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It’s time to decorate your three-season porch, but you’re not really sure what to do. You’ve got furniture laid out, but what decor will look good in this space? You don’t want to just wander through a store and pick random things, so instead, you’re trying to find unique Three-Season Porch Decorating Ideas. Check out these ideas for inspiration or to find something beautiful to decorate with.

1) Leaf Ceiling Fan

A lot of your porch decorations won’t just be knickknack and wall hangings. Light fixtures, flooring, and other essential parts of your porch should also be part of your decorating scheme. Try getting decorative light fixtures or ceiling fans like this one from Amazon. Each blade is shaped like a leaf, making it a significant part of a natural decorating scheme or a rustic cabin porch design. Since it’s damp rated, it should hold up to any temperature changes and whatever limited weather it comes in contact with, if any.

2) Decorative Outdoor String Lights

String lights are a typical decoration during Christmas and Halloween, but they’re not just holiday decorations. They can be a light source, particularly if you want a soft and comfortable light rather than a bright light for a workspace. If you do a lot of reading on the porch, you’ll also want some light fixtures, but these decorative outdoor string lights from Amazon are great if you don’t have light fixtures already since they don’t need to be wired in and they can be both decoration and primary light source.

3) Macrame

Macrame is an increasingly popular craft, and there are a lot of tutorials online, making it an easy one to get started with. It has a rustic and old fashioned look, like something you’d find in your grandmother’s attic, which makes it excellent for decorating porches. Porches are standard in old farmhouses, so an old fashioned or farmhouse look is ideal, though there are many other porch themes you can choose. Watch this video to learn how to make a macrame plant holder for a porch decoration.

4) Hydroponics

Plants are an excellent way to decorate any outdoor space or any room with enough sunlight. They’re pretty, and each one looks different in ways that you can’t predict. That said, your three-season porch is covered and protected from the elements, so you might not want pots of soil and water to clean up after. Hydroponics is a cleaner way to house plants, and you can make decorative containers for them using this instructable. Make sure to use a container that lets you see the roots since that’s one of the things that makes hydroponics different from regular pots.

5) Mason Jars

If you have an old fashioned or farmhouse porch, you’ll want some decorations that look like something a farmer would make using materials from their home. One of the most popular farmhouse or rustic decorations is a mason jar since they’re easy to paint or fill with ornaments to create a variety of homemade decor. Try getting mason jar sconces like these and filling them with a candle, glass beads, or string lights for night time decorations.

6) Railroad Spike Hooks

If you want a rustic look, homemade decorations will be your cheapest option since faux rustic decorations are often expensive. Homemade rustic decor is typically made from scrap materials like tin cans and broken farm tools, and railroad spikes are remade into tools and decorations often. The great thing about these is that you can pick them up near any railroad since they vibrate loose from the tracks and get left in place, so they’re a free resource. Try using this video to make them into a decoration and coat hook set.

7) Macrame Tapestry

Macrame is a popular do-it-yourself craft, and there are a lot of videos and articles on making macrame available. This makes it an excellent do-it-yourself decoration to decorate your porch with, but if you don’t have time to learn a new skill, you can buy a tapestry-like this to create a rustic and homemade look. Since the porch is covered, you can put decorations like this that aren’t waterproof in it without worrying. Try placing this tapestry on a bohemian themed three-season porch.

8) Feather Wreath

Feathers are an old fashioned decoration, and they’re used a lot in Native American, Southwestern, or rustic decorations. They can be damaged easily by weather, though, so if you like to leave windows open in summer, you might want to get something that looks like feathers but isn’t made from real feathers. You can use this tutorial from Infarrantly Creative to make a feather wreath with a rustic or old fashioned look that won’t be damaged as quickly as real feathers.

9) RGB Outdoor String Lights

String lights are often used as decorations, and there are two main ways to make them more decorative than they already are. One way is to get shaped or frosted bulbs, and the other is to change the color of the lights. RGB string lights like these are a fantastic way to light up your porch and make it look beautiful at night, either by stringing them around the ceiling edge or by getting tiny ones and filling clear jars with them.

10) Air Dry Ornaments

Does your three-season porch have a theme, or maybe you have a favorite decorating scheme or style, but you can’t find the perfect decorations in the store? You can actually make hanging decorations and plaques easily using this tutorial from On Sutton Place. While the tutorial focuses on Christmas ornaments, you can design clay ornaments in any shape and hang them on your porch. Since these are designed to air dry, you won’t need expensive equipment.

11) Decorative Pillows

One of the simplest types of decorations for any sitting area, whether it’s a living room or porch swing, is a pillow. Pillow and throw blankets are both cheap ways to cover a lot of space with something bright and decorative. Make sure to get stuff like this that’s designed for the outdoors since people will probably be coming in from outside and sitting on the couch or porch swing while wet or dirty at times. Removable covers are also great because they can be washed.

12) Accent Wall

Your decorations don’t have to be hangings and plaques or wall decor. The walls, floor, and parts of the porch itself can be decorations. Accent walls are excellent and beautiful decorations, but how can you build one on a porch, particularly if your only complete wall is covered in siding? A geometric accent wall like the one in this video is an excellent idea because you can build it in place or build it on a large wall hanging to make it look like an accent wall that you can see from the yard.

13) Cherry Blossom Tree Night Light

Since your porch will have large windows and the interior should be visible from the yard you can add decorations that people can see at night to make your house look nice to passersby. Light up decorations are a great way to make your porch look beautiful at night, and decor like this tree night light will also light up the porch in a subtle and soft way that’s designed to be comfortable at night. It’s also big enough to be visible from a distance and small enough to work as a porch decoration.

14) BIG Wall Art

Your porch is visible from the outside, so some of your decorations should be for people to look at from a distance. If you want a vibrant and energetic porch, you can get big pieces of wall art or make huge geometric pieces like this. Since it’s a three-season porch, you don’t need waterproof art, so you have a unique opportunity to show off indoor art styles that generally won’t hold up to the elements. Try using these directions from Hometalk to build a giant wooden wall art piece.

15) Artificial Plants

If you love the look of plants, you probably want some on your porch, but unfortunately, it’s not designed to stay warm in winter. That creates the issue of having to bring plants in during winter and find a place to store them. Instead of going through this hassle, think about getting artificial plants like these ones from Amazon. They’ll bring a natural look to your porch during the warm months, and you won’t have to worry about maintenance or winter storage.

How are you decorating your porch? Did any of these ideas inspire you? Tell us all about it in the comments below!

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