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You're designing your bedroom, but unfortunately, you're in an apartment. This probably means you're renting and need to find bedroom ideas that don't take renovation or require a workshop. You want to build a masculine and personalized space for yourself or find a housewarming gift for a friend, but so far, nothing seems right. See if these Bedroom Apartment Ideas for Men help.

1) Geek Out

If you're a geek, your bedroom is one of the places you can always express that. Even if you're not allowed to put nails in the walls to mount pictures and frames, you can get unframed prints with your favorite shows like Star Wars, then tape or pin them to the wall in your bedroom. There many posters and prints available for most TV shows, video games, and movies, so you can even decorate the entire room with them. If you know what shows somebody likes, posters make terrific gifts, too.

2) Backlit TV

Most men love TVs, so if you or the person you're buying for have a TV in your bedroom, you can always get accessories for it. One way to take somebody's television experience to the next level is to get a backlight kit like this from Amazon. Backlighting will light up behind their TV and create a cool effect while making the TV screen easier on the eyes. This is even more important here since you probably can't change a rental apartment's lighting, and you don't want to be looking at uncomfortable lighting right before bed.

3) DIY Epoxy Night Lamp

Night lamps are valuable things for bedrooms regardless of your age so that you can see if you get up at night or see to plug your phone into the charger after you're turned on the lights. If you have an awkward lighting design and need to cross the entire room after turning off the lights, a lamp will be helpful. If you're looking for a gift for someone, you could use the directions in this video to make a lamp that should fit a masculine room. They probably can't make one since apartments rarely have workshops.

4) Woodsy Scents

If your bedroom tends to get stinky because you leave laundry lying around or forget to take dishes to the kitchen after eating in bed, you might want something to cover the smell. While candles are nicer than harsh cleaners, you might not want a feminine floral scent in your bedroom, so try getting woodsy scented candles like these from Amazon. These ones not only have masculine scents but a more masculine design than most decorative and colorful candles.

5) Geometric Blackout Curtains

Blackout curtains are a wonderful invention for light sleepers and people who work the night shift. If you fit into these categories or your neighbors have lots of lights outside their apartment, you can get geometric blackout curtains like these that fit a masculine aesthetic and keep light out. While we suggest dark red, navy blue, brown, or gray, you can get any color you like or one that matches your room. This set from Amazon comes in a variety of colors.

6) Dark Paint

Dark colors are beneficial for a couple of reasons. For one thing, darker colors tend to make an area feel more masculine, which is ideal for a man's bedroom. For another thing, they create a darker space that's better for sleeping. If you're allowed to paint your apartment interior, we'd recommend using these instructions to paint it a dark color that matches your furniture or painting it a dark color and buying furniture to match. You can also create a two- or three-color scheme with a few dark colors by using a different color for the trim.

7) All In One

Sometimes hunting for furniture can become frustrating as you stock an apartment for the first time and realize just how much you need. To make things simpler for yourself, you can try and get furniture that serves all the functions you need. For example, you can get a nightstand like this from Amazon that's a table, reading light, and USB charger. This way, you don't have to set up separate cords and lamps, and if you spill something and need to clean, there won't be a bunch of different cords you need to clean.

8) Funny and Inspirational Quotes

Jokes are an essential stress release and a way to express your individuality, so a bedroom is a perfect place for them, particularly if you're one of those people who lie down only to be assaulted by unpleasant thoughts. The course humor on this poster is excellent for a man's apartment, and since it comes unframed, you can frame it and put it on a table or hang it with tape or pins instead of nails so that your landlord doesn't complain.

9) Home

If you or the person you're buying for are moving from a long way away, one of the most vital things to put in this apartment is a reminder of home. While men are often taught not to admit it, they might be missing home and appreciate a keepsake or reminder of things they loved there. A bedroom is the most personal space in an apartment, so it's the best place to put stuff like posters and plaques with your favorite quotes on them. You can take inspiration from this Hometalk article to find renter-friendly reminders of home for him.

10) Sleek Digital Alarm Clock

Alarm clocks are underrated nowadays since so many people just use cell phone alarms to wake up in the morning. A man moving into a new apartment probably doesn't own an alarm clock and may not intend to buy one, but they're essential if your phone dies or breaks. You can get a sleek digital alarm clock like this that'll look good in a modern and masculine room, even if the person you're buying for doesn't typically use one.

11) Quiet Oscillating Fan

Many men get cold at night, so if you're one of those men, you're probably trying to find a way to cool down that doesn't require any renovation that your landlord could complain about. While window ACs can work, they also use a lot of electricity and can be loud when they kick on and off at night. If you're a light sleeper, a quiet fan like this one from Amazon should keep your room cool and circulate air without using up a lot of electricity.

12) DIY Trim Accent Wall

If your landlord doesn't want you to do anything intrusive but allows you to choose your paint colors, a trim accent wall isn't much more intrusive since the trim nails only leave tiny holes. You can make a trim wall using these directions from Grace In My Space. The trim wall she makes would look good in a masculine room, and you can choose dark paint colors that create a calming feeling to help you sleep.

13) Black, White, and Gray

Black, gray, and white might seem like another word for grayscale, but it's actually a completely different color scheme if you use it right. Stripes or patterns in black, gray, and white can create a clean and masculine look. Try finding things with patterns like this bedsheet set in which these colors are used to create a bold pattern that'd match well with a lot of modern decorations. If you have a high-tech room, this color scheme should look good in it, too.

14) Pride

Men have a right to be proud of where they're at, and if this is the first apartment you've owned or rented on your own, you should be proud of that. It can be easy to forget how much we have to be proud of. Since a lot of people feel anxiety at night or need motivation in the mornings, the bedroom is a good place to remind yourself that you're worth being proud of with motivational posters like this one. If you get an unframed poster, you can hang it up without nails that your landlord could complain about.

15) DIY Leather Accent Wall

Leather is often considered to be masculine when it comes to furniture, but you can also get creative with it. If you're allowed to paint your apartment, you can actually make an accent wall that looks like leather. This could be a cool idea for your bedroom since it's a private space where you can experiment with ideas you like, and you don't have to worry about the impression it'll give if you choose a unique or controversial idea.

16) Street Art

Bedrooms are places where you can express yourself, and if you're not allied to do anything intrusive like hanging things with nails in your rental apartment, then posters are a good alternative. Street art pieces like this piece from Amazon are a cool way to express yourself. It comes unframed, so you can tape or pin it to the wall or frame it and use it as table art. This is best for a modern men's bedroom.

17) Pipe Shelving

An industrial design is an excellent choice for a masculine bedroom since it's a masculine design, and there are a lot of bedroom options for it. Pipe shelving is one of the more popular and readily available shelving options, so if your landlord is okay with you installing shelves, you can get a set like this from Amazon to make your bedroom look industrial almost instantly. The neat thing about these is that they look like something you made yourself.

18) DIY Renter-Friendly Soundproofing

If you have a TV in your room, you might have found that you can hear other people in the apartment or nearby apartments through the walls and found yourself turning the TV volume up higher and higher until you get noise complaints. Soundproofing will cut down on your complaints and your neighbors to make watching television more enjoyable. You can even soundproof or reduce noise without any renovation that your landlord could object to. Check out this Wikihow article for a list of rental-friendly ways to increase soundproofing in your bedroom.

19) Marble

Marble probably sounds like something you'd put in a kitchen, not a bedroom, but you can include it in your bedroom and create an amazing natural or modern and masculine look. Instead of using it on a hard surface as you do in a kitchen, get soft things like pillows or bedding like this in marble patterns. This creates a masculine look but doesn't make your room feel sterile or uninviting the way hard marble surfaces might.

20) Patent Prints

Patent prints are an awesome thing that people like to put in man caves and similar areas. Your bedroom is like your man cave if you're not sharing it, and it should be like a private, personalized man cave, so look for patent prints like these motorcycle ones. Patent prints are available for a wide variety of items, so you can pick a hobby of yours and find prints related to it. Get unframed ones if you want to hang them on the wall without leaving nail holes, or get framed ones and display them on your nightstand or desk.

21) Leather Desk Chair

Leather is a standard masculine furniture choice, so if you're trying to create a masculine space just for you, leather furniture could be a good choice. You're probably not going to have a lot of furniture space in an apartment bedroom, but if you have a desk, you'll want a desk chair that's comfortable and fits your aesthetic. We'd suggest getting a rolling high-backed leather desk chair like this one from Amazon so that you can be comfortable and not have to get up anytime you need to get something from across the room.

22) Sexy Pictures

If you're interested in women, as most men are, then sexy artwork like this could be an amazing thing to have in your bedroom. We're not suggesting anything inappropriate, of course, but nude art can be a beautiful thing in a personal space, so if you've avoided those sorts of art because you were sharing a room or living with parents before, you don't have to anymore. This might be an awkward housewarming gift, but it's an excellent thing to buy for yourself as long as your landlord won't mind a nail hole in the wall to hang it.

23) DIY Gun Display

A lot of people like to go shooting for fun and amass collections of guns that they take pride in. Your bedroom is a safe place to store your favorite guns if you have children or pets in other parts of the house, and if you're worried about intruders, you probably keep at least one gun in your room for self-defense. If you're getting a housewarming gift or have access to a workshop, you can make a gun display box for your favorite piece using the directions in this video by John Malecki.

24) Sports Posters

A lot of men love sports, so if you or the man you're buying for have a favorite team or sport, you'll probably want some sports posters in the bedroom. You can get pieces related to a favorite team member like this Kobe Bryant poster or more generic ones if you don't know who somebody's favorite team member is. The nice thing about these is that you don't need to put nails in the wall to hang them since they're unframed.

25) Refinished Wood Pieces

You probably don't have the means to make your own furniture if you're living in an apartment, so unless you have a friend who likes you a lot and has access to a woodshop, you'll have to settle for buying your furniture. That said, you can still customize pieces and get solid wood pieces cheaply. Wood is a valuable thing to have in a masculine space, so if you don't want to get full-price pieces or if nothing new catches your eye, you can get used furniture and refinish it using these instructions from Wikihow.

26) Stone Pattern Rug

Stone patterns are excellent for a masculine aesthetic, but people don't use them in bedrooms very often because stones are hard, and bedrooms are soft spaces that should feel comfortable and cozy rather than hard and unyielding. You wouldn't want to sleep on a stone bed! One way around this is to get soft things that look like they're made from stone, and stone patterned rugs are a good choice because stone floors are fairly common. We liked this rug in particular because it's not a standard stone design.

27) Basketball Hoop

If you or whoever you're buying for spends a lot of time studying or thinking in their room, then some minor distractions and idle games could be useful. A lot of men like sports, so you could can a basketball hoop like this that hangs over the door. This would make a fun distraction and give you or the room's owner a break from difficult or lengthy tasks. If you work from home, you might be using your room as an office and need mechanisms like this to help you focus.

28) DIY Graffiti Mural

Graffiti is an out-of-the-box thing to put in a bedroom, but if you're allowed to paint your walls, there's no real reason not to put graffiti-like art in your room. If you're an artist or grew up in an area where graffiti was common, it can add a familiar and inspiring touch to your bedroom. A lot of boys grow up doing graffiti, and there's something about the unique art style that feels fun to a lot of people. You can use these tips from Howcast to make an accent wall with it.

29) Tray Nightstand

Many men struggle to keep their homes organized. When you come home from work, sometimes it's a lot easier to just empty your pockets on a nightstand and toss things on the floor instead of putting them away neatly. We found a classy, masculine nightstand tray that'll make it easier to keep your things organized without having to put stuff away in several different locations around the room. You can sort your pockets into this tray from Amazon in just a few seconds when you go to bed so that you don't end up losing things.

30) Cool Modern Bedside Lamp

You can't decide where to put light switches or change where they're located in apartments, so you'll probably need a bedside lamp so that you can read or watch TV in bed without having to walk back to the light switch to turn off the lights. You can get pieces like this thin twisted lamp for a modern man's bedroom that'll fit a modern, industrial, or high-tech theme. It throws light in every direction, making it great for walking to your bed at night or if you don't want to watch TV in a pitch dark room.

31) DIY No-Workshop Headboard

There are some DIY projects that you can do in an apartment without making modifications your landlord could object to. If you want a wood look or other masculine designs for your bed or headboard, you can use these directions to make a headboard slipcover. There are fabrics out there to mimic any material or match any color scheme, so you can do this in almost any room to create the illusion of a custom headboard.

What kinds of things are you looking to put in your bedroom. Every apartment has different restrictions, and every man has different needs, so we'd love to hear what you've done! Please let us know in the comments below.

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