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Orange and brown are both warm, inviting colors, so it's no wonder you chose them for your living room! They make a lovely combination, but you're having a little trouble figuring out how to utilize them. No problem! We went ahead and found some Orange and Brown Living Rooms Ideas to help you create the gorgeous and classy living room you deserve!

1) Rust

Rust is one of the most tasteful types of orange, and it's one of the easiest to match with other colors. For instance, it makes a beautiful pair with brown since it's halfway between orange and brown. You can get rust and brown combination furnishings like these rust curtains tipped in brown from Amazon. These ones even have a metallic look to go with the rust color! Make sure to use mostly rust and a smaller amount of brown since brown is the darker color.

2) Burgundy

Burgundy is another color that goes well with brown. The darker color means that it doesn't contrast heavily, and since brown is like a dark orange, the two colors blend well to create a comprehensive look. You can create an incredibly bold look by getting dramatic pieces like this burgundy and orange rug from Amazon. Imagine this in a room with some brown furniture and a few more burgundy and orange decorations around the room to tie everything together and create a three-color space.

3) Orange Accent Wall

Typically, when designing a room, you'll want to use more of the lighter color and use the darker colors as an accent. If you have two dark colors, you can use primarily neutral colors, then use the medium color for large areas and the darkest color as an accent. In this case, you'll want to use orange for large areas. For example, you can paint an orange accent wall like one of the walls in this rochella beauty video. Then, get brown decorations or even a brown sofa.

4) Abstract Spheres

Abstract decorations are one of the best ways to tie two colors together since you can almost always find abstract art that includes both of your main colors. When you get your art piece, though, you'll want to make sure you get something that fits the colors used. For example, for a brown and orange living room, you'll want art that reminds you of things like nature and sunsets or other things that are orange and brown. One example would be this abstract painting from Amazon with spheres that look like a sunrise or sunset.

5) Decorative Orb

Decorative orbs are popular and classy decorations. People use them for seasonal decorations, but you can use them year-round since they're not strictly seasonal. You can get orbs like these brown ones, or if you prefer the metallic ones, look for bronze or brass ones that'll go with both brown and orange. These are great because brown is your darkest color, so it'll look exceptional as an accent color with orange furniture and brown decorations.

6) Fall Fireplace

Seasonal decorating can be difficult if you have to change your decorations every few months. Still, you don't always have to change things. For example, if you like brown and orange, there's no reason you can't create a fall-themed room the same way people make beach-themed bathrooms and keep them that way all winter long. We saw this fall fireplace idea from Rain and Pine and thought it belonged in a brown and orange room, though you could even add more orange and brown if you wanted to. Those leaves are incredible!

7) Multicolored Checked

Brown and orange are fall colors, but they're also colors that people use in plaid shirts and decorations a lot, making them perfect for a checked pattern. You can get things like this checked rug that has not only brown and orange, but red and beige, to keep it from looking flat and boring. You can use an area rug like this for your main seating area or use it to section off a mudroom space if your living room serves double duty as a mudroom.

8) Sheer Brown Curtains

Brown and orange can be a dark color combination, though it certainly is a lovely one. While there's nothing wrong with dark colors, you'll want to make sure your space still feels fairly bright to keep it from feeling depressing. If you have a light orange, letting in sunlight is even better since it can reflect against the sunny orange. To let in more sun, try doing things like getting sheer brown curtains like these. This way, you keep the effect of brown curtains against orange decor but let in some extra sunlight.

9) DIY Brown Accent Wall

You don't want brown to be your main color, but that doesn't mean you can't use plenty of it. One way to decorate your area with brown is to design a feature like this unique accent wall. Unlike many accent walls, this one combines texture and light to create a complete, eye-catching feature. Painting it brown will make it feel closer to nature, and you can even paint it half brown and half orange to take advantage of the two-toned style!

10) Brown and White Decor

Brown and white look bold when you put them together since brown is an extremely dark color while white is the lightest color there is. Even when you choose lighter browns, the intensity of that combination is there, making each piece stand out in a room. Imagine how a piece like this brown and white pouf would look in your living room with a patterned light orange rug and maybe a brown or light orange couch.

11) Brown Leather

Brown is probably going to be your accent color since it's the darker of your two theme colors, but you'll have to decide how much of each color you want. Do you want a lot of color, or are you using your colors in a more subtle way? Are you looking for light oranges and browns or bold, dark ones? If you're creating a lighter theme with a lot of color, brown leather furniture like this is great. It looks natural because of the brown color, and it's just the right tone and quantity for that kind of space.

12) Burnt Orange

Burnt orange and brown are trending, and there's a good reason for that. This shade is probably the orange that goes best with most colors, and it certainly goes better with brown than any other orange. This is the way to go if you want your two colors to feel like extensions of each other, and it'll allow you to create a comprehensive and fashionable room like the ones in this Elley Home article. Take a look at the article to see some images of how you can blend brown and burnt orange in your living room.

13) Warm Neutrals

You don't want to use cool colors with warm colors like orange and brown, even if they're neutrals. Neutrals make a fantastic base for most color themes, particularly bold ones like orange and brown, but which ones should you choose? Since orange and brown are both natural colors, you can look for nature-inspired neutrals like the ones in this Maison de Pax article; just make sure you stay on the warm side of the spectrum.

14) Orange Velvet With Brown Stripes

Velvet lends a shine to almost anything, no matter the color. Orange velvet tends to look bright and sunny but can also look bold and almost metallic, like this pillowcase from Amazon. The dark orange and the addition of some brown stripes will make your throw pillows look almost bronze, shifting the typical sunny orange look to a deeper, more refined one. This kind of look is excellent for a cozy and slightly darker room or if you're trying to create a slightly masculine look.

15) Wood Accent Wall

If you want to come by your colors naturally, wood is, of course, one of the best ways to get brown into your living room. You can create an all-natural look with unique projects like the wood accent wall in this Dazzle Atienza video. The neat thing is that the video has directions, so you can build a masterpiece like this without having to pay for a contractor. It might seem like an intimidating project if you're not used to woodworking, but it's worth it for that gorgeous end result.

16) Brown and White Decor

Brown and white go well together because they have a strong contrast that gives them a bold look, even if you use very little brown or very little white. On a brown piece, white adds a highlight that accents the piece and makes it seem much more noticeable than a standard brown piece of furniture would be. You can even use this color combo in art pieces like this one from Amazon. This artwork even has a bit of orange nestled in the almost reflective brown. This kind of art would make a wonderful centerpiece for your living room.

17) Orange Accent Wall With Brown Furnishings

Since brown is the darker color in your color scheme, it makes sense to use more orange than brown, but orange is dark, too. One way to deal with this is to use mostly neutrals, then add orange in as an accent wall and get brown furnishings. You can see how well this looks and how the colors complement each other in this picture from Designing Idea with an orange accent wall and deep brown sofa and curtains.

18) Blue and Brown

You probably don't want your living room to have nothing but two colors, or even three. Various decorations should have slight amounts of other colors to make the room feel more realistic and three-dimensional and to keep the space from feeling artificial. This dark brown and blue abstract painting almost looks like peacock feathers, and it has enough dark brown that the blue will add a little kick to your living room. Try hanging this up in a slightly out-of-the-way area where it's visible but not a centerpiece.

19) Light Orange and Wood

Wood is a form of brown, so if you're not looking for something extremely dark, getting wood pieces might be the best way to blend orange and brown. This allows you to create something more subtle and lighter while still taking full advantage of how well orange and brown go together. At first glance, you can see that this living room decorated with light orange and wood furniture is tasteful and lovely. Then, take a closer look as Lisa Soeno breaks down the elements of that living room design in this article.

20) Faux Leaves

Orange and brown lend themselves to a fall look, even if it's not a complete autumn theme. You can add bits of nature into the room to create a more natural and slightly fall-themed area. Faux leaves and pumpkins like these are an excellent way to do this if you use them subtly. In a farmhouse room, they'll match your farmhouse decor well. Try putting in some other natural pieces like cotton sprigs, since brown and orange go well with white. You can also add poppies!

21) Wood With Orange Upholstery

Since most wood is brown, it's one of the most natural ways to introduce that color into a room. Getting wood furniture with orange upholstery would create a classy orange and brown look, but this simple solution is easily overlooked in the wake of bolder ideas. Make sure to choose the right tones. You can see how the orange and brown in this orange wood chair from Amazon go perfectly together, while a different tone of orange might not look right.

Everybody has different tastes, and we'd love to see how you'd create an orange and brown living room. Did these ideas help you out? Feel free to share some of your ideas in the comments below!

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