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If you’re planning on turning a small area of your basement into residential space, your plans for that space might include a kitchen. Or, perhaps you already have a small kitchen in your basement and are looking for ideas to get the most out of that space.  Just because your basement kitchen is small doesn’t mean it can’t be functional and fantastic.  To find out how, let’s review a list of Small Basement Kitchen Ideas that’ll give you plenty of inspiration.  

1) Guest Room Snack Cabinet

If your intent is to turn your basement into a bedroom for out of town guests, then your basement kitchen need not be a full kitchen. In this case, a simple snack cabinet with a minifridge, microwave, and a coffee maker will do. This DIY snack cabinet takes up very little space and can be placed up against the wall where it will be out of the way.

2) Mini Coffee Maker

Most likely, your small basement kitchen will have limited counter space. To get the most out of the space you have, most kitchen appliances can be purchased in smaller sizes. This is especially true of coffee makers. Several major brands sell personal coffee makers and four cup varieties that will take up very little counter space. Click here to shop for mini coffee makers.

3) Mini Microwave or Toaster Oven

Another way to save counter space is to purchase a mini microwave oven. Small microwave ovens will fit just about anywhere, so they don’t have to sit on a countertop. They can be placed on a shelf inside an open cabinet, or hung from the bottom of an overhead cabinet. Models can be purchased as small as 0.5 cubic feet.

4) Install Cabinets

If you are planning on converting a small area of your basement into a kitchen, then installing your own cabinets will give you the greatest control over size and space. You can install a single cabinet narrow cabinet unit if your space is really tight, or more cabinets if your space permits. To learn how to install your own kitchen cabinets, click here.

5) Mini Fridge

Regardless of your plans for your small basement kitchen, adding a fridge will give you a cool space to store your perishables. There are a wide variety of models from mini soda fridges to narrow, upright, two-door fridge/freezer models. Finding the right size to fit your space should not be a problem. Follow this link to start shopping for the right mini fridge for you.

6) DIY Kitchenette with Sink

If you have access to plumbing attachments in your basement, then you might want to add a sink to your basement kitchen plans. Sink base cabinets can be purchased in all sizes, even smaller, narrow models, so finding one to fit your space will be easy. If you love wood-working, you can even convert an old sideboard into a kitchenette unit with a sink.

7) Free Standing Stove

Just because your basement kitchen is small does not mean it can’t have all the amenities of a full size kitchen. If you intend to have a complete, functional kitchen in your basement, then adding a small freestanding stove with an oven will give you the same ability to cook as any larger kitchen. Freestanding units come in both gas and electric models and can be purchased here.

8) All in One Kitchenette

Another option for a fully functional kitchen in a small space is the all-in-one kitchenette. Essentially, these are stand alone units that come complete with a sink, stove top, fridge and storage areas. They can be placed almost anywhere and take up very little space. Click here to see some available options.

9) Rolling Island

You can increase storage and counter space in a small kitchen by purchasing a small rolling island or kitchen cart. Rolling kitchen carts can be purchased in all shapes, sizes, and designs.  Not only do they give you more storage options, but they can also be rolled out of the way when the kitchen is not being used, freeing up more space.

10) Build Your Own Island

A great way to save money is to build your own rolling kitchen island. Building your own island will give you all the benefits of purchasing an island, and will give you the added benefit of being able to design an island to precisely fit the limited space you have available. For a simple and easy video on building your own kitchen island, watch the video.

11) Install a Breakfast Bar

If your small basement kitchen is limited on floor space, then a dining table with chairs might not be an option. In that case, if you happen to have free wall space, then installing a breakfast bar with seating is an easy DIY project that can be custom fit to the space you have available. All it takes to install this version is a piece of plywood, shelf brackets, wall screws, and a few power tools.

12) ​Slim Rolling Organizing Cart

The key to creating extra storage space in a small kitchen is to be creative with the space you have available. If you have room on one side of a kitchen cabinet or between the cabinet and the refrigerator, then consider purchasing a slim rolling organizer or shelf. These are a very handy approach to store and organize kitchen items and keep them out of the way until needed.

13) ​​Cabinet Organizers

Another way to maximize your storage space is to buy cabinet organizers. Simply put, cabinet organizers will allow you to store more items in your existing cabinets. Not only that, but the items will be well organized and easy to find. Some organizers sit inside the cabinet, doubling your storage space and some hang from or attach inside cabinet doors giving you extra places to store cookware, utensils, and ingredients.

14) Hanging Pot Rail

Hanging items from the walls of your small basement kitchen is also a way to make full use of your space. Pot rails can be attached to any wall or under your overhead cabinets and can be used to hang pots. Not only that, hanging bins can also be attached to the rails to store smaller items like utensils and spices.

So, whether you are looking to maximize the storage space in your small basement kitchen, add some counter space, or completely renovate it; here’s hoping that our ideas have given you a jumping off point. Remember, just because your basement kitchen is small does not mean it can’t be a great place to prepare meals and enjoy. It can be! All it takes is a little bit of work and imagination.

Have any questions? Did we forget an idea? Feel free to leave a comment below.

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