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If you’re here, looking for Philadelphia Eagles Man Cave Ideas, you’re a huge Eagles fan. Maybe you watched the Fog Bowl, in person, or in videos. You know that Eagles fans come together for their team, whether it’s helping shovel out the stadium or supporting the team from home. To continue that tradition of support, use some of these ideas to decorate your fan cave and show that Eagles fans support their team!

1) ​​​​You Gotta Know Philly!

If you’re a Philadelphia Eagles fan, you gotta know Philly. If you don’t, it’s time to learn. Brush up on your Philly knowledge with this game. Since it includes facts about the Eagles, but also basketball, hockey, and more, you can learn a bit more about your team’s home town, and give the non-Eagles fans a fighting chance when you play. This is a great game to stow away for football games and parties, to pass time before a game. It also lets you show off your Philadelphia Eagles knowledge while you show off your man cave.

2) ​​​​DIY Special Plays

As a die-hard fan, you’ve likely heard about the Philly Special. You’re probably also familiar with the Philly Philly, but you might not be 100% sure what the difference is. This article will help you understand both plays, so you can use them in your man cave. How do you use a football play in your man cave? You can paint it on a wall, or draw it and frame the print. If you have a tabletop football game like football chess or electronic football, arrange the players like they’re mid-play.

3) ​​​DIY Eagles Helmet

As an Eagles fan, you recognize their uniform when you see it. It’s a big part of team identity, next to the logo and team colors. While you’ll want a few jerseys, this craft is a cheaper way to show off the Eagles uniform without spending a fortune. The video shows you how to take any old football helmet and turn it into a shiny new Philadelphia Eagles helmet. This makes a great shelf or table decoration. You can also flip it and attach it to a wood base, and put a snack bowl in it.

4) Philadelphia Eagles Man Cave Sign

Your man cave will need lots of wall art, from prints to signed photographs, to bar signs. This Philadelphia Eagles sign makes a great entrance sign. It has team colors and an Eagles helmet on top and tells everybody that this is an Eagles Man Cave. It also tells you that the man cave is for Eagles fans only and that it runs on Eagles Power. Visitors will be left with no doubt about what team to root for in this man cave.

5) ​​DIY Thematic Bar Lighting

If you have a bar in your man cave, you’ll need Eagles décor, but the bar itself should also make people think of your favorite team. You can paint the bar in team colors, but that won’t help if you have lights dimmed to watch the game. This article described how you can set up your lighting. While the article talks about a kitchen, you’ll use similar ideas for your man cave bar. Make sure to use green light bulbs. This is what accents the Eagles theme, while also creating a cool effect for the bar area.

6) ​Philadelphia Eagles Playing Cards

Are you a poker fan? Maybe you play gin rummy, or blackjack while you’re hanging around the man cave. If you like playing cards, you probably have a card table, and maybe you’ve even added the Eagles logo or colors to it. You just need these Philadelphia Eagles playing cards to complete the setup. This way, you and your friends can play card games before a game, or any time, without losing the connection to your favorite sport and team.

7) ​​​​​Ticket Runner Rug

Do you wish you were in the stadium watching, instead of in the man cave? Maybe you actually like your man cave better. It’s cozy, your friends are here, and it has climate control. Invite your friends to the game at your place with this ticket runner rug. The rug actually looks like a game ticket, so you can put it in the entrance for people to go over when they come in. Besides having a cool design, it keeps your floors clean, since all you have to do is shake it out when it gets dirty.

8) ​​​​​​​Philadelphia Against the World

You already know this, but let’s recap; when your team’s on the field, it’s them against the opposing team. When they’re at an away game, it can feel like it’s Philadelphia against the world. Just like during a football game, it’s Philadelphia against the world in this trivia game. If you think you know everything about the Philadelphia Eagles, this is another great trivia game for your man cave. Store this away and bring it out between games, or leave it out to tempt your friends into a trivia challenge.

9) ​DIY Team Colors

When you set up your décor, you want to get your colors right. Unless you have a great eye for interior decorating, there can be a subtle difference between the midnight green you want and New York Jets green. While the color combinations often speak for themselves, this resource will help you get your colors right. The digital codes mean you can make any digital art with the exact color you need, then print and frame it without a worry.

10) ​​​​​Super Bowl Champion Panoramic

Any game can be fun to watch, but having your team in the Super Bowl is priceless. You want them to win, but it’s incredible to know that they got there at all. When your team wins, you can ride that high for years. You can do exactly that with this Philadelphia Eagles 2018 Super Bowl panoramic. It comes framed or just as a poster, so you can pick the option that fits your budget. Either way, this 40-inch long panoramic makes a great centerpiece for a wall of prints and signed photos.

11) ​​​Bottle and Tumbler Set

If your man cave has a bar, you can paint it and decorate it in many ways that show your team spirit; however, many of those ways are expensive and permanent. If you want a Philadelphia Eagles bar in your fan cave, you don’t have to be an avid do-it-yourselfer. Instead, you can get accessories like this bottle and tumbler set with the Eagles logo. The logo shows your Eagles theme in a way that your guests will notice when they get a drink but without the time and skill of painting the whole bar in team colors.

12) ​​​​​​​Eagles USA Flag

NFL Philadelphia Eagles Stars and Stripes Flag Banner 3X5 FT FAST USA SHIPPING

As a sports fan, you support things you love with all your heart. After all, you have dedicated your entire man cave to not only your favorite sport but to your favorite team. If you’ve heard too many wisecracks from non-American friends about “American football,” or heard too many people call soccer “football,” this flag will help you make your dedication clear. You’re an American football fan, and you’re proud of it. The flag resembles an American flag, but with Eagles green, and the Eagle logo on it.

13) ​DIY Eagles Football Pillow

Your football man cave is a comfortable place to watch sports, play games, and otherwise relax. This means you need a big, plush couch, some throw blankets, and throw pillows. This video shows you how to make Philadelphia Eagles throw pillows. Unlike other pillows, they’re shaped like a football. They’re plush and comfortable and made with Philadelphia Eagles themed fabric. If you can’t find the exact fabric you need, try fabric in Eagles colors instead.

14) ​​​​​Heritage Banner

What’s the first Eagles logo you remember? Is it a raptor carrying a ball, or is the current logo your first? This Philadelphia Eagles banner shows logos over time, beginning with the 1969 logo and ending with the current one that was adopted in 1996. The banner is a great conversation piece, and it shows your dedication to the team and its history. It also changes up your wall art. Most art is landscape-oriented, or fairly close to being square. This piece is a long vertical banner that’ll add variety to your décor.

15) ​​​​​Eagles Man Cave Area Rug

If you don’t want to install thematic carpets or redo floors, area rugs are great alternatives. While you’ll have to measure your space and decide where you want rugs, you’ll definitely want some. This area rug is blue with the Eagles logo on it to keep with your theme, and it has the words “Man Cave” to clearly label this room as your space. The 5×6 rug is great for basements with hard cement floors, and you can stick it in the washing machine when it gets too dirty.

16) ​​​​​​DIY Philadelphia Eagles Logo

The Philadelphia Eagles logo is important to the team’s identity, and it’ll be important for your man cave theme. While you can buy many things with the team logo on them, you may want some things that aren’t easy to find in stores. This tutorial shows you how to draw the Eagles logo, so you can put it anywhere. If you want those Eagles chairs or bar stools, but can’t find them, this is the DIY project for you. You can also use it to paint the logo on a wall, or anywhere else.

17) ​​​​​Eagles Avenue Sign

How do you get to an Eagles Man Cave? You take Eagles avenue. While that may sound like a dad joke, it’s actually a fun man cave sign idea. Instead of a simple wood or metal sign that says “Man Cave,” use this creative “Eagles Ave.” street sign to direct people to your man cave, or put it next to a pathway in your man cave. The sign is colorful enough to stand alone, or you can add it to your bar sign collection.

18) ​Welcome Mat

A welcome mat probably seems like a home décor item, not a man cave item; however, a welcome mat sets the tone for the space you’re in. Your home is probably not Philadelphia Eagles-themed; otherwise, you probably wouldn’t need an Eagles man cave. Keep your home’s welcome mats the way they are, and add this one to show people where your other décor ends and your Philadelphia Eagles décor begins. The mat says “welcome” and has a photo image of an Eagles helmet on it.

19) NFL Party Bowl

Every day is a party in your man cave…if you want it to be. When game day comes around and you have friends over, you want to be able to serve food. When you’re alone, well, you probably want something to eat, too. If you don’t’ have a small kitchen in your man cave, you can use this large Eagles # Fan serving bowl to bring your food in. It comes in up to 3 gallons, so it’s a big bowl for a big fan. With the larger bowl, you can use it for drinks or barbequed food.

We did our best, but you’re the true fan, and you know what’s best for your fan cave, What ideas did we miss? Please tell us in the comments below.

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