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The house is getting loud. Piano notes or video game music makes it impossible to play your own games, or watch TV, or even hear your own thoughts. You’ve tried retreating to the basement, but found that every footstep on the main floor is much louder when you were underneath it. Instead, you’ve decided to claim the loft as your own, and now you need Man Cave Loft Ideas to help you convert it into a proper and comfortable man cave loft.  We’re here to help.

1) Projector

No matter where a man cave is, you will want to watch TV there. This can be tricky if you have a loft overlooking another room and there is only one vertical wall in the loft. You do not want to waste space with a freestanding TV, but that back wall is also the best place for your home bar. This projector lets you project from one of your devices to a screen outside the immediate loft area. You can also project a larger image on any wall for a home theater experience.

2) Reclaimed Window Table

Before it became a man cave, your loft was probably full of old items that you had long since forgotten about. Some of the items may have come with the house, for that matter. Take some of the old loft materials and make them into your new loft furniture. This video shows you how to turn a window into a shadow box table, but the project can be done with many materials. If you want your table to be less fragile, an old door is a great option.

3) Monkey Chandelier

If your loft has sloped ceilings, lighting can be difficult. Many lofts rely on lamp lighting because recessed lights do not tend to work well. A chandelier will provide even lighting for the whole area, no matter what the ceilings look like. This chandelier from Amazon looks like a monkey swinging on a rope, which is an appropriate addition for a high space such as a loft. It will be best for a taller loft, to ensure that nobody hits their head.

4) Floor Chair

If your man cave has a low ceiling, you will have to make some accommodations. Instead of an open, airy design, create a cozy space to relax, read, play video games, and more. This gaming chair sits on the floor, so you have plenty of space, even under the lower parts of the ceiling. Unlike a bean bag chair, it provides back support. This lets you spend as much time as you want in the man cave without having to get up and walk around the house.

5) ​Skylight

Since your loft man cave will be the top floor of your house, you will have potential issues with ventilation. These are greatly reduced if one wall is open to the area below. In either case, a skylight is the best source of ventilation. It is also a beautiful addition, letting in natural light and providing a view of the sky or the area around your house. The upward angle means there is less chance that something will obstruct your view. This guide gives you information to help you get your skylight installed. 

6) ​Star Projector

Most lofts have slanted ceilings, and many have short walls, too. This means there is little space for traditional decorations. Instead of trying to put wall art on slanted walls, use lighting effects to decorate the walls and ceilings. Since your loft is as close to the sky as you can get inside your home, try using this star projector. It will create stars on the ceiling of your loft, adding decoration and giving the feeling of being outside at night.

7) ​​​​​​​​Add Walls

A loft is often a large, open space. If you have a large loft, you may want to divide up the area. Have a TV area, add a bathroom, a bar nook, and more. If your loft is not small but has slanted ceilings that start close to the floor, you may have the issue of limited wall space. This video shows you how to build a wall so that you can hang wall art, a TV, or anything you want with the extra wall space. 

8) ​Floor Decoration

Since your wall space may be limited, floor decoration will make the loft look better. It is likely that the floor did not have carpeting or nice flooring, if it was used as storage prior to becoming a man cave. This rug will add to an industrial theme and cover battered or older floors. If you are designing a comfortable area, or if you will be using low chairs and bean bags, you will want some padding on the floor as well.

9) ​Industrial Style

Loft apartments are a common type of housing now. Many of them are in older buildings that have been converted to apartments to accommodate more people. This clock from Amazon has an industrial look that fits perfectly with a loft style, particularly if it is a larger loft. If you have a two-story or full-ceiling loft, use this clock to keep track of time, and create an industrial look for the whole space. Add other touches, such as brick facing, to complete the look.

10) ​Fake Skylight

Skylights are a great addition to a loft man cave. They help with ventilation and let in natural light, but they can be expensive to install. If they are done wrong, they are likely the first place your roof will start leaking during heavy rain or snow. If you want a skylight look but not the risk or expense, try making a fake skylight. This video shows how to make a fake window with LED lights that it mimics the natural light you would get with a skylight.

11) ​Motorized Projector Screen

If your loft has only three walls, you will have a great view of the lower floors, but you will miss out on some wall space. This projector screen attaches to a flat ceiling and is motorized, so you can easily roll it up when it is not in use. This means that you can keep the view of the room below if you want, but you have the option of blocking it somewhat with this 100-inch screen. It also means that you do not need to use wall space for a television.

What type of loft do you have? How are you converting it? Tell us about your loft man cave in the comments below!

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