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Florida rooms are a wonderful escape from the everyday and from the confines of your home. They bring you out into nature but protect you from it at the same. That said, if you have a small Florida room, you might find yourself spending less and less time there because it's cramped or uncomfortable. We came up with some Small Florida Room Ideas that should make your space fun again!

1) Small Tiered Plant Stand

Plants are one of the best ways to decorate a Florida room because they change as they grow and flower throughout the season. They're also natural, and the Florida room acts as a greenhouse for them. Of course, plants can take up a lot of room, so you can get a small plant stand like this with tiers if you're worried about that. Just plant the shorter or vine plants on the bottom so that you can have a variety of plants in a small space.

2) Outdoor Recliner

One of the nice things about a Florida room is that it's like having an indoor space that's so close to the outdoors that you may as well be sitting out in the yard. It keeps rain and bugs away, but that doesn't mean people won't be coming in and out covered in rainwater or with dirt on them from the yard. Recliners are some of the most comfortable seats you can get, but they're not ideal for a situation where they might get wet, so we thought a comfortable outdoor recliner like this could work.

3) DIY Terrarium

Florida rooms are sunny outdoor-adjacent places, which makes them the perfect place for growing decorative plants, but you've gone to a lot of trouble to make yours a clean indoor space from which you can enjoy the yard. Instead of covering it with plants that'll inevitably get dirt and water everywhere, you can make an enclosed terrarium like this. It won't take the maintenance of potted plants, and you don't have to worry about spilling water if you overwater it.

4) Five-Tier Plant Stand

Plant stands are a neat way to fit more decorations in a small space, whether or not the decorations are plants. For example, you could use a 5-tiered stand like this one as an accent wall of sorts, covering one entire wall with plants without taking up much room. You could also place decorative pots or faux plants on it for year-round decorations if you have a small heater to make the space comfortable in winter.

5) Acrylic Birdhouse

You can enjoy birds from afar, but part of what your Florida room does is bring you closer to nature. To get closer to nature, you can buy an acrylic birdhouse like this and attach it to the outside of your windows. This way, it doesn't take up any extra room inside the Florida room, but you get to watch birds nest and grow just inches from where you sit. This is designed for rooms with glass windows.

6) Wall TV

Since you don't have a lot of space, your best option is probably to hang a lot of decorations instead of wasting walking space with them. One way to save a lot of space is to mount your TV on the wall if you have one. Of course, a TV is a valuable thing, and you don't want to risk any damage since it's in a crowded room. You might want to make a TV cabinet to protect it from weather and stray elbows when you're not using it. We found these instructions to make one.

7) Small Rocking Chairs

Rocking chairs are a staple of the American porch, so you might have thought about putting them in your Florida room, too. The problem is that they're typically large and take up a lot of space, so they might seem like they're not worth the room they take up. We found these small rocking chairs on Amazon that shouldn't take up nearly as much room as most rocking chairs so that you can enjoy the rocking motion without creating a cramped area.

8) Rustic Lift-Top Coffee Table

You're probably going to want some sort of table in your Florida room, but the type you need will depend on what type of room you're creating. For a reading room or living room-style space, a coffee table is probably the most comfortable choice, but we liked the idea of a lift-top coffee table with storage underneath so that you gain extra storage room but don't have to clear things off it to use the storage area. For a natural greenhouse-like Florida room, you'll probably want something rustic like this.

9) DIY Resin Decorations

Resin decorations are wonderful for outdoors or for porches because they're durable. Resin lamps can be amazing for a Florida room because they're visible at night and in the daytime, and if you make one like the sunny mosquito amber in this video, the bright yellowish look can make it look like it's spent the entire day absorbing sunlight just to let it out at night. Since your Florida room is enclosed, it should stay usable in the evenings, so these kinds of decorations are a way to light up your space without taking up a lot of room.

10) Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans are a good way to keep a room cool in summer and warm in winter by circulating air. You'll probably want one with a reversible motor so that you can use it during all seasons if you have a heat source for wintertime. This ceiling fan is a step above most, with leaf-shaped blades that make the room look so much more natural. The nice thing is that since this hangs from the ceiling, it's not taking up the space a floor fan would.

11) Decorative Ceiling

If you don't have a lot of room, you don't want to make the mistake of cutting back on your decorations. After all, decorations make a room beautiful and create the atmosphere you want. Instead, you can change the type of decorations you use so that you're not taking up as much space. One way to do this is to decorate every inch of space, like the ceiling! You can see some amazing ceilings here and decide how to make your Florida room ceiling into a decoration.

12) Blue and Cream Rug

Using your rug to decorate is an excellent way to make the room look pretty without taking up any real space, but what kind of rug is best? If you want your Florida room to feel like it's right on the beach, even if it isn't, you can add abstract beach imagery like this blue and cream rug. The wavy pattern brings to mind blue waves, while the hint of cream underneath makes one think of sand. It's not an outdoor rug, but since your room is fully enclosed, you don't have to have outdoor furnishings.

13) Built-In Day Beds With Storage

Built-ins can be a fantastic way to conserve space since they don't take up as much room as the furniture would if it were freestanding, even if you pressed it up against the wall. Storage space in a built-in is even better, of course, so we liked the idea of these built-in day beds with storage space. You can use this design article to see how well they worked in a Florida room or sunroom.

14) Wall Geckos

Geckos are cute, and they're used in beach decorating a lot, so if you're interested in a beachy look for your sunroom/Florida room, they're a good choice. Since you don't have a lot of space, of course, you'll probably be looking for gecko decorations you can hang on the wall like these metal gecko plates from Amazon. They'll brighten your room with a lot of colors as they climb up the walls, and they come in a pack of six so that you'll have plenty.

15) Billiard Lights

Billiard Lights aren't just for game rooms. They're downward directional lights that'll illuminate a specific area, making them ideal for dining rooms, home bars, or poker tables. Since you have a small space and you probably only have room for one main table, you'll be using it for all purposes, and a billiard light like this one will ensure that you have sufficient light, no matter what you're doing there. You can adjust the height of this billiard light, too, so you can make it fit your space.

16) Wall-Mounted Bottle-Opener

If your Florida room doubles as a home bar, you probably need a bottle opener, but you're also probably low on storage space. Instead of trying to store something awkward-shaped like a bottle opener in a drawer or trying to remember to bring it out with you each time, you can make a wall-mounted bottle opener like this that doesn't take up any floor space or drawer room, and it'll be there for you anytime you're out in the Florida room. Watch this video to learn how to make one.

17) Artificial Grass

If you really want to feel like you're out on your lawn, artificial grass like this can make the Florida room feel like an extension of the yard. During good weather, you can leave the doors open and extend your space out onto the lawn without a hitch. You may want to get screen doors or a bug screen so that bugs can't get into the Florida room while the doors are open, or only leave them open during times when bugs aren't around as much.

18) Online Room Planner

Planning your room is essential when you have limited space. Otherwise, you end up with furniture that doesn't fit right and try to cram too much into a small space, making the room uncomfortable and making it so that nobody wants to use the room. That's how Florida rooms turn into storage rooms, so to prevent that from happening to you, you can use a room planner like this. The neat thing about the Room Sketcher site is that you can make the floor plans or order professional floor plans through them.

19) Tropical Valance

If you want to create a specific look without taking up a lot of room, valances are one option. You can get them in various styles, patterns, and colors, so all you need to do is pick or make one that fits your preferred style. For example, if you want a tropical look, this valance would work. The best thing is, they don't take up any space since they hang in the window and are short enough not to block your view.

20) Hot Tub

If you don't have the space to do a lot in your Florida room, you can always pick one thing to use that room for and make it the ideal place for that one thing. For instance, you might not have a pool room, but you can put a hot tub in your Florida room and make it your new hot tub room. If you love the idea of soaking in the sun without worrying about bugs or sunburn but aren't sure how to make it happen, we found this site to help you out.

21) Four Seasons

A Florida room is typically a three-season room since having solid walls keeps the sun in and cold out well enough to make it comfortable in fall, but if you want a four-season room, it's an easy fix. Since this room is small, you don't need to install any major heat source. A little heater like this will do. By adding a minor heat source like this, you can make the room comfortable year-round, and it has many safety features that make it safe to use indoors.

22) DIY Etch Glass

Instead of adding new decorations, you can try decorating things you already have. For instance, you can decorate the glass windows, though, of course, you don't want to do anything that'll obscure your view of the yard. One way to do that's to etch the glass with your name, initials, or a statement or design you like. You can even do it yourself using this video from Phil Crockett as a guide. Try making glass panes to hang up, too.

23) Indoor/Outdoor Transitional Rug

Rugs are an excellent way to make the room feel cozy and homey, but you might be worried about dirt being tracked in as people go in and out from the yard. Outdoor rugs can be a bit too hard and don't make a space feel as cozy as indoor ones, but an indoor-outdoor transitional rug like this can make a room feel cozy without being too hard to clean. Since you have a small space, you can cover it completely with a rug like this by choosing the correct size.

24) Wall Art

Wall art is probably a better choice than table art in a small Florida room since you'll need the table for playing cards, eating, cooking, drawing, or whatever you use the room for. In most cases, though, you're not going to use the walls for much, making it free space that you can decorate without making the room harder to use. Pieces like this beach scene will create a Florida or tropical feel that matches the relaxed atmosphere of a Florida room.

25) Small Living Room

There are many things you can use a Florida room for, from a hot tub room to a garden room to an outdoor dining room. One option is to create an outdoor living room and lounge area. Since the Florida room is enclosed, you can treat it just like an indoor living room, so we found some advice on designing a small living room. Try sketching out some ideas so that you don't get your furniture inside and find out that it doesn't fit right.

What do you want to use your Florida room for? Did you find some fun and relaxed ideas here? We look forward to hearing about your Florida room in the comments below.

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