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Throw blankets are comfortable, and if your living room gets cold, you probably have a ton of them. Maybe you’ve got a few extra blankets set aside for overnight guests, as well, but you’re not a fan of having blankets thrown over couch backs, and you hate sitting next to a pile of blankets on the sofa during a hot summer day. Use some of these living room blanket storage ideas to keep your blankets under wraps.

1) ​DIY Blanket Ladder

Blanket ladders are popular do-it-yourself projects for the same reason that jackets and coats tend to get thrown over couch backs; they’re convenient storage methods. Just toss a blanket up and over a rung when it’s not in use, and it’s out of the way. The great thing about a ladder rack is that anything on it becomes a decoration, so any decorative throw blankets and quilts can go on it. A blanket ladder is also a relatively easy woodworking DIY project, so almost anybody can have one.

2) ​Wicker

Wicker is a beautiful and traditional way to store things. While you might not need a large wicker chest for your blankets, a small wicker basket like these can be a great way to keep throws off the floor and add a decorative element. You can set these next to the couch and put your throw blankets in them, or slide them under a coffee table or end table. Since it’s a set of three, you can put them in a few places, and either store more blankets or use them for a variety of living room storage purposes.

3) ​Rustic Crate

If you have a rustic or farmhouse-themed living room, rustic crates are a thematic decorating choice, and they can make excellent blanket storage. Watch this video by A Modern Maker to learn how to build your own rustic crates that you can slide under furniture, sit on tables, or put on the floor as a decoration. You can customize them so that they’re the right size for your blankets, and if somebody needs a throw blanket, it’ll be easy for them to grab.

4) ​Firewood Rack?

How is a firewood rack a type of blanket storage? These racks are a neat, old-fashioned way to store firewood, but if you don’t have a wood-burning stove, they’re a waste of space. You can buy this rack or take an old one to store rolled-up blankets. This turns the rolled blankets into a decorative and gives you a use for an old rack. It’s great for a vintage or retro room, to make the living room look a little more like a living room from days when wood fireplaces were more common.

5) ​Side Tables

Storing things under tables is a convenient way to keep them out of the way, and have them available if you need them. With coffee tables, though, it can be a problem. Coffee tables often get moved around as you’re cleaning, or slid back and forth to be in the most comfortable place. Side tables, like the one in this picture, are rarely moved around so that you can store blankets under them with less difficulty. If your tables have racks or shelves underneath, you can use those to keep the blankets off the floor.

6) ​Wood Storage Cube

This wood storage cube is an unusual storage choice for blankets, but it’d work perfectly. You can store blankets inside, just as you would with a wicker basket or storage trunk, but the small wooden cube will match modern decor. Many storage trunks fit rustic or vintage styles, but few have a modern look. The neat thing about this storage container is that it has a flat wooden top so that it can be used as a side table or end table, as well as blanket storage.

7) ​DIY Built-In Storage

If you’re looking for a more attractive way to store blankets, consider shelves with shiplap. Chris and Julia from Chris Loves Julia made an incredible media entertainment center using shiplap. Check out their design here, and think about how you could fit something similar in your home. The shelves make great places to store blankets, or you could design it as a bookshelf instead of a media center, and use the cabinets to store blankets. This is a large built-in center, but you can also use similar methods to make a smaller media center or storage.

8) ​Underseat Storage

If you want your blankets to be tucked away out of sight, storing them under seats is a good way to do that. Of course, a lot of living room furniture doesn’t have space under seats, but you can get furniture like the bench in this picture for a living room entranceway, or build furniture with storage underneath. If your couch has space under it, you can build drawers or bins that slide underneath and add wheels or sliders underneath.

9) ​Ottoman

Ottomans are one of the most useful and versatile storage types. They can be comfortable footrests or seats, and they have a lot of storage space. Instead of getting regular footrests and bench seats, get ottomans that you can store things in. They’re the perfect size for blankets, and if you store blankets in a footrest, they’re right where you need them if you get cold. This ottoman from The Home Depot matches modern or eclectic decor with a simple design and neutral colors, but you can look for one that fits your living room’s style.

10) ​Zippered Bag

Zippered bags are a compact way to store anything, and cloth items in particular. If you want your blankets stored out of the way, but in an accessible place, zippered bags like these are a perfect way to store them. You can slide them under furniture, and the plastic should slide comfortably on any floor. The plastic material will also protect them from dust or dirt if they’re stored under a couch or other furniture for a long time.

11) ​DIY Sofa Bed With Storage

People often like to slide things under seats for easy storage, but a lot of modern couches and sofas are too low to the ground for that. In this video, Laura Kampf shows you how to build your own sofa with built-in storage. This sofa also folds into a bed, so you’ll have an extra place for guests to sleep, and your blankets will be stored right underneath it where you need them. The bed folds out quickly, so you can set guests up with their bed and bedding in a manner of seconds.

12) ​Big Basket

If you want a fashionable and fun choice, this next option is great. Get an enormous basket like this one from Amazon, and pile your blankets inside. If you want to keep them looking neat, you can fold them, but there’s something to be said for a big pile of comfy blankets, too. The basket can also be used for all kinds of storage, so adding a couple around your living room may be a good idea. Since the container is flexible and light, you can put it anywhere, or move it when you need to.

13) ​DIY Repurpose Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes are a cheap and common way to store things, but that’s usually on the way to and from a store. Then, they get thrown away. Can you really turn them into usable storage? In this tutorial, Amy Bell from Positively Splendid shows you how you can turn sturdy boxes (in this case, diaper boxes) into decorative lined bins. Make sure to use a sturdy box, since you’ll be putting blankets in them to carry around, and most cardboard boxes are designed as temporary packaging.

14) ​Victorian Trunk

Trunks are a traditional way to store blankets. That makes them great for any living room with a vintage, retro, or antique look. This trunk from Amazon is Victorian style and will look great in a room with a lot of antiques, or as an antique touch for a modern room. It’s easy to open and grab a blanket out when you need it, but if you don’t use the blankets often, you can use it as an extra coffee table in the meantime.

15) ​Storage Bench

When you look for your living room blanket storage, consider your current decorations and furniture choices. Find something you want, whether it’s a specific furniture piece or a style of furniture, then find a version of it with storage. If you want a side bench for people to relax on, for example, you can get this storage bench from The Home Depot. Benches make good choices if your living room is in the same area as your entryway or dining room, or if you often have older guests who struggle to get up from a plush seat.

16) Unfinished

Getting something unfinished is one of the best DIY hacks out there. Since the item is incomplete, you get to decide how to finish it. Do you want it to look modern or retro? Bright or dark? Classic or bold? Get an unfinished blanket chest like the one in this picture, then paint it to fit your decor, stain it to match other furniture, or just paint it your favorite color. You can even modify it before using it, as long as you make any changes before any stain or paint goes on.

17) ​Totes

Totes are a pretty standard storage choice, and they’re great for keeping blankets fresh and smelling like clean laundry. That said, they’re not always considered an attractive choice. If you have a bold living room, you can get bright colored totes like the one in this picture, and store them underneath end tables or behind couches. Otherwise, get clear totes and wrap them with jute rope or burlap, depending on whether you have a contemporary or rustic living room design. You can even store totes inside baskets, so they look nice, but are sealed inside the tote.

18) ​Covered Basket

Open blanket storage like baskets and crates can be convenient because you can just grab a blanket out when you want it, but the blankets can get dirty or collect dust if you don’t use them often. A covered storage container like this wicker basket can be attractive and prevent dust. Of course, you’ll need to dust the container, but that’s much better than having to shake the dust off a blanket before trying to use it.

19) ​DIY IKEA Hack Bench

IKEA hacks are popular ways to get expensive-looking furniture for cheap. This particular hack turns a cheap storage cube into a comfortable seat with storage underneath. You can follow the instructions by Abby M, or modify them to fit your decor and your needs. If you’re a fan of IKEA, think about ways you can turn other furniture into storage. Underseat storage is convenient, but you can also add cabinet doors to bookcases to store blankets under your books, or find other creative ways to convert other furniture into storage.

20) ​Wood Crates

A wooden crate may not seem like much, but it’s an easy storage place to grab blankets whenever you need a throw blanket to keep warm. Crates like the one in this picture are attractive decorations, and if you can find one like it, you’ll have guests asking about it all the time. Since it has holes in it, you’ll never forget what’s inside, and your overnight guests will easily be able to find them if they need to.

21) ​Rustic Trunk

Trunks are a neat, old-fashioned way to store things. You can use them as tables if you don’t need to access the blankets very often, but if you need to access blankets a lot, all you have to do is flip open the lid, instead of struggling to align a container lid perfectly. This trunk from Amazon has a rustic design that will fit a log cabin or rustic living room, and it has plenty of space to store blankets while doubling as a side table.

22) ​DIY Wood Rack

When looking for storage, many people get caught up thinking about boxes, cabinets, and bins. Not all storage has to be inside something else. Try a time-honored blanket storage technique; put your blankets on a rack. In this instructable waylightcreate gives step-by-step instructions to make a freestanding blanket rack for your living room. The finished product is a rustic, vintage-looking blanket rack with four bars to hang blankets on. The best thing about a stand like this is that it not only stores blankets but turns them into visible decorations. Use this for your nicest-looking quilts and throws.

23) ​Wire Basket

Baskets are a common way to store blankets, but big cotton or jute rope baskets might not fit your style. If you have a modern living room, try getting a wire basket like this one. The basket is convenient because you can just toss throw blankets in it when they’re not in use, and the wire means you can always see what blankets are inside. This basket from Amazon is heavy-duty and big enough for blankets, but you can choose the size and style that fits your room best.

24) ​Cedar

Cedar is, without a doubt, the best material to store blankets in. If you tend to store blankets for a long time without using them, you want to put them in cedar if you can. Cedar naturally repels bugs, so you’re less likely to have moths and other insects eating at your blankets over the summer when they’re not in use. It also has the benefit of an enjoyable scent, so if you put clean blankets in a cedar container, they’ll come out smelling great.

25) ​DIY Upcycle

If you have old materials lying around, you can turn them into your new blanket storage. For example, Operation Home Blog took some crates from Michael’s and turned them into a seat with shelf storage underneath. While they used it on a porch, you could build something similar in a living room/dining room combination, or create something different altogether for your blankets. What junk do you have around the house that needs to be thrown away or upcycled? How can you turn it into a storage table or seat?

Did any of these ideas speak to you? How’re you storing things now, and what went wrong with your old blanket storage? Please let us know in the comments below!

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