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It’s time to redecorate your bedroom. You used to like the color scheme, or at least tolerate it, but no more. There’s something not quite right about it. You’re a big fan of navy, and you’ve recently fallen in love with the navy blue and gray color scheme that’s so popular. These navy blue and gray bedroom ideas will help you design a cohesive and attractive room.

1) ​​Blue Accents

You like the navy blue and gray color scheme, but your room doesn’t have to be half gray, half navy. Using lighter touches of navy blue to accent gray walls, bedding, and other gray features can create a powerful effect. While this picture is of a living room, you can achieve a similar effect in a bedroom. Try buying navy blue pillows like these, and placing navy blue art in the room, whether it’s a few small pieces or one large one. This is a low-effort, high-impact way to make a bold navy blue and gray bedroom.

2) Seascapes

Seascapes are one of the most striking places to see gray and navy blue in nature. This dark, vibrant blue seascape will match navy blue furniture and bedding while showing the colors in their natural environment. It’ll fit best in a room in which the gray and navy blue tones are equally powerful. If you’re using navy blue only as an accent or using a very light gray, consider a seascape that’s a brighter navy blue or a dark grayscale.

3) ​DIY Resin Night Lamp

This isn’t navy, but that’s the great thing about a DIY project; it can be. Watch this video to learn how to make a resin night lamp that can be any color you choose. While the video maker uses a lighter blue and weathered wood, you can choose a darker blue resin. The weathered wood creates a natural gray effect, but you can also paint the wood a more uniform gray. If you don’t want a night light in a dark color like navy blue, try making the resin gray and painting the wood navy blue.

4) ​​​​​DIY Navy Blue Chalk Paint

Chalk paint is a versatile way to revitalize any interior room. In this case, you can make old things new by painting your old furniture with this navy blue paint. For the full effect, paint your walls a light gray, then paint some furniture with this paint. If you’re only painting a few pieces, make sure to choose at least one piece in each area of the room. How many pieces you need to paint will depend on the size of the room.

5) ​​​​​​DIY Painted Wicker Baskets

In this do-it-yourself project, The Crazy Craft Lady shows you how to paint wicker baskets. In this case, when painted a light gray, and left a stripe in the center. Begin with a navy blue or gray basket, and tape off the areas you want to stay the same color. Then spray paint it to make a navy blue and gray basket. Wicker baskets make nice-looking hampers, and you can use the same method to upcycle a wicker trunk or toy chest.

6) ​​DIY Accent Wall

Accent walls are one of the most popular ways to highlight a theme with two or more important colors. This article has good advice on how to make an effective accent wall. You’ll want the accent wall to be blue, with gray walls around it, just like in the picture in the article. Your trim can be gray or white. The important thing is to remember that the accent wall is the most powerful decoration in the room. To decorate your accent wall, try hanging a landscape or abstract painting that matches the other wall.

7) ​​​​DIY Epoxy River Clock

Epoxy is a great way to make homemade decorations that look professional, and there’s no shortage of DIY epoxy tutorials out there. This tutorial shows you how to make a clock with a river running through it. The deep blue river will complement navy blue decor while the wood analog clock gives a natural feel to the room. To tie the clock in with the rest of the room, choose a stain that matches the other furniture. The river design makes it great for a navy blue and gray nautical or beach bedroom.

8) ​​​​​​​​Mix In White

One neat thing about a navy blue and gray theme is that you can mix in bits of white without taking away from the theme. In fact, these white highlights can keep the room from becoming too dark if you choose a darker gray. Instead of making everything gray and blue, try a navy blue and white comforter set like this with gray embroidery. This adds a little of the bold effect of navy blue and white decor while keeping the aesthetic of a navy blue and gray room.

9) ​​Area Rugs

Area rugs are an ideal way to build accents into a room. The great thing about a gray room with blue rugs is that you can change the theme anytime you like. If you’re designing the room for a teenager, or if you just like changing things up a lot, this is a simple way to create a major change without having to fully commit. That said, you can also use it as a permanent touch. Add some blue curtains, bedding, and art to complete the look.

10) ​​​​​​Almost White

While this picture isn’t a bedroom, it’s a great display of a blue and gray color scheme. That said, you barely need any gray to create this effect. In the picture, you see pitted glass on a lamp with a blue lampshade. When combined with subtle hints of gray around the room, it looks more gray than white or clear. The light gray bricks are almost white, but they match the glass and other almost-white gray accents around the room. This highlights the navy blue without the harshness of a navy blue and white color scheme.

11) ​​​​Storm Clouds

One way to design a navy blue and gray bedroom interior is to take examples of that color combination from the real world. Storm clouds are a great example, and they can be a surprisingly soothing thing to have in a bedroom. You can make your own storm clouds using the technique in this video. Either paint it on a canvass or paint it right on the walls of a teenager or child’s bedroom. Make sure to paint gray on navy blue, and experiment with the right shades before painting on a wall.

12) ​​​​Navy Curtains With Gray Paint

You almost always want the darkest color in your room to be the accent color. Lighter colors are uplifting and make the room feel larger and more open, so use gray to paint your room. You can go with a light to medium gray since your navy blue will still be much darker. Then, use these blue curtains as accents. They take up a large portion of the room, and help balance the gray and navy blue, but don’t require permanent changes like an accent wall does.

13) ​DIY Navy Blue Headboard

When it comes to painting, navy blue can be a difficult color to work with. Many contractors will say that they don’t like painting walls in dark colors because they’re harder to paint over later. If you want to avoid issues when a new person moves in, whether through inheritance, rearranging rooms, or because you sold the house, make all the walls gray. Then, use this tutorial to paint the headboard Navy blue. You can also paint some furniture and accents, but the headboard is the centerpiece of the room, and it’ll draw people’s eyes the way nothing else does.

14) Sea Glass Gray

When you see navy blue and gray together, it’s likely that you’ll think of the ocean at some point. This sea glass gray paint brings that ocean into your bedroom. Use this on furniture to create a beach theme or give a light contrast to any dark blue decorations. This can go with navy blue walls, or you can match it to wall paint. You can also use it to paint individual pieces of furniture, making navy blue furniture with gray doors or gray furniture with navy blue doors.

What are you looking to do in your navy blue and gray bedroom? Are you changing up decor or going all-out with paint and new furniture? Let us know in the comments below!

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