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Three-season rooms are one of the best home additions you can have. They let you spend time outside during the fall and spring without freezing, and they make it possible to have winter gatherings outside with just a few modifications. That said, you’re not entirely sure what to do with yours. That’s okay! See if these Three-Season Room Ideas work for you.

1) DIY Ruffled Curtains

Your three-season room is basically an extension of your house. It’s not heated and insulated, but it’s a comfortable space that’s covered so that you can sit and read a book or relax as you would indoors. That means you’ll want privacy sometimes, and one way to get that is to make ruffled curtains using this tutorial from HGTV. Make them from fabric that can handle the elements since they’ll be exposed to heating and cooling over time that can cause moisture to build up.

2) Exterior Paint

Your three-season room is enclosed so that you can spend time there in the cooler fall months, but that doesn’t mean it’s 100% weatherproof. You’ll still have some heating and cooling since it’s not insulated, so it’s not a bad idea to use exterior paint like this that’s designed to handle heating, cooling, and the moisture buildup that temperature change can cause. If the room was a converted porch, you’ve probably got a better chance of leaks, and exterior paint will hold up better to that, too.

3) Cork Dartboard

The three-season room should be a fun place to hang out, so you’ll need some entertainment there, but you don’t want anything that will be sensitive to cold during the winter. Instead of having a lot of sensitive electronics, try doing things like making a cork dartboard using this video from Maker’s Best Friend. Unlike an electronic dartboard, you don’t have to worry about batteries and maintenance or worry that it’ll get damp and stop working.

4) Heater

Three season rooms are excellent for summer, winter, and fall, but they’re chilly in winter since they’re not insulated and heated. That said, it’s easy to turn your three-season room into a four-season room by warming it up in winter. You can get a patio heater like this to warm up the area while you’re using it and make it work in the winter. While it’s not as comfortable as a continuously heated four-season sunroom, it’ll give you extra space for winter gatherings. Make sure to get a heater that works indoors since fumes from outdoor heaters can be harmful.

5) Board and Batten Porch

If you’re looking for decorating ideas to spruce up the appearance of your three-season room, think about board and batten. It has a clean, crisp look that creates a calming environment. When you have guests over or throw a party, they’ll admire the crisp and neat look of your porch walls. Think about creative ways you can paint it to make it stand out, like painting the spaces between trim pieces in different colors or painting a mural of a bookshelf in between two trim pieces.

6) Vinyl Siding Hooks

If your three-season room was originally a porch and was converted to a three-season room, you might still have the original siding on the house wall. If you don’t want to change that, you can use vinyl siding hooks like these to hang up your decorations without having to drill into or otherwise damage the siding. This way, you keep the siding intact and keep the look you want, but you can add a variety of hangings to decorate it.

7) Tassel Decor

Tassels are a neat little thing that looks old fashioned but can also fit a Bohemian theme. They’re great for porches because they have a feathery and natural look that blends into the outdoor environment and looks right on a porch. If you want your three-season room to feel more like a porch, you’ll want to make old fashioned and natural-looking decorations to create a porch-like atmosphere. You can use this tutorial by Jennifer Paglinawan on to make a hanging tassel decoration.

8) DIY Crate Coffee Table

A three-season room will be waterproof, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to worry about things like temperature change, moisture, and other things that happen in unheated spaces. You don’t want to have to bring in all your furniture and decorations during the winter, so winterproof your porch with moisture-resistant and cold-resistant furniture like a crate coffee table. You can use this video tutorial by Fix This to make a crate coffee table with cheap crates that will look good and handle moisture.

9) Electric Fireplace

A three-season room isn’t insulated, so you’ll usually want to use outdoor furniture and other stuff for it, but there are some cases when you want to use indoor stuff instead. If you want to have gatherings in winter or even turn the room into a makeshift four-season room, you’ll want to get an indoor heater that won’t create harmful gasses like an outdoor heater might. You’ll also want it to look nice, so try an electric indoor fireplace like this. Make sure you’ve got at least one outlet to plug it into.

10) Accent Wall

One common way to decorate any room without cluttering it up is an accent wall. It’s a great way to make the room look nice and cover a large area without losing wall space that you can use for practical hangings. For a three-season room, it’s neat because you can see it from the yard or from inside the room. Try making a board and batten accent wall using these directions by Brooke Jones on Hometalk, or get a couple gallons of paint and simply paint the wall.

11) DIY Yarn Crafts

If you want your three-season room to be old fashioned and have an outdoorsy or natural feel, there’s nothing more natural than yarn, but if you don’t know how to knit, what can you even do with yarn? Don’t worry; knitting isn’t the only yarn-related craft you can do to create a neat old fashioned or natural vibe. Try using this tutorial from Seeking Lavender Lane to make an easy-to-make yarn hanging that you can customize in the colors and patterns you like.

12) Buffalo Plaid

You’ll probably want a theme for your three-season room to have a theme so that the decorations will tie together, but you’re struggling to figure out the best one. Western or rustic themes are popular for porches, and your three-season room can function as a porch for most of the year. Try creating a Western or rustic theme with a buffalo plaid blanket or rug like this. Make sure to get one designed for the outdoors or entryways since your three-season room has an outdoor entrance.

13) Rustic Coat Rack

In some ways, three-season rooms are fancier and more comfortable porches. You can spend a lot of time in them, but they’re still as close to nature as you can get without leaving your home, so you’ll want some rustic and natural-looking decorations and furniture. They also make a great mudroom all year long, since you can spend time there, but you can also leave your boots outside to keep the inside of your house nice. Look for rustic mudroom decorations and furniture like this rustic coat rack.

14) Terrarium

If you want your three-season room to feel close to nature even though it’s covered, you’ll need decorations that remind you of nature. One way to get those is to actually bring nature into the room, but you don’t want to make a mess; after all, it’s still an interior room. Try using an enclosed terrarium using this guide from The Curiously Creative to bring plants into the three-season room without getting dirt and water everywhere.

15) Hammock Chair

Hammocks are fun decorations that you rarely see indoors, but there’s no reason they can only go in a yard. You can bring a hammock into your three-season room to make it feel like a part of your yard, particularly during the fall months when you can’t use the yard because it’s getting chilly and windy. You can even get a hammock chair like this so that you don’t take up a lot of space, but you get more freedom to swing around than you’d get with a porch swing.

16) DIY Outdoor Storage

What do you use your yard for? If you like to play sports in the yard, you probably leave things outside during the spring through fall and store them in a shed during the winter. Your three-season room probably isn’t warm enough to relax in during winter, so think about using it as extra storage space when it’s too cold to use it or the yard. You can build furniture, like this bike rack using a tutorial by Crafted Workshop.

17) Colorful Wind Chimes

Wind chimes are traditional porch decorations, but your three-season room is enclosed, so what’s the point of a wind chime? The wind won’t hit it, but wind chimes aren’t just about the noise they make. You can add a colorful glass or shell wind chime like this that will catch the light and make the area look more like a porch, even though it won’t catch much wind and make noise. You can even open the windows during the warmest months to get a little bit of that lovely chiming noise.

18) Entrances and Exits

You’re probably trying to plan your furniture and decorations, and maybe even wall color, but the entrances and exits to the three-season room are a big part of your decorating, too. Make them convenient by matching your needs; do you want them to slide, swing inwards, or swing outwards? Then, find something that fits your theme. For example, if you have a farmhouse theme, you can use this tutorial from DIY Network to make the door look like a barn door.

19) Porch Rules

A three-season room is a type of porch, so you’ll probably want some porch decor that highlights all the things you can do with a three-season room but not a porch. An easy way to do this is to get a porch sign like this one from Amazon. This particular sign is great for bookworms, so if you spend a lot of time reading in your waterproof, dry, and comfortable three-season room, this sign is an exceptional way to invite people in and make it feel homey.

20) Vintage Look

There are a lot of themes you can pick for a three-season room, but if you want to highlight the fact that it’s a more comfortable porch, you’ll want to give off an old-fashioned, cozy farmhouse vibe. To do that, try painting some of your furniture to look vintage and make the room look like it’s been there forever. This permanent feeling makes it more comforting while creating a beautiful look, and you can learn to paint things to look vintage using this video by Rustic Duck Furniture.

21) LED Light Curtain

People forget about lights a lot when they’re trying to decorate, but they’re a major part of decorating an outdoor space. There’s a reason people like to use them for holiday decorations. If you’re relaxing in your three-season room at night, you might be reading a book and need a lot of light, but a lot of the time, you’ll want a soft and calming light. One way to do this is to get a light curtain like this that can be both a decoration and lighting.

How’re you designing your three-season room? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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