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Do you have an enclosed porch yet? Maybe you have one that badly needs decoration, updates, or even renovation? Or, perhaps you spend summer nights sitting outside being eaten alive by mosquitoes. Either way, it's not a pleasant sensation, but decorating and designing an enclosed porch is entirely different from putting together a regular one. That's why we rounded up these Enclosed Porch Ideas!

1) Hammock Chair

If you only have a screen for an enclosure, you'll still want to get outdoor materials overall, but whether you have a screened-in porch or glass windows to protect from rain, you're able to get cloth furniture without worrying about wet weather now. We'd suggest getting a soft hammock chair like this that's indoor/outdoor so that it can still handle a bit of rain coming in through a screen. It'll still dry out much faster than on an open porch, and you won't have to worry about sitting in a wet seat.

2) Exercise

It can be uncomfortable to exercise outside in a fully exposed yard or patio since you'll probably have gawkers walking by, and the floor might not stay clean enough to do food exercises like planks and pushups. With a covered porch, you'll have the unique combination of healthy, natural sunlight, fresh air if you can open windows, and a private place to work out. If you have an enclosed porch and are trying to decide how to use it, you can turn it into your official workout room.

3) DIY Cooler From Keg

Since your porch is enclosed, you don't have to worry about water and weather damage. That gives you a variety of new furniture options that you can add to the room, such as things that would get dirty or dingy and aren't designed to stand up to the weather for a long time. You can do incredible things like making this cooler out of an old keg and leaving it out on the porch permanently. You'll just need to get a bucket or run a hoe outside to empty the water once the ice melts.

4) Decorative Lantern With Timer

An enclosed porch is one of the most fun porches to decorate since you're no longer limited by only being able to buy outdoor decorations and furniture. You can get any pieces that fit your needs since they won't be out in the elements. We found this decorative lantern that can go on a table or be hung from a hook, and we loved that you can set it on a timer. This way, you can set it to turn on every night and make it look like somebody's home, even if you're not.

5) Outdoor Fireplace

Fireplaces are classy and old-fashioned decorations that usually aren't considered necessary in modern homes with central heat, but they create a rustic charm and give you a nice place to warm up when you first come inside. They're great for an enclosed porch because they'll keep the area warm so that you don't have to tramp snow inside if you're just trying to warm up for a minute before you go back outside. You can even use this tutorial to make one that's designed for a porch.

6) Colorful Outdoor Imagery

Your porch is part of your home's first impression, just like the siding and trim, so you might want it to look good from a distance. Unlike most porch decor, though, your enclosed decorations won't be easily visible to people looking at your house. We liked the idea of using colorful nature-themed decorations like this tapestry that’ll be bright enough to see from outside. Of course, the nature theme goes along with outdoor space like a porch, too.

7) DIY Porch Swing Bed

There’s outdoor furniture with cushions, but if you've ever wanted to sit and enjoy the soothing smells and cool air after a rainstorm, you know that cushioned furniture can stay wet for a long time. Because of this, you might be one of many people avoiding these types of furniture so that you can just dry your chairs off with a towel and sit down right away. Thanks to your enclosed porch, you don't even need to get ones with outdoor fabric! You can build something like this porch swing bed with plenty of cushions and not have to worry.

8) Ceiling Fan

If you have a glass-enclosed porch, you might enjoy the fact that it keeps the sun out and stays warm longer in the fall, but you're missing out on some vital elements of sitting on a porch! The glass has you cut off from nature so that you can't feel a breeze as easily, and now that you have indoor furniture on your porch, you can't open the windows if it starts raining. The whole purpose of a porch is to enjoy the outdoors in comfort, so we'd suggest getting a ceiling fan like this to replace that cool breeze.

9) Seasons

The neat thing about an enclosed porch is that you can use it for a lot longer before it gets too cold. Yours may even be a three-season room that you only shy away from in the winter. You can take advantage of this flexibility to change up your decorations each season, adding fall garlands like this in fall, then switching over to flowers in spring and summer. What's your favorite fall holiday that it's usually too cold to decorate outside for?

10) Laminate Floor

You don't have to design your porch as if it's an outdoor porch now. You can set it up like it's any other room in the house, with indoor furniture and flooring, but you'll still want to get something that can withstand the UV rays from sunlight filtering in, as well as the stomping of people trekking into the house day after day. Laminate flooring has a good combination of durability and UV resistance, and it should endure temperature changes as well as the next floor choice.

11) Rope Pendant Light

You don't have to worry about outdoor items in an enclosed porch, though you may want damp-rated lighting if you have moisture problems. That means you open up a lot of electrical possibilities like this creative rope pendant light. The rope has a set of three pendants, so you'll have three lights hanging from different points on the rope. This matches a rustic or nautical theme, and it's convenient since you can string it along the back of the porch if you have a long, narrow porch.

12) Minifridge

You can have a minifridge on a covered porch, but you might be a bit nervous about the possibility of snow or water blowing in and damaging the electrical components. That's one of the great things about your enclosed porch! You can now add things like this minifridge or other appliances to turn the whole enclosed porch into a bar or just an entertainment area with all the luxuries you need. Since you're right next to the house, it's not hard to install an outdoor outlet since you don't have to worry about that getting wet, either.

13) DIY Outdoor TV Cabinet

If you want an outdoor TV but only have screens and are nervous about it, or if you don't want it to be highly visible in case of theft, an outdoor TV cabinet could be the solution for you. We liked the way an outdoor TV cabinet looks, and it can be a good idea to hide a TV from street view. You can buy them, but if you follow these Downright Simple instructions, you'll end up with a more attractive product that you can customize for your TV.

14) Industrial Pendant Lights

Industrial-style decorations look good on a porch because they create an old-fashioned look reminiscent of times when sitting on the porch was more common since people didn't have as much indoor entertainment. We liked these industrial pendant lights from Amazon since they give the impression of a lantern, but with the convenience of electricity. They also come in a set of three, so they're lovely for a long and narrow porch that needs several lights in a line.

15) DIY Cedar Ice Chest

Cedar is an excellent outdoor material since it repels bugs, and of course, it looks beautiful! You do always run the risk of damaging a wood piece when you store it outside, but you have your porch enclosed and don't have to worry about severe weather. We found a video tutorial for making a cedar ice chest from a cooler. The chest will keep drinks cool when you're hanging out or entertaining guests, and the cedar looks lovely.

16) We Hope You Like Dogs

If you have a dog, then you've probably warned any number of people coming into your home, either letting them know that there's a lot of dog fur, warning them that there are big dogs in case they're afraid of them, or letting them know that the new puppy gets excited when there are guests. This sign lets everybody know about your beloved pets, saying, "We Hope You Like Dogs." This gives people a warning on their way in the door, and since the porch is enclosed, you won't have to worry about the sign getting damaged.

17) Heater

If you have a three-season porch, you can enjoy the weather almost all year long, but you'll still find that things get a bit too chilly come winter. As long as you don't have any terrible drafts, you can use a small heater to make your porch enjoyable all year. Of course, if you have a large porch, you may need more, but this heater from Amazon should be big enough for most porches. This $30 purchase could make your three-season room into a four-season room with almost no effort!

18) Use It As an Addition

Since the porch isn't subject to the weather, you can choose to treat it like it's just another room in your house. At the same time, you'll want to turn it into a room that'll benefit from sunlight; for example, a room with a TV and a lot of windows will end up having a lot of glare, so your porch probably isn't the best place for that. This ehow article has a list of ways you can transform a porch into an addition, depending on where the porch is.

19) Porch Rules

Your porch is a place to relax and have fun, and having a set of "porch rules" to remind people that this is your area to destress is a terrific way to set the mood when people come in. You can get a sign, but a "porch rules" pillow like this one from Amazon is a softer and more relaxed way of telling people to relax. You don't even need waterproof or weatherproof fabric since your porch is enclosed!

20) DIY Drop-Cloth Curtains

An enclosed porch lets the sun in during the winter and provides shade in summer, but you'll need a way to keep the sun and heat out during the summer since you don't have as much airflow as an open porch would. We liked the idea of using this tutorial to make drop cloth curtains since drop cloths are thick and can provide protection from the sun. They're also a fairly easy way to make your own outdoor curtains.

21) Exotic White and Glass Lantern Candle Holder

You don't have to worry about the weather affecting the decorations on your porch anymore, so you can get as creative as you want with the decorations. We liked the idea of making your porch look old-fashioned as a throwback to times when people spent a lot more time on porches before they could stay inside all day watching TV or playing video games. If you like that idea, too, you could get lantern decorations like this exotic white and glass one. It has an unusual look, and the ornate glass and white paint would match a farmhouse porch.

22) Cushioned Rocking Chair

Cushions are the greatest things enclosed porches have to offer since cushions never work quite as well on covered porches or decks. Since the room is fully enclosed, you can get a cushioned rocking chair like this and never have to wait for it to dry out before sitting on it. Even on a covered porch, you'll have damp cushions sometimes. Rocking back and forth on a cushioned rocking chair is one of the most enjoyable things you can do on a porch.

23) Choose the Best Style

Enclosing a porch can cost a lot of money, depending on how you do it. If you're trying to decide how to enclose your porch, you'll have some decisions to make. Do you need to fully enclose it with glass, or would screens to keep out bugs be enough? Will it eventually be a three-season room, and can you afford to make a three-season porch? In this Homenish article, Steve breaks down some of the factors in choosing your enclosed porch style.

24) Shoe Bench

If your porch is also your entry room, you'll need some entryway storage, like a shoe bench. The nice thing about an enclosed porch is that you can use it as if it were an indoor space, so things like taking off your shoes can be moved outside, even in the winter. This shoe bench has drawers for shoes and comfortable cushions, and it would look wonderful on a porch that's designed to look like an indoor space.

25) Fake Flowers

Real flowers can be difficult to take care of in an enclosed space since you no longer have the option of letting extra water spill to the ground and sweeping stray leaves off the side of the porch. Instead of messing with real flowers, you can get fake ones like these that you don't have to worry about cleaning up after, and you won't even have to take them inside during the winter. You can get a window box like this to set on a table or in a corner.

26) Resin Decorations and Furniture

Resin decorations are some of the most beautiful decorations you can make, and there are numerous tutorials out there that you can use to build resin art and furniture. We liked this round natural-looking resin table for an enclosed porch because it's durable enough for most things you'll do on a porch, and resin is heavy enough that it can be hard to use for an indoor room. A table like this will bring a little nature into your porch.

27) Outdoor Rocking Loveseat

Rocking chairs are staples on porches. They bring to mind images of the iconic country porch with comfortable wood rocking chairs, and rocking back and forth while you sit outside your home can be equal parts soothing and entertaining. A rocking loveseat like one from Amazon probably won't rock as far as a rocking chair will, but it combines the comfort of a loveseat with the traditional comfort of a rocking seat. We suggest getting the outdoor one like this because they're often designed for more rocking motion.

28) Garland

Your porch is cut off from nature a little bit since it's enclosed, but that doesn't mean you can't use it to enjoy nature to its fullest. Since you don't have a deck to sweep dead leaves off, it's harder to bring real plants onto your porch, but fake ones like garlands are wonderful decorations to bring a bit of nature or at least the appearance of it. This ivy garland is a bright and delightful choice since you'll be able to see it from outside, too.

29) DIY Screen Porch Kit

If you have a covered porch and you want to turn it into an enclosed one, you might be looking for the best way to do it. If you're willing to do some work yourself, a DIY Screen Porch Kit may be the best way to close in your porch. The screens will block bugs, and using a professional kit will reduce the chances that there will be problems, even if you don't have a lot of experience with home renovation.

30) Hand-Painted Figures

Since you don't have to worry about the weather getting in, you can get decorations that are more delicate than what you'd normally buy for a porch. When we saw this hand-painted figure from Amazon, we thought it would look amazing on a farmhouse or rustic porch table. This piece would be a wonderful gift for a grandmother's porch since it offers comfort and serenity to the family and won't get ruined like it might on an open porch.

31) Window Cat Seat

Do you have an indoor cat? If you do, you might not want them out on a porch, but they can certainly spend time outdoors on your enclosed porch. We found a neat window seat that’ll let your cat look out onto your yard and feel as if they're out in nature. This seat from Amazon will attach to your window with suction cups so that you can enjoy things with all members of the family, including your furry friend.

32) DIY $5 Curtain Tie-Backs

Your enclosed porch gives you the option of spending more time out in the heat of the summer and also using the porch for a longer portion of the year. The walls will block wind and keep out cold during fall and early spring, but if you don't have curtains, the sun will heat the porch up worse during the summer. You'll need curtains, but you'll want to be able to open and close them often without trouble. You can make tie-backs for only $5 using these directions.

33) Backyard Bar and Grill

If you're lucky, enclosing your porch means you'll have a place to spend time three or four seasons out of the year, but what can you use that space for? You can't use it for something you'll need to do during winter unless you heat it, but you can set it up as a seasonal room. We loved the idea of designing a seasonal bar and grill, so we found you the first piece of decor you'll need! You can start with this custom bar and grill sign from Amazon and design your home entertainment room.

34) Remote Control Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans are great for enclosed porches because an enclosed porch can block cool summer breezes. The fan allows you to get a cool breeze and keeps the porch from becoming too hot in the summer. We like the idea of a ceiling fan like this one from Amazon with a remote so that you can turn it on as soon as you go out onto the porch during the hotter days of summer. If you add an outdoor fireplace or heater, this fan also works in two directions so that it’ll circulate warm air or cool the porch.

35) DIY Vinyl Sheeting

If you're looking for a cheap way to enclose an existing porch, a lot of people recommend vinyl sheeting since it’ll create a clear covering that's similar to a window, and it's a project you can do yourself. Doing the work yourself will save a lot of money on contractors, and you can use this guide to install the vinyl sheeting yourself. The guide will also help answer some common questions about it and help you decide if it's the best option for you.

36) Windproof Ashtray

If you smoke, you've probably struggled to light a cigarette or cigar in even a light wind a few times. Many people have fully windproof ashtrays, and while you might be able to get by without one since your porch is enclosed, you'll still have plenty of times when a light breeze ruffles through your open windows and scatters ashes. To stop this from being a problem, you can get a small, decorative, windproof ashtray like this one.

37) Throw Pillows

While there are outdoor pillows, it can be hard to find ones with the patterns you like. Luckily, you don't really need an outdoor one for this porch. Try getting plenty of throw pillows to make your enclosed porch the most comfortable one around. A lot of people will be avoiding soft cloth and pillows on porches since they'll get wet, so you can take advantage of your porch's unique features to add pillows like this cut "Welcome To Our Porch" one.

38) DIY Hurricane Candle Holders

Wind chimes probably won't work on an enclosed porch since they won't be exposed to strong enough winds, but you can still hang some traditional porch decorations to make your porch feel more like, well, a porch. If you have old wine or liquor bottles, you can use this video to learn how to make hanging hurricane candles. A set of these will look similar to wind chimes and other traditional porch decorations, but you can hang them inside so that you don't even have to worry about whether they're fully waterproof.

39) Buffalo Plaid Doormat

Buffalo plaid is a common decoration in country and farmhouse decorating, but it fits any porch decor. The black and white checks blend with modern black and white decorations, and if you want an old-fashioned or traditional porch, the buffalo checks make it look like an old-time porch. A buffalo plaid doormat like this is one of the best doormat choices you have, and since it's an enclosed porch, you can even add in a couple throw pillows without worrying about getting outdoor ones.

40) Coat Rack

An enclosed porch can essentially become your mudroom if you want it to. That way, nobody ever has to track anything into the house since all the dirt, mud, and snow will stay outside on the porch. We liked the idea of setting up the whole porch as a mudroom with a coat rack, bench, and shoe storage piece like this one from Amazon. You can even build shelves and other coat racks to go along with your hall tree.

41) DIY Screened Porch Under $100

If you want to screen in your porch but you're not sure if you can afford it, you can use these instructions from Bless'er House to screen in your porch for under $100. While you're generally better off with a contractor for a big project like this, you'll probably want this tutorial if you've decided to do it yourself and save the cost. With some guidance, you're more likely to get a result you love. You can even see the delicate and bright effect that it has in this Bless'er House article.

42) Farmhouse Pendant Light

Lanterns have a neat, old-fashioned effect when you put them on a porch. They bring you back to a time when lanterns were the norm, as was sitting on your porch or spending time outside with your family every day. When we saw this farmhouse-style pendant light on Amazon, we loved the look of it because it makes one think of an old lantern or farmhouse. Since this is an enclosed porch, you don't need something waterproof, so you have options for styles like this.

43) Colorful Cushions

In most cases, your porch decorations are going to be part of what people see when they drive past or approach your home. Since your porch is enclosed, this effect is diminished a little, but the decorations on your porch can still make your entire home look beautiful. One way to add your porch decorations to your overall home appearance is to get colorful cushions like these since they're comfortable and will stand out even through the glass or screens.

44) Tile

When it comes to an outdoor porch, decking or concrete might seem like an obvious choice, but when it's enclosed, you'll probably want something that looks a little nicer. Tile flooring is a good option for an enclosed porch since it's durable and attractive, but you'll have to decide which option is best. You can learn how to tile a porch using these directions and choose ceramic or porcelain tile. Ceramic tile can get hot in summer, and porcelain can get cold in winter.

45) Fake Hanging Succulents

Hanging plants are a lovely way to decorate a porch since they don't need to sit on tables and effectively take up less room. Since your porch is enclosed, you might not get enough sun for a hanging plant, and of course, live plants are messy. If you don't want to deal with dead leaves and spilled water on the porch floor now that it's not as easy to just sweep it off the porch, you can try getting fake hanging plants like these from Amazon.

46) Screen Tight System

If you're thinking about installing your own screened-in porch to avoid contractor costs, you'll want to make sure you do it right. If you're not experienced and mess up, there won't be any warranty, and you can end up costing yourself a lot more. One way to install things yourself is to get a system like the Screen Tight System that comes with complete instructions and is designed to be easy to install. You can learn more about them here.

47) Cushioned Rattan Furniture

People use rattan furniture on patios and porches a lot because it's waterproof so that it won't get damaged and grow mold. While that's not a major concern for an enclosed porch, rattan is still a good furniture choice because it creates an outdoor feel, and you can move that furniture outside later on if you want to use it on a patio. You can get cushioned pieces like these because they won't get wet as they would outside, and you won't have to wait for them to dry out before you can use them.

48) Outdoor Curtains

Outdoor curtains are a great idea for an enclosed porch because they can handle light rain if you decide to leave the windows open. If you get outdoor curtains like these instead of making your own, you'll get a pretty pattern that you might not be able to make on your own. We like these black and white curtains because they can match a modern theme or a variety of other themes. These even come with bars so that they'll be easy to install.

49) DIY Build From Scratch

If you're the adventurous sort and willing to do renovations yourself, you can build your own screen porch. This article has some helpful explanations for somebody trying to make their own enclosed porch but doesn't want to call a contractor. This article does assume that you have some experience with carpentry, and if you're completely inexperienced, it's probably not a good idea to try this yourself. In that case, use this to get an idea of what you want, but rely on your contractor's expertise.

50) Chalkboard Welcome Sign

Welcome signs on porches are typical decorations because they're a quick way to let somebody know you're happy they're there. Usually, you have to get a waterproof painted sign, but you don't need something like that. You can actually get a chalkboard sign and change it every so often to have a different message every day, week, or just every season. Since the porch is enclosed, the sign won't get wet, and the chalk won't wash off until you're ready to change it.

What do you want to get from your enclosed porch? Is it a screened-in room, or do you have a three-season porch? Tell us what you liked in the comments below!

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