple Lights

Unless you only plan to use the lanai during the daytime, you'll need some sort of lighting. Even if it's primarily a daytime hangout, there are probably going to be times when you'll want to stay out late. After all, it's covered to keep out the bugs and keep the cold at bay for a little while after dark. If you think you might need lights, think about getting these beautiful and tropical pineapple-shaped outdoor wall-mounted lights.

21) DIY Ship Wheel

Are you going for an island theme to make the room feel more like a Hawaiian lanai? If so, you've got quite a few options. Are you thinking about the beach and relaxing at a beach bar? Maybe you love collecting shells, or perhaps you're charmed by the idea of ancient pirates sailing the seas? If ships are your favorite part of islands, then you can build ship-themed decor like a ship's wheel or even make the whole lanai feel like a sunken ship. If you like the idea, here's a link to some free woodworking plans for it!

22) Anchors

You're probably going to use your lanai during the daytime for the most part, but one of the benefits of an enclosed space is that you can use it at night, too. This means you'll need lights, and you probably won't have a light switch wired. Instead, you can get lights with a pull cord attached, but they don't have to be bare like a lot of pull-cord lights. Get a pull-cord light fixture with a pretty shade and outdoor bulbs, then add a nautical pull-cord like this to give the lanai a Hawaiian feel.

23) DIY Outdoor Kitchen Sink

If you like to have gatherings or eat meals outside in the lanai in true Hawaiian fashion, you might want a complete kitchen setup or at least a few accessories and furniture pieces to make grilling and eating outside more comfortable. If you've found that you could use a kitchen sink, but it never seemed practical, try using these directions from I Like To Make Stuff to create an outdoor sink designed for a patio grill station.

24) Grass Table Skirt

Since you're making a lanai, not just a regular patio, you'll want every party to feel like a luau. You can get Hawaiian decorations like the well-known Hawaiian skirts, but for your furniture. This grass table skirt from Amazon would be a neat way to make a regular bar into a Tiki bar, and the skirt is cheap enough that you won't have to worry about cleaning it; just buy a new one for the new season.

25) Outdoor Paint

If you have a lanai, and it just needs to be refreshed, you might not need to redecorate or renovate the entire thing. One way to refresh the entire lanai is to repaint the furniture and any painted surfaces regularly. This will make them look clean and fresh, and it's also a good idea to keep them weather-resistant. Even the decorations under cover will be subject to temperature changes and the moisture that causes, and a fresh coat of paint every year will help. You can check out this article to see how big of a difference paint can make.

26) Acacia Coasters

Some types of acacia are native to Hawaii, so if you're decorating a lanai in Hawaii or trying to make it look like you are, acacia wood is a great material to look for. You can get acacia wood coasters like these for a bar or end tables, and they have a smooth and simple look that looks nice but won't clash with any brighter decorations. In fact, the smooth wood can pretty much match with anything, and using native wood makes everything seem more authentic.

27) DIY Globe Pendant Lights

If you use the lanai every day for dinner, or if your weekend get-togethers tend to extend into the evening, some of what you'll need to do is find lighting. It's not just about what will light the area enough or be safe outside, though. You can make beautiful lights that create a nautical look and make you think of traveling all around the world on an island-hopping tour by making a globe pendant light using these instructions by Taylor Mead.

28) Cocktail Magnets

It's time for cocktails. If you have or want a bar out in your lanai, you'll need bar decorations. For a fully stocked bar, you'll probably want a refrigerator, and this makes it easy to add magnetic decorations. You can get magnets like these that look like a variety of drinks to decorate your bar and give you a place to pin anything you need. You can even have fun with it and use the magnets to pin drink orders if you like to have huge gatherings and enjoy playing the role of bartender.

29) DIY Embroidery Hoop Pendant Lights

You can make pendant lights out of almost anything you find around the house, so the questions become, what looks good to you? If you're not sure, we've got another idea for you: embroidery hoops. This might sound strange, but if you look at this Petal and Ply project, you'll see that embroidery hoops can make a beautiful and pendant light fixture that's great for nature lovers. We think this would fit well in a lanai, and you might, too!

30) Fish Net Decor

If you haven't seen them before, fish nets as decor might sound a bit unusual. They're actually a pretty trend, and they can be wonderful for creating a nautical or island theme. If you're trying to mimic the true Hawaiian lanai, or if you live in Hawaii, you can use fish nets as decorations by weaving beach materials like shells and driftwood and carved wooden fish into them, or you can buy a premade fish net decoration like this from Amazon.

31) Hawaiian Style

Hawaii is a place where people walk barefoot. If you want island vibes and want to feel relaxed, you're probably going barefoot in the lanai, at least during the summertime. Sometimes, when you're trying to relax, "no shoes, no service" doesn't apply. Instead, you can remind people that they're in a shoe-free zone with this fun tile that says "Hawaiian Style: Please Remove Your Shoes." It even has the Hawaiian word for thanks on it to show your appreciation to respectful guests.

32) DIY Patio Surround

While the interior of your lanai is important, you'll also want to think about the outside to create an experience from the moment you walk outside and to make a fun yard for parties that spill outside. You can do a bit of landscaping by building a patio around the outside of the lanai and maybe add some furniture. Try using this video to make a beautiful organic shape or a circular patio around your lanai without the expense of hiring a contractor.

33) Palm Leaf Throw Pillows

Palm trees are common in Hawaii, so if you're trying to make the lanai feel more like Hawaii, but you live in Minnesota, adding palm tree decorations will help. One palm tree decoration that’ll look nice is a palm leaf pillow set like this. The palm leaves look beautiful in the close-up pattern on the pillows, and since they're outdoor pillows, you don't have to worry if people come in out of the rain and sit on them.

34) String Lights

If you need lighting for evening get-togethers, you don't have to go with something traditional, particularly if you don't have electricity wired out to the lanai. Instead, you can get decorative string lights like these and run a power cord outside during warmer seasons. They're designed for the outdoors, and they work as both decorations and soothing lighting if you're trying to relax. They're also lightweight if you don't want to hang a heavy fixture from your ceiling.

35) DIY Hemp Rope Rustic Pendant Light

Pendant lights are one of the easiest light fixtures to make yourself, and you can turn almost anything into one. Find something that looks like it'll make a great nautical, beach, or Hawaiian outdoor light, and then you can use a pendant light kit to make it into a light fixture. This particular kit from Amazon is probably the best one for a nautical- or beach-themed lanai since the pull-cord is a hemp rope. Make sure to use damp-rated bulbs.

36) Acacia Interlocking Tiles

Some acacia wood is native to Hawaii, so if you're trying to create an authentic-looking Hawaiian lanai, acacia is a good wood choice not only for decorations but for furniture and even flooring. You can get interlocking acacia tiles like these that are designed for outdoor use so that they won't get damaged by people walking in and out or if the roof has a leak. They're designed to be easy to install, so you should be able to put them in yourself to make the lanai look like an outdoor-indoor hybrid room.

37) Refinish Bamboo Furniture

Bamboo might not be the first thing you think of when you think about Hawaii, but bamboo is found in tropical regions all over the world, and it's a great way to create a tropical look. That said, you might be thinking that bamboo is too expensive. Don't be too sure; there are ways to get cheap bamboo furniture that looks just as good with a little bit of work. You can buy some old furniture at a tag sale, antique shop, or flea market, then use the instructions in this article to refinish it for your lanai.

38) Pathway

If you want to start giving off tropical vibes before a guest even reaches your lanai, one way to do that is to make a pathway leading into your lanai. That said, what is a good pathway that makes something feel tropical or Hawaiian? You could use a Hawaiian style of stonework or native Hawaiian stone, but rock is expensive, so if it's beyond your price range, try native Hawaiian types of wood instead. They're not as durable as stone, but you can get a walkway that's designed for gardens, like this one.

39) Macrame Wall Hangings

Macrame is an excellent way to create a rustic appearance, which can be great for a lanai. It's a fun homemade craft that you can even get your kids involved in, and you can tell people you made it yourself. If you want a rustic look, you can use these directions by Jen from City Farmhouse to make a macrame wall hanging. Once you've learned how to make one, think about making a bigger or smaller one or experimenting with what you want in your room.

40) Wood Blinds

Your lanai is probably open to the sun year-round, which is wonderful; after all, you want to let sunlight in and feel like you're outside even when you're under a protective cover. There’ll probably be times when you want privacy, though, so installing blinds is a good way to give yourself the option of privacy. You can get wood blinds like this that’ll match a Hawaiian or natural decorating scheme, or look for blinds that fit your theme.

41) Tabletop Bowling

A lanai is a place for relaxing, but also for having fun and enjoying a party! Whether you're lounging around with a family member waiting for some burgers to come off the grill or having a tournament with some friends, table games are a fun way to pass the time. You can build a tabletop bowling game using these instructions from the WOOD store and leave it in the lanai so that it's always there when you feel like using it.

42) Honu Wisdom

If you're the sort of person who comes home stressed out and needs to unwind desperately, you're not alone. You're probably trying to make your lanai a soothing space where time doesn't exist, and you can stay away from your worries for an evening or even just a moment. That's harder said than done, though, and that's when some Honu wisdom can come in handy. This hand-painted Honu Wisdom tile from Amazon has reminders to help you remember to let your worries roll off your back, take time alone, and slow down to take a breath.

43) DIY Outdoor Kitchen

When you're outside relaxing, you might just be reading a book, but a lot of the time, you'll want something to eat. You might host barbeques from there or eat dinner outside every night, and in that case, you're going to need a place to cook. While a grill might be enough for some, you can go a step further and build an outdoor kitchen in or near your lanai so that you can cook as much and as often as you want. Check out this video to learn how to set one up.

44) Lanterns in Planters

Lanterns are beautiful decorations and rustic outdoor lighting choices. They're old fashioned and bring you back to another time when the world was simpler. You can use this article by Shannon Fox from Fox Hollow Cottage to learn to make lantern poles for string lights and then either add rustic string lights like the bulbs she uses in her article or attach lanterns to the poles instead. Either way, it’ll help you create a laid back atmosphere, and you can add flowers to the planters to look nice.

45) Pineapple Mat

Your lanai is an outdoor building, but that doesn't mean it has to be filthy. You can get mats to reduce the amount of dirt and such that gets tracked in so that people can comfortably sit on the floor or walk around barefoot if they want to. Look for mats like this that are designed for high-traffic areas and have Hawaiian or tropical designs like pineapples to give the lanai a more tropical and authentic feeling.

46) Macrame Feathers

Macrame is a pretty and fun rustic craft, and if you want the lanai to feel homey, having some things you made yourself is an excellent way to do it. If you enjoy some light crafting, you can try this twist on a standard macrame wall hanging by making a macrame feather like using these directions by Cait from the Flaneur Co. The macrame feather will look more unique than a typical wall hanging while still creating a rustic look.

47) Tiki Masks

Tiki is probably the most well-known style of Hawaiian decoration. If you love all things Hawaiian and want a Hawaiian theme, you almost can't go without some tiki. If you don't drink or don't have space for it, you don't need a tiki bar, but some tiki totems and masks are a great way to create a tiki theme. You can get a large set of tiki masks like these to hang behind a tiki bar or spread them around to make the whole lanai feel a bit more Hawaiian.

Did any of these ideas inspire you? A lanai is a great place to relax or party, and everyone has a unique way of using one. Tell us about yours in the comments below!

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