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Are you planning a basement renovation? Looking for rustic decor ideas to fit in your basement plans? Then you’ve come to the right place.  Regardless of whether your plans include a basement bedroom, kitchen, extra dining area, or just a comfortable place to sit and read or visit with friends, our list of Rustic Basement Ideas are full of ways to help get you started or to add a finishing touch.

1) Faux Wood Beams

One way to give your basement a nice rustic look is by using wood in your design plans. Wood beams in particular will go a long way to achieve the rustic look you desire. However, since wood can be pricey and heavy, faux wood beams will accomplish the same effect, cost less, and are easier to install. NextStone makes Peruvian Walnut style beam that looks hand hewn.

2) Faux Iron Banding

If you decide you want to include faux wood beams in your basement renovation, the addition of iron banding to your beams will complete the look. Made out of rubber, the faux banding is easy to work with and install. They are available as rigid straps that hold their shape and are used to cover seams between faux beams. These flexible straps allow you to add banding at beam intersections.

3) Support Post Wrap

At first, the steel support posts in your basement might seem like a hindrance to any rustic basement plans you might have, but in truth, they are an opportunity to enhance the look. Even if you are only a basic woodworker, you can build your own box wraps out of wood. Once built, these box wraps can be painted or stained in the color of your choice to complement the rustic look you want.

4) Wood Wall Panelling

Another design choice for a rustic basement is wood wall panelling. You can use wood wall panelling to accent just one wall of your basement, or you can use it for every wall of your basement. Rockin’ Wood makes Real Weathered Wood Planks that can be installed using adhesive or finishing nails, making them more affordable than peel and stick wood panelling.

5) Wood Flooring

If your rustic basement plans include wood flooring, there are some considerations involved. A basement that is below grade (“below ground level”) will have moisture concerns. As a result, solid hardwood flooring is not ideal because the moisture in your basement will cause it to rot.  Engineered wood flooring and laminate flooring is best for spaces like this. Here’s an article that will give you more details about wood flooring options for your basement.

6) Wood Beam Chandelier

Of course, rustic design choices are not just limited to wall panelling and hardwood flooring. There are also lighting choices that will enhance the look. If you are planning a dining area or a bar for your basement, this wood beam chandelier is a fantastic addition. The edison cages are old fashioned looking when combined with the wood beam. This is also an excellent choice to light a basement pool table.

7) Farmhouse Light

Ideal to hang over a basement kitchen island, this Bawaiz Farmhouse Light with its solid wood and mini iron cage will add an industrial design element to any rustic look. As with most chandeliers, you can adjust the height, so this will work in a basement with low ceilings as well. It comes complete with the required installation hardware and is easy to install.

8) Hanging Pendant Light

Another retro light design, the hanging pendant light is also ideal to hang over a basement table, bar, or island.  This Rustic Blackwood Hanging Pendant Light has eight sockets and is height adjustable in two ways; the first, from the ceiling to the wood bar, and then each light’s drop cord can be wrapped around the bar for different lengths and looks.

9) Hanging Barn Door Hardware Kit

Sliding barn doors are a unique way to add rustic appeal to doorways that divide different areas of your basement. Sliding barn doors are a great way to open up other areas of your basement without having a swinging door blocking up hallways or rooms. You can purchase the necessary hardware here. Once purchased, it is easily installed and will work with almost any type of sliding barn door.

10) Hanging Barn Door Installation

As mentioned before, sliding barn doors are easy to install. Some of the hardware will have adjustable mounts allowing you to mount it directly to the studs in your wall. If the mounts on your hardware are not adjustable, there are still ways to install it without having to tear out your drywall and repairing it after installation. Click here for a helpful video that will show you how to install your hanging barn door.

11) DIY Barn Door Window Covers

Hanging barn doors are useful for more than just doorways. If your basement has windows, you can also use hanging barn doors in place of curtains or blinds. This is a fantastic option if your basement plans include a home theater. In the closed position, these barn doors will completely block out the light. To learn how to install your own barn door window covers, follow this link.

12) Wine Barrel Copper Sink Vanity

Another design element to incorporate into your rustic basement plans is the repurposed wine or whiskey barrel. Since most of these barrels are made of wood, using them will tie together any wood based, or industrial decor plans for your basement.  Adding this wine barrel copper sink vanity to your basement bathroom is a wonderful way to ensure it fits in with the rest of your basement.

13) Copper Bucket Vessel Bath Sink

Perhaps you already have the perfect vanity for your rustic basement bathroom and are looking to accentuate it with the perfect sink. This Copper Bucket Vessel Bath Sink, by SimplyCopper is made by hand hammered 18-gauge copper. The aged, simple look is elegant and the perfect design for a rustic bath.

14) Waterfall Faucet

What better way to complete the look of a vessel bath sink than a waterfall faucet? Waterfall faucets come in many designs but the more traditional designs are the way to go to best compliment a rustic decor. The Antique Copper Vessel Sink Faucet by BWE is easy to install and clean, and the perfect complement to a vessel sink.

15) Wine Barrel Coffee Table

For you readers that love woodworking, old wine or whiskey barrels can be used in many ways. In This video, Wm. Walker uses half a barrel to make a coffee table. Not only that, but he also gives clear instructions on how to cut a barrel in half and still keep the steel banding attached to it. Once cut in half, the wine barrel can be even more useful for rustic decor.

16) Vessel Sink Bathroom Vanity

Of course, wine barrels aren’t your only choice when it comes to a rustic vanity for your basement bathrooms. This vanity, from the Benton Collection, has a built marble countertop with a porcelain sink. Made of wood inside and out, it’s distressed appearance will fit with most rustic design plans and the aquamarine color is a nice alternative over stained wood.

17) Dining Table

Do your plans for your basement include a dining area? If so, a farm-style dining table is the perfect choice for a rustic design. Wooden tables and chairs, or even bench seating options are available from many furniture stores. They can even be purchased online, such as this brown oak model from WE Furniture.

18) DIY Farm Style Table

If you are an accomplished woodworker and have access to a workshop, building your own farm table is also an option. There are several videos online that will show you ways to build your own and even places to find building plans. This video shows a carpenter named Kevin building a farm style table out of reclaimed wood.

19) Deer Valley Chair

Furniture will also go a long way in giving your basement a rustic look. So, if your basement plans include a sitting area, either for a home theater, library, or den, then look for classic furniture styles that are made from leather, or material that looks like leather. This Deer Valley Chair, by American Furniture Classics is a perfect example.

20) Dresden Loveseat

Perhaps your planned basement sitting area is not big enough for a full sized sofa but you want to include more than a single comfy chair. The perfect solution is, of course, the love seat. Like couches and plush recliners, these can be purchased in a style that will accentuate your rustic decor. One such style is the ball and claw foot, like the Dresden Loveseat which you can find here.

21) Chaise Lounge

As far as rustic classical furniture goes, the design that best embodies the style is the chaise; particularly one upholstered in leather or faux leather. The Winnsboro Traditional Chaise by Ashley perfectly embodies the look. Plush and ornate, this chaise arrives direct from the manufacturer fully assembled and includes a polyfill kidney pillow.

22) Weavers Rug

Whether it’s for a basement dining area or sitting area, one thing that will really tie a room together is a rug. If you are going for the rustic look, fortunately there are a lot of rugs to choose from. The United Weavers of America specialize in rugs of traditional native american design. The Broken Arrow Lodge Rug is just one of the many designs you can choose from.

23) Copper Farmhouse Sink

If your rustic basement plans include a kitchen, finding the right sink for that kitchen is an important consideration. Copper is the perfect material for a rustic kitchen sink and the farmhouse sink is the perfect design. Copper kitchen sinks are pricey, so this option is for those with a bigger design budget. One highly rated design, the Rounded Apron Front Farmhouse Sink, is handmade in Mexico.

24) Wash Tub Stand

Perhaps you also want to include your basement laundry room in your rustic design plans. If so, then the addition of a wash tub stand is a novel idea. Functional as well as classic, it will give you a sink that is big enough to hand wash clothing, or other items. Dover makes this model with twin fifteen and a half gallon tubs that are made out of galvanized steel.

25) Rustic Bar Set

Maybe your plans for your rustic basement include space for a basement bar. Even if you don’t want to pay to have a bar installed you still have options. Bar sets that come complete with the bar and a set of barstools can be purchased almost anywhere, even online.  This Acacia Bar Set is just one example. Made of acacia wood and iron, it ships complete with the bar and two stools.

26) Build Your Own Bar

Of course, if you are a woodworking DIY-er, the only limits for your basement bar are your own imagination. Custom building your own bar will give you the most flexibility in size, shape, and location of your bar. This website offers a video and an option to purchase plans for your own custom bar. Made out of wood, once it’s built, it can be stained to fit in with the rest of your rustic decor.

27) Wooden Storage Trunk

Wooden storage trunks are a perfect addition to a rustic basement for two reasons. They complement the look quite well and provide an important function; storage. Wooden trunks are great to store extra quilts or blankets, winter wear in the summer, or anything else. Trunks with a flat top can also be used as a coffee table or a bedroom bench.  Ashley makes a Kettleby Storage Trunk that is perfect for the rustic look.

28) Wood Floating Shelves

Speaking of storage, no basement area, rustic or otherwise, would be complete without shelves to store or display items. If you want to add some storage or display shelves to a wall of your basement, then the floating shelf is a terrific way to do so. These shelves by Imperative Décor are made of rough cut wood and come complete with the necessary installation hardware and instructions.

29) Square Shaped Floating Shelves

Another rustic option for shelving is a set of square shaped floating shelves. The farmhouse design of these shelves by Comfify is a tremendous way to display showpieces or decorative items.  This set consists of three square shelves and four L-shaped shelves. They are made of sturdy paulownia torched wood and are easy to install with mounting hardware included.

30) Vintage Bookshelf

For a larger shelf with more storage capacity, the Little Tree 5-Tier Double Wide Bookshelf is a fantastic set of shelves to complement your rustic decor. Made out of solid wood, this shelving unit has five sturdy shelves that will hold a considerable amount of weight. Perfect for storing books in a basement reading room, or for displaying decorative items.

31) DIY Iron Bound Bookcase

Of course, if you are the budget-minded type and have a basic knowledge of woodworking, it is quite easy to build your own bookcase. This bookcase can be built out of angle irons and 2x10s. If you have access to a power drill and a disc sander, it will only set you back about $70.

This brings us to the end of our article on 31 Rustic Basement Ideas.  Whether you are looking to add a rustic bathroom to your basement, or just a few design tips to add a warm, rustic appeal, these ideas will help get you there. From classic furniture and farmhouse dining tables to vintage bookshelves and wooden storage trunks, these ideas will give you the proper perspective on adding a rustic appeal to your basement renovation plans.

Have an idea of your own? Leave a comment and let us know!

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