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Whether you’re completely happy with the Washington Redskins’ recent draft picks or not, you’re still a fan, right? And, that means it’s around that time when you start thinking about sprucing up your game space for the beginning of the football season—or even for the first time. Either way, here are the Washington Redskins man cave ideas that you need this season to make sure your fan cave is the one your friends talk about all season long…and beyond.

1) ​​​Redskins Recliner

Your man cave is so not the place to be shy about your fandom. Start your man cave off right by decorating with this super bold and awesome Redskins recliner. In addition to repping the Redskins, you’ll also have your own personal throne to sit upon during games.

Doesn’t that sound so official? That’s only because it is. Claim your territory! It’s your Redskins man cave.

Luckily, the material is able to be dampened for cleaning, so no worries there. I’m sure that was your very first concern.


2) ​​​Redskins Pool Table

If you have this Redskins pool table in your man cave, you’ve officially won. I don’t know what you’ve won, but you just win. Honestly, if you had this pool table and only a few team signs in your cave, your space will be more attractive and desirable than even many sports bars.

It’s a standard sized table, and you have the option to add the ball return feature, which I totally recommend. If you’re going to do it, do it big. No regrets!

3) ​​Game Day Helmet Cake

While a rad Redskins helmet cake won’t hang in your man cave like a piece of wall decor, it’ll still be extremely impressive on game day. In this video, you’ll be taught how to create the helmet cake from start to finish including what supplies you need.

If you’re not feeling up to taking on a big baking project, you could always take the road more travelled and buy one! No shame in that. Of course, you’d have to get it custom made, probably from a local bakery as opposed to a grocery store. 

It doesn’t matter if you bake or buy. The point is to have a helmet cake for gatherings–it’s just impressive. You’ll officially be the host with the most, at least in my book.

4) Redskins Light Switch Plate

Here’s your chance to let whoever is walking into the room know right away that this isn’t just any ole room. It’s a Washington Redskins man cave. You literally won’t even be able to turn the lights on or off without throwing love at your team. That’s some hardcore fandom right there, and I congratulate your dedication.

And, light switch plates are a nice and inexpensive way to get your cave started or polished off. If you’re on a limited budget or overwhelmed by thinking of where to start, start here!

5) ​Redskins Throw Blanket

A throw is absolutely necessary if you want your man cave to be cozy. Period. That’s just a rule. They’re essential in every room that coziness is desired, if you ask me. A Redskins throw like this one is perfect for tying the whole room together and giving your cave a homey feel. 

Plus, of course, it’s mega comfortable, which we’ve already established is important. We’re not responsible for getting your friends to leave once they’ve settled too far into your uber-welcoming man cave, but we will say ‘told you so.’

6) ​​​​​​​​Craft Beer Flight

More and more people these days (and especially football fans) are brewing their own beer at home. If that’s you then you’ll undoubtedly impress your friends with this Redskins beer flight. It might even make your brew taste a little better if you’re still perfecting your recipe!

Like most barware, the flight glasses would double well as shot glasses. The style is more than a classy touch to add to your home brewing operation if you’ve got the means.

7) ​​​​Recliner Cover

Here’s pretty much one of the fastest ways to transform a piece of your furniture into fan-furniture. This cover probably won’t protect your recliner from much of any food or beverages, but it’ll definitely add some Redskins flair immediately.

While the cover is somewhat bold, it’s tame enough to nicely fit into even a living room if you want a pop of Redskins in a community room. It’s specifically designed for a chair though, so don’t expect it to look right on a couch.

8) ​​​​​​Redskins Wall Art

Framed wall decor can get a bit stale, but you still don’t want an empty wall. A multi-piece wall hanging would immediately add dimension and style to your fan cave. And, this style of wall art is super on-trend right now. It’ll help keep the room from feeling more like a bar than a Redskins cave.

It’s probably your call whether to give a wall piece like this some breathing room from other decorations to make a statement or make a collage-type wall with it. The choice is yours!

9) ​Totems and Trinkets

NFL Washington Redskins Tiki Totem Stake Statue Totem Pole Football

You’re going to want to have at least some sparse trinkets around to add a homey feeling. Gnomes are awesome, but these Tiki Totems are infinitely cooler. This little set of totems will definitely not be found in anyone’s house that you know! It’s wonderfully unique, and pretty unforgettable if we’re being totally honest.

The company is officially licensed by the NFL, so you’ll be getting the legitimate Washington Redskins logo with this piece, of course.

10) ​​​​Wall-Mounted Bottle Opener

Functional and fanatical, a Redskins bottle opener is a metaphorical cherry on top of your team-themed fan cave. Consider this: so, the bottle opener might not be the most extravagant piece of decoration in your cave, but it will probably be the most used. Make it count, and rep the team!

This one is nice because the Redskins team logo is set against a distressed wood look, which is a nice switch up for the eyes.

11) ​​Redskins Statement Piece

This is the piece in your man cave that everyone who enters will talk about. Statement pieces don’t have to be the focal point of your man cave, but it’s great to have a conversation piece.

This is a floating helmet. Yeah, really. It’s hard not to stare at it just…floating. Your friends will be impressed. Guaranteed. That’s definitely what you’d call a conversation piece.

And, if they’re not impressed, they’re probably just jealous…because this helmet is awesome.

12) ​​​​​​Budweiser Redskins Neon Sign

Budweiser Washington Redskins 20"x16" Light Lamp Neon Sign Beer Bar Real Glass

This neon sign is awesome! It’s maybe even got a lot of the sports bars’ signs beat. You can get it in 14, 17, or 20 inches, so you have versatility as to where to put it. The company is great, too, because since they hand make it, they’re able to change the colors to anything you’d want–you just have to contact them. That’s pretty cool even if you don’t drink Budweiser.

The purchase is justified because the room needs a night light, right? Let’s go with that and don’t look back.

13) ​Team Coasters

Washington Redskins Team Logo Pint Glass & Coasters Set Official NFL Free Ship

They’re a must. So, might as well make them count! These super rad stadium-view coasters have a bird’s-eye view of the team’s stadium, as the name implies. Make sure to get enough for the max amount of guests you plan to have—running out of coasters will be frustrating to clean up after.

These coasters give a nice break to the team logo and add a bit more of an artsy flair to what can feel like the same ole thing. Give it a shot!

14) ​​​​Snackadium

If you’re the type of person who likes to go the extra mile, you’ll probably be very excited to hear about the stackadium. It’s a tray of snacks put together in a way that looks like a football stadium. It’s got the staples from guacamole to vegetables, but with the very obvious benefit of also being an eye-catching decoration.

Try to make it so nice that no one will want to eat it. DIY lovers, have fun!

15) ​​​​Redskins Wallpaper

If you’re revamping your man cave, you might consider doing something a little wild–like wallpapering it. You can wallpaper the whole darn room or you can make yourself a nice accent wall. Either way, you’ll earn tons of respect from fellow fans.

You can turn this one into a nice DIY project, too. This paper leaves a little wiggle room for adjustments and changes of heart because it’s removable if taken off in the right way. So, you basically have nothing to lose.

16) ​​​​​Customized Redskins Lamp

3-D LED Lamp Illusion Football Helmet NFL Redskins Nightlight Lamp 7 Color

Sure, having your name monogrammed everywhere can get gaudy, but a little customization exudes luxury. You can add words of your choice to this LED helmet lamp, which comes with a remote control that you can adjust the colors. But, we know which colors you’ll be choosing.

You get the neon-sign feeling from a bar while maintaining a super Redskins vibe. As with most of the other light decor options, you can switch the color up to add some variety or celebrate holidays.

17) ​​​​DIY Dart Board

This DIY dart board is awesome for two reasons: one is that you get a dart board and the second is that you have to drink enough wine to make the backboard.

Just kidding on the second one. You’ll want to use clean corks. 

You can get creative with your project by painting the backboard corks Redskins colors if you’re feeling up to the challenge. The beauty of DIY is that it’s all totally up to you.

18) ​​​​​​Wall Banner

Washington Redskins 12.5”x18” Wall Banner.  Brand New.  Two-Sided NFL

This is a nice, classic piece of decor for your cave. You can’t really go wrong with it.

A great use for this banner would be using it to even out your cave if you feel like your walls are either too sparse or too cluttered. For example, let’s say you already have a good number of fun and bold Redskins items covering the room. That being the case, you’ll probably deeply enjoy this simple banner to tie it all together without feeling like you’re adding another wall sign and thereby offsetting your wall even more.

19) Redskins Candles

Washington Redskins NFL Team Sculpted Votive Candle Holders  lot Scented Candle

To add a touch of class, throw these candles on top of your wet bar or in a similar place. They’ll ground the room and draw the eye.

These candles are a great choice to use as your room’s focal point because typically candles make an environment feel more relaxed, even if it’s an upbeat gathering. They’ll also add a hint of maturity to your man cave especially in combination with one of the others above like the LED liquor display.

What things are you using to decorate your Washington Redskins man cave? Is there anything we should add to the list? Drop us a line in the comments and let us know!

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