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You love spending time outside, but all those can't stand them! In the summer, there are way too many bugs, and in the winter, it's too cold. You need a place to take shelter and still enjoy the outdoor time and the view of nature. You've built or plan to build a Florida room to keep out anything unpleasant, but you need some Florida Room Ideas. Don't worry! We have you covered.

1) DIY Painted Floor Tiles

Tile is one of the best choices for an outdoor room if you need durability and need something easy to clean. That said, there are limited options for tiling a room, and if you don't want to spend a lot of money on the best-looking tile, you can always get cheaper tiles and customize the look afterward. This is also a way to save money and time if you're revamping an old room. We loved the idea of painting floor tiles in a Florida room to make them look however you want; learn how to do it here.

2) Driftwood Ceiling Fan

Driftwood brings to mind beaches and ocean breezes, so if you're a fan, then you can turn your Florida Room into a beachy paradise. Whether you're in Florida or just borrowing some yard ideas from them, you can make it feel like you're relaxing with sun, sand, and waves by adding decorations like driftwood art. We liked this driftwood ceiling fan from Amazon that has the added effect of keeping you cool on hot summer days.

3) DIY The Sun

Florida and the sun go together, and so do Florida rooms and the sun. Your Florida room is like a freestanding sunroom and should let plenty of light in, but you can also decorate it using the sun itself! We found this fantastic video tutorial for making a sun out of resin. The piece in the video glows and would look unbelievable in a bright and sunny room like your Florida room. Resin is also durable, so it's an excellent material to use for outdoor things or semi-outdoor locations like Florida rooms.

4) Acrylic Birdhouse

Birds are like flowers. They're natural decorations that we can enjoy from our porches and patios without altering them in the slightest. Of course, there are times when we sit just a little too far from them and try too hard to see the cute baby birds in nests and the vibrant parents flitting around. For a closer look, you can attach this birdhouse from Amazon to the Florida room glass and encourage birds to nest right against your window.

5) Rustic Table

A Florida room can be beachy, but you can also choose any natural theme that fits in a yard. A rustic look can make you feel closer to nature so that you aren't as cut off from it as you normally would be in a solid wood and glass room. Try adding things like this rustic wood coffee table with a durable metal bottom to make the area feel more primitive and give you a comfortable place to set food and drinks.

6) Open Look

If you have a small Florida room, you might be tempted to cram every piece of furniture or decoration you can fit in there. It makes it seem like you're getting the most use possible from it, but you're probably limiting your use instead. A Florida room should be light and airy space where you can enjoy the sun and maybe a breeze, and an open design like the one Ashley Mayes shows in this article will help create the atmosphere you want. This way, you'll feel calm and relaxed, whereas a crowded space can make people feel anxious.

7) Water Fountain

One way to relax and enjoy your yard is to make it feel like a natural paradise while the Florida room shields you from the unpleasant aspects of nature. You can get things like this pretty water fountain from Amazon to decorate your Florida room so that it feels like you're still outside. It's tall enough to go on a floor but short enough for a short coffee table. What else can you add to make the inside of your Florida room feel like part of your yard?

8) Pinstripes

If you want to feel like you're in Florida or on the coast, then you'll want to decorate with a coastal look in mind. If you're on the coast, this is the perfect way to blend the Florida room in with your yard and surroundings. Pinstriped furniture like these natural cream and gray pillows create that coastal look by mixing the sea-washed gray with a cream color that brings to mind sandy beaches. The pinstripe pattern only adds to the seaside impression.

9) Use Natural Lighting

Your Florida room is like a sunroom, and you'll want it to feel like it's barely a step away from the outdoors. One way to do that's to design it with plenty of natural lighting. When you let the sun in with many windows, you make it feel like you're outside, and the natural light feels better and healthier. You can get some ideas for designing natural lighting in a Florida room from this Pulte Homes article.

10) Artificial Hedge

A Florida room connects nature and the outdoors with the comforts of interior space, so you'll want to ensure you have all the amenities you need but maintain a natural look. One way to do this is to make artificial hedges using these panels from Amazon and make the walls look like hedges. The sunlight will still come in through the windows above, and it'll feel like you're looking over a hedge into your yard.

11) Rattan

Rattan furniture creates a beautiful, natural look that's ideal for a Florida room. It has a natural, coastal look that'll make you feel like you're sitting on the porch of a beach villa no matter where you live. A natural material like this makes it feel like you're outside, even though you're protected by wood walls and glass windows. This way, you're not completely closed off from nature, despite the walls separating you from it.

12) Window Bench

You're going to have to look for some comfortable and durable seating when you start to furnish your Florida room. Instead of going out and buying all your furniture pieces, you can treat this space like you would an interior room. We liked the idea of a window bench like the one in this sunroom, but in a Florida room. You could even put one on three or four walls to enjoy the view in any direction.

13) Grass Look

A Florida room allows you to spend time outside in nature without dealing with annoying bugs, soaking rain, and unpleasant temperatures. Unfortunately, to remove those annoyances, you have to isolate yourself behind glass and wood. One way to bring nature back is to get decorations that look like aspects of nature, like these lamps from Amazon that resemble blades of grass. Since your Florida room is enclosed, you don't even have to worry about getting water-resistant ones.

14) Mid-Century Modern

If you're trying to decide what the best style for your Florida room is, there are many broad styles you can pick from to help narrow your search for the perfect pieces. Mid-Century modern style fits a Florida room well with natural shapes, wood, and brass accents. If you want a modern but natural look, you can put together a mid-century modern room by picking pieces from this thematic Amazon section dedicated to that style.

15) DIY Wood Transfer Pictures

If you like the idea of a rustic yard building with retro vibes, wood transfer photos are a neat way to create that impression. Since they're made of wood, they're also more durable than regular photographs and should stand up better when exposed to moisture. That durability makes them ideal since your Florida room probably doesn't have the same level of moisture resistance as your house. They also make the room look more natural if you want to keep an outdoorsy impression.

16) Willow Curtain

Your Florida room can stand out in a good way or a bad way, but if you want to feel like you're spending time outdoors when you're in it, you probably want it to blend in and feel like a part of your yard. Otherwise, you might as well just build an addition to your home. To make your Florida room seem like part of the yard, you can get willow curtains like this that make it feel like plant life is growing inside, but without the inconvenience of live plants.

17) Dehumidifier and AC

The whole point of having an enclosed space like a Florida room is that you don't have to deal with things like boiling heat and extreme humidity. While the enclosure provides some protection, an air conditioner and dehumidifier like this one from Amazon will create a more comfortable environment. You can even set it to only use the fan if you don't need your air conditioning on a given day but still want to circulate air.

18) Shabby Chic

Before you start furnishing and decorating your Florida room, you'll have to decide what style fits your tastes best. Do you want something more modern or something that blends into the environment, or both? If you like a modern look but don't want to hide the fact that it's an outdoor building, you can try a shabby chic style like the style shown in this Airbnb. Shabby chic style has the perfect blend of modern and natural for a Florida room.

19) Multi-Tier Plant Stand

Plants are an excellent way to blend your Florida room into the yard beyond. They make it feel like you're still out in your yard, even though you have walls separating you from it. This plant stand from Amazon has several tiers so that it can hold many plants, real or fake, and make your Florida room feel more like part of your yard. The nice thing about having plants in your Florida room like this is that you can use it to keep the plants alive longer as winter approaches.

20) Florida Wall Art

Since this is a Florida room, it could be nice to pay homage to the room's namesake state. You can do that with tropical decorations, but also with things like Florida-themed prints and posters. We liked the idea of using posters like these vintage travel posters to make it feel like you're on a distant getaway instead of in your own yard. You could even look for signs and decorations for your favorite tropical state.

21) Refresh

If you have an existing Florida room and can't figure out the best look for it, you may need a refresh. There might not be anything wrong with the room, but it just doesn't feel right, and you aren't drawn to it the way you should be. Your Florida room should be the first place you want to go when you get home from work! It should be a comfortable paradise, and if it's not, your atmosphere could be the problem. Try looking at it anew and refreshing it with Mihaela Parker's sunroom suggestions.

22) Flowers

Flowers are one of the most natural decorations out there, and since your Florida room is an addition that brings you closer to nature without entirely leaving your home, you'll want to use nature to decorate it. Flowers would make beautiful decorations, but real flowers would take a lot of upkeep and make a mess. Even if you have real flowers, you can use flowers as part of your decorating by getting things with flower imagery like this rug. Decorations with a few large flowers look best since a floral pattern looks more old-fashioned than natural.

23) Stone Look Rug

Stone makes an excellent choice for a Florida room floor since it stays cool in summer as long as the sun isn't directly hitting it all day. That said, if you've done an excellent job letting the sun into your Florida room, your stone will be heated up a lot, so you might be better off with a stone look like this rug from Amazon. It doesn't even need to be an outdoor rug since your Florida room is enclosed and will keep moisture out.

24) Get a Local Estimate

If you're scouring the internet for Florida room ideas, you may be looking at a lot of generic advice, and while that's useful to have, you'll need to get specific at some point. One of the things you need to get specific about sooner rather than later is the price. Before you plan your entire room, you'll need a local estimate so you know what materials and what size room you can afford. We found this site where you can find a local estimate as you get ready to build your Florida room.

25) Natural Fibers

If you want your Florida room to look like something off the Florida coast, or if you live in Florida, you'll want a coastal look. Natural fibers are a fantastic way to create that look, and the neat thing about using them in a Florida room is that they make the room feel more like an outdoor space. This way, you can create a covered space and still feel like you're enjoying the outdoors. A seagrass basket like this is a beautiful way to bring in ocean imagery and nature.

26) Starfish

If you're focused on a Florida theme, either because you live in Florida or because you want to make the room look like one in Florida, then you can add starfish to make it feel like you're near the sea. While you could add real dried starfish, it may be more practical to get something like this blue starfish throw rug from Amazon. The rug is durable enough for high-traffic areas, but it's soft and helps create a cozy atmosphere.

27) DIY Florida

If you're a big fan of the state of Florida, maybe because it's your home state or because you're a Gators fan, you'll want some Florida imagery in the room. You could buy a bunch of generic posters, but there are also ways to make homemade crafts for your decorations. We found this neat video about making Florida-shaped string art that you can hang in the room. The art will be moisture-sensitive, but there shouldn't be excess moisture in the room if it's well maintained.

28) Nautical Pillows

Nautical decorations will certainly make your room feel relaxed and transport you to the beach, figuratively speaking. They make the room feel like a genuine Florida room if you're in a colder climate, and nautical decorations are fitting for a Floridian room. These nautical pillow covers are neat because you can take them off to wash them if people have a habit of coming into the room with wet or muddy clothes. You can also change them out if you like a few different patterns.

29) Screened

A Florida room is typically made from wood walls and glass windows, but if you care more about keeping out bugs than you do about keeping cold and rain out, then a screened room is probably better for you. Screen rooms are typically less expensive, and they let you feel the breeze while still blocking bugs and hot sunlight. You can get screened in Florida rooms in various shapes like the ones shown on this site and use this site to learn about getting a screened Florida room.

30) Wood Toned Blinds

Wood tones are more natural than a typical, artificial white blind. While a white blind might be typical for a house, your Florida room is a natural space that shouldn't be filled with plastic-looking furnishings. We liked the idea of getting blinds like these from Amazon that look like wood since they're natural-looking, and blinds give you a choice between blocking sunlight and letting maximum light in. Curtains can let in light, but they're also harder to pull completely out of the way.

31) Outdoor Rug

You can use indoor rugs in a Florida room since it's enclosed and shouldn't have moisture issues, but it'll depend on what you use the room for. If you have kids who tend to track in dirt, or if you tend to enter your home through this room, you'll want something more durable that's designed to handle the tramp of wet and muddy feet. In that case, you'll probably want something like this outdoor rug. Think about getting one like this with a colorful frondlike design.

32) DIY Seasonal Decor

A Florida room is enclosed so that you can use the room for much longer than you could use a typical porch, particularly in a colder climate. That's normally three seasons since it keeps the cool fall air out longer, but if you add heating, it can even be a four-season room that you use year-round. Since you'll be using it for several seasons, you can decorate it in a seasonal way with pieces like these DIY gilded leaf pumpkins. You can even make delicate decorations since they won't be exposed to rain like most porch decorations.

33) Lamp

If your porch wasn't wired with overhead lights, but you've converted it into a Florida room, and now it's covered up more than before, you might need some extra light. Instead of relying on sunlight, you can get a couple lamps to light specific sections of the room as needed. This way, you don't have to light the whole area; just pick the spot that sunlight isn't reaching and turn on that lamp. You can even create an old-fashioned look this way by getting lanterns-like lamps like this from Amazon.

34) Artificial Grass

If you're looking for a way to make your Florida room look more inviting and natural, artificial grass may be the way to go. It probably seems like an unusual option, but artificial grass will create a natural look for your Florida room, and since it's designed for outdoors, you don't have to worry as much about tracking mud and water into the room. This rug from Amazon looks like artificial grass, but you can just roll it out like a rug instead of installing it.

35) DIY Swing Bed

Porch swings are popular and comfortable places to sit. You probably don't have a lot of fragile things you're worried about hitting when you swing back and forth on a porch, and you should have an exposed beam to hang a swing from. You can see how a fresh coat of paint and a swinging seat makes this porch look amazing, and you could transform your Florida room that way either by building a swing or buying a natural-looking one.

36) Waves

If you want a Florida look, you'll probably want something that brings beaches and water to mind. Instead of getting pictures and maps of Florida, you can look for rugs and decorations with a subtly wavelike look. For instance, this rug from Amazon is blue like the ocean and has a wavy look that makes one think of ocean waves. By putting this in your Florida room, you'll help transport people to the rippling, cool blue ocean.

37) Woven Look Pendant Light

Woven pieces tend to look a lot more natural than ones with a smooth, solid texture. This makes them better for a porch and even more so for a Florida room since it's closed off from nature, and you'll need to add natural decorations to make up for that. This pendant light is beautiful, and it has a woven look that would be harder to mimic in a screened room since ropes and natural fibers aren't always designed for the outdoors. You don't need an outdoor fixture for an enclosed room, so this would be perfect for your Florida room.

38) DIY Painted Glass

Glass reflects sunlight and helps make a room look brighter. Since your Florida room is designed to be bright and let in a lot of sunlight like a sunroom, you'll want to take advantage of the reflective properties of glass. If you have an old-fashioned or farmhouse-style home, a farmhouse window like this would be an excellent place to put some glass. We loved this painted glass DIY project, and you can choose what you want to paint on the glass.

39) Bright and Sunny

Sunlight is one of the most important things in a Florida room since it makes the entire room brighter and happier. It also warms it up during the winter, but you can lower shades to keep the sun out during summer. You can get bright and sunny decorations to go with the light and happy look of your room. We love this abstract rug from Amazon because the patterns look like suns and make the room a little sunnier even when shades are drawn.

40) Pineapples

Pineapples are frequently used to create a tropical look since they grow in tropical climates, so if you live in Florida or in a warm, wet climate, they're the perfect decorations. They're also excellent if you're trying to imitate the look of a tropical room. Whichever your reason, you can get something like this pineapple lamp for something both practical and decorative with a unique look. A lamp will also add light to the room at night so that you can use it for more seasons but also for a longer time each day.

41) Talk To Professionals

If you're planning to add a new Florida room to your house, you can gather all the information you want, and you would definitely go at it with a plan, but you'll also want to get some professional advice. After all, there are people who build these rooms for a living, and you can find the balance between the professional advice in articles like this and your personal wants and needs. You want the room to work for you, but a professional might see issues or have ideas you wouldn't have thought of.

42) Macrame Plant Holders

Macrame is a wonderful way to create a natural look since it's made with neutral-colored yarn that looks natural, and it looks homemade, so it seems closer to nature than something that's obviously made in a factory. To make the macrame seem even more natural, you can get a macrame plant holder like this that hangs from a hook on the ceiling. Whether you choose real or realistic faux plants, you can add to the natural look of the room.

43) Recliner

A recliner is probably one of the most comfortable seat choices and one of the most popular. While rocking, gliding, or hanging seats are popular on porches, a Florida room is enclosed, so you may want to focus on furniture that's more appropriate for a living room or other interior room. Since your room is waterproof, you don't need outdoor furniture. We liked the idea of a gray recliner like this because the gray color gives it a coastal look, too.

44) DIY Rope Bowl

Rope creates a natural look that's perfect for any porch, but even more so for an enclosed one like a Florida room. Any element of nature makes it feel like the greenery and natural elements of your yard continue up into the Florida room. You can make decorations out of rope to create a natural look. For example, you can use these simple, fast and easy directions to make a rustic bowl from a rope. Since the room is enclosed, you don't need to worry about any waterproofing, either.

45) Palms

Palms are common in Florida and all different tropical areas, and if you want to create a Florida look that makes it feel like you're on a beach down south, then palms or palm-themed decorations are an excellent way to do it. You can find pieces like this rug from Amazon with palm patterns on it or even get faux palms to stick in a vase in a corner. Look for paintings or metal art of palms, as well.

46) Customize!

You can hire a contractor, and if you know absolutely nothing about building, that's probably your best option, but you might not need to hire somebody to build your Florida room for you. Instead, you can customize your Florida room by making it yourself using these instructable directions. If you're making a larger room, you'll still want a contractor, but for a small room, there's less risk if you do it yourself. Building or renovating the room yourself gives you a lot more customization options than you would normally have.

47) Worn Wood Look

Wood is a natural material that'll make your room feel more comfortable than metal or plastic would. Worn wood, in particular, brings to mind driftwood and calming seas, while plastic brings up thoughts of pollution, and metal is too hard for a soothing room like this. With a worn wood look like the one this coffee table from Amazon has, you'll add to the relaxed coastal look of your Florida room. This table, in particular, is neat because the top lifts up so that it takes up less room, but you can use it as a desk.

48) Wall Bubble Terrariums

Terrariums are one of the easiest and cleanest ways to bring plants inside, and since the Florida room is enclosed, it's similar to an interior room. A terrarium doesn't require a lot of care, and there won't be any spilled dirt or water that can be hard to clean up on an enclosed porch. We loved the idea of these wall terrariums because they can hang along the wall and are less likely to be knocked down, but you'll have live, growing plants as decorations.

49) Nature and Glass

Bringing nature into a Florida room is one of the ways you make it feel like it's outdoors instead of a cushy secondary living room, but there are other ways to do it. Glass windows let in the light that can act as a decoration, particularly when combined with glass decorations Glass vases and jugs like the ones used on this summer home reflect light and move it around to make a bright and captivating room, while lush green plants add natural vibrancy to the area.

50) String Lights

Unlike a typical porch, your Florida room is usable during rain, cold weather, and even at night. That means that you'll need lighting to make it comfortable at night since having a decent temperature and bug protection isn't always enough. If the area isn't wired for light but has one or two outlets, one of the easiest ways to add lights is to get string lights like these ones from Amazon. These have an old-fashioned look that won't make it look like holiday decorating, too.

51) Beige

If you want a coastal look, beige is a good color choice since it makes people think of sand, particularly if you combine it with some blues and greens. If this Florida room is supposed to feel natural and relaxing, beige is an excellent natural color that won't be too vibrant and make it difficult to relax. You can get beige furniture like this and then accent it with more vibrant decorations instead of buying large pieces with too much color that'll hurt your eyes when the room is full of sun.

Do you have a Florida room idea that you think we should have added? There are so many options out there, and we'd love to know how you're decorating your space! Tell us all about it in the comments below.

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