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You’re a 49ers fan, but not just any fan. You watched Dwight Clark catch the ball in the last 58 seconds of the game. You remember the great 49ers like Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, and Steve Young.

Unfortunately, you also watch games on a 45-inch TV in the living room, and your kid or spouse walks in front of the TV about thirty times per game. You need some Great 49ers Man Cave Ideas to create your own space.

1) ​​All-Time Greats

This man cave is not just a 49ers man cave. It’s an archive of the team’s history and a tribute to its past. Show that appreciation with this framed photo set. The set shows all the great 49ers, their numbers, and the years they played. It includes the team’s trophies and images of each of the Greats.

Hang this on a memorabilia wall or somewhere it will be accessible. This way, you or any guests can see each player’s number and the year they played at a glance.

2) DIY Photo Plaques

If you want to show off the greatest 49ers of all time or even just your favorite 49er, you will want their photo somewhere. If you don’t want a dozen photographs everywhere for decor, try something more unique like this do-it-yourself project. This video shows you how to transfer an image from printer paper to a wood board .  Use this to create a sign and add more depth and variety to your display wall.

3) ​​Joe Montana

Joe Montana is largely recognized as one of the greatest 49ers of all time. As such, he deserved a special place in your man cave. This small shadowbox comes with a Joe Montana card already inside, as well as a miniature 49ers helmet.

Rather than hanging all of your cards and memorabilia, put this on a narrow shelf for display. It makes a perfect centerpiece for a small display or a good addition to a larger table display.

4) ​Card Display

If you have a collection of football cards, they are likely hidden away in a book, in a desk drawer, or even in a locked cabinet. They are cool and you would like to show them off, but they are also small and valuable and can easily be damaged. Instead of hiding them away, display them proudly in your man cave with this lockable, UV-protected display. The door filters out UV light to keep the cards in good condition, and the lock ensures that the cards stay where they belong.

5) ​​​DIY Make it Gold

The 49ers’ colors are scarlet and gold. While you can find memorabilia in these colors, it can be difficult to find metallic gold accents. Metallic paints can also be difficult to paint with. This video shows you how a professional applies metallic paint, so you do not have to shy away from that difficult-to-use gold. Instead, embrace the gold with accent walls or even larger paint jobs. Scarlett is a dark color to paint all your walls with, so this project will help you mix the scarlet and gold for a true 49ers man cave.

6) ​​​​​​The Catch

If you’re too young to remember “The Catch,” you’ve probably at least heard of it. The moment when Dwight Clark caught the ball and went in for a touchdown in the last minute of the game was an incredible moment in 49ers history. Commemorate that moment and the incredible players involved with this autographed replica print.  The print comes in a frame, so all you have to do is find the best spot on your display wall and hang it up.

7) ​​​Cards

If you are starting your memorabilia collection for the first time, you will need some cards to flesh it out. This starter pack has 25 cards to get your collection started. It includes vintage and modern players, so you can find your favorites and historic Greats to display most prominently. This can go in your album, but some may go on display in your man cave for friends to be jealous of. They make a great conversation piece, and they are a big part of a football collection.

8) ​​​​​DIY Display Wall

Now that you are setting up your man cave, you have a place to put memorabilia. You need to decide where it should go. Try making one of your walls into a display. Erin from Home Talk uses a vinyl cutting machine and some 3D pieces to make one wall look like a football field. You could also paint the field lines, though the white may not be as bright. This makes a great display wall for autographed prints, decor, or memorabilia.

9) ​​Lighting

This man cave is for displaying memorabilia and showing appreciation for 49ers’ history, but it is also for watching 49ers games. During the game you will not want bright lights causing glare against the TV. Instead, you want subtle lights. Downlighting will keep the lights from reflecting on the TV and ensure that you only have light where you want it. These lights from Amazon provide downlighting and are dimmable. This means that you can turn them down during a game without turning them off and leaving the room pitch dark.

10) ​Jerry Rice

When you think about 49ers’ history and the great players, Jerry Rice will likely come up. If you have been collecting cards for a while, you may have seen one or two Jerry Rice cards around. If you thought you missed out on your chance to get one, here is another chance. This shadowbox comes with an official Jerry Rice card and an officially licensed Ridell pocket-sized 49ers helmet inside. This goes well in any table or shelf display.

11) DIY Exercise Area

Watching football is not all there is to the sport. While you can watch games and talk about past games and players here, you will want to get out and play sometimes. This exercise bar helps you keep in shape without taking up a lot of room in your man cave. The bar is made with pipe and fittings, giving it a unique look. It only takes up ceiling space so it works best in a man cave with a tall ceiling. Put this in a corner so you can use it during commercials or when you want to exercise.

12) ​​​Autographs

Photographs and official cards are good ways to show your appreciation for the great 49ers and start conversations; however, nothing shows your love of the sport more than an autographed print. While an autograph you collected yourself will always have a story, you may not have had the privilege to get an autograph before your favorite player retired. This reprint shows the famous catch between Joe Montana and Dwight Clark, with autographs from both players. This famous moment can easily be the centerpiece of your display.

13) ​​​Custom Mug

It can be difficult to find the right artwork for your team. You may find something you like but it does not come in your team colors, or they do not have it with your favorite player’s number. Customized items are the solution to this. This mug comes in team colors, with the team logo, and you can choose up to three lines of text for it. Dedicate it to your favorite all-time great player, or a personal mug for yourself.

14) DIY Framed Jerseys

Collecting jerseys from your favorite players is a common football hobby. Every football fan needs at least one jersey to display in their man cave. When you get the jersey, though, you need to frame it. If you already spent all your money on a jersey, you may not want to pay to have it framed professionally. Instead, watch this video to learn how to frame the jersey yourself. Once it is framed, it can go on a wall with other jerseys or in the center of a memorabilia wall.

15) Electronic Football Game

Football is fun to watch, talk about, and play. Unfortunately, you may not want to go out and play touch football during a Superbowl snowstorm. You probably do not want to play in the rain either, no matter how often your favorite players do it. In that case, you need something to play indoors. This electronic football game from Amazon will keep you entertained, and you can pit your team against a friend’s team if you invite somebody to watch a game.

16) DIY Football Fields

Not all your decorations will be memorabilia and prints. Some may be your team colors, but red and gold are strong colors that need to be balanced. This football table cover from Amazon is good for covering your snack table during the game, and it can be used to add football field patterns anywhere in the man cave. You can make frames and covers for different areas, depending on what kind of finished product you want. You can also use green and white paint to paint areas by hand.

17) ​​​DIY Football Field Frame

Not all your decor will be pictures of players and framed cards. In some cases, you will have photos of yourself, your family, or other things that interest you. The first two steps of this do-it-yourself project show you how to paint a picture frame with a football theme. This way, when you display your personal photos, you can maintain a football theme. You can also paint the frame with team colors, or add a team logo to a corner of the frame.

18) Gaming

When there is no game on and you are not watching TV, you want some other choices of entertainment in your man cave. You already need a high-quality television for watching games, so go a step further and get a TV that is good for playing video games too. This 75-inch Samsung TV is ideal for gaming. While 75 inches may seem too big for a room, most gamers would agree that a bigger TV is a better TV.

19) ​​​Inaugural Game Panoramic

Many photos, images, and signs are oriented vertically in a portrait view. This leads to monotony in a display wall. If you are looking for a way to make your display wall look better, try this panoramic print. The long horizontal alignment will contrast with the other prints and photos to make the wall look more interesting. This print shows a panorama of the inaugural game at Levi’s Stadium, so it fits your 49ers theme well.

Are we missing a Great 49ers man cave idea? Every team and fan has unique memories that should be recognized, and we would love to hear more about yours. Please let us know in the comments below.

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